Carefree Path of Dreams
1122 Gathering
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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1122 Gathering

"The aura of a Grand Supreme… at the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect…"

Somewhere within the void, Fang Yuan furrowed his brows.

Shortly after, he sensed a fierce rumbling coming from the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect as clouds rose and mountains completely disappeared from this world.

"Concealing the sect?"

This was the most passive method for every Holy Land to deal with a demon disaster. However, without a Grand Supreme Immortal taking charge, this would be simply impossible.

Therefore, even if the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect knew that the peak of the demon disaster had arrived with the invasion of the nine Chaos Godfiends, it could only stay put and fight for their lives.

"Being able to operate the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect into hiding means that this person must be a Grand Supreme Immortal… Is it Patriarch Heavenly Circuit? Or did one of the Grand Unity Immortals manage to break through?"

Fang Yuan chuckled, certain that the latter was impossible.

A Grand Unity wanting to sublimate a Connate Great Dao, how difficult was that?

Not to mention, he had met every Grand Unity Immortal when he had gone up against the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect. They were all trash, like rotten wood. They were already extremely fortunate to have formed a Great Dao in their lives, let alone breaking through to Grand Supreme.

"Furthermore, the amount of resources needed to break through to the Grand Supreme realm is exceedingly frightening. It seems like Patriarch Heavenly Circuit has finally returned from the chaos after sensing that something was amiss with this demon disaster?"

The Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect naturally had a Grand Supreme Immortal Patriarch. After rampaging through it, Fang Yuan also knew that this patriarch had left this world a long time ago to wander the chaos.

But he unexpectedly returned at this time.

"… If he had returned slightly earlier, I might not have had the chance to act so rampant in the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect… In fact, I might have even been captured by him."

With this thought, Fang Yuan immediately left the Southern Region and went to the Central Region.

After looking for a first-class sect with only a Grand Unity Immortal at the helm to make discreet inquiries, some news came flowing to him.

"The Golden Soul Sect's Patriarch Golden Soul took action and directly suppressed a Chaos Godfiend. He was even able to match up against two other Chaos Godfiends.

"Chaos Godfiends appeared in all five regions of the Great Sage Immortal World, and the humans have suffered heavy casualties.

"And… the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect sent out invitations to all existences at Grand Unity and above to attend a conference because Patriarch Heavenly Circuit brought back some information from the chaos."

Fang Yuan stared at the Grand Unity Immortal in front of him. "Are these three pieces of news true?"

"Everything I've said is true! I don't dare to lie to you!" the Grand Unity Immortal said hurriedly.

The first-class sect that he found was named the Flower Separation Descending Sect. It had a Grand Unity Immortal overseeing it, which was much better than the Iron Mountain Gate.

However, because it had only produced one Grand Unity Immortal, it ranked near the end of the first-class sects.

This Grand Unity was Flower Separation Descending Sect's grand elder—Yan Wuxu!

Although he was also at Grand Unity, after Fang Yuan defeated him in one move, his attitude became quite good, and he said everything he knew without reserve.

"Where are they gathering? Isn't this a little too unrealistic? After all, all those Holy Land have turned into turtles…" Fang Yuan asked doubtfully.

"It's possible right in the sects! I have a 'Ghost Realm Token' that Grand Supreme Immortal Gui Zhuang bestowed! It can bring me straight to the Ghost Realm!"

The grand elder quickly continued, "The so-called Ghost Realm is essentially a vast illusory world that covers the entire Wasteland World. All Immortals can enter with a single strand of spiritual will…"

Isn't this a Da Qian Dream Master's dream world technique?

Fang Yuan thought about it and continued questioning. He realized that this Grand Supreme Immortal Gui Zhuang had yet to consider this aspect. Normally, the Ghost Realm was not open at all, or in other words, they were forced to do so because of the grave danger.

"Immortal Gui Zhuang's Great Dao is so exotic that it can form a world that covers the entire Wasteland World… Unfortunately, in that world, there are inevitably some dangers as well!" the grand elder explained. "But a Ghost Realm Token can allow all Immortals within a certain range to arrive there using their spiritual wills…"

"Is that so? Bring me to that Ghost Realm now!"

Fang Yuan did not waste any time as he had this grand elder activate the Ghost Realm Token.


The so-called Ghost Realm Token was merely a greenish-black token with a ghost head carved on it.

But when it snarled, something peculiar suddenly appeared in the surrounding environment.

Fang Yuan, who was proficient in traversing techniques, instantly condensed a trace of spiritual will and threw it into it.

Whoosh whoosh!

Suddenly, heaven and earth transformed, and he seemed to have arrived in a strange world. The sky was overcast, and the entire world was only black and white.

"This is the Ghost Realm?"

Fang Yuan looked around curiously. It seems different from a Dream Master's dream world, as there's a certain eeriness here… It should be called the Underworld instead… It looks like this place is meant for battles.

Unlike a dream world, the power of the rules in this Ghost Realm was naturally powerful and terrifying, and it seemed more self-contained.

In other words, this place was the inner world of the entire Wasteland World, and it had all kinds of mysterious powers.

