Carefree Path of Dreams
619 Sacred Gun
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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619 Sacred Gun

Demon Hunter Headquarter's Sacred mountain.

This was a large, pure white mountain, it looked as if it would emit sacred light at any moment.

Currently, many Titled Demon Hunters gathered in the meeting room at the heart of the headquarters, the atmosphere was heavy.

"Evil Demons have already fully waged war upon us!"

At the highest position, there were three human figures enveloped in a strong white light, which gave it an illusionary impression. One of the human figures spoke, "They've found their backer!"

Although the fight between Demon Hunters and the Night Family Clans didn't happen all the time, the war right now had a different intensity. Even large numbers of Titled Demon Hunters might also lose their lives.

Many Demon Hunters on the legislative assembly instantly became restless. "What did they find out? Is the Mother of Reproduction arriving? Did they actually gather the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll?"

The three figures in the sacred light looked at each other before shaking their heads. "No… Because one of the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll pages, containing core information, is in our hands!"

The Demon Hunters below them found it unbelievable.

The Demon Hunter Union actually had one page of the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll? This news was unknown, even to them, the Legendary Demon Hunters. The low-grade Demon Hunters below them even thought that the ancient book was only a legend. They could tell that the level of confidentiality regarding this information was very high.

However, it looked like there was no need to conceal it now.

"Because this page of the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll is very important, it's sealed by the three of us. Before today, no fourth Demon Hunter has ever seen it before!"

The Sacred Weapon holder said in an assured tone, "The Night Family Clans dared to wage a war with us because they found chaos, darkness, and evil, the three largest Evil Demons. They've gathered around them and formed a close alliance!"

"Chaos? Darkness? Evil?"

An old Titled Demon Hunter thought, "Desire is the strongest son of the Mother of Reproduction, and then it would be the three of them afterward… Didn't they always do things that aligned with their hobbies? There's no need for them to interact with the Night Family Clan?"

He clearly knew how terrifying these ancient Evil Demons were.

However, it was relieving that perhaps due to their chaotic power being too strong, the chaotic Evil Demon's brains were also messed up. Aside from being crazy at times, creating massacres in cities, there wasn't much damage. Even the Night Family Clan would meet the same fate as a human in its hands.

"Although it's a pity, it's true… On the Evil Demon map, these three Evil Demon Kings met up in Lorraine. Immediately after this, a piece of the Demon Weapon lost its ability. I suspect that it was interrupted by the blood sacrifices performed in a large area by the Evil Demons."

Evil Demon Map—this was the secret weapon of the Demon Hunter Headquarters. It was a piece of a large map that included the entire mainland.

In addition to that, there would be an indication on it, whenever an Evil Demon appeared.

The headquarters depended on this method to monitor the whereabouts of many Evil Demons, and to make arrangements for its branches.

"The Evil Demon Map… has lost its ability?"

The Titled Demon Hunters on the scene turned silent. Promptly, the old Demon Hunter that spoke up previously nodded his head. "No wonder you've invited me out here… It looks like the situation has developed into an awful state!"

"Yes, there are over 12 branches that have contacted us due to an emergency. They said that they were attacked by Evil Demons… There are another eight branches that cannot be contacted at all. We suspect that they've either been sealed or captured!"

The Sacred Weapon holder casually said the current situation out loud, "Even so, there's a great danger approaching Sacred mountain!"

He waved his hands, and a screen appeared in the air, projecting the form of the lofty, sacred mountain.

And around the base of the mountain were small black dots that looked like ants. They were climbing up quickly.

Zooming in, Demon Hunters could clearly see that they were a group of humans that looked like corpses; their movements were rigid, and their skin was greenish-black. It was as if they were summoned and were gathering in the direction of the sacred mountain.

And among them, there were a few Demon Hunters!

"Are they… suffering from a control-type technique? Or poison? Is there a chance of saving them?"

"These people were originally nearby residents that are affected by a large enchantment! They've completely lost their minds…"

The Sacred Weapon holder shook his head. "This must've been done by 'Evil' and 'Chaos' Evil Demons. The ancient scroll had indeed recorded that one would become affected by the chaotic and evil territory on their body if they draw close to them."

"So to speak… there are at least two Evil Demon Kings inside the army down there, as well as an unknown number of Night Family Clans… This is great!"

A Titled Demon Hunter, that held a grass in between his lips, said, “ great that the powers have assembled, now we can catch all of them in one haul!"

"The powerful Evil Demon trio that appeared this time is a serious challenge for us. Success isn't something that can be accomplished in one day. Moreover, under the circumstances where all the branches are in danger, it's impossible for us to assemble all our power!"

Within the Demon Hunter Headquarters, three Sacred Weapon holders similarly occupied the three highest positions. With their irresistible, overwhelming powers, they were called the "Strategic Powerful Trio."

"In actual fact, with us, it's enough!"

A human figure walked out of the light and turned into a gold-haired middle-aged man that was carrying a spear. "The Night Family Clan had forgotten about us for too long. It's time for them to know who's the true strongest power in this world!"

