Carefree Path of Dreams
615 Eyesore
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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615 Eyesore

<p>Fang Yuan walked into the Demon Hunter branch and could feel that the atmosphere was clearly different from usual.</p><p>After rushing to the Hurin area and meeting Almon and the others, he set Fenrir down at the villa as their protector. He then went to the branch on his own. </p><p>As he entered the main hall, the uproarious atmosphere rushed out with the stream of bustling people.</p><p>"Almost all of the Demon Hunters that belong to this branch are here." Fang Yuan nodded his head. "But with only the manpower of this branch, how can the President be so confident?"</p><p>He casually found a place to sit down and went on to contemplate if he should find Master Soma to inquire about the relevant information.</p><p>After all, as the head pharmacist in the branch, he would have much more information than average Demon Hunters.</p><p>"Hulk!"</p><p>At this time, a middle-aged man, carrying an ammunition belt and holding onto a double-barreled hunting gun, sat in front of Fang Yuan, his eyes shone with admiration.</p><p>"Uncle Jock…" Fang Yuan greeted him, his face took on a ghastly expression. "Aren't you already retired?"</p><p>"Hurin area is my home, there's no other choice," Jock patted his old partner in his hands. "I'll never let those beasts harm this place." </p><p>After sitting down, he lowered his voice, "In actual fact… I'm forced to. If the local Demon Hunter branch is attacked, do you think that my small bar can still continue to operate?"</p><p>In the entire Hurin area, places like Axe Bar were where Demon Hunters gathered. It could be understood as the external force of this branch.</p><p>Hence, they were also places that would be eliminated first when the branch was attacked. It could be said that it was no longer safe.</p><p>"I had already temporarily closed the bar as the traces of the Night Family Clan near it had increased. I also brought your Aunt Sophia and Mary to this branch." Jock said, "Sir Daybreak Sword is there, personally overseeing it, and the protection here is the strongest. Moreover, that Evil Demon was an opponent that was also defeated by Sir!"</p><p>It was obvious that he had complete faith towards the protection of the branch and had no thoughts of it being breached.</p><p>"Okay…" Fang Yuan was speechless.</p><p><em>Shouldn't the true rational choice be bringing his whole family as far away from here as possible? </em>He thought silently and couldn't understand.</p><p>"After all, I'm a Demon Hunter who had taken the vow and was disciplined. Even though I've retired, I'll still want to fight against evil…" Uncle Jock said firmly, but promptly laughed bitterly, "also… did you know that some of the Night Family Clans are secretly attacking our outgoing transportation? They're like mice, we can't possibly provide every troop Elite Demon Hunters to protect them, right?"</p><p>"I see!" Fang Yuan nodded his head and took out a few bottles of medicament. "Uncle, please keep these few medicaments properly."</p><p>"These are… healing medicament? Sacred light medicament? And high purity Sacred Water?"</p><p>Jock saw them and stared with his eyes. "Do you know that their value in private deals has soared to the sky!"</p><p>As an old Demon Hunter, he would, of course, know that battle supplies were equivalent to one's life now, and he was very touched. "Hulk, you…"</p><p>"It's alright, I'm also a pharmacist!"</p><p>Fang Yuan dismissed Jock's worries. "I can already produce such basic medicaments."</p><p>"Really…" As expected, Jock released a long breath, and he was a little embarrassed, "the two treatment water from before was too much!"</p><p>With two bottles of treatment water on hand, he had no idea how many low-rank Demon Hunters he had attracted. They wanted to pair up with him.</p><p>This was naturally beneficial in increasing his survival rate.</p><p>Fang Yuan smiled but didn't say much. After a few more words, he stood up to bid farewell.</p><p>"Boss… could he be that Hulk?"</p><p>After Fang Yuan left, a few Demon Hunters came over and surrounded Jock, envious. "It's good to have such a nephew! As the assistant of Master Soma, he'll most definitely be able to get a lot of precious medicaments now right?" </p><p>"Of course!" Jock pushed his chest out proudly. "He's already a pharmacist now!"</p><p>"That's…"</p><p>His demon hunter partners were all shocked, and was speechless for almost half a day, "That's… too amazing." </p><p>"Yes, it's such a pity!" However, a female hunter who was in front of them, and had her back facing them, drinking alcohol, used a bantering tone and said, "you have let go of a son-in-law with such a bright future… keke…"</p><p>"B*st*rd, what did you say?"</p><p>The group of Demon Hunters that looked up to Jock as the boss instantly became angry. </p><p>"It's you, Lusha!"</p><p>However, Jock looked a little awkward when he saw the female Demon Hunter and prevented his buddies from causing trouble. Even so, he said with a little guilt, "Erm… please take this treatment water!"</p><p>He scratched the back of his head and stretched out his hand to hand over a medicament.</p><p>Seeing this, Lusha's face became even colder. "I don't need it, use it yourself! Remember not to die because I'll personally take back what you owe me!"</p><p>With that, she stood up and walked off, leaving Jock the view of her proud back.</p><p>"Lusha…"</p><p>The members beside him looked amongst themselves. One of the older ones smacked his own forehead suddenly. "I remember—isn't she the 'cold rose' that had a scandal with Boss during the days? However, no one knew why they broke up. Boss married Sophia instead, and they gave birth to his daughter Mary…"</p><p>"No one will take you as a mute if you don't talk!"