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"No! No! You can't kill me! My old patriarch is Patriarch Heavenly Circuit!

"I am an elder of the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect. You can't kill me!

"My death was so miserable!"

The scene was dead silent.

Fang Yuan withdrew his saber and retreated, and his injuries miraculously recovered.

At the same time, voices of pleading, anger, and resentment appeared in the void.

These were the remnant thoughts of the two dead Grand Unities. Of course, they were unable to resurrect immediately, but they could still make use of the power of their Great Daos. Even as they were vanishing like smoke into thin air, they could still cause a terrifying influence to the surroundings.

If nothing was done, a ghost domain would undoubtedly form, which could even threaten Immortals.


Many Grand Unity Immortals retreated as dense defensive immortal artifacts appeared in front of them.

Evidently, they were terribly frightened.

After all, Fang Yuan's performance had been too terrifying. Merely one saber strike was enough to kill a usually high and mighty Grand Unity Immortal instantly.

Moreover, his formidable body and tactic of trading injuries made them exceedingly fearful. Fang Yuan could recover rapidly, but they were incomparable to him.

"Has the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect… declined as well?"

Fang Yuan sighed softly, but in this deathly stillness, they could hear him from afar.

All of the Immortals exchanged glances with each other and were ashamed.

After all, it isn't the number one Golden Soul Sect. In addition to its Grand Supreme Patriarch, it still has a group of Grand Unity elders with primordial treasure-level bodies…

With his current strength, he could not easily kill this kind of Grand Unity Immortal. If he were to fall into their encirclement, he would be in danger of being suppressed and sealed.

Of course, it was merely the risk of being sealed. As long as the Grand Supreme Immortal did not show up, Fang Yuan could not see any possibility of him being defeated by a group of Grand Unity Immortals, especially with his primordial treasure-level body and Undying Great Dao.

The Grand Unity Immortals were unable to respond, and eventually, the Immortal-level sect master stepped out and said with a strong sense of righteousness, "You demon, what do you want?"

"Nothing much! I just want revenge!" Fang Yuan smiled. "And to extort your belongings in the process!"

"…" The Grand Unity Immortals widened their eyes. It was their first time coming across someone so blatantly shameless.

"Haha… You came into our Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect, killed our elders, and still dare to think about extorting us…" The Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect Master raged. "Truly shameless!"

"If you're unwilling, then I'll have no other choice!" Fang Yuan's eyes turned cold. "I can only take them by force!"

"Array, rise! Heavenly Circuit Stellar Array!"

The sect master swiftly retreated as the Grand Unity Immortals fully concentrated on wielding their immortal artifacts to block him.



Hazy starlight descended, and it suddenly seemed to become night.

The layers of shadows were incomparably hazy as they covered the figures of the many Immortals around.

Above the sky, large quantities of bright, bowl-sized stars were released, causing the descent of dreadful fluctuations.

"This is why… I dislike entering the sects of others. They always have many hidden cards in place!"

Fang Yuan looked at the array, but he was actually… excited?!

He also wanted to test his current strength through actual combat.

Ordinary Grand Unities, even with primordial treasure-level bodies, were no match for him.

But Grand Supreme Immortals were too much for him.

Therefore, there was simply not much for him to test himself against. The sect-protecting array of a Holy Land could at least exert the strength of peak Grand Unity, possibly even half-step Grand Supreme. It was perfect for his needs.

"Thief! Demon! Hand over your life!" Infuriated voices came from the starlight that surrounded him.

Shortly after, the endless starlight converged to form a slightly illusory human figure.

It only stood there calmly, as if it had a life of its own and was the master of this piece of heaven and earth, seeming as though it could grasp the stars with a simple wave of its hand.

"Patriarch Heavenly Circuit? Did he leave behind some spiritual will? Or is it an incarnation?"

Fang Yuan became solemn.

The Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect was indeed a cultivation Holy Land. To think that it still had such a method. Combining the spiritual will left behind by Patriarch Heavenly Circuit with the energy gathered from the array, it absolutely possessed the partial might of a Grand Supreme Immortal.

This array could suppress ordinary Grand Unities as easily as flipping over a palm. Even if a Chaos Godfiend were to come, the array could delay it a bit.

"Kill!" Fang Yuan looked at the illusory figure and launched an attack. "Light of Universe!"

"Magical power… Star Removal Hand!"

The Heavenly Circuit Stellar Array's illusory figure indifferently extended a hand.


A starlight palm abruptly appeared, covering the sky and the earth with an endlessly imposing manner. The index finger and thumb came together to form an odd hand seal that actually grasped the Saber Qi and split it into pieces.

"Star Great Dao!"

With an unparalleled manner, the massive hand descended from the sky as the stars all around brightened and turned into restrictive rays of light.


Immediately after, the enormous hand mercilessly smashed Fang Yuan into the ground like a fly, leaving behind a deep hole.

"He even left behind the power of his Great Dao?"

A moment later, the ground exploded, and Fang Yuan looked up from the bottom of the hole.

This formidable Great Dao power was clearly not from an ordinary Great Dao, but from the power of a Connate Great Dao!

"Nomological laws are limited to this world, while Great Daos can barely become detached from the restrictions of the world. Connate Great Daos, on the other hand, can suppress a world and are entirely of themselves?"

