Carefree Path of Dreams
614 Departure
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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614 Departure

Whooo! Whooo…

As if it had heard those words, the Night Demon Wolf pried open its right eye.

As it was a monster that was born from a Black Magic technique, it didn't have much intelligence. It only had the minor ability of a wild beast, and it was cursed to guard the coffin chamber till death takes it away.

However, the coffin chamber was damaged by Fang Yuan, and it had failed its mission. At the moment, the effect of the curse had also stopped and vanished along with the array.

As the wild beast's nature emerged, the desire to be live overcame it.

It looked at the human in front of it. The other party had a familiar aura, just like the sacred platform it had guarded and protected.

Hence, the resistance it originally had faded. The Night Demon Wolf softly mourned, implying that it had acknowledged its allegiance to Fang Yuan.


For these types of demons, Dream Masters had their own techniques to control them as long as the other party was willing to open its heart to receive them.

Fang Yuan nodded his head, his right hand holding onto a dagger.


A wisp of smoke was immediately released from his palm as if it had corrosive capabilities.


Without even frowning, he viciously pulled out the dagger, allowing a jet of blood to spurt out.

The Night Demon Wolf screamed in agony and almost collapsed onto the ground. It kept sticking its tongue out, a huge amount of blood gushed out from its eyes.

"A pretty decent cursed dagger. If it went in deeper and into your brain, no one would've been able to help you." Fang Yuan looked at the black dagger in his hand.

This dagger was obviously a high-class Demon Weapon. It was only 10 inches long, 2 fingers wide. Its body was bent at an angle, glowing with a dark shine as if it had absorbed the surrounding light.

At the end of the dagger's handle was a sculpture of an unknown, weird bird. Its eyes were bright red, its beak curved. It looked very ferocious and brutal.

"A high-class Demon Weapon that's specialized in assassination. The curse within doesn't seem to differentiate between the enemy and its own people…" Looking at the Night Demon Wolf that was bleeding profusely, Fang Yuan recited in a low voice, "on the surface, it has the [Bleeding] effect which resulted in profuse bleeding?"

The so-called curse was, in actual fact, related to pharmaceutics and alchemy.

With the imitation currently on hand, Fang Yuan was slightly confident in his ability to save the Night Demon Wolf.

He wouldn't lose anything even if he couldn't save it, right?

"When you're observing the darkness, the Evil Demons in the darkness, are also looking at you!

"Follow your heart's desire and, with your blood as the link, make a vow towards the great presence in the dark in order to conclude the eternal deed…

"The root of all Evil Demons is the great Mother of Reproduction. The strongest among the Evil Demons is the king—Desire; while the one that can exist in the dark deed is the Evil Demon Ainz Ural Gown…"

As if it was written with fresh human blood, the bright red Evil Demon language constantly changed, revealing various kinds of Night Family Clan secrets.

However, Fang Yuan abruptly stopped reading half-way through.

"Interesting… It contains a little poison and bewitchment. If I read the true name out loud, I'm afraid that the Dark Evil Demon would be summoned out…" He muttered to himself before reading on.

The words on the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll revealed a large amount of information, thus, reading it was consumed a lot of energy.

It was to the point that if a normal Master were to read it forcefully, then he might exhaust his physical and mental strength, becoming a lunatic.

After a long time, Fang Yuan put down the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll and rubbed his eyes.

"Most of the information in this entire scroll has extremely incomplete and damaged curses and true names. Based on its sorry state, it wouldn't be useful without more pages…

"However, those that are much more incomplete and damaged have useful information. This includes part of the funeral oration and a few different ways to use weapons… After completing them, or if I lower my expectations, I can try them out.

"The real completed ones are the true names of a few Evil Demon, and also research on taking advantage of the power of the blood…"

In actual fact, Fang Yuan suspected that the ancestors of the Black Scale Club and the Alpha Family had gotten the knowledge from the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll before they were able to create the Night Demon Wolf, a monster that had mixed blood.

"There's also research on the blood amongst the Evil Demons?"

Fang Yuan looked at the page of the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll. He really wanted to find an experiment lab and hole up there to continue researching if he wasn't in a hurry.

Unfortunately, he couldn't!

John Town was no longer safe, the underlings of the Evil Demons would be there at any moment.

Needless to say, the Demon Hunter branch in the Hurin area would soon be attacked by a terrifying force!

Due to the unique nature of the Masters, where they liked to go back and forth between the two sides, the information they had gotten from the Evil Demons was most likely true. The main point was that the Demon Hunters in the Hurin area wouldn't have much protection!

After all, Flaming Evil Demon Seth? It was defeated at the hands of Daybreak Sword. How many Demon Hunters would believe that he could create a much larger ruckus? Unless they had gotten more concrete evidence!

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan didn't have such a thing.

"Even disregarding Uncle Jock, Almon, Peter, and the others in the area, who knew what it would be like if the Demon Hunter branch was breached. This is the only opportunity for the imitation Scared Cup to fall into my hands!"