</p><p>After listening to the scoop, Jock's face was as black as the bottom of a pot[1.Means that he is extremely angry].</p><p>…</p><p>As for the tiny episode happening behind him, Fang Yuan naturally didn't know about it. Even if he knew, he wouldn't be bothered by it.</p><p>He had currently reached the front of Master Soma's experiment lab. He took out his keys to unlock the main door and walked in.</p><p>"D*mn it… Didn't I tell you before that you're not supposed to disturb me? My task is too heavy, I have no more healing medicament to bring out!"</p><p>Master Soma called out anxiously but reacted suddenly. "Wait, how can an outsider enter my experiment lab?"</p><p>He turned and rubbed his swollen and red eyes, suddenly becoming elated. "It's Hulk! You rascal, you're finally back!"</p><p>"After hearing about the branch's matter, I rushed back immediately!"</p><p>Fang Yuan skillfully changed into his pharmacist uniform. It was a robe that looked like a Chinese white, long gown. He said, "How are things? Do you need my help?" </p><p>"Of course!" Soma nodded his head continuously, "you won't know that the herbs I needed to manage have already been piled up into a mountain, and as for the disciples that the branch sent… They're dumber than an idi*t! They can't even separate the simplest Dracaena draco! They even spoiled a few of my machines—they deserve to die!"</p><p>He seemed to be very gratified. "You're a true Demon Hunter. You're still willing to rush back in this situation, but you don't have to worry, it's definitely safe inside our branch. This is especially the case for the few important departments. There'll be powerful Demon Hunters that are specifically asked to patrol around. I'll request the President to allow you to be my assistant. You won't have to go to the battleground." </p><p>"Then I shall thank you first!" Fang Yuan said with a smile. His hands were like a butterfly that wouldn't stop moving. It was filled with a sense of beauty that was natural and wasn't forced. He separated the ingredients, one by one.</p><p>Master Soma instantly released a long breath and began to have the strength to chat. </p><p>"Isn't it just an invasion from an Evil Demon? Which branch hasn't experienced it? You don't have to worry about it this time—Seth was defeated by President Daybreak Sword, moreover…" He lowered his voice and continued, "Sir President has invited over two Titled Demon Hunters, hence, it's perfectly safe!"</p><p>"…" Fang Yuan was speechless.</p><p>Soma was basically a blabbermouth, the type that didn't even have half a gate to filter what he said.</p><p>Without him even trying to, Soma had automatically revealed the precious information himself.</p><p><em>"Three S-grade Titled Demon Hunters?"</em></p><p>At this moment, his heart calculated things even faster.</p><p><em>"Even if Seth could bring one or two reinforcements, it looks like the branch is as steady as Tai Mountain… Needless to say, other Demon Hunter branches, as well as the headquarters would keep a close watch on the whereabouts of the Evil Demons, even if the branch did not look for reinforcements. Looks like it really is perfectly safe!" </em></p><p>However, he was very clear that there was no such thing as an absolute in this world. </p><p>This especially applied to this moment right now. The entire Demon Hunter branch looked nervous, but the higher-ups were all very confident. It was easier for something to go wrong.</p><p>"Soma, you still have the heart to engage in small talk at this time?" A voice interjected suddenly, it was ancient and sharp, it was also accompanied with a challenging tone, "looks like it was the right decision to come over and check on your progress!"</p><p>"Roger, Sir, I was just too excited because I could guarantee that I'll be able to finish the task this time!" Soma hit his own chest, "I'd like Demon Hunter Hulk over here to be my assistant!"</p><p>"Vice President!" Seeing Roger's examining gaze over him, Fang Yuan bowed slightly to greet him. </p><p>"As a Demon Hunter, are you finding an opportunity to avoid the battle?" Roger snorted once and wasn't grateful at all. Instead, he fussed, "Demon Hunter, you have to remember your own vow, to scrupulously abide by the seven 'taboos'!" </p><p>It was clear that any Sacred Weapon holder, even the imitation Sacred Weapon holders, were fanatical followers of the Demon Hunter tenet, a dogmatist. </p><p>Roger didn't know that Fang Yuan was out previously and had rushed back especially after hearing the news that the branch would be breached.</p><p>He only looked at Fang Yuan as a Demon Hunter who was supposed to be on the frontline but had found an excuse to be left at the logistics department. </p><p>Hence, he wasn't happy.</p><p>"Cough cough… branch vice president, Sir, he's Hulk! He's my favorite assistant, a genius in pharmaceutics!" Soma couldn't hold back and emphasized, "bringing him to the frontline is basically a waste of resources!"</p><p>"Hulk?!"</p><p>This name had entered Roger's ears once.</p><p>However, the first impression is the strongest, he could only retain that thought and couldn't believe anything else, "The nurturing of any Pharmacist requires a large amount of time and resources. How can a Demon Hunter change his occupation within a short amount of time?"</p><p>Fang Yuan didn't try to explain himself.</p><p>This was due to the fact that it would be extremely difficult for someone, especially one with a high position, to doubt their own decisions. Unless there was someone from a higher power to interrupt them.</p><p>Roger must not have seen him eye to eye at the moment. </p><p>Which was just in time, because Fang Yuan had been eyeing the imitation Sacred Cup in the other party's hands for a long time.</p>
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