Carefree Path of Dreams
612 Night Demon Wolf
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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612 Night Demon Wolf

"Oh? You confirmed that Carson has betrayed you and that I'm the enemy on our first meeting…" Fang Yuan shrugged. "Looks like you've already heard the news before. Who is it?"

Listening to his words, Carson quivered instantly as he knew that someone under him had decided to betray him!


In the next moment, numerous large wolves leaped over whilst howling.

"Get lost!" Fang Yuan's right hand waved, and an orange-red cone-shaped flame appeared. It burned in mid-air and suddenly landed on an enormous wolf.


The other party produced a shrilling scream, as its fur lit up suddenly. It became an enormous ball of fire and fell onto the floor while screaming in agony.

"Black Demon technique… as expected, it's nice to use, especially for Alchemists and Pharmacists since it seems to have another effect…"

Despite only trying it out a few times, Fang Yuan had already thought of how to integrate the Black Demon technique into the processes in alchemy and pharmacy experiments. It would definitely increase the quality of his works.

"You're not a Demon Hunter, but a… Master?"

The Head Wolf was very shocked, and his face changed again promptly. "But you shouldn't have killed my people, I—the Head Wolf of the Alpha Family, blood descendant of Teeth Rogo—swear to avenge his blood!"


He roared once, and hair started to grow all over his body as his form grew. Within seconds, he turned into the enormous gold wolf from before. There was even red light, visible to the naked eye, on its fangs and claws, overflowing with brilliant lights and vibrant color. It caused people to be afraid of the danger and beauty that accompanied it.

"That's bloodsucking teeth, its teeth can draw out the blood of its opponent to become its own life force!" Florina shouted loudly.

"Black Magic technique? No… it's just its nature from transforming into an enormous wolf. It's the same as the other Night Family Clan!" A gold light flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes, and he was able to understand everything.

If Masters were said to be Sorcerers that were able to self-learn to become successful, then the people that had technique abilities in the Night Family Clan would be much more similar to Confucian Scholars that were completely dependent on their natural endowments.

They could only master their own clan's unique techniques and couldn't cross over. Even more so, it depended on one's luck and strength to awake the ability.

Furthermore, this Head Wolf of the Alpha Family, Rogo, was someone whose blood had very thick power to the point that he didn't need to learn and could automatically become a natural-born Confucian Scholar.

However, it was a pity that he could only awaken this one technique.

If it met with a Master that was long prepared, it could definitely be killed through various types of heavy and complicated techniques.

"Bloodsucking teeth, draw life?" Fang Yuan smiled, and his hands suddenly became a deathly pale color. "If the opponent is a dead spirit without any blood, what will you draw then?"

"Dead Spirit Hands?!"

Even if he had predicted it earlier on, to be able to see Fang Yuan openly throw down and display the Black Magic technique that he treasured, Carson couldn't help but become deeply shocked.


In the air, an angry spirit that was filled with negative energy appeared and pounced straight towards Rogo's enormous white wolf transformation.


Rogo slashed around with his claws and fangs, but the hair on his body was obviously drooping fast enough to be seen by the naked eye.

"Light Spirit skill! Speed Increasing skill! Werewolf Kill!"

Fang Yuan's feet didn't stop, it was as if his whole body had transformed into the wind. With the addition of the Black Magic technique, his speed had broken through his previous limit.

Silver light flashed around, and a few enormous wolves that leaped over collapsed immediately, spraying flesh blood all over the place.

Suddenly, he appeared in front of Rogo and struck out a fist.

The enormous wolf, as tall and large as a horse, flew out like a cannonball and crashed into who-knows-how-many trees, with its tongue dangling out, panting.

Suddenly, a white flash appeared, and the wolf transformed back into the appearance of an old man, seemingly very miserable.

"Bring me deep into the 'Confusion Lock,' or else, your Alpha Family will cease to exist today!" Fang Yuan's Starry Night rested on top of Rogo's neck as he spoke with a tone that couldn't be questioned.

"Impossible… today isn't the date set by fate…" Old Rogo looked at the hole in his chest that was decomposed by the negative energy of the dead spirit, and he said while struggling.

"The limit of my will is what was set by fate! Make your choice!" Fang Yuan replied without any reservations.

"This is… the strength of a Demon Hunter?"

Carson and Florina witnessed a slightly familiar scene and turned completely sluggish.

Although there were no Masters in the Alpha Family, there were many members that could transform into wolves, and their combat ability was even one level higher compared to the Black Scale Club.

However, right now, the man in front of them was still the same; it was as if he was a speck of dust being blown away lightly, he was utterly defeated.

"Alright! I'll bring you there!" Who-knows-what Old Rogo was thinking as he suddenly changed his words.

"Hmm?" Fang Yuan glanced towards Carson.

"Sir!" he bowed instantly and used a humble tone to say, "According to our ancestors' records, they set up a trap within the 'Confusion Lock' as a final layer of protection for the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll… I think Head Wolf Rogo is thinking of using the trap against you!"

"Carson… You traitor!"

Looking at how the other party betrayed him by revealing its biggest secret, Rogo scolded him loudly.

