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"Your name?"


"Originated from"

"Hurin area Demon Hunter branch!"


After confirming his identity through this process, Fang Yuan obtained a nameplate that allowed him to wait and rest here. There would be an important person from the sacred mountain that would take this batch of people away, together.

"Although there might be the possibility of getting the upper hand in the war between the Night Family Clan and the Demon Hunters, there'll be a gloomy outcome if any accidents occur…"

Fang Yuan stood in the noisy main hall and looked at many young Demon Hunters. He knew what was coming and was prepared for it.

A human's ability to reproduce is very frightening. Just by casually selecting people in today's population, there would be countless excellent Demon Hunters appearing.

Just by nurturing C-grade Demon Hunters that were under 30 years' old, they would be able to level up to B-grade and become the true backbone of the army. They might even be able to reach A-grade, the level of a vice president, and protect the region.

If one's luck was great, it wouldn't be a surprise if there were a few new Titled Demon Hunters.

On the other hand, the blood had long settled among the Night Family Clans. The low-class wanting to breakthrough and become high-class? That would be a dream!

"If there wasn't such a huge advantage, why would the empire that the Heirs of Darkness built topple all of a sudden?" Fang Yuan shook his head. "But this time, since they made their move again, it must mean that they have the confidence to succeed."

On the road, Fang Yuan had long heard the name of the three Evil Demons; Chaos, Evil and Darkness.

However, this powerful Evil Demon trio was incomparable with the power of the Dark Empire from before, they weren't strong enough to compete with Demon Hunters.

"Unless the Mother of Reproduction is really arriving, or the king—Desire is coming back?"

The owner of Desire could make all Evil Demons gladly submit and would be named the strongest power of the Night Family Clans. It might've already exceeded the average Power Obtainer and even crush them.


Fang Yuan laughed silently in his heart. "This world… is really interesting!"

Of course, the so-called Sage position was the line drawn by Da Qian Empire's Dream Masters themselves. There was a lot of variety as to what they were called in this world.

Nevertheless, the original Da Qian Dream Masters' foundation was rather superficial. To Fang Yuan, his own path was the orthodox path.

The Dream Masters that started cultivating from the Demonic Heart Elemental Force as their foundation would have the same effect as a 7th Tier Illusionary Divine when they had 4th Tier Illusionary Divine. The Sages from before were, in actual fact, only some weak Sages.

Hence, they were beaten up by the strong existences in the Demonic Heart Realm.

"To truly become a Sage, one must obtain original energy. Hence, The Creator and Superior Wu Zun, Qian Huanyi, and many others are actually also not qualified!"

Fang Yuan had only one goal at the moment, which was to thoroughly study the secrets of original energy and completely practice and transform in order to truly become a powerful being!

"In actual fact, I suspect that the Night Family Clan from this world was born due to the effects of the radiation from the original energy… Normal human beings can tame the power of darkness and the Evil Demons, so I would, of course, be able to digest the original energy as well.

"I hope that the Demon Hunter Headquarters would be able to satisfy my needs…"

Talented Demon Hunters were always a little arrogant. On this occasion, they were gathered together in large numbers, and everyone judged each other with their scrutinizing gaze. It made it look as if fire sparks would appear in the air.


Just as the one in charge of the management office was streaming with sweat, as he was afraid that something wrong might happen, an old Demon Hunter walked onto the stage. His voice was as loud as a large bell.

"I'm Warren, the commander sent from the headquarters!"

Warren wore a linen robe and didn't have a large build. He didn't carry along any weapons or a shield, hence, making him look like a normal old man that looked after the house.

"Sir Fist Sage!"

However, his name, as if it carried a type of demonic power, was able to silence everyone in the main hall. Many young Demon Hunters bowed to greet him in respect.

After all, Warren was a genuine Titled Demon Hunter. He was most famous for his fighting skills.

It was said that he didn't use any weapons or shields on the battlefield. Instead, he used his iron fists to fight against Evil Demons. He even exchanged skills with Daybreak Sword once and achieved a draw.

Adding on to the other party's seniority, these young Demon Hunters would naturally have to obey him.

"Do all of you think that you're geniuses? No! You are, in actual fact, nothing! If it wasn't for the compensation that the headquarters wanted to provide for each branch, it would never be your turn to cultivate here!"

Warren's voice was loud and bright as he ruthlessly reprimanded all the Demon Hunters here.

In truth, this was initially to show off his strength. If he didn't bring the troops under his control from the beginning, then it would be difficult to lead them in the future.

As this was the case, the young Demon Hunters didn't refute him, but they also had disapproving faces.

"You're unsatisfied?"

Witnessing the scene, wise old Warren immediately laughed coldly. "The first recorded genius by the headquarters was Saint Henry. He was A-grade at the age of 15, and he achieved the title of Saint at the age of 20. In history, the number of talented Demon Hunters that are only slightly different from him are countless. Even now, Daybreak Sword Seres became successful in his swordsmanship at the age of 25. How many of you here are over this age?"

