Blurred Lies
2 An opportunity of a lifetime!
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Blurred Lies
Author :RiealO
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2 An opportunity of a lifetime!

"Yuuki, why are you still in bed its almost 9am" the younger man said as he grabbed the man from off the bed.

escorting him towards the bathroom across the hall.

"your publiscist and editor both called they are looking for you, appearantly you've been avoiding them for two weeks now" the young man said as he tsk while shaking his head while turning on the bathroom light, followed by the shower and then was proceeding to strip the man naked before the man came to his senses.

"That's enough Uris, im not dead yet" Yuuki bellowed in a stern matter as he pushed Uris out the door with a slam!

This made Uris smile sweeping his blond locks away from his face, as he happily went down stairs to cook breakfast.

Steam careened down the side of the tub as Yuuki took a deep breath in as the moist air filled his lungs.Facing the sink and mirror he wiped the condensation away from the fogged glass to look at his reflection.

At 32 years old yuuki felt much older. his dark hair was wild and shaggy looking his grey eyes was traced with the lightest of wrinkles but held no trust or joy within. even though he was indifferent with no facial expression there seemed to be a permant scowl on his face and his smile never approached unlike his odd ball of a friend Uris'.

This is life he thought as he took the grungy layers of clothes from his body. a smirk cast across his face for a brief seconds as he heard humming and dishes clanking downstairs.

"Idiot" he muttered before a relaxed sigh past through his lips. the water was a perfect 98 if he were to speculate. caressing his chest though he was tall and lanky he had muscles that rippled underneath fortelling the stress that he held within.

Beep beep beep...

the fire alarm chimed.

followed by a high pitched scream

"What the hell" with no moment to dress Yukki grabbed the blue terry towel that was hanging on the rack wrapping it around himself.

thick grey smoke started to creep up the stairs as the firealam buzzed even louder.

hurrying as fast as he could down the steps he entered the kitchen to find a upset Uris crying on the floor in front of stove with a burnt pan in hand being doused with the red fire extingisher none other than his publicist Mauri.

"what the hell is going on" yuuki asked

uris was too upset that his response was incoherant.

Turning Mauri faced him, sweeping her black shoulder length hair over her shoulder. the look on her face made yuuki wished he had not even bother to come down.

"well if you had answered my call i would not have to come here, save your little house pet from burning himself along with your house to give you this" her words were harsh as she pulled a white envelope from her black purse and presented towards yuuki with a devious smile.

" accept it its an opportunity of a lifetime"
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    《Blurred Lies》