Carefree Path of Dreams
1124 Evil Intentions
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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1124 Evil Intentions

"Li Hun, you're here!"

The Golden Mount Meru had long disappeared, but in its place was someone waiting. He was eight feet tall and seemed like a statue made of pure gold. He was dignified and solemn, and his eyes were shining.

"Greetings, Sect Master. My humble name is Fang Yuan!"

Since he had determined that the Abominable Lord was sealed in the Heavenly Dao, Fang Yuan naturally had no worries about using his real name.

"So your real name is Fang Yuan. I thought you were called Situ Zhaixing!" Patriarch Golden Soul laughed heartily. "So you came to my Golden Soul Sect for the Nine Transference Undying Method? You planned this because your Illusion Realm's nomological laws are too powerful, and you needed to refine your body to the primordial treasure level to overcome the tribulation! Also, Wu Yuan told me about Qiu Tianfeng… Although you had your goal, you did not commit any evil after joining my sect. It's pretty rare…"

He might possess a rough appearance, but he was very meticulous and deduced most of the situation from merely a few clues.

However, Patriarch Golden Soul probably did not expect that Fang Yuan had comprehended not one set of top nomological laws, but three!

"Sect Master, you're overpraising me… I wonder why you called me here?"

"You reached the seventh transference of the Nine Transference Undying Method in such a short time. Your talent is astounding, even beyond my imagination… Why not return to the Golden Soul Sect?"

Patriarch Golden Soul looked straight at Fang Yuan's incarnation. "If you do, I'll make you the sect master of the Golden Soul Sect immediately, and I'll also take care of the troubles with Heavenly Circuit!"

"Thank you for your kindness, Sect Master. However, I already have a legacy…" Fang Yuan declined after some thought.

The Golden Soul Sect was of little use to him now.

"Alas… I thought so…" Patriarch Golden Soul sighed. "I knew your choice from the moment you left, but I couldn't help trying…"

"Sect Master called for me today, probably not for this matter?"

"That's right… I do have something else that I need your strength for. This old man can make a life oath if you're worried…" Patriarch Golden Soul looked at Fang Yuan's incarnation with a faint smile.

"Patriarch, please let me know directly. I'll do whatever I can to help." Fang Yuan bowed hurriedly.

Although Mental Demon Demon Gods and Netherheaven Demon Gods both counted as Demon Gods, the difference in their combat power was simply worlds apart.

"It's still about the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Seal… You have to help out for this array! This is also very important!"

Fang Yuan finally understood after Patriarch Golden Soul gave him a detailed explanation.

Strictly speaking, Patriarch Golden Soul could also destroy a Chaos Godfiend, but the consumption would be too massive. It would take a toll equivalent to tens of thousands of years to his cultivation of peak Grand Supreme and his body at the sacred level, greatly damaging his vitality.

It was the same for the other Grand Supremes.

Thus, Heavenly Circuit did not want the cultivators of the Wasteland World to fight with the otherworldly demons. He was afraid that the damage to their vitality would be too great, and they would not be able to exert themselves when they went to destroy the natural source of destruction.

However, the Wasteland World was also the route of retreat for the Immortals. It would amount to nothing if they allowed the otherworldly demons to destroy it, so Patriarch Heavenly Circuit had suggested to seal them!

Sealing a Godfiend consumed at least ninety percent less than destroying them, and most of the Immortals could accept this.

"Only… we've seen the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Seal's array diagram. In addition to expending a bit of our vitality, we also need an Immortal who has the Illusion Realm's nomological laws at perfection to refine the void and stabilize the eye of the array… I hope you can do it!"

Patriarch Golden Soul continued solemnly, "This old man can guarantee that we won't go into past faults after this!"

He could obviously see through Fang Yuan's insincere words and tried to persuade him again.

"This…" Fang Yuan hesitated. He really did not want to agree.

No matter how righteous Patriarch Golden Soul put it, he just could not believe him.

Moreover, what would happen to his plans if he were to seal the otherworldly demons and stop the demon disaster?

Fang Yuan did not forget the main purpose he was here for—winning the bet with the Abominable Lord and taking back everything that belonged to him and the other party.

According to the accumulations of me and the Abominable Lord, I should be able to achieve Dao Fruit, even if it's only a Mental Demon Dao Fruit. I would also be able to take the initiative in the following destruction of this world… However, I can't share this plan with outsiders!

He could predict how Patriarch Golden Soul and the others would react if he were to tell them he had the opportunity to advance to Grand Primordium with the destruction of this world.

The best outcome would be for them to not believe it. They could even directly threaten him if they wanted to obtain that opportunity.

