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Huan Chuyou smiled brightly. Baili Hongzhuang was truly the pride of their school.

Even if he was the vice-principal he was still amazed whenever he thought about the achievements of Bali Hongzhuang. She had so much strength at such a young age, her future was limitless.

Jane Qingqiu and Cang Hongxi looked at one another. Altough the smile of Huan Chuyou was ugly in their eyes, they were still too shocked to really care.

“The Canglan College is really amazing, the students are skilled.”

Jian Qingqiu smiled a little but his heart still held some disdain. This kind of thing seemed very prestigious, but as a principal he was clear that it was bad for the cultivator.

Cultivation was a matter of time and effort. If you wanted to take time off to do other things, then you would lose time on cultivation. At the beginning the gap might not seem big, but as you grew, the gap would be bigger and bigger, it was not a good thing.

Huan Chuyou could hear the words of Jiang Qingqiu and understood what he said, in fact he had previously agreed with him.

However, after seeing the progress of Baili Hongzhuang, he felt that it was truly wrong.

In this world, there were some geniuses which could not be counted with common sense.

After Xia Zhiqing had recovered, Baili Hongzhuang and the others gathered together. The second round of the tournament was also very crucial. They had to be prepared.

“When I first fought against Xue Haoling I was completely defeated by his inscription.”

Ciu Haoyan’s face was filled with unwillingness. His strength was not weaker than Xue Haoling, but the inscription h had was very powerful. Because of this disadvantage he was defeated by Xue Haoling.

If it was a loss because of his strength not being strong enough, then he had nothing to say, but he lost because of outside factors, which made him unsatisfied.

“Inscription?” Gong Shaoqing’s brows furrowed slightly. “It seems that Xue Haoling bought an inscription at Wubao Pavilion.”

His weapon was also inscribed with an inscription, but he had not used it in the first round.

“As Shaoqing said, it makes sense. Xue Haoling has always been rich, it is not a surprise if he bought an inscription at Wubao Pavilion.” Dongfang Yu snoted slightly.

“What effect does Xue Haoling’s inscription have?”

“It is a flaming effect and it is very lethal. If you are accidentially burned you need to be extra careful.”

Hearing this, Xia Zhiqing could not help but frown, “There was no inscription at the Wubao Pavilion like that with flaming attributes.”

The Dancing Flame Whip she had inherited in the ruins was a fire attribute, so she was quite concerned about the inscriptions of the flame attribute, just like her character which was very fiery.

On the day of the Wubao Pavilion, she looked for an inscription thathad fire attribute for a long time, but in the end she could only give up. She had not expected that Xue Haoling could find a fire attribute inscription at Wubao Pavilion.

“Maybe they added it later,” Zhan Yunfeng frowned, it was not impossible.

Just as Zhan Yunfeng and the others were discussing, Xue Haoling was also showing off his inscription at the practitioners at Beihai College.

“Haha, I did not expect the power of my inscription to be this fierce!”

Xue Haoling looked smug. He ha only thought of using the inscription last night, and he thought the effect was quite good, but he had not expected it to be this good.

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