"Sacred Spear!"

"Sir Longinus!"

Many Titled Demon Hunters bowed to show their respect.

In the Demon Hunter Headquarters, there were three great Sacred Weapons. They were the first generation of Demon Hunters that toppled the Dark Empire.

The Sacred Cup amongst them could help Demon Hunters to break through the bottleneck that allowed them to become a Titled Demon Hunter.

As for the Sacred Spear, it was the strongest power.

Longinus looked like a normal golden haired middle-aged man with a dull gaze and muddy eyes, it looked as if his eyesight wasn't good.

Anyone that saw him for the first time would be attracted by the spear behind his back.

It was an average-looking cold weapon that was half a head taller than Longinus. There were still traces of blood on the tip of the sharp spear that wouldn't fade.

This was Longinus's spear, the strongest attack power amongst the three great Sacred Weapons.

Any generation of Sacred Weapon holders that had inherited the Sacred Spear would automatically change their names to Longinus. This showed that they would abandon social conventions and tend to the Sacred Weapon with all their heart.

"Today… no one can be a match for us!"

Longinus walked to the door of the headquarters and looked at the crowded figures as he held up his spear.

"No one can be a match for us!"

"No one can be a match for us!"

Amidst the cheers of many Demon Hunters, a golden light appeared at the tip of the spear as if it echoed throughout the entire Sacred mountain.

Promptly afterward, layers of gold halos washed over the entire mountain as if it was liquid.

A large number of walking corpse-like humans rolled their eyes and fainted as they came into contact with the sacred light.

Even so, the hidden low-class Night Family Clans among them screamed in agony before turning into ashes.

"That d*mn Demon Hunter!"

"It's Longinus's spear!"

After what looked like a unique way to mow grass, the Night Family Clan that remained standing were above middle class. A few Evil Demons stood out as well.

"Attack!" Longinus roared and raised his Sacred Spear straight while he charged down.

"This is… enchantment?"

Fang Yuan looked at the chaotic Hurin area and found out a clue all of a sudden.

A strange kind of power was quietly affecting his soul, it was even tempting him to go insane and to degenerate.

"Large-scale Ideomotor phenomenon? Interesting…"

He looked at a normal person.

At the moment, the person had completely lost his mind and was acting like a rabid dog.

No, it wasn't enough to describe him like a rabid dog. The only thing that Fang Yuan could associate it to was a zombie!

"If this continues, they might really become this type of creature."

It was the appearance of this type of creature that caused the entire Hurin area to become enveloped in havoc.

There was an even more terrifying thing that had happened. As time passed, even some of the Demon Hunters couldn't control themselves and began to madly commit massacres.

"Evil Demons are best at playing with people's hearts?" Fang Yuan sighed. He knew that the Evil Demon's surprise attack was planned incessantly this time, as one event had lead to another.

Even with his help in destroying the few initial preparations, they still fell into a disadvantageous state.

"If the three great presidents die now, the Demon Hunter branch really won't have a leader and won't have an opportunity to come back!"

Fang Yuan charged towards the branch. "Bring Uncle Jock and the others, and leave this place immediately."

Huff! Huff!

Ping! Ping!

The situation at the Demon Hunter branch was better than he imagined.

A few Demon Hunters had created a stronghold and were firmly guarding the main door, stopping and attacking a group of monsters.

If it wasn't for the Demon Hunters that occasionally lost their minds and went on to kill others randomly, they wouldn't have ended up in such a disadvantageous state at all.

"They're still not professional enough. Normal people have a feeble mind, while low-grade Demon Hunters are in a highly stressed state for long periods of time. These represent the shortcomings of their souls. This is why they're being targeted… but I'm different!"

Fang Yuan coldly snorted and released the strong magic energy to form a suppression layer to control his soul.

With his 20 plus magic energy, he wasn't able to interfere with the substance naturally.

However, an extreme dangerous aura was released from his body.

The walking corpses that were transformed from normal people retreated when they saw the situation and didn't dare to move forward at all.

"Attack! Haha…"

Under the gaze of the defending Demon Hunters that looked like they had seen a ghost, Fang Yuan waltzed into the main hall and saw a Demon Hunter which was instantly in the state of insanity. He was using a gun and strafing.

Even under the state of insanity, the ability of his body, which had undergone training umpteen times, was still present. In addition to that, he was surrounded by his friends and relatives. Hence, the Demon Hunters that wanted to subdue him seemed to be hesitant.


Fang Yuan frowned and moved forward in a split second. He held the other party's wrist and viciously flung him away.


The lunatic was over two meters tall and was also a rare large, heavy man amongst the Demon Hunters. Just like that, he was flung to the wall and fainted.

"Where's Uncle Jock and his family?" Fang Yuan looked around and asked coldly.

"I'm here!"

Jock dragged Aunt Sophia and Mary out, on his face hung an astonished expression. "Hulk… when did you become so strong?"

Especially Mary, when she looked at Fang Yuan, her eyes contained indescribable regret, and she had a vexed expression.
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