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Feeling the cold eyes of Baili Hongzhuang, Nangong Xiujie was even more proud. He even provocatively raised an eyebrow when looking at her. From the moment that Baili Hongzhuang offended him, she was destined to humiliation.

Baili Hongzhuang’s face was filled with an enchanting smile, but her dark eyes were flashing with a deadly light.

Next Baili Hongzhuang slowly raised her thumbs at Nangong Xiujie, and then, under the strange eyes of eveyone, the thumb flipped over and tuned downward fast.

When seeing the provocative action of Baili Hongzhuang, Nangong Xiujie’s face also tuned ugly.

Damn it!

Even now, Baili Hongzhuang actually dared to challenge him?

She was simply looking for death!

Just when Nangong Xiujie was about to fight back, Baili Hongzhuang slowly recovered her sight and stopped looking at him.

Feeling the naked contempt that Baili Hongzhuang was showing him, NAngong Xiujie’s face was really ugly. He did not understand what exactly gave Baili Hongzhuang the qualifications of despising him.

“Second brother dont be angry! Baili Hongzhuang is trying to make you angry this way.

Nangong Yujin held a smug smile on his face, just the situation of Dongfang Yu had already angered them this much.

If his older brother did it a few more times, wouldn’t they collapse completely?

Hearing the words, Nangong Xiujie’s face was also good once more, “It is true that their cultivators are immensely weak.

Next Xia Zhiqing was up against Nan Yangze. Perhaps Xia Zhiqing was too angry, but in the fight she directly viewed Nan Yangze as Nangong Xiujie an erupted with a fierce attack. She was extremely violent!

The scene attracted a shocking attention from the audience. No one thought that Xia Zhiqing would be so horrible when she exploded in anger. It truly surprised many people!

When Nan Yangze lost in the hands of Xia Zhiqing, she seemed to have been addicted to beating him, which had led to a burst of speechlessness.

When the results of the second round was announce, the Beihai College was the ones who had the ugliest faces. In the third round they only had one person?

Cang Hongxi’s face had the same color as pig’s liver. Xiao Lanmei was their only final chance to enter the finals! If not then Beihai College would lose all face.

“The next test is in an hour. After this time the third round will be held.”
When the words fell they all returned to the rest area.

“Zhiqing your battle was too shocking and violent! You have surprised us all!”

Zhan Yunfeng could not help but feel emotional. It seemed that one should not simply insult Xia Zhiqing. Her power was not to be belittled.

Xia Zhiqing was a little embarrassed. “I was too angry and just exploded. I did not expect that I would be able to advance to the third round.”

“Our college has gotten three who advanced to the third round. In comparison to the other two colleges, ours is doing the best.”

Gong Shaoqing slowly analyzed the situation. “But the remaining Nangong Xiujie and Xiao Lanmei are not easy to deal with. As such we should only expect one person to enter the final.”

“Not bad,” the others nodded. Although they had the most numbers now, the final result was not easy to predict.

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