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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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621 Kotori

Inside a house.

With Fenrir on-guard outside, Fang Yuan was able to let down his guard to inspect the war trophies that he had obtained this time.

"[Monster Sob] can still be explainable, I can just frankly say that I got rid of the sniper… But how do I explain how Ternetheo's skin—which was originally in Roger's hands—ended up in my possession? In addition to that, there's also this Sacred Cup."

Fang Yuan looked at the Evil Demon skin in his hands.

As the first ancestor of the Concealed Demon Killers, Ternetheo's skin had a large number of the same symbols connected together, forming an exquisite picture that even carried the hint of an array.

What was even more amazing was that the Evil Demon's skin transformed into thin cicada's wings after it was peeled off. It could be shrunk to the size of a fist, and its flexible nature was unbelievable.

"If this skin is used properly, it can definitely become a top quality shield… Of course, it'll be focused on concealment and confusion attributes!"

As a Demon Hunter, it's crucial to know how to manage ingredients.

Needless to say, the various types of medicaments in Fang Yuan's hands were enough to cover up the traces of Ternetheo's skin.

"Next, is the Sacred Weapon imitation!"

He examined the details of the wooden goblet.

He ought to say that the Sacred Weapon imitation was indeed average-looking, it looked as if it was casually carved out of wood.

However, a large number of alchemy symbols could still be seen clearly at the bottom. This showed that this Sacred Weapon imitation really was made from the combination of pharmaceutics and alchemy.

"The key to the whole alchemy array is the transformation of nature!"

Fang Yuan was very certain about his prediction.

"To transform the blood and meat of the Night Family Clan into pure Sacred Water? The Demon Hunter that came up with this from the beginning is a complete genius!" He recited in a low tone and took out a test tube. There was scarlet-red blood inside it.

This was the blood from the Black Scale Club and the Alpha Family that he had specially purified before.

Bloop! Bloop!

The small wooden goblet seemed like it held another universe inside as it didn't overflow, even though liquid from several test tubes were poured into it.


Fang Yuan shook the wooden goblet a little and instantly heard the rushing sound of water from inside.

"An alchemy technique… has been activated!"

He could clearly feel the change in the Sacred Cup. As if it were the process of producing a medicament via purifying energetic spiritual energy.

When he looked inside the Sacred Cup again, there was purified Sacred Water.

Bloop! Bloop!

Fang Yuan's throat moved as he swallowed the water and tasted it. "It's still a little different compared to the one I previously received… is it because of the different ingredients that were used? In the end, the blood of Masters isn't pure like the Night Family Clan!"

Next, he went on to try it out a few more times and finally made a conclusion.

"The best ingredient to transform into Sacred Water is still blood. The purer and higher blood classes will produce Sacred Water with a stronger effect!"

The purity and blood class were very important.

For example, although Almon was a Master's descendant that had yet to awaken, the Sacred Water produced from her blood could actually be compared to that of Fenrir's. This showed the advantage of having high-quality blood versus having high-class blood.

"From today onwards, I have to go out to hunt for more Night Family Clan members in order to have blood to practice producing medicament while moving."

Fang Yuan was suddenly determined.

This world was similar to the Purple Eye Realm, as they were both suppressing his cultivation.

However, he didn't hit the bottleneck himself. Based on the power system of breaking through in this world, it wouldn't be difficult to recover his original strength with the right resources.

And Sacred Water was the best ingredient!

"It's a pity that the boost from the Sacred Cup imitation would make my respective attributes rise to 50 at most. If they go any higher, this Sacred Water will completely lose its effect. Only the Sacred Water produced from the real Sacred Cup could increase my attributes after 50. This is why the branches are madly scrambling for training in the headquarters, which is said to be able to aid one in becoming a Titled Demon Hunter!"

"Let's move to the headquarters, I'll do my best to hunt on the way there. After reaching the headquarters, I'll be able to figure out how to obtain the real Sacred Cup."

Three months later.

Kotori City.

This was a city at the foot of the Demon Hunter Headquarter's Sacred mountain. Some of it had already been destroyed, causing others to be able to see the aftermath of the massive war from before.

At this moment, Kotori City, which was originally deserted, had become overcrowded soon after.

After the headquarter's announcement to retreat, many Demon Hunters from the north rushed in and populated the small city. Hotels had long become full houses, while only a few rooms were left available for guesthouses. Some Demon Hunters even decided to set up tents instead. While Demon Hunters from all over the world gathered, the prices of goods in the city inflated enormously; the price of bread and butter increased four-five folds while the price of rum increased ten folds in one shot!

Regarding Demon Hunters, who lived in the moment, it was more important to enjoy themselves once rather than to fill their stomachs.

Currently, a line of people arrived at the city under the bright and beautiful sunlight.

"Locke, what do you think about my work?"

Fang Yuan sat on the horse carriage and handed a pendant over to Locke.

The pendant's chain was made from Secret Silver, and the main body was made from a teardrop-shaped crystal. There were indistinct golden symbols shimmering inside.

