292 Resolve
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Author :HotIce
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292 Resolve

—It's too soon for the farewell, it seems.

That was Zaneos' words at the revelation. Tang Shaoyang saw Rumru on his original spot albeit his black figure was a little transparent.

Not only Tang Shaoyang was surprised, but even Rumru himself was also surprised. His giant head glanced around in confusion until he stopped at him.

"What is this?" His deafening and also confusing voice filled the cave. Rumru was questioning Tang Shaoyang as he believed he just died.

"It seems my [Spirit Summoning] skill is calling you back," Tang Shaoyang had told Rumru why he needed his body and also his wife's. The Dragon should understand what he spoke of.

"So, I am a spirit now!?" The Dragon's exhausted voice replied.

"But I think this is a good thing, no?" Tang Shaoyang grinned at the Dragon.

The Dragon just stared at the man, "Why do you think this is a good thing? Don't you know that I have no will to continue living? Even if you did not kill me, I will run havoc and get killed by the human force."

That was Rumru's original plan. After the bloodline inheritance, he planned to run havoc in the human's territories to lure those Fake Gods out. He wanted to take at least one or two of them down with him. That was the plan, he pinned all his hopes on Tang Shaoyang.

"But isn't this better? Don't want you to see them fall with your eyes? Don't you want to see them suffer, or you can make them suffer by yourself?" Tang Shaoyang threw a few questions that might cause the Dragon's spirit to live.

"But how am I supposed to do that without my physical body?" The Dragon shook his head.

"Of course, you can!" Tang Shaoyang smiled and he tried his new skill [Spirit Avatar]. He extended his hand to the side and a body formed. A concentrate of thick mana formed a body, a little over four meters tall with his bulky body, and canine teeth protruded out his mouth.

[Spirit Avatar] was a skill to summon a spirit with a temporary body created of mana concentration. Yes, Tang Shaoyang summoned Karan through the skill, but his level was limited, level 200, the same level as him.


Tier: Spirit Tier-C

Level: 200


Karan was even more surprised than Rumru who got called back through [Spirit Summoning]. The Orc did not bother to greet Tang Shaoyang and just straight ignored the Dragon. He used his hand to punch the air and jumped here and there.

After a long time of death and living as a spirit, it was a pretty nostalgic and joyous occasion for the orc to have a physical body even though it was just a temporary body.

Tang Shaoyang did not bother to call the exciting orc too, "He's one of my spirits, his name is Karan the Great Warrior!"

The Dragon was surprised to see the orc for a moment. The human in front of him never stopped to surprise him, from asking something outrageous like his wife's body and even his life, and now this.

"One of your spirits? Does that mean you have more than one?" The spirit concept piqued the magical creature's interest.

"Yeah, I have a prideful magus and a demon swordsman too. You will not be lonely, much better than being confined in a dark space alone too!" Tang Shaoyang grinned at the old man.

"Then, can you summon my wife and my daughter's spirit too?" The Dragon suddenly got excited at the thought of meeting his wife and his daughter again.

"Technically I can, but you know, the chance of summoning your wife's spirit and your daughter's spirit is very small. The skill randomly summons the spirit based on the sacrificial and also my skill's level," Tang Shaoyang did not try to lie so the Dragon would sign the contract with him. He told Rumru the truth.

—Let me talk with Rumru! I will talk to him, there's a chance you can summon the spirit you want if you level up your skill high enough. There's a chance for that, let me talk with him so he will sign the contract with you!

Zaneos immediately talked to Tang Shaoyang, there was an urgency within his voice. It seemed the demon lost his calm when he saw Karan moving around, and he wanted to try as well.

—Me too! Me too! Me too!

Even Zowen was eager to get summoned just like Karan. Of course, Tang Shaoyang did not mind summoning the two of them together. He summoned Zaneos and Zowen too, so the three spirits could have a reunion with their temporary bodies.

Of course, the two were calmer than the orc. They were testing their body, how good the body compared to their original body.

"The body is bad, much worse than my original body, but it's good to have a physical body," that was Zaneos' comment. Since his body was all blue, people would recognize him as a human if not for his horn.

Meanwhile, Zowen was playing with her lightning spark in her hand. Zaneos did not forget his main purpose as he walked next to Tang Shaoyang.

"Hello, Sir Dragon," Zaneos put his right hand on his c.h.e.s.t and bowed his head toward the dragon. The Demon Swordsman showed his respect for the mythical creature despite his hate for the dragon as the dragon was one of the reasons his life was sold out.

"What I am going to tell you is my speculation, but the chance it would happen around seventy percent, are you willing to listen to this demon's words?" Zaneos was very polite to the Dragon.

