Blood Lust
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Blood Lust
Author :Navblood
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Time: Year 6698 Month October Day 12

Place: Planet ephiroth

Blood, limbs and corpses are the only things that could be seen for millions of miles. Great cities and empires and the like have turned to dust. Immortals deemed unkillable died seemingly like bugs. All because of one man Sangre Muerto, the most talented and the only surviving blood manipulator in the history of Ephiroth.

"After eons of imprisonment and torture, I have finally got out of hell. For eons, I have dreamt of a world where everyone will expereince internal suffering. Now that dream will become a reality. With this magic, I reigned supreme for trillions of years. Yet I have been imprisoned by the God Immortal, Frederick himself.

Sangre muterred while escaping the Cage.

With nothing heldback Sangre sought revenge against everyone and everything that sought to kill him using such tricks.


Two words were only needed for internal suffering and the death of every living being.

A world once thrived with people, monsters, beasts, and demihumans now turned into a world of blood. Even the strongest automaton that was once deemed unkillable has turned into a puddle of blood.

"Finally I have done it. Now I can die peacefully"

Time: Unknown

Place: Unknown

"My majesty, planet ephiroth has been eradicated of all life forms"

"Impossible!! that world was perfect, no not perfect but absolute how could it have been destroyed"

"Was it Lucifer who did it?"

"No sir, Lucifer actually nearly succeeded in saving that world"

"Lucifer the destroyer tried to save something? Wait.... what was he trying to stop."

'It is not a thing but a blood manipulator sir"

The unknown man seemed to have lost all color in his face. While his feet trembled thinking of how could there be a blood manipulator alive.

"I--- I personally killed them all how could one still be alive"

"We do not know sir, but the good news is that blood necromancer has died"

"No ..... that's terrible news... Every blood manipulator has unlimited lives. They could only be killed by using AETHER. The magic used by the almighty."

"Activate the Internal prison now"

"Sit that will deplete all of our world energy"

"Do it Ares... for the safety of everything even the void must do it."
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    《Blood Lust》