Carefree Path of Dreams
1121 Return
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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1121 Return

"The array spirit can't die, so I'd be a fool if I continued exhausting myself with it!"

Outside the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect, the void flickered as Fang Yuan emerged, looking at the sky. "Moreover… there's him!"

If he had spent too much energy on the array spirit, he would have faced the danger of being sealed by the many Grand Unities there.

But the greatest threat came from the heavens.

Although the Abominable Lord was currently in a state equivalent to being sealed, who knew what he would come up with next?

"Heaven's will likes to mess with people… The key is still providence… Fortunately, as a true powerhouse, my strength is enough to deal with it. Even if heaven's will goes all out to mess with me, it will also be helpless!"

Fang Yuan had crossed through many worlds and already had a deep understanding of the operation of a Heavenly Dao.

If he were still a mortal like before and had to live in this world, the influence of heaven's will on him would have truly been extremely significant. If it wanted him dead, he really would not have been able to do anything about it.

But after the lightning tribulation and becoming an Immortal, his strength was reborn, and the possibility of heaven's will affecting him plummeted.

Once he reached the Grand Unity realm, even the Heavenly Dao would be helpless against him.

After all, the arrival of a disaster required a catalyst, and in this world, who else could deal with a Grand Unity except top cultivators?

After cultivating to the Grand Unity realm, his strength alone could suppress fate, and external influences could not easily affect him.

Moreover, even if he could no longer stay in this world, he could enter the chaos. Although it might be much more exhausting for him than a Grand Supreme Immortal, it was still very simple for him to live within the chaos.

"Haha… Abominable Lord, you only had one chance during my lightning tribulation. Since I survived, victory is essentially within my grasp!" Fang Yuan looked at the sky, full of confidence.

Ever since he advanced to Immortal, his cultivation had truly experienced rapid progress. At this moment, he had already broken through to Grand Unity.

Given time, advancing to Grand Supreme would not be much of a problem.

But for the Abominable Lord, he would have to erode the entire Heavenly Dao, or at least a majority of it, before being able to escape the restrictions of the Heavenly Dao.

In comparison, he was already inferior to Fang Yuan.

"His speed at eroding the Heavenly Dao is also far slower than the speed of my cultivation. After all, I am an individual, while he has to invade and occupy an entire world… In terms of dimensions, it's much too difficult…"

Fang Yuan smiled faintly and unexpectedly even felt some pity for the Abominable Lord.

If the Abominable Lord had had a choice, he would have definitely wished to have transmigrated into an ordinary cultivator.

With his talent, he would have already been able to comprehend an incredible Great Dao and broken through to the Great Unity realm. If that had happened, Fang Yuan would be the one facing the most trouble.

"If there are any unexpected changes, I still have a hidden card up my sleeve!"

Fang Yuan pondered for a moment. He brushed his sleeves, and over ten red pearls appeared, each of them containing overflowing karma.

"Who would have thought that the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect actually had such items that were the result of the convergence of the flesh and essence of wronged souls… They seem pretty fresh, so I guess they should be from the demon disaster?"

He sized up the pearls in his hand, and each one was equivalent to the convergence of the flesh of a hundred thousand wronged souls. Altogether, it was enough to make a blood sacrifice of a million.

"With this, my killing of the two Grand Unities Immortals earlier, and some immortal materials… The Pantheon Summoning Technique's eternal summoning gate may not necessarily be impossible to construct! Of course, if I were to do this, I would become the sinner of this world. All the top cultivators would join hands in attacking me! This can only be a last resort…"

If the Abominable Lord was finally about to break free and he had still not advanced to Grand Supreme, then there would be nothing to say. He would directly initiate a life-and-death struggle.

"The Chaos Godfiends are all about to be suppressed, and the demon disaster will come to an end…"

Fang Yuan was currently standing in the air and vaguely sensed the terrifying fluctuations coming from three directions.

Every ripple contained a frightening force that could seriously injure Grand Unity Immortals. Undoubtedly, this was due to the fights between the Grand Supreme Immortals and Chaos Godfiends.

And he could faintly sense that Wasteland World currently held the upper hand.

"The most intense fight is clearly in the Central Region. Seems like the Golden Soul Sect's Grand Supreme Immortal is truly powerful… He can actually suppress a Chaos Godfiend by himself. Has he already reached the ninth transference of the Nine Transference Undying Method? And his fleshly body is already at the sacred realm?"

Fang Yuan was slightly astonished, but he had no intention to head over and fish for benefits.

Unless he recovered his former strength or reached Grand Supreme, heading to a battle of such caliber would not be any different from courting death.

After all, they were both physically there, nothing like the array spirit that only had a trace of spiritual will.

"Chaos Godfiend… What a pity!" Fang Yuan licked his lips but felt helpless. "If I could obtain their origin crystals, perhaps my Undying Demon Body would advance by leaps and bounds, and the eighth and ninth levels wouldn't be a dream!"

As for the final tenth level, according to his imagination, it surpassed the level of a Chaos Godfiend, and it was even more incredible than having his body become sacred. However, this level only existed in his imagination.

"No… that Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend sleeping soundly in the depths of chaos might have a body at that level…" Fang Yuan looked at the sky, sighing with emotion.