"Are you a noble demon?" Rumru was surprised by how polite the demon was, "Nah, it does not matter since you are spirit now, I am willing to listen…"

Zaneos took his time to explain everything about the system that made everything possible, including resurrecting Rumru's wife and daughter. He also explained everything about Tang Shaoyang's class, he was explaining to the dragon many ways to resurrect his family.

"The reason I am in a contract with him is also that I want to get resurrected too, so we are in for the same thing though I do have a change of thought lately," Zaneos ended his explanation with that.

The Demon Swordsman wanted to have the dragon not because he was a Dragon but because Rumru had seen the future. Without a doubt, Rumru would be a big help for Tang Shaoyang.

Rumru looked into the demon's eyes for a moment, the Dragon was contemplating for a moment before he immediately agreed, "So, what I have to do to join you guys?"

*** ***

Kairu, Wen, Frost, and Jacky were waiting outside, at the entrance of the crystal cave. They never left the cave since yesterday, the four were waiting for Tang Shaoyang to come out since they knew what happened inside.

"This is too long already, we should go in. I am afraid the sly human will do something to The King!" Kairu impatiently spoke as it had been too long. They had been waiting for more than a day, but Tang Shaoyang had not come out yet. That kinda made Kairu worried.

"Do you really think he could do something to The King?" Wen looked to the side, "Unless The King allowed it, that human could not even scratch Our King's scale."

"Even though I am worried too, I have to agree with Wen. What could that weak human do to Our King? Are you looking down on The King?" Frost questioned Kairu coldly.

"As Frost said, if that human really killed the King, it means Our King allowed him to do that. What we can do is just wait for them," Jacky chimed in casually.


Kairu appeared in front of Jacky, his hand moved forward, trying to reach the monkey's neck. However, Jacky's reaction was not slow as he reached Kairu's hand. His armored hand was holding the big wrist tightly as their gazes met.

"Don't you have any feeling, he had protected us in the time we needed it the most. Don't you feel any anger? Are you monkeys really that ungrateful?" Kairu raised his voice and his body released the hot temperature.

Jacky was not afraid of the lion beastmen in the slightest, "Shouldn't you question yourself about that? Don't you know that The King is suffering all this time? If death was a way to relieve his suffering and he chooses that path, we should respect his choice! The fact you want him to live means you want him to suffer more!"

Hearing those from Jacky's mouth, Kairu was struck with a sudden realization. He could not refute the point Jacky told him.

"But aren't you angry!?" The Flaming Lion did not step back while Jacky faced him calmly, "I am not angry, just disappointed in myself. If I am a lot stronger than I am now, maybe The King does not need to rely on that human for his vengeance," the monkey lowered his head in regret.

Those words struck right into Kairu's mind and heart. His grips weakened and stepped back, what Jacky was the truth. If they were stronger, The King did not need to resort to such a way to pin his hope to an unknown human.

The tense atmosphere took a sudden turn, it became gloomy as the four beastmen faced the reality, "That's why even if I have to lower my head to a human's ruler but if that can help to achieve The King's vengeance, I am willing to do it!" Jacky voiced his thoughts about Rumru's request.

"Me too, I will follow Tang Shaoyang. If that's The King's final request, I am willing to follow the human, I, and my tribe," Wen who never spoke also voiced his thoughts which surprised Frost and Kairu more.

"Are you serious? Do you think we can't do it without human help? Not only you, me too! I want to kill those Fake Gods to avenge The King more than avenge my family. But can't we do it by ourselves?" Kairu could not believe that the two core tribes were willing to leave with the humans.

"Again, The King just reminded you yesterday, Kairu! Don't be full of yourself, the humans may be born weak, but do you forget how the empire from the south drove you and your tribe here? You can't even fight against a single empire, do you think you can win against their Gods?" Jacky started to raise his voice too.

"If we want to commit to fighting against the Gods, that means we are battling against humanity! That is much worse than a single empire, we have to fight a bunch of empires! Wake up, Kairu!"

Again, Kairu who always talked with his fist could not refute Jacky's claim. Those were his weaknesses Kairu always avoided, how his friend brought those up to his face. Kairu was left with no words.

"Maybe this is why The King wants us to follow one leader because we never get along. The King is worried about us," Wen smiled as he watched his two friends arguing, "Again, Kairu. If you don't want to follow Tang, you don't have to. The King said that himself, you can choose your own path and your decision, but you have to live with it without regret! I will not change my mind, I want to follow Tang. This is my decision!"

"He said he came from another world, right? I wonder what another world looks like? It's not like I and my tribe have a goal, so I choose to follow The King's request to help him with his vengeance!" Wen's words were certainly more powerful than Jacky's. Kairu did not refute the Jade Eagle's words.

"If you want to follow me, then you have to follow my rules!" While the four beastmen fell into silence, Tang Shaoyang's voice rang.


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