235 Making a Deal With Gods
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Author :HotIce
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235 Making a Deal With Gods

"Huhuhu, it seems I guess correctly. You want the information so you can prepare for the worst when The Game starts. The reason you don't stop what you are doing right now is to prepare for The Game so the people of this world are prepared to face the worst," Tang Shaoyang made a rough guess but the Goddess Rubia responded with silence.

"Radiant Temple is the place where The Gods reside, I see what you are trying to achieve by building the temple," he nodded while rubbing his chin, "When the game starts, you will guide them through the temple you have built so the chance of your people's survival is bigger."

Rubia was still not responding to what he said. However, he took her silence as yes.

—These Gods are quite smart or maybe they can reveal themselves when The Game starts to maintain the world's order.

Zowen praised The Gods, that was a solid plan to face the disaster.

'No, these Gods are pitiful, their fate is sealed–' Tang Shaoyang paused as he realized something.

—What? Why? Don't stop half-way like that.

Zowen was curious what the man thought of, why the Gods were so pitiful.

'Either they will cease to exist or they will be locked up so they can get involved with the game. Their existence could break the balance of the game, just like the weapons and technology we have on earth that could easily wipe the zombies out with a nuclear bomb that instantly vanish, and our country's military is also instantly taken down,' Tang Shaoyang explained, 'These Gods have the power they should not have possessed, and they are aware of that.'

—If they are Gods, why should they be afraid of this system? They should have fought their way with the system instead.

'That's what they did, but they lack information about the system. They wanted some information from me, but they were asking the wrong person. I don't even understand a single thing about the system,'

'Ah, I see, everything makes sense now. They shared the blessings, skill, and activated the part of the system with their authority not to help the people of this world, but for themselves. They want the people of this world to get an early start so they can help the thing, so-called Gods, later on. Even though they know the risk, they keep bestowing the blessing instead of stopping.'

—Then better not get involved with them, that's the best choice. Don't get involved with the thing you can't handle.

Zaneos advised Tang Shaoyang to stay away from these Gods. The system was not something these Gods could fight, let alone Tang Shaoyang who was much weaker than these Gods.

'Nah, this should be safe for me. The information that I will share is the thing that I have experienced, it is the thing I am supposed to know. I don't break the rule or break the balance unless I make a bond with these Gods or become their allies. I want my blessing, they can get the useless information. It was a trade, a deal. Moreover, the system sent us here despite the existence of the Gods, meaning the system has expected us to make contact with these Gods. As long as I don't cross the line, I should be safe.'

Tang Shaoyang shared his thoughts with his spirits. Zaneos was convinced by his explanation. The silence was the proof of the Demon Swordsman's agreement.

—He has the point, and if the second class truly exists, we can't miss this chance.

Zowen supported Tang Shaoyang's theory.

"Then are you willing to share the information about the game with us?" After a moment of silence, the Goddess started the conversation with a request.

"I can share the information, but that's not for free. In exchange for the information, I want the Supreme Blessing. That's the deal, take it or leave it," Tang Shaoyang grinned.

"Then how are we supposed to know you are telling the truth, mortal!?" The male voice interrupted the conversation.

"You are Gods, you should know whether I am telling the truth or not, right?" His words received silence as the reply, telling him these Gods could not find out whether he was lying or not.

'In the end, they are humans with more power than mine,' Thought Tang Shaoyang upon realizing the Gods were not as omnipotent as he thought to be, "Then what about we draft a contract? I also don't believe you, the self-proclaimed God."

"You–" the male's voice was cut off by Rubia, "Shut up!" The neutral voice overpowered the male voice. The male God seemed to be afraid or his status was lower than the Goddess of Harmony as he stopped talking.

"Let's draft the contract," Rubia agreed with the proposal. A leather skin with words suddenly appeared on the table. It was the contract drafted by the Gods, stating he has to tell everything he knew about The Game in exchange for the Supreme Blessing.

"I am sorry, but I don't agree with the contract," He pointed at the single clause, it was a single clause but they could ask everything they wanted including his secret, the spirits, and more that related to The Game.

"First, I will tell you about the state of my world before and after the Game. Second, I will tell you how the system governs my world. Third, I will tell you about the hideous monster that appears in my world. That's what you want to know, right? You want to know what the 'actual' game looks like, how is it, do we have the deal?" Tang Shaoyang proposed a new contract.

To his surprise, the Gods did not negotiate the contract. The leather skin vanished and a new leather skin appeared magically, the contract drafted based on his will.

"Ah, I also want my Supreme Blessing first before I tell you guys my story. Since you guys are Gods, I don't know if you have the power to null the contract, to be safe, I want my blessing first!"

A new clause appeared in the contract. He took the new contract, after making sure there was no trap in the contract, he bit his thumb and signed the contract with his blood, 'My teeth are still tougher than my skin,' such a random thought appeared in his head.

The leather skin glowed brightly for a moment. After a while, the glow died down. He picked the contract and noticed eight more thumbprints beside his thumbprint. That meant the eight Gods had signed the contract.

"Since the contract has been signed, then let's start with the blessing," Tang Shaoyang's grin was getting wider. Right after he finished his words, the surrounding started to get brighter. Not long after that, he felt a warm flow entering his body through his head.

[You have received Supreme Blessing!]

A notification rang in his head, after the notification, he was presented with four choices.

[Divine Equipment] [Second Class] [Bloodline] [Second Talent]

[Please choose the blessing you want!]

Tang Shaoyang was surprised but also delighted with the choices. However, now he was in a dilemma. He was clear with the [Second Class], [Divine Equipment], and [Second Talent]. But what about [Bloodline], Arina told him nothing about the choices, or 'The choice is only available for Supreme Blessing?'


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