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It seemed that their guesses were not wrong, Mo Yunjue seemd to like Baili Hongzhuang.

Even if he was aware that Baili Hongzhuang had already married someone, it was impossible for Mo Yunjue to let go of his like for her.

If it wasn’t so, then he would never say such a thing.

Xia Zhiqing and Zhan Yunfeng were both looking at Baili Hongzhuang with envy. It was hard for a woman to not envy her.

Di Beichen was so outstanding an he gave up all other woman only to devote himself to Baili Hongzhuang, but Mo Yunjue was aware that she already had a sweetheart, even so, he was still willing to offend the two princes on her behalf.

There was also a bit of surprise in Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes, Mo Yunjue suddenly sai this, it was truly a bit ambiguous.

“Master, Mo Yunjue might like you too.”

Little Black exclaimed, his master’s charm was really irresistible.

It seemed that Di Beichen would have to stay beside their master in the future, even if she was married, it would not affect the charm of their master!

“Haha, I don’t know when Di Beichen will come back. It’s no wonder Mo Yunjue has been helping the master.” Little White laughed as if it had no fear in the world.

Baili Hongzhuang was helpless, she really wanted to knock the heads of those two small guys who dared to tease her.

While Baili Hongzhuang was attending the college tournament, the three inscription masters once again gathered in Wubao Pavilion. However they did not see Baili Hongzhuang, so all they could do was ask the sales assistant.

“Master Bai, the girl left after you that day. I do not know where she is now.”

A bit of helplessness appeared on the sales assistant’s face. Each one of the three masters appeared today and all asked her the same question.

However the girl told her nothing before, and she never asked.

“Such an important person, how come you did not even ask where she lived?”

Bai Jingtian looked dissatisfied. He had rushed back immediately after completing the research, and to his surprise, everything was exactly like Baili Hongzhuang had said.

It was so amazing!

The problem that had always puzzled him had been solved in this way. He blieved that as long as he could discuss me with Baili Hongzhuang, he could learn more.

Today he no longer treated Baili Hongzhuang as a junior but as an equal.

The accomplishments of Baili Hongzhuang in the field of inscriptions can already be considered that of a master.

However, he did not know where Baili Hongzhuang was!

If Baili Hongzhuang had already left the Imperial City, wouldn’t he be depressed?

“Old man Bai, was the test successful after you returned?” Qin Qingwu asked out loud.

Bai Jingtian nodded his hea. “yes. I have never heard the little girl’s words before but it is the most convenient way, it really makes me like this girl.”

Ji Yanmo was also impressed, “After i went back to research it, i immediately returned hre, but i don’t know what master can teach this little girl, this is raelly amazing!”

“Unfortunately we have no trace of the little girl,” Qin Qingwu frowned. “I’ll inquire about the traces of this little girl immediately.”

That day, they were too troubled about the problem to think about anything else.

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