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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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618 Kill


Amongst the raging flames and evil laughter, the firm ice broke into pieces and Gregor's pale face appeared behind it.

"I can't do it anymore… I can't match up to Seres in the end!"

This Cool Sacred Sword was clearly exhausted already.

Daybreak Sword, who had had been heavily injured by the surprise attack, was still able to suppress the Flaming Evil Demon and steadily gain the upper hand.

However, Gregor was forced into a disadvantageous position, now under the siege of two Evil Demons. He even wanted to escape.

"Am I going to die? Anyway, Bailey and Seres have passed on. I don't want to live anymore… But these two murderers—I cannot let them off!"

Gregor's gaze quickly became firm and cold.

In actual fact, Thousand Faced Evil Demon Ternetheo was good at acting, his real combat ability wasn't comparable to Seth's.

And right now, the Flaming Evil Demon still had a large wound in his chest. The bleeding didn't stop and turned into magma, spurting out.

"If I want to go all-out, there's still a chance, especially…" he thought silently.

He didn't know when it happened, but the prickling sensation down his back, which warned him of the threat of impending doom, had disappeared all of a sudden.

This made him know that something had happened to the sniper that the opposing party had prepared!

"If it's a Demon Hunter that snatched Monster Sob…"

Gregor let out a long loud cry all of a sudden as a halo, with a hint of blue, around him exploded, "Ultimate zero degree!"

Zap! Zap!

A layer of ice and snow covered the surrounding areas in a moment, like extremely fine steel.

"Be careful, he's going all out…"

Ternetheo and Seth quickly stepped back. Even with the stagnating chill, they were still swift.

"That's not enough!

"That's not enough!!!"

Gregor roared and suddenly waved his large icy sword, his whole body flew out towards the Evil Demon.

"You must be tired of living!"

Ternetheo smiled coldly, transforming its hands into two sharp claws and ruthlessly clawed its way to its target.


The Evil Demon's sharp claws broke through the transparent armor and stabbed into Gregor's chest as blood gushed out.

Everything was unexpectedly easy, but Ternetheo felt immense danger at that moment, its body shone with various types of light.

"Death… Wither and fall!"

Gregor laughed wildly as the surrounding temperature plummeted.

The main point was that a layer of blood-colored ice spread quickly, engulfing the two Evil Demons to form a blood-colored sculpture.

A Titled Demon Hunter going all-out could definitely stop two Evil Demons in a split-second.

And at this moment, Gregor realized that he didn't bet on the wrong thing!


A gunshot resounded!

As if the grim reaper used its sickle to harvest, Ternetheo's brains exploded. Even if one didn't fear the raging magma, it was useless to cut or shoot the Evil Demon before the Legendary Demon Weapon—the gun, [Monster Sob].

With one shot, Monster Sob felled the Evil Demon!!

"Ah!" Seth made an undistinguishable howl of fear at the blood-colored sculpture beside him.

All of a sudden, fire engulfed the body of the Evil Demon and transformed into a giant ball of flames that shattered the solid ice. As if it was a raging flame, it scattered everywhere.

This was the unique ability of a Flaming Evil Demon—to transform into energy and disintegrate in order to save its own life.

Of course, it was heavily wounded by two Titled Demon Hunters first. That's why it used an otherworldly demon disintegration-like way to escape. Its elemental energy would definitely be exhausted. It would probably sleep for a few hundred years, and even its blood might even fade!

"That's fast…"

On the bell tower, Fang Yuan put away Monster Sob as he panted heavily.

"Shooting with this gun will require not only strength but also essence energy and magic energy! No wonder the A-grade Demon Hunter couldn't shoot often!"

With the two Evil Demons escaping and defeated, while the Demon Hunters were left as a group without a leader, the scene delved into chaos instantly.

Fang Yuan was no longer hesitant. Carrying the gun, he quickly left the bell tower.

Although he had the gun in hand and didn't leave behind any traces, he had the shame of the previous Gun God, which was his extremely weak body. The outcome wouldn't be good once he was discovered and surrounded.

Then, he jumped to the bottom of the bell tower. He held onto a Ghoul that was flying in mid-air and used it as a pivot point. Just like spiderman swinging, he caught the beam of the house roof beside him.

He only had time to look around and observe the battlefield after he swiftly escaped from the bell tower.

The Evil Demons and Demon Hunters had both lost their commander. It was impossible to continue fighting, hence, both sides decided to retreat at the same time.

Of course, various types of dogfights didn't stop; instead, it became even more chaotic.


Seeing this, Fang Yuan's eye shone instantly, and he began to quickly search for someone's whereabouts.

"Sir Cool Sacred Sword…"

Leading a group of Elite Demon Hunters, Roger arrived at the center of the battlefield and looked at the headless ice sculpture of the Thousand Faced Evil Demon and Gregor, who was breathing his last breath. His expression was grave. "Please don't worry, we're on the winning side. We'll definitely win this battle!"

"You guys… escort Sir Cool Sacred Sword back. A few people should skin this Evil Demon!"

Roger looked at the skin on Ternetheo's body, the bottom of his eyes felt slightly hot.

The Night Family Clan was the best medicament and alchemy ingredient, and this was the complete corpse of an Evil Demon!