"I named it 'Serenity pendant.' It's made from Secret Silver, Zealand crystal, and the heart of a Demon Bat… Aside from the effect of stabilizing one's mind, it can also automatically activate the alchemy array on it. It has a cleansing effect and can quickly cleanse one's body and clothing!"

Fang Yuan smiled and demonstrated.


Locke raised a magnifying glass and didn't miss any spots on the pendant. After a while, he nodded his head. "Not bad!"

After pausing, he added on, "Purely based on the ingredients and techniques, this is merely counted as a trinket without any alchemy—but after your carving that formed this small pattern here, it's very interesting… It increased the quality of the whole work, and it can now be classified as a low-class Demon Weapon."

To be able to produce a low-class Demon Weapon, one would naturally become a true Alchemist.

Locke looked at the Fang Yuan now and was deeply moved.

To become an alchemist within three months? Before this, it was basically a joke.

Needless to say, Hulk didn't study for the whole day. He had to patrol, find the path… and even complete his tasks by himself. The time he used to study every day might not even reach an hour.

Such a gift couldn't be described as a talent, he was basically a devil.

"Low-class Demon Weapon?"

Fang Yuan looked at the pendant in his hand and felt very satisfied.

In actual fact, the ingredients were casually chosen by him, and they weren't valuable at all.

However, he was able to produce a low-class Demon Weapon just by adding a custom technique. If he used ingredients that were much more valuable, then he would have the confidence to make a middle-class Demon Weapon, or even a hint of a high-class Demon Weapon!

"Although I'm still unable to handle Ternetheo's skin, I can do the things I want to, such as revising Starry Night."

Fang Yuan thought silently before looking at his own attributes board.

"Name: Hulk (Fang Yuan)

Essence: 50.0 (110)

Spirit: 50.0 (100)

Magic: 50.0 (120)

Profession: Demon Hunter

State: Healthy

Technique: Basic Grapple (Proficient), Gun Fighting Skill (Proficient), Secret Study (Proficient), Pharmaceutics (Proficient), Alchemy (Normal), Morning Stars Swordsmanship (Dawn), Shady Flow Flying Claw (Sharp Claw), Black Magic skill (Proficient)

Specialization: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 6)(Peak)], [Fiery Golden Eyes (Level 3)], [Body Seal (Ultimate form)]"

In these three months, he had pushed his attributes to the limit after consuming a large amount of Sacred Water and hunting aggressively.

The Sacred Cup imitation would no longer be able to help him improve.

And this provided a complete reinforcement.

It was common sense that the performance of each technique would be more terrifying as one's physical fitness increased.

Moreover, he didn't only train a few foundation techniques to the level of (Proficient), but he had also increased his alchemy technique via reading and research. He also perfected his own collection of Black Magic techniques.

After obtaining them through deception or forcefully taking them, as well as experimentation, he had grasped the techniques of Black Magic, which was enough to make many Masters flabbergasted.

Furthermore, he had integrated Black Magic techniques into alchemy and medicaments.

Take the pendant as an example, it was a product of creative integration.

Facts proved that this type of experimentation was a success.

"Or so to speak… the powers of the Demon Hunters and the Night Family Clan are basically from the same source, hence, it's easy to transform…"

Fang Yuan looked in the direction of the sacred mountain, his pupils were deep and serene.

The sudden fall of the Dark Empire and the abrupt rise of Demon Hunters were too abnormal.

Needless to say, there must be a huge secret that was linked to the two.

Nevertheless, the truth of the world was within it.

To a Traverser, it would naturally have a shocking pull.

Clearly, the Demon Hunter Headquarters contained the full story behind this secret.

While Fang Yuan was thinking freely, his small army had also entered Kotori City and had stopped at a large square.

"Not every Demon Hunter has the qualification to go to the sacred mountain. We'll stay here and interact with our fellow workers to see if there are any ways to earn some money. We can also receive missions and live in Kotori City…"

Uncle Jock patted Fang Yuan's shoulders. "You don't have to worry about Almon and Peter since they'll be with us. You can go into the sacred mountain to cultivate properly!"

To him, only the headquarters with Demon Hunters was the safest place in the entire mainland.

After the war was waged with the Night Family Clan, there wasn't enough powerful strength to protect. Solo Demon Hunters would only be torn and ripped to shreds by the insane Night Family Clan.

This was especially the case for retired, old Demon Hunters like him. He had no choice but to pick up his sword and gun again.

As a junior that he had thought highly of, the higher Hulk's strength was, the more confidence and hope he would have in surviving in the future.


Carrying Starry Night and a bag, Fang Yuan nodded his head and walked into the management department that the Demon Hunter Headquarters had set up in Kotori City.

The style of the Demon Hunters' structures was uniform, they were all rough and concise so that they could be turned into defensive structures with a few adjustments.

At the moment, there were already a large number of young Demon Hunters within the bright main hall. Fang Yuan blended in as if he was a drop of water in the ocean—hardly eye-catching.
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