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As if the grim reaper had attacked, the bright sound of gunfire resounded, the entire battlefield could hear it clearly.


The Titled Demon Hunter, Daybreak Sword, President Seres, who was originally winning and standing in front of the Flaming Evil Demon, had his brains explode like a watermelon.

This Legendary Demon Hunter actually got killed from afar by a sniper!

"Monster Sob!"

Fang Yuan retreated immediately, moving towards the source of the gun shot.

Apart from this Legendary Demon Weapon, a gun that had killed an Evil Demon before, he couldn't think of anything else that might be able to kill a Legendary Demon Hunter with one shot.

"The Gun God Homan Chet, from the olden days, was killed by a Concealed Demon Killer… However, the rumors state that this Demon Weapon strongly resists dark powers and the Night Family Clan wouldn't be able to use it all. Demon hunters had thought that it was destroyed, but looking at how things turned out, that's not the case!"

"Unless there's a human siding with the Evil Demons?"

When Night Family Clans couldn't use it, it didn't mean that Masters couldn't use it too. Moreover, it could even be a human or a Demon Hunter!

"There must also be a disaster at the Demon Hunter headquarters, they couldn't even find out about the large-scale movements of the Evil Demons…"

It was clear that only Fang Yuan had thought of this point.

After the sound of the gun, who-knew-how-many Demon Hunters dashed in the direction of the sniper.

Most of them were Demon Hunters that used firearms.

Their intention was, aside from eliminating the danger and avenging Sir President, probably to seize [Monster Sob] so that they could become the next Gun God.

The sniping location was on top of a bell tower, where the field of vision was extremely good.

And that was where the real trap set up by the Evil Demons had appeared.

Poof! Poof!

In that space, fresh blood splattered around as if there were numerous formless grim reapers that were recklessly harvesting souls.

"Concealed Demon Killers? So many of them!"

Fang Yuan was slightly shocked but promptly felt that it was normal.

Ternetheo and Monster Sob were all here. Even if all the members of the Concealed Demon Killer clan came, it was also perfectly normal.

"Icy tornado!" Flock bellowed angrily, using his dagger to summon an icy storm that went towards the bell tower. "Charge!"

In front of him, in the originally empty space, a few frozen ice sculptures appeared. Even the ice on the floor reflected the clear marks of being stepped on.

Fang Yuan didn't hope to acquire merits and just wanted to avoid any mistakes. He pretended to be a normal Demon Hunter and followed suit, the large troop charged into the bell tower.

"I must hurry up!"

He was crystal clear that now with only the one, Cool Sacred Sword Gregor, it was impossible to block the siege of the Thousand Faced Evil Demon and the seriously injured Flaming Evil Demon. Needless to say, there was also the threat of getting shot by the sniper in this situation.

The Demon Hunters had lost their minds—the only reasons why they were able to maintain a little morale, instead of running away to save their own lives, were the thoughts of getting revenge and the lure of treasure.

If they lost their cool and wanted to snatch the treasure by themselves, under the heavy protection, the chances of success would be almost zero!

The time he had remaining was limited.

The entire bell tower was altered long ago and had become a trap that was specialized in dealing with Demon Hunters. There was the possibility of having a trap mechanism or even a Night Family Clan waiting at any dark corner. Almost every second, there were Demon Hunters dying.

"Kill! Charge!"

Flock's eyes were bloodshot, his expression wild and insane, wielding swords on his both hands as they were blood soaked from all the killing. He took the lead and was the first one to charge to the highest level.

There was a human form lying flat on the ground, with his stomach on the ground. He was holding a long-barrelled firearm in his hands, crouching on the ground and aiming. The gun had a simple appearance, but its body was glinting with sacred pure light.

"Human!? Or Demon Hunter!"

Flock's expression changed after seeing the person, his eyeballs turning red. "You betrayed your own oath, betrayed your own race!"

The party wasn't bothered at all and didn't move at all.

Flock, who was charging towards him, felt that something was amiss at that moment.

Unfortunately, he was too late.

Half-way through the charge, he stopped suddenly, his whole body collapsed into pieces.

With his blood, he could see that there was fine silk in the space that was set there during who-knows-when. It was as dense as a grid and was so sharp that it could even cut iron.

"As expected of the strongest assassination skill of the Concealed Demon Killers! I'll let you guys take over!"

The sniper laughed darkly on the ground and promptly focused on the three figures fighting from afar.

After raising his guard, Gregor moved swiftly and, at times, covered his body. In addition to this, Monster Sob consumed a large amount of his energy. Hence, it was difficult for him to shoot a second bullet.

"Monster Sob is really too powerful…" His said silently in his heart. Although he could only shoot twice based on his physical ability, the results were unparalleled.

With only one shot, he was able to take the life of the strongest S-grade Demon Hunter!

Even if the name of Daybreak Sword was placed in the Demon Hunter headquarter, it would only be below the names of some Sacred Weapon holders!

"After the work is done, the Night Family Clan agreed to let me hold onto this Legendary Demon Weapon!"

For this strong power, it was worth it, even if he had betrayed the Demon Hunters.


However, at this moment, Fang Yuan, who had been hiding in the dark, moved.

"Flaming Hands!"

