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Author :HotIce
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286 More Gifts

Just like as usual, the oath was something serious but it was pretty simple. Tang Shaoyang dropped a drop of his blood and started to speak his oath one by one.

The same for Rumru. After they were done with the oath, soon the light on the table divided into two, half went to the Dragon and the other half to Tang Shaoyang.

The warm current flowed inside the body, kinda weird that something this serious and related to his life could be this comfortable. Not something he would complain about, much better than something that would hurt him.

"So, can you tell me why you need my wife's body?" The old man would not stop until he knew what Tang Shaoyang wanted to do with the body.

"For my skill, it's a unique skill where I need to sacrifice the bodies to summon a spirit," Tang Shaoyang explained, "After I summon the spirit, I can use integration skill to borrow the spirit's skill! Like this for example."

He used [Spirit Integration] with Zowen, "I have summoned a Lightning Magus Spirit, now I can use her lightning magic," he shot [Lightning Bolt] at a random spot.

He could see the old man surprised when he heard how the skill worked. Rumru furrowed his brows and asked, "Then what would happen to the bodies?"

"I don't know, it vanished with no remains," Tang Shaoyang shrugged, "I mean you are going to help, why don't go all the way out? And I believe your wife would agree to this if she is still alive, right?"

Yep, Tang Shaoyang was eyeing both bodies, he wondered what kind of spirit he could summon with a dragon's body and a fairy's body combined. He could not wait for that to happen.

Rumru was hesitating as he glanced to the side, to his sleeping wife in the ice coffin. Just like Tang Shaoyang said, if her body could help, she would sacrifice her body since she had given her life for revenge.

"I guess I don't have to see that when it happens. I will trust you with that," the old man nodded, "Do you have more requests?"

"Mnn, may I know how you will give me the bloodline?" He had something in mind, but he had to know first how the Dragon would give him the bloodline since the old man promised to inherit the bloodline to him.

"Heart! By giving you my heart you could get my bloodline fully, but there's a requirement for that," the old man pointed at the center of the crystal cave, there was a magic circle with intricate symbols and texts glowing, "First, the process will be extremely painful, be prepared for that. Second, you can't immediately awaken my bloodline. Your body is still too weak for my bloodline to be active in your body, so I have to put some seals on the new heart. You can activate the bloodline only after you meet the requirement."

"The pain should not be a problem for me. In my world, there is a saying no pain no gain," Tang Shaoyang nodded and thought of something. It was the choices of the Supreme Blessing where it offered him bloodline, 'What would happen if the bloodline choice gets activated?'

—You will get a weaker bloodline, at least, weaker than a Dragon.

Zaneos read Tang Shaoyang's thoughts. Zowen also followed with her voice.

—We should be thankful, right? If those Gods were playing honestly, this encounter would never happen. The Dragon would not choose you to avenge his daughter.

'Indeed, we should be thankful…' Tang Shaoyang looked toward the old man. The latter seemed to notice that the latter had something to say too, "Do you have more questions? You can ask away, the bloodline inheritance will take some time."

"What happens to you after the bloodline inheritance?" He assumed the Dragon would die after the bloodline inheritance, now he knew the process and it was not necessarily the Dragon would die after that hence he asked.

"Huuu…" Rumru smiled at the question, "You seem to be concerned about me," but the image of Tang Shaoyang being concerned in his head vanished as soon as the Dragon heard Tang Shaoyang's next words.

"I am indeed concerned, if you are dying after you give me the bloodline, it will be better if you let me kill you. Do you know about the level, right? We, humans, get stronger by leveling up by killing, can you imagine how many levels I will get by killing you?"

Rumru had a shocked expression when he heard that. He was not expecting the man would ask more for what he gave to the man. He just could not think that the man would ask permission to kill him too. This was ridiculous, but the old man could not get angry for some reason.

'Is it because I know the man is trying to maximize my value over my death?' He was dying, he knew that. Instead of getting angry, Rumru smiled, 'Or maybe because I want to die?' The old dragon truly did not have a will to live, especially not without his wife.

As for his wife's vengeance, even the eight fake Gods appeared in front of him, he could not do anything by now. He was too weak for his life force had been consumed for [Clairvoyance].

"It seems so, I have accepted my death…" a wry smile formed on his lips, "I don't die but it will shorten my life for sure, but dying early may be better than getting tormented in the last moments of life."

Rumru agreed with the proposal after some thought. Since he was going to hasten Tang Shaoyang's growth, why did not he do it all the way?

"Do you have more requests or questions for me?" The old man asked, just in case the man had something more in his mind.

"I guess I have to be satisfied with all you give to me, I will not ask for more," Tang Shaoyang shook his head. What he would get from the dragon was truly massive, levels, bloodline, and a new spirit.

Rumru laughed when he heard that, "Are you really satisfied or you just don't know what you want?"

"I guess the latter," Tang Shaoyang grinned as he replied honestly. He truly did not know what he could ask more from the dragon. It was not that he was ungrateful for asking the opposite party's life, but he regarded this as an equal exchange. He was risking his life as well to fight against the eight fake Gods.

"At least you are honest," the old man maintained his smile, "I have four main beast tribes under my rule, you can have them to assist you to build your empire. I am sure they are willing to follow yo8 since they are pretty bored being confined in this forest. One more gift for you."

"Are you talking about the Jade Eagle of the Jade Tribe and the Flaming Lion of the Crimson Tribe?" Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brows when he mentioned the last part.

"Oh, yeah, you have met them since they picked you up to meet me. How is it? They are pretty strong and they could be a big help for your empire," the dragon was so proud, just like a father proud over his children.

"They can be useful if they follow my words, but they can be a poison if they are not willing to listen. Your subordinates are more likely a double edge sword for me," Tang Shaoyang shook his head as he remembered the lion who kept pestering him to fight.

"But that's your job to make them listen to you. You are the Emperor. If you can't make them listen to you, then maybe you just don't deserve to be followed by them!?" Rumru's words were aggressive but they contained the truth.

"I can make them listen to you temporarily, then I will leave the rest to you, how is it? You just need to prove that you are worth their respect, then they will follow you. It is that simple." This time it was Rumru's turn to grin ear to ear. The old man knew that it would be hard to make the four main tribes listen to this man.

Not because the man was weak or something else but because he was a human being. All his subordinates had a certain amount of hate for humans as that was the reason why they were hiding in the Orin Forest despite the power they had.

"If you need the stage to prove your strength, the Waskin City may be the best place to prove not only your strength but the fact that you will stand with them even against the humans," the old man gave his piece of words.

"Those Gods should know that we are going all out to take down the city this year, the churches may send their knights to the city, so you can show your power to them there. Don't you want to take the city down?" It was as if the old man had planned everything from the start.

"That's worth a try," Tang Shaoyang nodded his head, "But I don't desperate for subordinates, I will take them with me if they are worth taking under my wing, if not then I will leave them be!"

"That's fair, you decide it by yourself. But I hope you take them with you, they are like my children so I don't want them to go astray. Don't be too strict to them," the old man smiled, "You can include that to my request, taking care of my children."

"Alright, why don't you decide it after you meet with them?"


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