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“You have to rest now. Baili Hongzhuang and Gong Shaoqing, if anything happens, come to us.” Lu Huanyan said.

“Don’t worry, we have no problem.”

After Dongfang Yu left, the faces of the others turned gloomy.

Whenever they thought about the warm and sunshine-like boy that Dongfang Yu was, and then the painfilled appearance he had just now, everyone’s heart was in distress.

“Nangong Xiujie was far too evil. Acting so arrogantly, his heart is so despicable, he is really shameless!”

Even the cold and ruthless Gong Shaoqing was angry at this point and slammed his hand against the bench.

Dongfang Yu was a friend he had for a long time. The two had long ago considered the other their brother; now that Dongfang Yu was so humiliated, how could he calm down.

Even Baili Hongzhuang was dull. “The person that Nangong Xiujie wants to humiliate is me, Dongfang Yu just got implicated by me.” Whenever she thought about this, her mood became heavier.

If it was not for her, he would not have been treated like this.

Cui Haoyan waved his hand, “That day, on the First Tower, Nangong Xiujie obviously hated all of us. He wants to humiliate us all under the eyes of the vast crowd, Bali Hongzhuang, don’t overthink.”

That said, on that day, it was solely Nangong Xiujie looking for trouble, how can it possibly be blamed on Baili Hongzhuang?

“Nangong Xiujie is really shameless. We have to find a way to avenge Dongfang Yu.”

Xia Zhiqing’s face was filled with anger. The other party bullied them to such a point, wouldn’t they seem weak if they did not fight back?

“Damn that Nangong Xiujie!” The eyes of Baili Hongzhuang burst with brilliance and her face was cold as frost, making anyone who looked at her feel cold.

Everyone could feel the cold and murderous aura emanating from Baili Hongzhuang. Even the surrounding air temperature seemed to drop alongside her murderous intent.

From the beginning to the end, it had always been Nangong Xiujie and Nangong Yujin looking for trouble with them. Now that they had treated Dongfang Yu like this, it was simply unforgivable!

Baili Hongzhuang had always been a morally upright person. If Nangong Xiujie had come for her, then that’d be fine, but he had dared to touch her teammates. She would make Nangong Xiuji regret it. He was going to regret everything that he did!

When sensing the murderous aura that erupted from Baili Hongzhuang, everyone felt surprised.

They had always seen her as being very kind, they had never seen such a side to her before.

However when sensing her change, they all felt the same.

Nangong Xiujie was now the opponent of their entire college.

The gaze of Mo Yunjue also fell onto Baili Hongzhuang. He had always known that she was not a soft-hearted person.

She was only treating her friends kindly, he was afraid that she would be immensely fierce against her enemies.

At the same time, the fact that Dongfang Yu was treated like this also had something to do with him.

His eyes turned black and dangerous with a touch of indifference. His eyes landed on Nangong Xiujie who was not far away.

It seemed that Nangong Xiujie was still not clear about the consequences of offending him.

However at this moment Nangong Xiujie was still busy accepting the praise of everyone from the team of Lingyin College. The Canglan College was not his opponent at all.

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