Being Cinderella's Evil Stepsister
56 A Glance at the Punishmen
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Being Cinderella's Evil Stepsister
Author :YANZUE
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56 A Glance at the Punishmen

Shen Yuan's eyes follow the black-robed girl's figure that disappears into the distance. His eyes didn't leave that spot for a minute until Qin tapped him on the shoulder. He turns his head to face Qin.

Qin's face was impassive as he said, "Let's go."

Shen Yuan loo at the distance once more before nodding his head and following Qin down the Emmo Mountian. Throughout the whole walk down, the spirits were silent without even a whisper or breath in the air.

Qin knew instinctively that they weren't afraid of him, instead, they were afraid of the person following behind him. From his height alone, the boy looks about 8 to 10 years old, yet the wandering spirits are even afraid to steal a glance at him.

"Hey... Why did those white "thingy" calling Master, a murderer?... That she killed her own sister," Shen Yuan was wondering about that, the whole time but he was unable to ask Yun Xuehau.

He was unable to believe that Yun Xuehau is someone who would kill her family after hearing what Xiao Lizi told him. Yet, right after he climbs the Emmo Mountain, those white "thingy" were whispering such words to each other. Even the eunuchs and guards that came up, were secretly talking about it.

"Do you believe that is true? And those white "thingy" are wandering spirits that have been trap in this mountain. What have Xuehau been teaching you or more like she hasn't taught you anything, considering she's so positive and confident about being your master," Qin said as a small smile form on his lip and as he remembers the past.

Xuehau didn't like studying or reading books at all. She was a free spirit, always trying to annoy the person next to her. What she knows and learns is by mouth and from eavesdropping on other peoples' conversations. There were only a few times when she would seriously turn her books and read them. Those times were only to help the person that she one-sidedly loves.

"I trust Master," Shen Yuan answer with confidence in his eyes as he went on the say, "Since she never really try to kill me."

Qin glance back at him with a calm smile, "If you want to know more, she should have a hidden journal she kept in her bedroom. In there, you might be able to find your answer. Just be careful of not being discovered by Xiao Lizi and Xiao Mimi."

Qin doesn't know why but he felt like he was talking to someone he knows. A friend that has taken care of him alongside Xuehau. The boy really is a strange one.

Shen Yuan nodded his head, jotting that down in his mind.

"How do you..."

"Welcome back, sir!" the guards saluted while the eunuch bow.

Qin nodded his head with a "hmm" coming from his mouth.

He took a step, stop in track, turns back to look at the boy, "Don't follow me, I'll take the boy back. Also, I don't want to hear any words spoken in this place to get out. Have I made myself clear?"

The guards clap their hand in knowledge and the eunuch gives another bow before both groups went on their way.

They both went down the stair more almost 5 to 3 steps reaching the bottom of the stairs. Both of them didn't speak a word, just walking silently. Qin didn't walk very fast or slow, just the right walking pace to create a small space between each of them as they walk.

Finally touching the ground, Shen Yuan spirted two-meter away from Emmo Mountain. He turns his head up to look at the mountain, trying to find the black figure lingering on the bridge that is circled in fogs and clouds. Yet, he knows that with the amount of spiritual power and skill he has right now, he can't view past the fogs or clouds, even a glimpse of that figure was not even in his power.

A hand stretched out, covering his sight. When the hand was taken away, he could see past the fog and clouds, clearly seeing the bridge. Shen Yuan feels like he can see clearer than before, such as being able to see the tiniest holes on the metal reels of the bridge. He scans the bridge with his eyes, for the figure in plain black.

"AAAHHHH! ....Cough! ...Cough!"

That voice and scream draw his full attention. His eyes open wide in full surprise at what he is seeing.

Blood was dripping all around the black figure hanging on the bridge with spikes poking through her body. Her figure was wobbly and about to tumble yet her right hand tighten on the bridge's reel. She didn't speak or laugh like she did when she face Ning Bi Yu. Instead, the brightness in her eyes dimmed and what came out of her mouth were whispers of pain and agony. Yet, her walking pace didn't slow down as more and more spikes ravage her body.

"Why? Why would Master go so far for a nameless nobody?" Shen Yuan coughed out as tears willed in his eyes.

"Why? There is only one reason. Because she is your Master and you are her family," Qin said as he tightens his fists to stop himself from going back to stop her.

Shen Yuan recalled what Xiao Lizi said to him before he headed to Emmo Mountain, "She was someone who was willing to be hurt in the place of her family. And she considers you a part of her family. Please don't hold her past actions against her" those sentences ring in his mind as he watches the bloody black-robed figure disappearing into the door that appears with the fog and clouds.

His mind was a mess, filled with the past treatment (torture) he received to what he witnesses and to when his Master (Xuehau) saved him from being killed in the mortal world. Even though he is still young, there is some stuff that he understands.

He understands that the one (Xuehau) he witnesses today wasn't the one before. The person Xiao Lizi and Xiao Mimi care so much about wasn't the one that always punishes them for the littlest thing. The only reason for the blink Xiao Mimi to cry and for the caring Xiao Lizi to be indifferent can only mean that Xuehau wasn't Xuehau.

'Yun Xuehau wasn't Yun Xuehau? How can that be? Then who is Yun Xuehau?'

The more he thinks, the more confused he is. Until he recalls about Xuehau keeping a journal.

"Qin! What is a traitor like you here for?" Xiao Lizi's voice turned cold as she angrily tries to control her own emotion.

"I'm only here to send back the pup as the Lady wanted," he said back.

Xiao Lizi tags Shen Yuan over to her side: "I will never forgive you for what you have done. Even your act today is unforgivable."

"Oh. Which act? About me pretending to be indifferent to you guys or about me pretending to be the head eunuch?" Qin question back.

His face was downcast as he said, "Her memories still haven't returned even though her behavior is different. Don't tell she won't remember any of us and life with those false memories for eternity"

"Enough is enough! The miss will remember. I... no, everyone has waited for a hundred years for the miss to return. I won't allow you to get in the way. Leave! Leave!" Xiao Lizi shouted out with anguish.

"Your not the only one," Qin whisper left his mouth unnoticed.

"That boy only have ten days until his punishment."

He turns around, taking a few steps and turn to look at Xiao Lizi with a weak smile and left.

Xiao Lizi was still fuming with anger and trying to calm herself that she didn't notice Qin turning to look at her.


White wings flatter in the sky even though there is no breeze. Those wings belong to the wind tribe whose lives revolve around a beautiful island that gives an illusion of strong wind.

That illusion turns into real wind that changes form into whirlwinds, tornados, hurricanes, and breezes when an intruder try to enter their territory. Only those that are allow entry can enter without breaking a third of their bones.

The wind tribe is well-known for being very protective of their territory that they would guard it as their lives depend on it.

Shen Yuan looks up at the floating island floating in the sky then at the silently floating water without a thought.

The Yue Liang Mountain was in the middle of the wind and the water tribe's territory. Wind in the sky and water in the ground beside the mountain. This making the mountain filled with spiritual power all year, making the people of heaven jealous of Yun Xuehau yet at the same time fearful due to the tribes.

As mentioned before, Yue Liang Mountain is more of a flat piece of land more than a mountain. Yue Liang Mountain got the name mountain from the mountain that exists in the back of Yue Liang. That mountain has the most spiritual power and the greenest of Yue Liang, yet no one can enter it. The mountain doesn't have any seal around it or even a barrier yet it rejects all entry like it has a life of its own.

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