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“Hongzhuang I also support you! Kill this annoying guy!”

Xia Zhiqing’s eyes flashed with anger. He was so arrogant and they couldn’t stand it!

Bai Junyu and the others also agreeed. In fact this was what they wanted the most, it was just because of the overall sitaution that they choose to bear with it.

However after Baili Hongzhuang made this decision, they choose to support it.

Perhaps they were not rational enough. Perhaps their ideas were not good enough, but this was what they wanted to do and it was in their blood!

As cultivators they had alwasy been at the front togehter with their brothers. This time, they would fight!

“We cannot forget that not only is there Nangong Xiujie, there is also Xiao Lanmei.” Gong Shaoqing’s eyes flashed with wisdom while he was speaing.

“Although Xiao Lanmei is indifferent he is very strong. He has never humiliated the other party, so even if he defeats us, it doesn’t matter.”

Although Xiao Lanmei was in another group than them, they did not find him disgusting.

From their previous battles, they could see that he was a proper man. He was not being bothered by Xue Haoling and the others, and his indifference came from the heart.

Everyone nodded, amongst all the people fighting, Nangong Xiujie was the scum amongst scum.

“I am afraid that Nangong Xiujie is doing this because of me, I am sorry for dragging you all own,” Mo Yunjue said with a low voice.

As soon as the words were said, Cui Haoyan immediately answered, “Mo Gongzi, this matter has nothing to do with you at all, you have been implicated from the start. Why would you apologize?”

Not only Cui Haoyan but all th others also felt the same way. Mo Yunjue belonged to the Qing Dynasty, but he was willing to offend the two princes for them, this was already making them immensely grateful.

“Anyway, Nangong Yue’er caused you some trouble, and I am quite angry becuase of this.”

Mo Yunjue’s face was a little gloomy, With a personality like Nangong Xiujie, he would never be ablet to become a successor to the Qing Dynasty in his life.

Too shameless, mean and selfihs, he was much worse than Nangong Aochen.

EVeryone could see that Mo Yunjue was genuinely angry n their behalf and a slight smile appeared on their faces, their impression of Mo Yunjue was really good.

“Mo Gongzi, Nangong Yue’er hunts you so seriously, but you haven’t been subdue by her yet, I admire you very much!”

Thinking abut how Nangong Yue’er mistook Baili Hongzhuang for Mo Yunjue’s wife, they foun it quite fun, even the furious expression of hers made Xia Zhiqing laugh out loud.

Mo Yunjue smiled helplessly, “In fact, i think this is a quite distressing matter. If I could find myself a wife, then this problem would be solved.”

“Mo Gongzi, I am afraid that it is not just a few women who is scrambling to marry you, I guess your vision is too high,”

Zhan Yunfeng smiled and joked with him. Now that they had figured out what to do next, everyone’s mood had relaxed a little.

“You have all seen how hotheaded Nangong Yue’er is. Unless i find a strong woman like Baili Hongzhuang, I am afraid that they will always lose to Nangong Yue’er.” Mo Yunjue joked.

However, when everyone heard his words, their expressions changed subtly.

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