Even though Fang Yuan's position in the branch had risen, it still was impossible for him to get an unlimited amount of Sacred Water.

However, it would be different after he snatched the Sacred Cup!

His own strength hasn't hit a bottleneck, hence, he only needed enough resources in order to advance by leaps and bounds.

As for ingredients, were the Black Scale Club and the Alpha Family outside not ready-made ingredients?

Fang Yuan walked out of the room and reached the garden outside.

Many blood descendants of the Black Scale Club used a reverent gaze to look at him.

"How's the small wolf?"

"After the treatment and medicine from Sir, it's feeling much better. It's currently eating!"

Fang Yuan followed his servant to a giant storehouse and promptly saw the Night Demon Wolf. It had its right eye bandaged, turning it into a one-eyed monster. It was eating with great relish under the service of the Alpha Werewolves.

Whole cows and goats were brought in front of it. The enormous wolf then opened its huge mouth, and half of the food disappeared.


As it saw Fang Yuan arriving, the Night Demon Wolf instantly stood up and went to his side, using its hair to rub against Fang Yuan affectionately.

Once this type of wild beast acknowledged its master, it loyalty would exceed normal human beings.

"Fenrir, sit down!"

Fang Yuan made the Night Demon Wolf crouch on the ground and looked at its wound. "Hmm… It really is healing better after the power of the curse had been removed. You've also supplemented your original life force after consuming lots of food…"

He gave this wolf the name of a well-known large demon dog from the previous world. It was obvious that he had high hopes for it.

"The technique of the Black Scale Club and the Alpha's ancestors were too coarse… Of course, this was related to their poor deciphering ability. If it was me, I would combine the Black Magic technique with pharmaceutics and might even strengthen Fenrir!"

Fang Yuan looked at Fenrir. "One head is too few, I wonder if you have any interest in turning into a Cerberus[1.Three-headed dog that guards hell]?"


Although it didn't know what Fang Yuan meant, Fenrir's hair stood up instantly as its respect for its master increased again.


At this moment, Carson and Rogo rushed over. Even though they might be unwilling in their hearts, they weren't obvious on the surface and greeted Fang Yuan by bowing respectfully.

"I shall soon return to the Hurin area. I suggest that both of you should also move immediately!" Fang Yuan said slowly.

The force that was able to send out a Concealed Demon Killer, along with a high-class Demon Weapon, wasn't simple no matter how he looked at it.

He was able to foil the opponent's plot this time but revenge would soon follow after.

At that time, these two small Master clans would become fine powder.

"Sir… our properties, our ancestors are all buried here…" Rogo said slowly, yet the meaning was obvious.

"Alright!" Fang Yuan shrugged. "If you meet any trouble in the future, remember to go to the Hurin area. If I'm still there, I'll definitely provide protection!"

He glanced Florina who was hiding behind them, smiled as he waved his hands, and turned to mount Fenrir's back.


The enormous wolf roared and charged out of the storehouse in a split second. It moved its limbs excitedly and vanished into the horizon swiftly.

"Finally gone!"

Rogo and Carson sighed at the same time and looked at each other with an alert gaze.

Compared to them, Florina had a complicated expression. "Goodbye… wild scholar!"

Hurin area, Demon Hunter branch.

Branch president—Daybreak Sword Seres, Vice President Flock, and the holder of the imitation Sacred Cup—Roger, gathered together; the atmosphere was heavy and solemn.

"There's information from several Master clans that have good relations with us. The attack Evil Demon Seth is going to launch should be real…"

The injury that Flock previously received had almost healed. He had currently recovered the charisma of a powerful master. "I suggest that we summon and gather all Demon Hunters and teach a lesson to that bunch of dark wild beasts. We'll let them know that it's no longer the time of the dark empire. The world belongs to us, humans!"

"Cough cough…" Roger coughed, "Seth is someone who was vanquished by Sir President's hand, and it will be the same no matter how many time he comes. However, it clearly has something to rely on as it dares to attack this time… has Sir President investigated in-depth?"

"The whereabouts of the Evil Demons are, in actual fact, under the monitoring and control of the headquarters. Unless it's going to undergo the blood ritual that it had previously performed, it will be difficult to use the summon door method for the advent of his true body…" Seres spit out a huge secret. As the main power that disintegrated the dark empire back then, Demon Hunter's would naturally have trump cards that others might not know of. Just by slightly exposing one of them would shock the world.

"If it's only a bunch of high-class clans, we wouldn't need any reinforcement. With our branch's strength, we can definitely win it! We'll just have to set up the trap properly…" A ferocious look flashed across Flock's eyes.

"Major reinforcements won't work. Moreover, by using my connections, I've already found two old friends. They've agreed to swing by when the time comes!" Seres said slowly.

"Since that's the case, what are we worried about?"

Roger and Flock were elated. The old friends of Daybreak Sword, would naturally be Titled Demon Hunters as well!

Under the lead of three Titled Demon Hunters, even the Evil Demon would be losing out, and could even be killed head on!
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