Carefree Path of Dreams
1123 Big Plan
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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1123 Big Plan

Amid the uproar, a Grand Unity Immortal stood up and asked, "May I ask Grand Supreme Immortal… You said earlier that you didn't want us to fight against the otherworldly demons because a great tribulation to the universe is approaching. So even if our world makes it through the Demonic Tribulation, we won't be able to survive independently?"

"Indeed… Even if our world manages to survive the demon disaster, the destruction of the universe will leave nothing behind at all," Patriarch Heavenly Circuit replied. "I've traveled around the chaos and met many similar existences. After noticing this problem, I've decided to gather the forces from across all the worlds and to resolve this problem."

This was truly a grave matter of life and death, and many Grand Unity Immortals looked solemn.

The destruction of a universe!

Fang Yuan had crossed through countless worlds and had not encountered this terrifying catastrophe before.

Great Daos were parallel to a world, and Connate Great Daos were the nomological powers at the level of a universe!

Although these Grand Unity Immortals could barely roam the chaos, they would instantly turn into fine powder upon the destruction of the universe!

Even Grand Supreme Immortals would find it difficult to escape death!

To obtain a lifeline in this universe's destruction, you must detach yourself from it… Is this the Dao Fruit level? Fang Yuan looked solemn as well.

To him, this was also a tribulation of death!

However, he was still slightly better off than these Immortals because he had a second method—take back his Dream Master cultivation and directly traverse at the universe level!

However, if I can recover my previous cultivation, it will mean that I've won the bet and will probably advance to Dao Fruit… Fang Yuan shook his head discreetly.

His bet with the Abominable Lord was bound with a life contract that was at the level of the Heavenly Dao of the universe's chaos. As long as they were still within this universe, when one party died, the other party would instantly receive the benefits.

"We also saw this problem, so we choose to pull back our strength… and conceal our sects!" Patriarch Golden Soul said and then looked at Patriarch Heavenly Circuit. "You've mentioned a solution to this problem… Tell us about it!"

"It's very simple… The fate of the universe is determined by two concepts—life and death! A world produces life, and that represents 'life'; while the otherworldly demons from the depths of chaos only know how to destroy everything, so they represent 'death'! The reason why the universe is facing destruction is that its concept of 'death' has increased tremendously…" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit Patriarch said frankly with assurance.

"So, why aren't you allowing us to kill otherworldly demons? According to your explanation, killing a lot of otherworldly demons should significantly reduce the concept of death and extend the life of the universe, right?" Immortal Luan Xuan asked.

"That's true, and if we were to kill those nine Chaos Godfiend, we might be able to make the universe continue to linger on at death's door. However, that's merely trying to put out the fire of a burning cart of firewood with a cup of water because the natural source of destruction still exists…" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit said emotionally. "Even the Chaos Godfiends are merely heirs of the natural source of destruction. What we need to get rid of is the source itself!"

"The source itself? Chaos Godfiends are merely heirs?" Immortal Gui Zhuang furrowed his brows. "According to your words, that source must be well protected. In fact, I can imagine the petrifying threat that it poses, so how can we destroy it?"

"Our world alone is indeed far from strong enough, so we need to join forces with other worlds…" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit said. "Furthermore… we will need the strength of those above Grand Supreme!"

"Above Grand Supreme is Grand Primordium!" Patriarch Golden Soul's spiritual will became excited. "Grand Primordium Immortal is the beginning of everything! Although our world produced an existence at this level before, no one knows where they've gone. In the last million years, there has been no news…"

"We don't have any, but we can still gather a few Grand Primordium existences from the other worlds!" Heavenly Circuit Patriarch said confidently. "Although a Grand Primordium Immortal won't die even with the universe's destruction, they will still suffer…"

In fact, he omitted one more truth.

That was, a Grand Primordium Immortal only had about a fifty percent chance of surviving the destruction of the universe!

Therefore, even a Grand Primordium Immortal would not wish to see this happening.

If they did not want to go head-on against the destruction of the universe, the only way was to leave the universe itself. Obviously, the Grand Primordium Immortals who took pleasure in exploring new places had already done so, and the remaining ones were those who could not bear to leave their homeland.

Therefore, they would not be willing to give up on this opportunity!

This was not merely for themselves, but also for their sects, relatives, and respective worlds!

"A demon disaster isn't the matter of any one world. Taking advantage of this time when the otherworldly demons near the natural source of destruction have come out and left it empty, we can surprise attack it. If we succeed, the remaining otherworldly demons won't pose much of a threat!"

Heavenly Circuit Patriarch scanned the surrounding. "This operation requires being able to move through the chaos at the very least, so Grand Unity is the baseline! Everyone has to play your part, all right?"

"Of course!"

The Grand Supreme Immortals discussed and came to an agreement immediately. "However, we first need to formalize an agreement regarding the alliance with the other worlds, and we can only make a decision after meeting the Grand Primordium Immortals. At that point, we'll require them to inspect the various worlds to make sure that no fish escapes!"

They were certainly not willing to be fighting for their lives at the front while having some turtles enjoy their success at the back.

