Carefree Path of Dreams
616 A Thousand Sides
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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616 A Thousand Sides

Thoughtlessly, he had offended a vice president.

To other average Demon Hunters, this might mean that they could've had a brighter future and would definitely consider escaping.

Otherwise, a casual command on the battlefield could mean that, in spite of themselves, they would be digging their own graves!

However, to Fang Yuan, this was nothing but a breeze, and he was still able to do what he wanted. Even though he heard the rumor that Roger wanted him in the frontlines, he continued to assist Master Soma in producing medicaments.

Facing this, even the stingy ghost was touched, and he said that he certainly wanted to find Flock to speak up for him.

Even so, he hinted Fang Yuan in his words to find his own backer—Daybreak Sword Seres.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan turned a deaf ear.

Finally, the two old friends of Seres had arrived in the Hurin area—the air was filled with an anxious mood.

Today, almost all of the Demon Hunters stood in front of the branch's main hall and welcomed the arrival of the two Titled Demon Hunters respectfully.

As their strong reinforcements arrived, all the Demon Hunters were over the moon.

This was especially true amongst the young Demon Hunters. All of them asked around for the legends of the two Titled Demon Hunters.

"Have you heard? The ones that are coming are the 'Cool Sacred Sword' Gregor and 'Thorn Rose' Bailey!"

Fang Yuan stood in a corner and looked at Seres, who was leading, as a few conversations traveled into his ears.

"Hmm, not only are these two legendary people amongst Demon Hunters, but they're also old friends of the Sir President. In the rumors… once upon a time, they were a small team that managed to kill the Night Family Clan to the point that the clans were alarmed by the mere mention of them… The swordsmanship of Cool Sacred Sword seems to be comparable to Sir President. As for Thorn Rose, she's not only skilled in various combat techniques, but she also holds the top Demon Weapon—[Light of Thorn]. It's said that its ability to increase one's strength isn't less than that of an imitation Sacred Weapon. The person herself is also a beauty!"

"Such great people, why did they part ways then? Unless… they're rivals in love?"

"Shh, are you trying to die?!"

Although the daredevil's partners around him had covered his mouth quickly, the place, full of Demon Hunters, had clearly heard everything as he had, unfortunately, spoke too fast.

At once, it caught the attention of a few strict gazes.

Especially Roger, his old face was so cold that there might be water condensing on it. His eyes were filled with a murderous glare, almost causing the unlucky guy to faint from fear.

On the other hand, Seres, who was at the front of the troop, turned a deaf ear towards everything, his face, instead, had an expression of nostalgia.

At that moment, two human figures appeared on the horizon, coming closer and closer.

One of them was large and tall, and had a head full of golden curls, rolling everywhere like waves. He had a sunny smile, and his whole body was covered in transparent armor. It was obvious that he was Cool Sacred Sword Gregor.

As for the other one, she was a westerner that looked barely 30, her slightly blue pupils seemed to trap an ocean with rippling waters inside it. She wore a red gown, and a layer of thin light seemed to glow around her.

"Gregor, Bailey! It's been a long time since I've seen you!"

Seres went to the front to welcome them, he managed to squeeze out a smile with his originally emotionless face.

"Seres, we rushed over immediately after receiving your cry for help."

Gregor gave Seres a rough hug. "Bailey also says that she misses you a lot!"


Seres looked at Bailey, yet the still attractive woman, despite being old, snorted once, as if she was being difficult.

Seeing this, the two Sword Sages could only glance at each other, laughing bitterly.

"I'm very thankful for the arrival of both of you. I am Flock, and had prepared a banquet for the both of you."

Flock smiled while he walked forward, his attitude humbling.

As when the atmosphere was light and happy, there was a sudden change!


One part of Hurin area suddenly gave off a large amount of dense smoke.

Among the raging flames, a gigantic figure of Evil Demon appeared suddenly, waving its flames-like wings. The horn above its head emitted a demonic red glow.

Evil Demon Seth!

The other party had dared to choose this time to operate its general offensive!

"Reckless idi*ts!"

There were screams and howling griefs in the burning city as if someone blew an assault bugle.

Seres had a cold expression and charged forward. "Morning Stars Swordsmanship—Dawn!"


The extremely concise light of the sword pushed the two obstructions away immediately, creating a straight path ahead. Fang Yuan could not compete with this.

After all, his physical fitness was too much a difference compared to Fang Yuan's.

"Let's go!"

The three Titled Demon Hunters gathered. There was a possibility that they would be able to kill the Evil Demon today!

Other Demon Hunters would, of course, not let go of this eye-opener opportunity. Under the lead of the two vice presidents, they surrounded the burning branch.

Of course, they also investigated the surroundings on the way to see if there were any traps around.


A werewolf jumped down from the wall and pounced onto a Demon Hunter, slamming him into the ground. It bit violently and fresh blood splattered everywhere.

Zap! Zap!

Promptly, more vampires gushed out from the darkness. Their tongues were like a soft gun, weaving everywhere and suddenly stabbing out, greedily sucking blood.