At that moment, his understanding of this world's Connate Great Daos improved.

"I would be more unfortunate than fortunate if I were to encounter a true Connate Great Dao as I am… But…" He fixed his eyes on the figure of the Heavenly Circuit Stellar Array. "You're merely an existence created from the combination of a trace of spiritual will and the energy of an array. Even with the imprints left behind by a Grand Supreme Immortal, how much could you really display?

"Universe Obliteration!"

Fang Yuan teleported. The space restrictions in the Holy Land were clearly unable to stop him as he appeared behind the figure and slashed.


An abstruse saber beam flashed, extinguishing any hope of survival.

Under the might of the saber, the illusory figure quickly disintegrated.

"Hmm?" However, Fang Yuan did not celebrate as he furrowed his brows.

"Brat!!!!" Within the star, the figure converged once again, and its voice contained a sense of indignance.

If it were merely a puppet earlier, its current state felt more like that trace of spiritual will had awakened as it displayed the true power of a Grand Supreme Immortal! Even if it was only a small portion, it was definitely much more difficult to deal with than before.

"Array spirit? It seems like it won't die unless I destroy the array?" With his experience, he understood in a flash. "Slightly troublesome…"

Not only did this stellar figure have the offensive capabilities of a half-step Grand Supreme Immortal, but it could also converge and disperse, and was closely related to the array.

And the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect's sect-protecting array was naturally vast. Additionally, its foundation was based on a primordial treasure.

Even if he destroyed part of it, he would not damage its operation.

"I can't kill it. Leave!" Fang Yuan put away his saber and immediately teleported.

"What's going on? Shouldn't the Holy Land restrict the Illusion Realm's nomological laws? Is this brat's attainment in them higher than that former elder's?"

"Where did he teleport to?"

"Not good! The treasure pavilion! Quickly save it!"

Within seconds, inside the array, the sect master and the elders became a chaotic mess.

The array spirit in the void was slightly suspicious, but the very next moment, it appeared within the treasure pavilion.

"Universe Obliteration!" Fang Yuan had been waiting for its as he split it in two. "You're indeed a worthy array spirit, being able to appear anywhere in the array!"

The next moment, the two illusory figures exploded and recondensed into azure starlight. "Myriad Star Flying Edge!"


Starlight flew out like fireflies that contained frightening murderous intent.

In a split second, blood started flowing out of Fang Yuan's body, as if he were a broken sack.

But shortly after, the blood seemed to have its own consciousness as it flew back into his wounds, and his skin and flesh instantly recovered, without leaving a single mark.

"Primordial treasure-level body? Undying Great Dao?" The illusory figure frowned as it prepared to test another method. "Starlight… Seal!"

"An intelligent array spirit? Trouble…"

Fang Yuan teleported, instantly leaving the scene and arriving at the depths of the treasure pavilion.

At this time, he was not afraid of being surrounded. His only concern was being sealed.

Speaking of which, although the Abominable Lord crossed over to become a parasite of the Heavenly Dao, it isn't much different from being sealed. It was only recently that he could come out for some fresh air and arrange a deathtrap for me… However, he only had that one chance, while I have unlimited potential for development and plenty of opportunities to deal with him!

Fang Yuan brandished his sleeves.

Flap Flap!

A few whirlpools appeared within the pavilion. Like whales swallowing water, they sucked up all the immortal pills and materials nearby.

"You thief!" Seeing this, the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect Master's face almost turned green.

These astonishing riches were the accumulations of the Holy Land over millions of years.

But in an instant, Fang Yuan looted this much, inflicting serious damage to the sect.


Fang Yuan was not satisfied and continued plundering more resources, determined to severely injure the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect.

Concurrently, he was swallowing an immense amount of spiritual pills and elixirs, turning them into the most fundamental accumulation of Immortal Qi as he started charging toward the Grand Unity bottleneck.

"To break through to Grand Unity Immortal, I must first master a Great Dao. I've satisfied this condition and also reached the required realm, so the rest is merely accumulating Qi!

"In this regard, my previous foundation and the Qi I refined while meditating and waiting for an opportunity made me close. These immortal pills and materials are the perfect supplement for the final push!"

Fang Yuan's eyes shined as colorful auspicious clouds appeared around him. The Grand Unity Immortals watching started blankly. "The sign of breaking through to Grand Unity?"

Cultivators in the Wasteland World only had one Immortal lightning tribulation. The rest would be smooth sailing, without the need to cross tribulations or anything else.

Otherwise, Fang Yuan was not confident he would be able to overcome another one. After all, the Abominable Lord was around.

All of this happened in the time it took a spark to fly off a piece of flint.

From Fang Yuan's plundering, to the recondensing of the array spirit, then to the incident in the treasure pavilion… It all merely took the blink of an eye.

"Have a taste of my saber!"

Fang Yuan smiled as his saber's edge shined brightly.

Just as the array spirit was prepared to receive his attack, he smiled even brighter as his body disappeared.

"Where is that demon?"

"He's already out of the array's range!"

"Damn it…"

The Grand Unity Immortals and the sect master were left dejected and depressed, their hearts incomparably gloomy.

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