"That's natural… However, we can't let the otherworldly demons destroy our world either. Not only will this strengthen the concept of death, but it will also strengthen the natural source of destruction, increasing the difficulty of our task!" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit said.

"I have a technique that I obtained from another world. However, it requires the cooperation of several Grand Supremes and numerous Grand Unities to seal the heavens and lock the earth temporarily. No matter how ferocious the Chaos Godfiends are, we can hold on for a while."

"All right!" Patriarch Golden Soul and the others nodded. Evidently, they did not want to save the universe and then end up as stray dogs.

Even so, the world would become full of gaping wounds, and they would certainly have to pay a price.

"The concept of life and death determines the fate of the universe?" Fang Yuan heard this and felt emotional. "This is indeed a rather bizarre universe…"

In fact, the previous worlds that he had traversed to were all attached to the universe where the Mental Demon Realm was. Strictly speaking, coming here was his first time crossing over universes.

"The natural source of destruction, does it refer to that Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend?"

Upon hearing Immortal Heavenly Circuit's words, he immediately connected the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend with the natural source of destruction.

"According to him, if the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend wanted to destroy our world, it would merely take a blow from its main body. So why bother disseminating the Pantheon Catalog to prepare for the arrival of its incarnations? Does this mean that the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend's body is hard to move? Or did something happen back then with the Patriarch Pantheon incarnation?"

It was a pity that he had too little information for him to seek an answer.

At this point, he heard Patriarch Heavenly Circuit's spiritual will. "The technique that I want to arrange is called—Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Seal! It's an extremely formidable sealing technique and won't have any problem sealing Chaos Godfiends. However, this array needs a few Grand Unities to stabilize the eye of the array, and it has to be those who have comprehended top nomological laws like space and time!"

Fang Yuan's scalp tingled upon hearing this.

Shortly afterward, Patriarch Heavenly Circuit's voice was in his ears. "Whether you're Situ Zhaixing or little friend Li Hun, I have no malicious intentions. If you're willing to help us with this, I can guarantee that the grievances between the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect and you will be written off!"

For a Grand Supreme Immortal to say this, he was naturally extremely sincere.

Afraid that Fang Yuan would not believe him, Patriarch Heavenly Circuit continued, "All the Immortals here can be witnesses! We can also make an oath independently…"

This Heavenly Circuit… Fang Yuan's eyes glowed when he heard this. Is he actually such a person? A saint who only wants to save the world? Someone who no longer cares about his own honor and disgrace, the life and death of his descendants, and the rise and fall of his dao lineage?

To be honest, Fang Yuan did not trust him at all. However, Heavenly Circuit talked about making an oath, he could only play dumb first. "I am also a part of this world, so I won't hesitate to help when needed!"

"Haha… Great!" Patriarch Golden Soul took the lead to express his appreciation, as if he had the intention of pulling Fang Yuan back to the Golden Soul Sect.

"Okay! After leaving this place, everyone is to gather in the Central Region… With the strength of our Wasteland World, I don't believe we can't deal with a few Chaos Godfiends!" Heavenly Circuit remained vehement, but Fang Yuan was increasingly suspicious as a trace of worry flashed across his eyes.

"Numerous Grand Unity and Grand Supreme Immortals heading out to take part in an alliance with other worlds, and with Grand Primordium Immortals as the commanders, they're going to attack the natural source of destruction?"

After separating with Yan Wuxu, Fang Yuan immediately entered the void. "This is truly a grand plan, but the bigger the plan, the easier it is for slip-ups!"

Without mentioning anything else, a few Grand Unities and Grand Supremes might not be willing to send themselves to death as cannon fodder.

Although they could invite Grand Primordium Immortals to scan the worlds, it was not surefire either.

For example, Fang Yuan could hide within the chaos, and Grand Primordium Immortals might not be able to find him.

"However, now that matters have come to this, why don't I go to the Golden Soul Sect first?"

At the thought of Patriarch Golden Soul Patriarch's secret voice transmission before leaving earlier, Fang Yuan became thoughtful. "This Patriarch Golden Soul is outstanding among the Grand Supreme Immortals. Since he could seal a Chaos Godfiend by himself, why is he looking for me?"

Although he had gained a technique from the other party, he had also gotten rid of a great danger for him. Weighing these matters in hand, nobody owed anyone anything.

Of course, he still had to take necessary precautions. At least, he had to guard against the possibility that this Grand Supreme Immortal could suddenly turn on him.

With this thought, his figure flashed as he produced an incarnation.

This incarnation technique was an immortal ability that used a wisp of Qi to instill life and very different from a clone technique.

The crucial part was that not only was it weak, but it acted like a puppet and could not be too far away from the main body. And if the main body died, it would perish immediately.

The only advantage about it was that even if it died, the user would merely lose a bit of Qi, and it was often used in all kinds of dangerous situations.

"Sure enough… it can't even use nomological laws efficiently!"

The incarnation could not even teleport and could only fly slowly to where the Golden Soul Sect was originally located.


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