"The spiritual wills of ordinary Immortals would definitely corrode here… And the amplification of a particular Great Dao is also quite astonishing!"


Fang Yuan extended a hand, and the black Qi in the void turned into golden lotuses. The lotuses bloomed one after another, with the power of a distinct Great Dao.

"This Grand Supreme Immortal Gui Zhuang is indeed astonishing… He's likely comparable to Patriarch Golden Soul and equally capable of suppressing a Chaos Godfiend!"

In terms of cultivation, Chaos Godfiends had the support of their incredibly formidable bodies, making them far superior to ordinary human Grand Supremes.

Therefore, only the most outstanding Grand Supremes could surpass Chaos Godfiends.

In terms of their might, it was obvious how terrifying they were.

Or rather… have all the weaker Grand Supremes died?

With a glance, Fang Yuan spotted some shadows in a corner. After getting closer, he realized that they were white, translucent phantoms.

From inside of them, fireflies flew out and started flying all over the sky while carrying a strange smell.

"Sir, we have to be careful. This Ghost Realm is incomparably dangerous, and unless we have a Grand Supreme's spiritual will, we might perish at any time!" Yan Wuxu reminded him from the side.

He had no choice but to remind him. He and Fang Yuan were only a trace of spiritual will here, so even if they perished, it would not affect their body much.

But once something happened, the other party would certainly not let him off.

Given the strength disparity, killing him would not be a problem at all.

"I know. This Ghost Realm should be a naturally existing world within the Wasteland World. Unexpectedly, Grand Supreme Immortal Gui Zhuang was able to connect…" Fang Yuan sighed.

In this place, he clearly sensed the difference in heaven and earth.

In other words, the expression of the various exotic rules here was just like that of a primitive dream world—bizarre and fantastic yet containing dreadful opportunities and risks.

"Please follow me, Sir!"

At this moment, a dark glimmer of light automatically emerged from the Ghost Realm Token to guide them while simultaneously making all the strange phenomenons not dare to draw near.

Fang Yuan silently followed Yan Wuxu for some time before they arrived at a black altar.

This altar was incredibly ancient and took up an extremely large area. Who knew how many years it had been here.

Currently, green rays of light were all around. These were Ghost Realm Tokens that were shielding groups of one or more figures.

Fang Yuan's entrance was nothing remarkable.

He sat cross-legged and waited quietly.

Before long, more and more Grand Unity Immortals came. In the end, over three hundred had arrived, shocking Fang Yuan. This should be the foundation of the entire Wasteland World, right? Even the human race isn't the only race here…

Through some of the dark glimmers, he sensed several strange Grand Unity auras that were unlikely to be human cultivators.


Suddenly, several massive light clusters descended. Like suns, they exuded frightening auras.

"The spiritual wills of Grand Supreme Immortals!"

Fang Yuan looked over and saw the six light clusters had each occupied one side.

"Patriarch Golden Soul, Immortal Gui Zhuang, Immortal Luan Xuan, Patriarch Heavenly Circuit, Yuan Potian, and lastly Patriarch Black Mist?"

From the exclamations around him, Fang Yuan obtained the names of these Grand Supreme Immortals.

Golden Soul, Gui Zhuang, Luan Xuan, and Heavenly Circuit were the human Grand Supremes, while Yuan Potian was a Fey cultivator and the sovereign of the Northern Region's Myriad Fey Country.

The last Patriarch Black Mist was the most mysterious. He was an itinerant cultivator, and little was known about his origins.

"The demon disaster has arrived, plunging the world into despair. Everyone has worked hard. Looking at the cultivators here and comparing it to the previous time, more than ten people have fallen, and some new people have come…" Patriarch Golden Soul's voice was heroic, and his eyes seemed to stop on Fang Yuan for a moment.

The next instant, five sharp gazes fixed on him, practically wanting to penetrate him completely.

"As everyone knows, the Chaos Godfiends can destroy our world. If we allow them to continue their destruction, even if our world has a lifespan of fifty thousand eras, they will eventually destroy it…" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit's voice was clear and melodious, and he did not find trouble with Fang Yuan.

Perhaps it was because of the general situation, but the largest possibility was that he knew that it would mean nothing even if he were to extinguish this trace of spiritual will here.

"But the reason I've gathered everyone here is that I hope everyone no longer stops the demon disaster!" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit's words were earth-shattering.


"Patriarch Heavenly Circuit… what do you mean?".

Everyone was doubtful as their puzzled gazes gathered. However, Patriarch Heavenly Circuit was composed. "Does anyone know why this demon disaster is so terrifying? All of this is closely related to the chaotic universe above this world! Our universe is coming to an end! Once the universe is annihilated, even new worlds will go down with it!"


One sentence truly roused waves of commotion.

Almost all the Grand Unity Immortals turned pale. "The universe is ending?"

Fang Yuan was also stunned. But because he had never been to the chaos, he really did not know about this.

"Although the universe's lifespan is much longer than that of a world, Heavenly Circuit's words are not false. If the universe ends, all the worlds will definitely fall with it!!"

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath, and for some reason, he suddenly thought of that Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend.

For some reason, he just felt that this great tribulation was largely related to it.


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