By throwing out these examples, the lower Demon Hunters instantly became quiet.

They were only outstanding Demon Hunters that were above average. How could they be compared with those psychopaths?

"Even here, there are a lot of people that are stronger than you! Krist!"

Warren commanded once, and a young demon hunter walked out from behind him while touching his nose, looking a little awkward. "You don't have to do this right, Uncle Warren?"

"Look, this sloppy brat is also a Titled Demon Hunter who's only 27 years' old this year!" Warren waved his hand. "The people that followed me from outside, as well as the attendants on the sacred mountain, all used to be members cultivated by the headquarters. They aren't even 30 years old yet, but they have the strength of an average of A-grade. Compared to them, would you still dare claim that you're a genius?"


Accompanied by his words, a row of Demon Hunter attendants walked in, looking at the newbies with a provoking look.

Although this batch of cultivating Demon Hunters could be regarded as their seniors, their nature was mixed between both good and bad, even so, they looked down on them.

The fierce contempt caused all the Demon Hunters to instantly clench their fists tight.

If it wasn't for the two Titled Demon Hunters who were watching and their opponents' scary aura, they would've charged forward and started a battle.

"Sorry, Sir Fist Sage, I dare to disagree with your words!"

Below the stage, a tall Demon Hunter with a large build walked out, like a golden-haired powerful soldier. "Although there's countless trash here, I, Zweig, am different from them!"


"He really is the same as the legends described, a narcissist!"

Originally, the Demon Hunters felt at ease after seeing someone standing out. However, they didn't expect the other party to scold everyone else, their faces became red at once.

"You are… A-grade Demon Hunter from the Parochetus Communis Kingdom branch, Crazy Lion Zweig, right? You're only 22 years' old this year. Indeed, there is a possibility for you to live up to your nickname," Warren nodded his head and complimented him.

This made Warren's face turned red, but he contained his anger, as he didn't know who he could find to vent on.

"In actual truth, you're not the only one. In this batch, there's still 'Water Sword' Ingres, 'Uncivilised' Hendrick and 'Bramble Flower' Tanya who are all outstanding A-grade Demon Hunters that have the hope of becoming a Titled Demon Hunter… Of course, you guys have a higher possibility, but everyone here also has the possibility!"

Warren's voice became gentle. In actual truth, he was clear in his heart.

Aside from the few people he named, the others could never enter the rank of being a Titled Demon Hunter, unless they have extremely good luck!

Among them were many that had obtained B or A grade after their hard work and training. They became average components of a fighting machine after the war was waged with the Night Family Clan.

Of course, he wouldn't say such cruel words.

"Alright, follow me to the sacred mountain. Your hostels have been prepared there. All registered Demon Hunters can obtain your own quota of Sacred Water. There are also specialized martial technique fields and lessons that are taught by Demon Hunters, who are, at the very least, Titled Demon Hunter. Sacred Weapon holders will also appear occasionally!" Warren shouted out the arrangements, to fill the young Demon Hunters' hearts with longing, before waving his hand. "Let's go!"

Fang Yuan shrugged and went with the flow.

However, he realized that the old man, Warren, was somehow beside him, his gaze filled with scrutiny. "You're Hulk? From the Hurin area? Hmm? Specialized in Morning Stars Swordsmanship?"

"Yes, Sir Warren."

Fang Yuan wasn't feeling comfortable in his heart, but he still bowed slightly to greet him.

"It's a pity… If only Seres was still here…" Warren sighed. He and Seres could be said to be friends from their exchange of blows. He felt a little sympathy as the intelligent ones sympathized with their own kind.

And because of this, he could still see Fang Yuan eye to eye. "After going to the sacred mountain, there'll be another distribution to confirm the direction of one's main cultivation. Your batch will also follow different Titled Demon Hunters, respectively, to learn various styles and knowledge. I feel that your combat techniques still needs training…"

The only thing that was lacking in this excuse, were the words "come with me, I'll protect you next time." and other words along those lines.

"Assigning tutors? Then, will we still be operating missions?"

Fang Yuan's mouth had the hint of a smile. He knew that even though the headquarters gave its preferences, there was no reason to give it for free.

"That's right, but with Titled Demon Hunters leading them, no problems would appear normally. Of course, if there is, it'll be a huge problem!"

Warren nodded his head.

"I'm a Pharmacist, and I have a little knowledge in alchemy…" Fang Yuan asked with a face of curiosity, "I wonder if I can get sir to arrange something for me?"

"You're… a Pharmacist? And you know alchemy?"

Warren widened his eyes and almost cursed, "D*mn it… why didn't they report this before?"

"I'm not sure either!" Fang Yuan showed an innocent face. "However, my abilities have gotten the recognition of Master Locke and Master Soma."

Even if it was the period of war, why would a weapon designer and an architect personally go onto the battlefield, loaded with guns?

The only attractive part of the Demon Hunter Headquarters was the real Sacred Water. Hence, Fang Yuan wouldn't risk his life for them. His identity as a Pharmacist and an Alchemist became his best excuse and charm.

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