Suddenly, his expression changed drastically. "What's happening?"

Ow Ow!

Roar Roar!

Outside the world, numerous Primordial Godfiend gathered, and they all had slightly fanatical expressions.

In front of them were six figures with incomparably frightening auras. "The patriarch is about to awaken completely… The destruction of this world can be the start of everything!"


Within the world, dark clouds covered the sky as violent winds and rain screamed.

The very next moment, six massive bolts of lightning flashed in the void and spread across the world.

The heavenly canopy split open as six gigantic cracks formed!

Wounds of heaven!

This frightful calamity was only possible when Chaos Godfiends were involved!

Moments later, Primordial Godfiends swarmed out of these cracks like locusts. Behind them were six incomparably mighty existences also entering the world, bringing a sense of oppression to all beings.

Thump! Thump!

Sounds resembling war drums and footsteps echoed directly in the hearts of all living beings, giving birth to the feeling that things were horribly wrong.

"Six Chaos Godfiends and so many Primordial Godfiends?" Fang Yuan's eyes widened, and a sudden impulse hit him. "In addition to the previous ones, there are nine Chaos Godfiends! This war is far more terrifying than the one that caused Mount Mengyan's destruction!"

Although Mount Mengyan's patriarch had perished together with a Chaos Godfiend, if the human Holy Lands had joined forces and other Grand Supreme Immortals came as reinforcements, how could it have ended up like that?

In that demon disaster, it was also because there were too many Chaos Godfiends that the Grand Supreme Immortals were in straitened circumstances. In addition, the sea of Primordial Godfiends had greatly exhausted the war capabilities and vitality of the various Holy Lands. Ultimately, immense exhaustion led to the downfall of Mount Mengyan's patriarch and eventually Mount Mengyan itself.

"According to the records in the Thirty-Three-Level Outer Heaven Tower, only seven Chaos Godfiends came during that demon disaster…"

Fang Yuan could not help mumbling to himself, "This is absolutely not because of me…"

Although he had thought about constructing the Otherworldly Demon Summoning Gate to destroy the world just to kill the Abominable Lord, he had yet to actually act on it. It was merely his trump card.

"This time, it looks like the world is truly in trouble!"

With this thought, a trace of light flashed in his eyes as his figure disappeared into the void.

"What? Six more Chaos Godfiends?"

"In the previous large-scale demon disaster, weren't there only around two or three?"

"Why is this happening?"

"The heavens want my sect gone…"

At that moment, not only Fang Yuan, but also many other Grand Unity Immortals felt the arrival of the Chaos Godfiends, and they were all distressed.

Central Region.

Patriarch Golden Soul's clothes were torn, and he was covered in blood. He held Golden Mount Meru, looked at the two falling meteors, and laughed. "You're one step too late!"

Under his right palm and the golden mountain, there was black fog with faint flames, and it seemed like a red-scaled Godfiend sealed was within it.

Western Region.

Grand Supreme Immortal Gui Zhuang and Luan Xuan glanced at each other in shock. "Nine Chaos Godfiends? Since the beginning of the world's history, has there ever been a tribulation like this?"

"Could the rumors be true? After four kalpas, the end of a world arrives?" Immortal Luan Xuan's expression changed.

Immortal Gui Zhuang calculated as he shook his head. "Impossible… Our world is thriving and has only been around for eighteen thousand eras, while the lifespan of a great world is fifty thousand eras! We're not even halfway there!

"In any case, we definitely won't be able to seal this evil creature now. Let's leave!"

He waved his hand and executed the great ability that separated the two realms. The Chaos Godfiend that was still wreaking havoc and roaring suddenly disappeared.

Two Grand Supreme Immortals looked at each other, and their faces could not help but reveal anxiety as their figures slowly disappeared.

In the face of a more terrifying Demonic Tribulation than any other before, even Holy Lands with Grand Supreme Immortals chose to evade temporality as the sects gradually disappeared from the world.

The entire world plunged into a dark reign of terrorizing massacres.

In comparison, Fang Yuan breaking into the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect and killing two Grand Unity Immortals no longer seemed significant. During peaceful times, it would have shocked the world.

One day.

Outside the Wasteland World, an old man wearing a black and white robe appeared.

"The world is facing a tribulation. Tragic, tragic, tragic…"

He let out a loud sigh. His gaze looked gentle yet seemed capable of penetrating the world as he looked at the number of otherworldly demons arriving. "Although it's a good plan to evade temporarily, the otherworldly demons will rapidly consume the lifespan of the world, and it won't matter how long the world's lifespan is!"

The appearance of Chaos Godfiends represented a world-ending tribulation, and it had nothing to do with what phase a world was at.

"Not to mention…" The old man shook his head as his figure flashed into the world.

He appeared nostalgic, like a traveler returning home after many years. "I'm finally back… I wonder how the sect is? Sigh… Facing such a great tribulation, I doubt my previous arrangements are of any use!"

He flew hurriedly, and it did not take long before he reached the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect.

Clang! Clang!

The large bell of the stars sounded, and many Immortals stepped out. The one in the lead was a Grand Unity Immortal. When he saw the old man, he immediately knelt, his voice choked with emotions. "Old Patriarch… you're finally back…"


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