Carefree Path of Dreams
613 Lose-lose Situation
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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613 Lose-lose Situation


Flames exploded. The Night Demon Wolf shook its entire body, and it actually charged towards Fang Yuan while enduring the strong flames that were burning it.

Fang Yuan inhaled a deep breath, the sword in his hands seemed to transform into stars.

The air moved and his presence became concentrated. The scene of a dark, starry night appeared.

Promptly, a white ray appeared from the east and swept across the vast sky, ripping it into pieces.

"Morning Stars Swordsmanship—Dawn!"


Just like the first rise of the sun, a condensed sword light with a grand demeanor came crashing down on the Night Demon Wolf's forehead.


Accompanying the loud noise, the Night Demon Wolf smacked into the ceiling of the coffin chamber. A large amount of stone came crashing down.

In fact, a clear crack could be seen in its iron head.

"Phew…" Fang Yuan exhaled a long breath. "The third state—Dawn… condenses the air in one's whole body in order to attack once. As expected, it consumes a lot of energy…"



The Night Demon Wolf stood up and shook off all the stones and ashes on it. It was slightly afraid of moving forward.

Clearly, it was heavily injured.

"However… as one of the peak High-Class Bloods, the value of its various attributes should be above 50… If our attributes are the same, it should've died immediately after my attack, but it can still withstand it with its strong constitution."

A golden glow glittered in Fang Yuan's eyes as he initiated an attack.

Moonlight-like rays of sword radiance fell on the body of the Night Demon Wolf, causing the opponent to let out long roars.

"Too… Too powerful!"

Rogo's and Carson's jaws dropped as they watch the scene unfold.

The secret weapon that their clan's ancestors jointly created, unexpectedly, couldn't withstand an attack from this Demon Hunter?

Thinking about the flattering words their ancestors had said about this trap, they suddenly doubted themselves deeply.


The Night Demon Wolf let out a shrill roar, its speed suddenly rose rapidly, and it clawed at Fang Yuan.

"Morning Stars Swordsmanship—Defend!"

Fang Yuan seemed to have some sort of power to escape. He used the guarding technique and staggered one step backward.

Zap! Zap!

At that moment, there was a turn in events!

In the midst of nothingness, a distorted light form and a translucent shadow suddenly appeared behind Fang Yuan, and a dagger slashed towards his lower back!

Trouble in one's own backyard!

The dagger was pure black and was glimmering with sharp light. It was clearly a Demon Weapon that definitely wasn't low-class or middle-class weapon; its curse had a definite kill effect!

Moreover, the human form's ability to conceal itself was incredible. Nearly everyone at the scene didn't sense it.

"!#@ the one I'm waiting for!" Fang Yuan's mouth curled up to reveal a strange smile.

In this hopeless state, he suddenly moved!


His figure was like lightning, completely going against one's normal bearing. He sidestepped before leaping forward, and, as if he was flying, he didn't use any strength to leave the battlefield, softly landing on the coffin pit.

At this moment, the others could see a translucent rope in his hands, as well as a black, sharp claw.

Shady Flow Flying Claw!

Ghoul's hold!

The terrifying results of this Demon Weapon, which was meticulously created by Fang Yuan himself, was finally revealed as it provided him with shocking mobility in various complicated terrain.



At this moment, it was just as if Fang Yuan, who had had been pincered between his attackers, vanished into thin air. The scene became a battle between the Night Demon Wolf and the person who had attacked him sneakily.

This was to the point that they had no choice but to give their all in order to save themselves. The injuries on the Night Demon Wolf worsened, and the dagger of the attacker was like a poisonous snake that came out from its hole, killing with one blow.


Amidst the spurting of fresh blood, the dagger ruthlessly stabbed into the enormous wolf's right eye. The attacker was also clawed in the chest, viciously causing him to be sent flying.

The enormous wolf cried out once before collapsing on the floor, unable to stand up again.

"A Demon Weapon specialized in sneak attacks? It would be equally troublesome if I were to come in contact with the curse in my current state…"

Fang Yuan didn't bother about the Night Demon Wolf but, instead, went to meet the ambusher.

The other party obviously wasn't human, yet it had a human's form. It had pale skin, blood-shot eyes, and some weird, golden patterns on its skin that formed a type of curse.

"Night Family Clan—Concealed Demon Killer?" Fang Yuan could recognized it quickly.

Concealed Demon Killers had high-class blood as well, and they were infamous assassins amongst the Night Family Clan.

They were gifted in acting, and they could totally imitate the movements and form of a species, concealing their own scent to the minimum.

Moreover, they would also acquire a few gifts that were very suitable for assassinations when the symbols on their skin grew completely. They were notorious among Demon Hunters.

Previously, the one that had snatched away the legendary gun—Monster Sob, and killed Gun God Homan Chet, was a Concealed Demon Killer!

Plus, this Night Family Clan was obviously one of the excellent ones that had awakened the gift of invisibility, to the point that even the Night Demon Wolf's 'Wail of the Banshee' couldn't force it to reveal itself.

Unfortunately, its hard work wasn't effective under Fang Yuan's Fiery Golden Eyes. Instead, he took advantage of his Shady Flow Flying Claw and caused both of his two opponents to injure one another and be in a lose-lose situation.