Even the high-class demon dagger in Flock's hand was made from a small number of Evil Demon claws. It was only a drop in the ocean!

"The skin of the Concealed Demon Killer is the most valuable ingredient. It can be made into clothes for 'acting.' Ternetheo is the oldest ancestor of the Concealed Demon Killers, so its skin is definitely useful, and its blood, bones, internal organs… None of it can be wasted."

Roger was like a picky businessman who wanted to exploit the profits from the goods to its extreme.

"Master's corpse cannot be handed over to you blasphemers!"

At this moment, there was a turn of events!

The Concealed Demon Killers that were originally fighting with the Demon Hunters around the bell tower had all abandoned their opponents and gathered at the heart of the battlefield.

The so-called blasphemer and what-not was only an expression.

The more realistic reason was that they themselves also desired the blood of the top!

If they completely took advantage of that corpse, there might be one of them that would be able to evolve into an Evil Demon! This was despite the slim glimpse of hope.

Nevertheless, it was enough for them to forget about their life and fight to the death.

Even the other Night Family Clans were also lured and attracted over there. Although the evolution effect of using a Thousand Faced Evil Demon wasn't obvious to them, it could still strengthen them!

The main point was that the Legendary Demon Hunter at the scene was disabled—their opponent no longer had the power to crush them!

Havoc erupted.

The irony was that this fight between Demon Hunters and the Night Family Clans wasn't to end each other, but it was to snatch the trophy of war.


After who-knows-how-long, Roger, with his two underlings, escaped to the street in a sorry state.

The number of Night Family Clans that had their eyes on the Evil Demon corpse was too much. Even as he commanded countless Demon Hunters to move forward and resist them, with the identity of the vice president, he had also suffered a huge loss and could only bring his trusted aides out of the situation.

"Nevertheless… everything is worth it!"

He looked at the spoils of war in his hand—Ternetheo's skin, and he couldn't help but laugh wildly.

This was the most valuable ingredient from the Evil Demon. He just had to find a skilled alchemist, and he would be able to produce a high-class Demon Weapon that would be comparable to a Sacred Weapon!

At that time, he, who would have an imitation Sacred Weapon and a high-class Demon Weapon, might be able to become a Titled Demon Hunter and could try to take over Seres's position!

"Ternetheo's skin will definitely be made into a defensive Demon Weapon, and it'll have the 'acting' ability… If it's paired with the gun—Monster Sob, it'll be perfect!"

There seemed to be a fire in Roger's eyes. "The one that killed Ternetheo must be a Demon Hunter, one from our branch. After going back, find him and make him hand over the gun to the branch association!"

How could a low-grade Demon Hunter be qualified to wield such a Legendary Demon Weapon? It must be used by him, the vice president, in order to display its value!

Needless to say, by gathering the two finest large Demon Weapons that attacks and shields respectively, he wouldn't only have the confidence to become a Titled Demon Hunter—he would definitely succeed!

At least when he compared his combat ability and threatening nature, he wouldn't lose to a Titled Demon Hunter!

With this foundation, he would be able to firmly sit on the position of the branch president!

If the lucky Demon Hunter was tactful enough, he should hand over Monster Sob with both his hands instead.

To Roger, there was nothing wrong with this.

Because, this was all to fight against the Evil Demons—it was for the greater good!

"Sir Roger?!"

At this moment, a young Demon Hunter slowly walked out from an alleyway.

"You are… Hulk?!"

Roger frowned. Why did this annoying guy not die on the battlefield?

"Please wait! What are you carrying behind you?"

Suddenly, he saw the long-barrelled gun that Fang Yuan was carrying behind him. His pupils dilated to the size of a pinhole, and he was over the moon in a split-second. "Monster Sob? Quick, give it to me! I order you to give it to me!"

At this moment, Roger was blinded by the hope of becoming a Titled Demon Hunter and branch president!

"That's great!"

Witnessing this, Fang Yuan heaved a deep sigh. "I also want to say the same things to you, Ternetheo is my war trophy! Give it to me! Moreover… with your greed and evil intentions, you wouldn't have any troubles if you let me kill you!"

"You want to kill me? Just you, a small, low-grade Demon Hunter?"

Roger waved his hand, and the two trusted aides behind him instantly rushed out to attack.

"Morning Stars Swordsmanship—Old Moon!"

Fang Yuan's wielded Starry Night and instantly slashed through the two Demon Hunters, blood splattering all over the place.


Roger's face showed a fearful expression, and he suddenly turned to run.

"Keke… your heart, is as ugly as your appearance!"

Sharp claws moved as Fang Yuan leaped forward quickly, the sword in his hand seemed to transform into stars. "Dawn!"


The sword cut through everything and opened up a hole in Roger's back.

"Don't… don't kill me!"

Roger's whole body went limp on the floor as he begged for his life.

"Goodbye, Sir Vice President!"

Fang Yuan took out Howling Grief and, without expression, aimed it at the other party's forehead and fired!


A large sound resounded in the alley and promptly returned to silence.

"I shall accept the imitation Sacred Cup and Ternetheo's skin!"

Fang Yuan properly put away his war trophies and looked in the direction of the branch and frowned.

There was dense smoke emitted from there.

Chaos seemed to have spread and intensified!
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