A layer of flames appeared on both of his hands and shot forward in the next moment.


The raging flames surrounded a translucent figure occupying that space, in the blink of an eye.

That was a unique Concealed Demon Killer. The symbols on its body were tightly linked, like leather armor. A countless number of fine silk threads were connected to both his hands, as though he was a master that was strumming the strings of an instrument.

"I've caught you!"

Fang Yuan laughed grimly, the Starry Night sword slashed across space. "Morning Stars Swordsmanship—Dawn! Concealed Demon Killer!"

Despite not having Flock to cover him, this type of Concealed Demon Killer's formation couldn't still hide from his Fiery Golden Eyes.

Of course, the other party used his death to make that Concealed Demon Killer lower its guard, exposing more of its flaws. However, it was worth it.


A starry night sword light emitted a radiant glow. Like a sneak attack, it swept across the neck of the Concealed Demon Killer.

The other party's expression was shocked.

A figure that was well known for hiding in the darkness and assassinations was actually secretly ambushed by a Demon Hunter?

Needless to say, this Concealed Demon Killer, was the king of its clan!


With the Dawn state's starry glowing sword, Fang Yuan cleverly avoided the other party's resistance and impaled it from its weak spot. Its whole body was impaled in the next moment.

"Any assassin's level would drop drastically when he loses his cover and has to fight face to face. Needless to say… it was assassinated by me when it was caught off guard!"

After killing the Concealed Demon Killer with one slash, Fang Yuan didn't stop moving and charged towards the sniper directly.

"A degenerated Demon Hunter?

"Quite impossible to be a Titled Demon Hunter, so he's an elite A-grade? Moreover, he's one that specializes in firearms?"

Within almost a split-second, he had clearly considered the other party's strength. He didn't show any mercy in his actions.

A Demon Hunter that specialized in firearms would definitely be on the losing end when he had to fight.

Furthermore, the other party had released such a powerful attack previously, how could it be possible that there wasn't a price or negative effect?"

"D*mn it…"

The sniper on the floor had almost instantly given up on sniping and took out a black dagger, and he started to respond to Fang Yuan's attack. "Daybreak Sword's disciple?"

Although Morning Stars Swordsmanship was vastly known, very little people were able to cultivate it to the state of Old Moon. Anyone who saw Fang Yuan's sword of Dawn would assume that he was Seres's direct disciple.

"You want revenge for your tutor? Haha… Did you see the moment where his brains exploded? It was wonderful…"

The degenerated Demon Hunter opposite him was wearing a hunter uniform and a black eye-patch. The scars on his face formed a cross, and he was very experienced in his techniques. It was obvious that he had a rich experience. While using his words to attack Fang Yuan, he took the time to secretly aim his long-barrelled gun.


However, there was no chance that Fang Yuan would give him the opportunity. While Starry Night was striking, a short flintlock appeared in his palm. "Howling Grief!"


Flames shot out from the barrel of the gun. A hole opened up in the chest of the one-eyed Demon Hunter and he collapsed on the ground, blood spilling out of his mouth. "You… aren't a purely a swordsman!"

He looked at the flintlock in Fang Yuan's hands, his expression looked like he was either crying or laughing. "To think that… I'll die from a Demon Hunter's gun in the end!

"Seres is purely a swordsman. His disciple is still loyal towards cold weapons, but to me… who cares if it's a black cat or white cat, the one that catches mice is a good cat regardless…"

Fang Yuan sighed once, as he knew that the Demon Hunter was misguided by his own beliefs.

"Legendary Gun—Monster Sob?"

At this moment, the legendary gun fell onto the floor together with the Demon Hunter.

Fang Yuan went to pick it up and instantly felt a warm sensation on his palm.

"It feels like extremely concentrated solid Sacred Water… No wonder it had such a shocking kill and damage rate towards the Night Family Clan!"

Although Sacred Water and Dark Power came from the same source, they were like both ends of a magnet after their nature was transformed. It was normal for them to repel each other.

"This gun has three known unique characteristics—[Clan Limit], [Real Harm], [Enormous Consumption]!

With his current power, Fang Yuan felt slightly drained just by holding onto Monster Sob.

It was clear that a large amount of power was needed to truly use it to shoot.

"The damaging power of this weapon will, of course, be very terrifying after the requirement to sacrifice so many things!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and remembered why the Demon Hunter from just now didn't take this gun and go against him immediately. Without enough strength, he could only passively defend himself and use words to confuse Fang Yuan in order to look for an opportunity.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan didn't give him an opportunity to turn the tables.


At this moment, Fang Yuan could see that the battle on the ground was ending as he stood at the far end of the bell tower.

Even though Cool Sacred Sword and Daybreak Sword advanced at an equal pace, he was at the disadvantageous position when facing the siege of two Evil Demons. Large amounts of ice were smashed into pieces as he was going to be defeated soon.

"Since that's the case…"

Monster Sob rippled with a strong power as though it was speaking seductively, "Come and take a shot, youngling!"

He indeed had the desire to try out the new weapon he obtained.

Fang Yuan crossed over to the end of the balcony and locked the position of the Monster Sob's muzzle. He released a large amount of magical energy to assist him in aiming.

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