"Did you think that I would overlook the third force that was spying on the treasure in 'Confusion Lock'…" Fang Yuan took a step forward. "after you informed Rogo?"

"Demon Hunter! You won't be pleased for long!" The Concealed Demon Killer's voice was fragmented, causing people to feel that it was agonizingly sharp, "The Mother of Reproduction will return. This world, will, in the end, be ruled under the Evil Demons!"

"You may have escaped your fate of being hunted down this time, but… there won't be a next time!"

In the next moment, the countless patterns on its body glowed, and its whole body slowly faded into nothingness.

"Hollowfication? Or the ability to spiritualize?" Fang Yuan sneered, a golden glow flashed across his pupils. Unexpectedly, black claws flew out and held onto the top of the coffin pit, bringing him into the air. "Morning Stars Swordsmanship—Dawn!"


The concise glow of the starry sword appeared and swept through space.

Splatters of blood appeared, and the Concealed Demon Killer, who was originally injured, was injured even more and fell onto the ground. It roared with a hoarse voice, "Impossible… why are you able to see through my invisibility?"

"A dead person doesn't need to know so much!"

The sword in Fang Yuan's hand slashed through the Concealed Demon Killer's neck. A head flew off, blood spurting out like a fountain.

"Leaving it alone is too dangerous. As a High-Class Blood, it would be difficult to control… Anyways, it was sent by an unknown dark force to get the treasure and is a Demon Hunter's enemy from the start, its information wouldn't be worth much…" Fang Yuan slowly put away his sword and looked at the Night Demon Wolf.

It was indeed a modified organism with two types of blood running through its veins. Although it had low intelligence, its life force was stubbornly strong. It could actually endure the curse of the dagger.

Of course, it could only struggle on at death's door when it saw Fang Yuan coming.

"This Concealed Demon Killer had, instead, provided me with great assistance. Otherwise, I would've had no idea how to silence this large dog…" Although there were many thoughts on his mind, Fang Yuan walked into the coffin pit first.

The whole room was empty, the reeking smell of a wild beast still lingered inside. In the heart of the room was a wooden box on a stone platform which was protected and surrounded by a circle of white light.

The rumored treasure that the Alpha Family and the Black Scale Club guarded together, a page of the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll, was sitting there silently and could be easily taken.

"Why does it look like there's a trap somewhere…" Fang Yuan's eyes emitted a golden glow. He looked at the surrounding area and understood.

"The Night Demon Wolf is the trap guarding it. There's a layer of spells on the stone platform that will activate when triggered… It's permanently placed there with the formation of an array. What trial will one encounter if the wooden box is taken away?"

He looked and looked again. A smile appeared on his face. "This challenge is actually leaning towards the aspects of Sacred Light and the mind."

Those that were heavily interested with the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll were mostly from the Night Family Clan and other Masters. This preventive measure would naturally be very effective.

However, towards Fang Yuan?

He walked two steps forward and held the box in his hand.


The entire white array moved, and a righteous and terrifying, powerful force that was suppressing the sacred purity of the mental power entered his body.


In the end, this power was like a huge wave that crashed onto the reefs—it broke down into ashes within a split second.

Fang Yuan even absorbed it and transformed it into his own power.

"Even the Evil Demons have no qualification to touch my true spirit—only the Mother of Reproduction might be able to do so!"

He laughed lightly and opened the wooden box.

It was empty aside from a page at the bottom. It seemed ancient and was yellowed, made from goat-skin.

Many blood-like words danced on the paper, as they, together with pictures, magically appeared.

Although there was only one page, the amount of content it had exceeded that of many books combined.

"The true names of Evil Demons isn't something that can be casually written out on a normal book. They're written in an abstract spell that's between the second-dimension and the third-dimension…"

Just by seeing the blood-colored words, Fang Yuan felt that the trip had been worthwhile.

This type of pure Evil Demon language was equivalent to a part of the Evil Demon's regulations, opening a large door for him.

"In the rumors, Dead Sea Ancient Scroll is a secret treasure to the Night Family Clan. It recorded not only the true names of many Evil Demons and top secrets of the Night Family Clan, the main point is that after gathering all of the ancient pages, it also has the power to summon the Mother of Reproduction!"

In actual truth, there was no need for the Mother of Reproduction.

Even if there was only the name of the Evil Demon King, the most powerful Evil Demon, Desire, it was also enough for the entire Night Family Clan to go crazy.

After all, the Mother of Reproduction was the source of everything; whereas Desire was the most power existence amongst the Night Family Clan.

Unfortunately, the other party's darkness offsprings had mysteriously vanished during the time of the unified empire.

There was always a rumor amongst the Night Family Clan that it would be impossible for the Dark Empire to be destroyed, and there was no way that the Demon Hunters could rise up if the Mother of Reproduction returned.

As the Evil Demon King that controlled desire, it had the strongest power in the world!

"Unfortunately… this page doesn't seem to have the Desire's true name!"

Fang Yuan properly put away the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll and went out of the coffin pit.

At this moment, the Night Demon Wolf was on its last breath. It didn't even have the strength to open its eyes.

"Overcome me! I gift you the right to continue living!"

Regarding this, Fang Yuan had a cold expression and ruthlessly branded its consciousness.
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