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"As expected… there aren't any Master clans that would give up on researching blood! Suppressing the chaotic will and making remarkable use of it are two of the main points. Of course, it also has information on those that didn't submit to the chaos and become degenerate Half-Demon clans. However… the clans that have lost their sanity would often go into the state of chaos, and it will be difficult for them to survive…"

Consciousness was very important to Masters.

On one side, they were frantically finding the power in their blood, and on the other side, they had no choice but to fight against the chaotic will.

At the moment, Fang Yuan was reading an ancient book that had recorded Night Demon People clans. It clearly recorded the experimentation on blood, and there were even some Black Magic techniques that were successfully invented using the power of the blood.

The replicated weak curse that Carson used previously—Dead Spirit Hands, was also included.

By reading parts of their secrets, Fang Yuan knew what the behavior of Master clans was like.

"Although the Black Scale Club and Demon Hunters made peace with each other, in truth, the club had never stopped interacting with the Night Family Clan before. This is an example of betting on both sides!"

Hence, he wasn't ashamed that he routed the Night Demon People clan.

Now, Fang Yuan prioritized experimenting with blood and the few replicated Black Magic techniques.

"Black Magic technique is, in actual fact, an experiment they started because the Masters wanted to replicate the Night Family Clan's power… They were able to quickly find out by making use of the power of their own blood and, by adapting it, they could actually break through the limits of their own blood and invent various kinds of unusual techniques. Hence, it gradually developed and became techniques that they could rely on to become independent from Demon Hunters and the Night Family Clan…"

"The utilization of a Black Magic technique requires a few prerequisites; the first one is having a stable and rational mind, this eliminates the blood descendants that are badly disturbed by the chaotic will; the second is that the power of the blood must be thick enough; while the third one is the umpteen experimental attempts to correctly replicate the techniques!"

The power of blood was only a wire-like ingredient, whereas forging and consolidating the replicated technique were a must in order to make the murderous weapons.

"This is also a great improvement. Aside from the Evil Demons with the best blood, most of the Night Family Clan have difficulties using the spells. Even if they depended entirely on their gifts, it's still very rigid and inflexible. What the Masters imitated and learned can exceed them."

The concentration of the blood could barely exceed the source, but strength wasn't only limited to a blow!

True Masters that could grasp the power of Dark Magic techniques were enough to fight with the Evil Demons, despite them having Low-Class Blood!

When Fang Yuan was almost done speed-reading for the first time, he shut his eyes and recalled the content once, and spoke to Carson, who was beside him, "Very good… you didn't try to hide or lie to me!"

"I wouldn't dare!"

At this moment, the director of the Black Scale Club, Black Eye Carson, who was in front of Fang Yuan, had completely lost the will to resist and had become as tame as a dog.

This was due to the fact that Fang Yuan had defeated him, head on, inflicting a major shock to him and also ingraining some conditioned reflexes.

Fang Yuan had secretly set up a trick and planted a seed deep into the party's head that he had no possibility of winning. Although it was different from controlling him directly, it was enough to guarantee that the other party wouldn't dare to resist within a short amount of time.

"Of course… mental hints can only influence him from the side—there's still a need to constantly reinforce it!" He paused and snapped his fingers.


A bright flame immediately appeared on his palm. It emitted a warm glow, yet, strangely, it didn't harm his palm at all.

"Black Magic technique—Flaming Hands?!"

Witnessing this scene, Carson shivered. Without the opportunity to open his mouth, Florina, who was at his side, shouted as if she saw a ghost, "Impossible… Unless you're a Master as well, and have learned this Black Magic technique a long time ago?"

"This is an improvised version of the Flaming Hands, this is a variant unique to the Black Scale Club…" Carson opened his mouth slowly, his voice husky. "Who would've thought that one could see it once and learn it successfully."

He recalled the four, five, years he spent remembering the technique before he succeeded in making the first Black Magic technique, and he almost kneeled to Fang Yuan.

"Of course I'm not a Master. However, Dark Magic techniques… are very easy…"

Fang Yuan's smiled.

The thing driving the power of the Black Magic technique was mainly the power of the blood; while the form was mainly controlled by the power of the mind.

In the aspect of one's mind, he had no problem, but regarding the power of blood? The Sacred Water that the Demon Hunters consumed was, in actual fact, from the Night Family Clan, hence, its nature wasn't much different from the former!

