Can You Survive
2 Chapter 2 : “So you“ve decided, huh?“
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Can You Survive
Author :ApexAssasSIN
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2 Chapter 2 : “So you“ve decided, huh?“


(Doing a time skip so I can use it as a crutch while progressing through the story)


In the early morning hours, inside a certain house, lay a boy who would one day change the world.

Gilgamesh opens his awaking from his sleep, and thinks to himself "today's the day huh?". He get's up from his bed and starts his morning ritual. He strips his body, revealing a body fit of that of a god.

Gilgamesh at the age of 15 years old stands at the height of 178 cm's. He had the build that would remind one of a person who would do parkour or free run every day.

( there is going to be two links for how you want to view Gilgamesh

Link 1:

Link 2:

The second one is actually Gilgamesh, while the first one is of Riku Yagami from the anime "Prince of Stride". You can choose which one to picture him as.)

He had a head full of golden blonde hair that make the the sun seem less beautiful. He holds red eyes that would make you either feel like you were protected from all of the world, or if you wronged him, would make you feel like you were hunted by the reaper of lives himself. But the most eye catching thing about him would be his beautiful face. He had a face that would make Aphrodite her self want to make him, her boy toy (again, I suck at descriptions, so I used a cop out, just look at one of the links).

Getting out of the shower, Gilgamesh clothes himself and proceeds to go to the dining for breakfest. Opening the door, he sees a man with the body of a toothpick. Gilgamesh proceeds to say, "Ohaiyo, Ossan!"

Toshinori responds back to him "Ohaiyo, Gil! How was your sleep? Good I assume?". "Yeah it was same old- same old I guess." responds Gilgamesh. Hil sits down at the table and pours himself a bowl of cereal and mil.

Toshinori had told Gilgamesh about his condition about 3 years after they started living together... Well I say "told", but what I really mean is that Gilgamesh forced All Might to tell him after Gil found Toshinori hunched over the toilet spewing blood.

Toshinori looks at the calendar and then at the clock on the and proceeds to ask Gilgamesh "So, young Gil! Are you ready for your entrance exam for U.A.?!" Gilgamesh's eyes widen and looks at the calendar. "Holy crap! I forgot that about that! See ya later Ossan!! I don't want to be late!"

Toshinori yells towards the boy "Good Luck boya!!", watching the boy's back fading upon the horizon, Toshinori thought to himself 'not like the f*cker really needs it considering his quirk.....or I guess quirks....'


Gilgamesh had arrived at the entrance to UA high school. Looking at the grand structure, he couldn't help but marvel at its architecture.

Walking through an archway he comes across a scene that any watcher of anime would recognise. He saw Midoriya Izuku trip and was fall due to a crack in the ground. As Izuku was going to hit the ground, a girl with short chestnut brown hair caught him with the power of her quirk. This girl was of course Uraraka Ochako. She had the quirk with the power to affect gravity.

The only thing that would be odd, or different compared to the original anime, was that Izuku held a sword, sheathed on his side. This sword was the infamous 'Caliburn'. The very first sword of the great 'King Arthur'.

Now you might be wondering why that Izuku Midoriya holds such a holy thing, right? Well let me explain it to you. You see, instead of All Might witnessing Midoriya trying to save Bakugou, it was actually Gilgamesh to see this. Seeing the boy through himself towards danger despite the fact he had no quirk was still very powerful for Gilgamesh. So he decided to train the boy in his body, as well as equip with a sword that he felt suited the boy very well.

Gilgamesh walks over towards the two and greets them "Yo, Deku! Are you ready for today?!" while saying this, he slaps Deku on the back, effectively knocking the wind out of him. Deku looks at Gil and say "G-Good morning Gil! I guess I'm a little nervous for today. I mean today will pretty much mean if I get to be a hero or not, and I really don't want to let you or mom do-"

Gilgamesh stops Deku right there "Hold your horses there Deku!! Trust me, you'll be alright. Remember all that training we did?! Plus you of anyone deserve to be a hero. Anyways why don't you introduce me to this beautiful girl here." Gil says with a smirk on his face, effectively making Ochako's turn red.

Ochako proceeds to introduce herself "H-h-hello!! My name is Uraraka Ochako, but you can just call me Ochako!", the stuttering makes Gil laugh a bit 'she's quite cute isn't she' Gil thinks to himself. Thinking it's his turn Gil introduces himself. "Hello cutie, My name is Toshinori Gilgamesh. Pleased to meet you! I'm also friends with this one here." Gil point towards Deku, but all Ochako can think about is how he called her cute. 'H-h-h-e thi-thinks I'm cute?!?!?'

Gil looks at his watch and says "Anyways, don't you guys think we should be getting inside to take the entrance exams now?"

Deku only realizes now how long they've been standing there conversing and says "Oh no! I didn't realize how long we've been here! Let's go guys!"

Saying that they all head in towards the building, starting on their respective journeys towards the rise to the zenith of hero's.

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    《Can You Survive》