236 Tricked by Gods
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Author :HotIce
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236 Tricked by Gods

—Bloodline may be the best choice and ignore the Divine Equipment.

Zaneos voiced his thoughts on the choices. Zowen immediately followed with support with the choice with a little bit of explanation.

—I second that! You have the best talent so far compared to your subordinates, and your class much better than the existing classes so far as well, you don't need the second class. As for Divine Equipment, there's a high chance you can't use that. To hold Divine Equipment you need enough power to wield or wear it to the fullest potential or it will be a waste or even It will be a useless decoration for your room. Bloodline is the best choice.

'We can't, these damn Gods rigged the blessing. Four choices, but I can only choose one out of two instead of four. Look!' The transparent screen for [Bloodline] and [Second Talent] were greyed while there was a color for the other two choices.

Tang Shaoyang tried to choose [Bloodline] but what he got was a notification. Then he chose the [Second Talent] afterward.

[We are very sorry, Bloodline is not available.]

[We are very sorry, Second Talent is not available.]

—What!? This is a scam, these Gods are tricking you! Null the contract!

Zowen screamed angrily in his head. However, that was not possible, canceling the contract was not possible as he did not know how to do that obviously. At this point, he finally understood why the Gods easily agreed with his proposal. They had the tricks in their sleeves.

'I can't cancel the contract, and they don't break the contract as well. I get the blessing albeit incomplete, it counts as they fulfill the contract, even if I speak up to them, they will give me some random excuses or they will answer me with "I don't know, our Authority is incomplete" thing like that.' Tang Shaoyang replied to Zowen.

He could read about these Gods' schemes pretty well. But he could still fall for that as Arina knew nothing about Supreme Blessing. The lack of knowledge caused him to fall into their trap. He was at the point without turning back.

—They must want you to pick [Divine Equipment] for sure.

Zaneos was in one mind with Tang Shaoyang. At this point, breaking the contract would end him at a big disadvantage as he had to bear the penalty. Zowen said nothing when everything was revealed.

Tang Shaoyang did not immediately choose the blessing, he glanced at the figure made of light across him. The light was stable, not wavered like before.

After glancing at the figure, he made his choice for the [Second Class].

[Please choose your second class]



Bonus Attribute: +4 Vitality +2 Stamina +2 Strength +2 Attribute Points

Skill: [Mana Shield] [Great Regeneration (Passive)] [Aura of Protection (Passive)] [Dome]



[Shadow Ruler]

Bonus Attribute: +6 Agility +2 Stamina +2 Attribute Points

Skill: [Shadow Dart] [Shadow Step] [Shadow Mirage] [Deadly Critical]



[Fire Sovereign]

Bonus Attribute: +8 Magic Power +2 Attribute Points

Skill: [Blink] [Fire Creation] [Fire Blast] [Fire Cloak]




Bonus Attribute: +5 Strength +5 Agility +5 Vitality +5 Stamina +5 Magic Power +1 Sense +4 Attribute Points

Skill: -


—I am no longer surprised by your divine luck, maybe your Divine Body gives you divine luck as well.

Zaneos commented at the sight of the amazing choices. Karan who rarely joined the conversation spoke up this time.

—First choice is suitable for your fighting style, but my gut is on the fourth choice for some reasons.

—I hate to admit it but for some reason, I agree with the orc. I want you to choose [Fire Sovereign] to compare which class is stronger, but my gut is on [Slayer]. This is weird...

Zowen followed with her opinion regarding the class and ended her words with a small mutter.

—Combining an overwhelming strength and speed, that will become the most lethal class. An assassin with overwhelming power, that will make you unstoppable for sure.

Tang Shaoyang was not surprised that his Teacher advised him to take [Shadow Ruler]. He also felt the same way, his choice was on the second.

—That was what I originally wanted to tell you. However, hmmm, what is it… hmmm… a hunch, yeah, let's call it Spirit's intuition, [Slayer] may be the best for you. But again, the choice is yours, this is just advice from us, the spirits. I believe you are smart enough to make your own choice, I can't argue because our advice is based on a hunch, not valid reasoning. You have to make the choice by yourself.

Tang Shaoyang was surprised that all his three spirits agreed to one thing. It was a rare phenomenon where Karan and Zowen would argue daily, and without their voices, he without a doubt would choose [Shadow Ruler]. However, now, he was considering the fourth option.

There must be a reason why his Spirits had an intuition like that. But it was a mystery that was bound to not get solved in a short time. Rather than thinking of why they had such an intuition, he began comparing the two classes.

Just like Zaneos told him, [Shadow Ruler] would be the perfect combination for him. Activating [Spirit Integration] with Karan with [Shadow Ruler] would be a deadly combination.

However, it was not that [Slayer] did not have its merit. The high boost in attributes was the biggest merit of [Slayer] class while the drawback was the class did not give any skills.

[Shadow Ruler] would boost his agility, and it gave him four new skills too. The plus point of choosing the class while the other one was the insane attributes. Now he narrowed it down between attribute and skill, which one he wanted.

Skills could be obtained from choosing a class or from the treasure chest. That was how he got the skill so far. But this world provided him another way to get the skill, it was to buy the skills from the Realm Tower.

As for attributes, the only way to gain the attributes was by leveling up. There was no other way, but of course, the training helped him to increase the attribute. The drawback of the training was it became less effective the stronger you became. He had proved that with [Mana Perception]. As he kept activating it, it became less effective if he had to compare it with his first time using [Mana Perception].

The more he thought about it, he leaned more to [Slayer] for the insane attributes. The skills it lacked to offer he could fill it by buying the skills from the Realm Tower.

Maybe the spirits affected his choice but he leaned more into [Slayer] as he learned about the strong point of each class. But he was still hesitating to choose between the two classes.

But time was unforgiving, he has to make the choice now or these Gods might use some tricks to force something on him. Yet again, he trusted his spirits and chose [Slayer].

[Congratulations! You have acquired Second Class, [Slayer]]

[Fixed Attributes has been allocated]

[You gained 4 Attribute Points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]


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