"Of course… to release the Black Demon technique, one must first reverse the nature of the Sacred Water. Aside from me, there are only a rare few in this world that can do it…" Fang Yuan thought about it silently before looking at his own attributes board:

"Name: Hulk (Fang Yuan)

Essence: 25.0 (110)

Spirit: 25.0 (100)

Magic: 25.0 (120)

Profession: Demon Hunter

State: Healthy

Technique: Basic Grapple (Proficient), Gun Fighting Skill (Normal), Secret Study (Normal), Pharmaceutics (Normal), Alchemy (Basic), Morning Stars Swordsmanship (Dawn), Shady Flow Flying Claw (Black Claw), Black Magic skill (Normal)

Specialization: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 6)(Peak)], [Fiery Golden Eyes (Level 3)], [Body Seal (Ultimate form)]

"Black Magic skill: A technique power mastered by the Masters. It's related to the variant technique that is driven by the power of blood, might, and Black Magic techniques. It's also related to the strength of the Master himself. It's currently in the (Normal) level and the number of Dark Magic techniques you grasp are: 5! They are the weak curses: Dead Spirit Hands, Flaming Hands, Light Spirit skill, and Speed Increasing skill.

"Five Black Magic techniques variants are the accumulation of the Black Scale Club. Even so, there's only one person, Carson, in the entire club that can truly be considered as a (Master)."

Fang Yuan thought silently and looked at Carson. "Bring me to the Black Forest to find the page from the Dead Sea ancient book!"

"Yes, Sir!" Carson, who was badly shaken, agreed. However, he was slightly hesitant. "But… the Alpha Family is there, and the protective barrier placed by our ancestors… In addition, the external powers are also looking…"

"You don't have to care about these, all you have to do is bring me to the place!" Fang Yuan stroked his own sword, Starry Night, and said with an intolerable tone.

Within the Black Forest.

Carson was in front, leading the way and walking with Fang Yuan and Florina.

As for the other Night Demon People? They—especially the two faction chiefs—were severely injured and weren't able to come at all.

"The Black Forest is very vast. At the end, towards the north, is a land filled with thick fog. That's the barrier that our and the Alpha Family's ancestors created, or should I say—confusion lock!"

Carson tried his best to introduce it, "Together with us, the land of dense fog has always been guarded by the Alpha Family. It was rumored that a page of the Dead Sea Ancient scroll is hidden inside and will only open when fate decides to do so."

"The limit of my will is what was set by fate!" Fang Yuan boasted shamelessly.

In actual fact, no matter how good the barrier was, he believed that he would be able to break the array created by their ancestors with his own power, with time to spare so he could study it.

"Florina is familiar with everything in the Black Forest as if it was her home. However, this doesn't include the land of dense fog… Furthermore, it's also guarded by the Alpha Family." Carson said slowly.

After trekking for half a day, a thin fog started to appear in front of them.

The Black Forest was originally shady and cold. At this moment, the addition mysteriousness made people panic even more.


A wooden javelin shot out from the dense fog and pierced into the ground, right in front of the three people.

"It's the Alpha Family's people!"

Florina took a step forward, "I am Scales Servant Florina, the one beside me is our Club Director Carson… Report your name, the Alpha Family person opposing us!"

"I am Inspecting Wolf Uma. Black Scale Club, you have gone against the arrangement of our ancestors!"

In front of them, a blurred human form that was carrying numerous long spears, appeared in the fog, "You've brought an outsider here!"

The nose of a Werewolf is very effective. As blood descendants, the people of the Alpha Family had also inherited this ability.

"Let the 'Head Wolf' of your clan see me!" Fang Yuan moved a step forward, emitting an aura like a majestic mountain.

The Alpha Family and the Black Scale Club were different. The Alpha Family didn't have the form of an association, but was much more of a primitive clan—the Head Wolf led everything!

"Demon Hunter?"

Under Fang Yuan's concentrated presence, the fog dispersed slightly, revealing Uma's appearance.

He was tall and large, had very defined side features, his hair was much longer and denser than normal people, and he had fangs sticking out. He looked like a person that was half wolf.

Compared to the Night Family Clan's Werewolves that could only walk with their bodies up straight, their descendants were still mostly humans that retained part of a wolf's features.

Of course, Fang Yuan was also clear that the blood descendants of Werewolves had thick blood. Under specific conditions and triggers, they had the ability to become an enormous wolf.

The white wolf he had seen on the public horse carriage when he first came here, was this type.

"What are you waiting for!" Fang Yuan glared, a sharp ray struck Uma's pupils as if it was a sharp sword.

He screamed once, his whole body retreated quickly.

Not long afterwards, bleak and penetrating howls travelled from the dense fog, the sound shaking the grounds from miles away.



Many howls formed a wave and were closing in.

Amidst the dense forest, many enormous white wolves appeared, surrounding them.

Even Carson trembled when he saw this.

"Carson, you broke the vow and seek refuge with the Demon Hunters!"

An enormous wolf, with brilliant gold hair and a much larger build than the others, slowly walked out of the dense fog, and leaped forward, transforming into a large and tall old man. His green pupils stared at Carson, and he used a firm tone to say, "You, who have broken the vow, are no longer our ally. Kill him and the Demon Hunter!"


The pack of wolves howled madly, opening their beastly, ferocious mouths. They slowly closed in and exposed their savage fangs!

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