"Trap? Then let's go and see it!" Fang Yuan gave a small smile. "What's the general content?"

"Based on what I know, it should be a living organism that was produced from a Black Magic technique! It would usually sleep in the 'Confusion Lock'. Even if we entered it, we would be attacked regardless as well!"

Since he had already betrayed them once, Carson didn't mind spilling out more secrets.

"Very well, bring me there!" Fang Yuan used his sword to pat Rogo on the cheek. "Call a few of your men to transform into wolves for us to ride!"

"You…" The veins on Rogo's forehead protruded out as he received such a grave insult, but he didn't refute in the end. Instead, he let out a long howl.

A few enormous wolves ran over from within the trees and silently took up the responsibility of transportation, bringing the few of them into the dense fog.

"As expected, the barrier!"

In the depths of the dense fog, not only was vision heavily obstructed, but Fang Yuan also felt an indistinct kind of suppression and danger.

"Looks like the ancestors of these two clans weren't trash."

In the silence, the enormous wolves ran at the speed of light. The fog ahead of them dispersed, and their vision extended as an ancient cemetery appeared.

"Greedy person! Do not go against fate, or else your soul will be tortured in the flames forever!"

Various languages were carved on a large stone tablet in front of the cemetery to give a warning to the people in the future.

"Hmph! Let's go!" Fang Yuan didn't care about it and was the first one to enter the cemetery.

The whole design of the cemetery was simple. It was made from layered large stones. The sculpture was filled with a unique beauty and charm.

And before the center of the coffin chamber was another large stone door. There were two sculptures, a Night Demon Person and a Werewolf, at both sides of the stone door. It was made realistically as if it was true to life.

"Rogo!" Carson called out once and went forward to hold onto the arms of the Night Demon Person.

Rogo sighed and performed the same action.

"With our name, our blood, the agreement enacted in ancient times…"

The two of them mumbled as if they were performing a mysterious ritual.

Crack! Kaboom!

After they did that, the enormous stone door to the coffin chamber opened, falling to both sides and revealing a dark cavern.


A stream of air leaked out before an enormous existence attacked promptly.

As though an ancient large beast, that was sleeping, suddenly awakened. The characteristics of the vast presence caused the two clan heads to tremble greatly.

"What is happening? Why do I get the impression I can sense a predator?"

"This is the presence of the peak of high-class blood, one that brings a sense of comfort—fear and comfort mixed together… Is this chaos?"

Carson and Rogo were both slightly shocked, giving their full attention to the coffin pit.

Florina couldn't bear it, her whole body almost becoming weak and limp on the floor.


Accompanying an exhaling noise, an outline of a demon gradually appeared from the darkness.

It had the appearance of an enormous wolf, its body wasn't wrapped in hair but dense, black scales. There was even a tiny horn on its head.

It had walked out of the coffin pit and then looked up to the sky and roared once. A pair of bat-like wings suddenly appeared from behind its back.

"What… is this creature?"

Carson and Rogo were bewildered. This was also their first time seeing this demon but felt that it was closely related to their clans.

"Interesting! Really interesting!" Seeing it, Fang Yuan eyes glittered. "Biologically modified? unification of blood?"

He could clearly see that this Night Demon Wolf had the blood of both Night Demon People and Werewolves. This power had pushed it to the position at the peak of the High-Class Bloods, it was probably only one foot away from an Evil Demon.

Despite the blood being very strong, it was a pity that its ruthless eyes didn't reveal much intelligence.

It was currently staring at everyone as it seemed to see delicious food.


The Night Demon Wolf tilted its head up and roared, shocking sound waves dispersed, delivering a powerful attack towards one's mind. It was just like the 'Wail of the Banshee.'

Both of Florina's eyes rolled back, she and fainted on the ground.

As for Carson and Rogo, their entire bodies turned to jelly, and they froze on the floor, laying down in such a way that they had no ability to defend themselves.

"Such a good dog!" Fang Yuan's eyes became brighter and brighter as he saw it. It would be very beneficial for his blood transfusion idea if he was able to study this type of technique in details.


At this moment, the Night Demon Wolf's focus was attracted to Fang Yuan, who stood upright and didn't fall. It jumped on all fours and viciously leaped forward.

At the same time, the wings behind it expanded, and its speed increased non-stop as if it was gliding.

"Morning Stars Swordsmanship—Werewolf Kill!"

Fang Yuan's Starry Night turned, and a silver ray flew forth, landing on the side of the demon wolf's lower back, in the blink of an eye.


A ray of firelight appeared. The dense, black scales firmly shielded against the sudden stab of Starry Night, like a layer of hard armor. Only a few scales dropped amidst a string of flaming sparks.


However, the Night Demon Wolf was angered by this, and it roared again, the formless sound waves swept towards Fang Yuan.

During this mental attack, it flew and pounced again, a blood-red glow appeared on the surface of its claws and teeth.

"Flaming Hands!"

Fang Yuan's movement was rapid. Based on the level of his true spirit, the mental attack was nothing to him.

While he was stepping back, a layer of flames appeared on his palm, and he ruthlessly slapped at the Night Demon Wolf!
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