There were also Night Demon People, Mind Flayers, Fire-practising Demon…

Different types of Night Family Clans appeared in a split-second and flooded in to kill. They were basically a troop.


Seres looked at the original body of the Evil Demon calmly. "You actually dared to summon so many underlings here… If they're all eliminated here, the safety of the entire Hurin area and its surroundings would be better for 100 years!"

"If you're able to kill all of them, then do it!"

Seth laughed wildly as if it had something to rely on. "Unfortunately… the one who will die here today—is you!"

"You're overconfident!"

Seeing this, cool sacred sword Gregor couldn't help but roar angrily, pulling out sword into his hands.

His sword was very thin and fine, it also had a hint of blue as if it was made from ice.

When the sword was wielded, the surrounding temperature plummeted, and it suddenly became winter. "Territory—Icy Cold!"

Witnessing this scene, Flock instantly shook in fear. "So this is the power of a Legendary Demon Hunter?"

As the other party's hand waved, the sky changed. At this degree, the high-class Demon Weapon—Frosting dagger—in his arms couldn't possibly be compared to this.

"I'm afraid… only the dagger which is made from that icy cold Evil Demon will be able to compete with him?" Flock mumbled to himself. Suddenly, the state of the situation changed once again.

"Light of Thorn!"

Bailey rushed over and touched the bracelet made of precious stone on her hand. A jade green light emitted outwards and formed an spiky layer of battle armor.

"Gregor, Bailey, leave it to me! Don't need you two to get started!"

The large sword in Seres's hand trembled. "Starry Night…"


Suddenly, a green thorn made of light transformed into a long green spear and ruthlessly stabbed into his back.

Many people cried out in alarm as they couldn't believe it. A figure of a bull appeared on top of Seres's body and howled once. It charged against the jade green spear and flicked it away.

Even so, the Demon Hunter's back was cut open and fresh blood gushed out.

"Bull protective armor, as expected, you wore it…" Bailey touched her bracelet, her voice was mysterious.

"Because this is a gift given to me by Bailey!"

Seres turned around with a pale face and stared at the woman, emphasizing, "The real Bailey!"

"Keke… Human, you realized it too late!"

Amidst the mysterious sound of laughter, Bailey's form changed, her entire body was blocked by a layer of dark shadows and transformed into an Evil Demon with a fine build.

"Thousand Faced Evil Demon—Ternetheo?"

Fang Yuan looked into his memories and recalled the records of this Evil Demon.

Ternetheo was an Evil Demon that specialized in acting. Its assassination capabilities were incomparable. It was to the point that the high ranking clan of Concealed Demon Killers were rumored to be its descendants.


Gregor was going insane. "Why is Bailey's thorn bracelet with you? Talk!"

"Muahaha… Could it be that you're still unable to figure it out?"

Ternetheo cackled wildly, "It's because I killed her! That woman had a shocked and grieving expression on her face when she saw me disguised as you as I attacked her back then. You really should've seen it, it was the most beautiful work of art in the world…"

The whole body of Demon Hunters was speechless.

The situation, that was originally great, had reversed within a second!

The strong reinforcements that were primarily strong had actually become an Evil Demon that even heavily injured Daybreak Sword?

Even if it was Flock and Roger, their hearts were filled with bad premonitions.

"I'll kill you, I swear! I'll skin you alive, inch by inch!"

Gregor had completely exploded and raged. As if lightning flashed in his eyes, the thin sword in his hands froze and turned into an icy cold large sword. Its body was even burning with golden flames.

"Muahaha… I should be the one saying that. I've collected the skins of many Demon Hunters, but I don't have many belonging to Titled Demon Hunters!"

Flaming Evil Demon Seth burst out laughing, its whole body raging with crimson red flames, it even transformed the surrounding soil into magma.

"I'm your opponent!"

Seres stood up, the bloody hole in his back had actually begun to heal slowly.

Even so, the shocking demeanor on his body condensed and transformed into a territory, revealing a limitless, vast picture of a starry night. "Territory… Sword of Starry Night!"

Radiant sword stars appeared and clashed with the enormous Evil Demon.


The commotion spread, fire sparks, and broken rocks flew. Even the ripples might seriously injure B grade and A grade Demon Hunters.


With the cry of the Evil Demon, all the Demon Hunters saw a scene that blew their mind—Seres, standing tall and straight like a rock, firmly held onto his sword with his hand and ruthlessly stabbed it into Seth's chest.

"Daybreak Sword… is almost at the level of three Sacred Weapon holders…"

Witnessing this scene, Gregor felt pleased, but also that it was a pity. Promptly, the icy cold sword in his hands also chased after the Evil Demon non-stop. "Ternetheo, you cannot escape."

"Indeed… Seres deserves the title of being the strongest S-grade Demon Hunter, but…"

At this moment, Ternetheo gave a mysterious laugh.

"Something's wrong!"

Fang Yuan used a slash to split a werewolf in half, but his true spirit felt impending doom all of a sudden. "According to Carson, the Evil Demons had prepared a secret weapon, don't tell me…"

In the next moment.


Gunfire sounded suddenly!
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