Or perhaps they would kill him if they realized they could not use it for themselves.

It was not that he looked down on the bottom line of these Grand Supreme Immortals, but no one was immune to the temptation of becoming a Grand Primordium Immortal.

Looks like… I'll have to kill the Abominable Lord and achieve Dao Fruit before the great tribulation of the universe arrives! Fang Yuan made up his mind in secret, even though he said that he would need time to consider and left.

"How is this kid?"

Immediately after he left, several figures emerged. It was Immortal Gui Zhuang and the other Grand Supreme Immortals.

"He's startlingly talented and very clever!" Patriarch Golden Soul hesitated and sighed. "I was speaking the truth just now. I really hoped that he would take over my Golden Soul Sect!"

"He's truly smart!" Heavenly Circuit's voice was a little cold. They would have definitely done something if it had been Fang Yuan's true body.

A Grand Supreme Immortal could force a Grand Unity Immortal to bow his head just like that.

"He's still so slippery even during such a crisis. How irritating!" Patriarch Black Mist evaluated coldly.

"That's no wonder. He has the Illusion Realm's nomological laws, and no one can do anything to him. Hehe…" Immortal Luan Xuan showed a smile that charmed all beings. "However, there were many Immortals in history who still fell even though they had attained perfection in the Illusion Realm's nomological laws!"

"However, he must go into a dead end himself… Otherwise, he'd slip away even with my ability to connect with the Ghost Realm…" the silent Immortal Gui Zhuang said suddenly.

"Even you can't do anything to him?" The Grand Supreme Immortals were truly baffled now.

Immortal Gui Zhuang's Connate Great Dao could command the Ghost Realm. Nothing should go wrong if he were to make a move.

"That kid is very vigilant. Moreover, he seems to have comprehended more than one set of top nomological laws…" Immortal Gui Zhuang had a bit of helplessness in his voice. "This kid… might be an unprecedented genius!"

"Other top nomological laws…" The other Grand Supreme Immortals were speechless upon hearing this.

An Immortal with perfection in the Illusion Realm's nomological laws was already hard to deal with. But if he had comprehended other top nomological laws, what now?

"It seems like we can only use the second option. Luckily, we prepared for it!" Patriarch Golden Soul said. "It won't be an issue to gather a few immortal artifacts that contain the Illusion Realm's nomological laws from our Holy Lands… But we must solve the problem of this kid!"

They certainly could not allow Fang Yuan to remain free and at ease.

"Perhaps… that Grand Primordium Immortal can resolve this issue once he arrives!" Heavenly Circuit could not help smiling happily. "News from my clone… The other great worlds have agreed to form an alliance with us. A Grand Primordium Immortal will represent them and come to our world!"

"As expected… Trying peaceful means before resorting to violence?" Fang Yuan sneered somewhere in the void while avoiding the detection of the Ghost Realm.

He had negotiated with his incarnation just in case, but now it proved that he was far-sighted.

When he left, he could clearly feel the tracing from a certain Grand Supreme Immortal, so he had destroyed the incarnation directly.

His true body was worlds away. He naturally had a way to hide from the detection of the Ghost Realm since he had started coming into contact with the Void Great Dao.

Not to mention, his spiritual will had even toured the Ghost Realm once, so he was very sensitive to its fluctuations.

"Seems like it's still best to depend on myself!" Fang Yuan took a deep breath. "I have to break through as soon as possible!"

A Grand Primordium Immortal would come sooner or later because of the alliance. However, he was not ready to abandon this world and escape into the chaos just yet.

Especially since there was still the Abominable Lord in the Heavenly Dao. He really could not leave it.

"It's absolutely impossible to fill the eye of the array. Once I enter it, I most likely won't be in control of my life and death… A Grand Supreme Immortal can make a life oath, but it doesn't mean they can't go against it if they're willing to pay a certain price."

The so-called oath was actually merely a self-restraint. Grand Supreme Immortals could suppress a world with their Connate Great Dao. At their level, 'swearing by the heavens' was a joke!

Furthermore, a universe-level oath would also be useless if they had the help of a Grand Primordium Immortal.

As for the life oath, after violating it, it was mostly being unable to continue their Dao paths, and they would become susceptible to producing mental demons and so on. It was not much of a loss if they did not have much hope of reaching Grand Primordium in the first place.

In conclusion, it was still pretty dangerous.

"That Grand Primordium Immortal could arrive at any time. I won't be safe in this world if he cooperates with Immortal Gui Zhuang…

"Moreover, the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Seal could activate at any time… I don't have much information about this seal, and I only know that it can greatly reduce the speed at which Chaos Godfiends erode the world… I'll be in grave danger if these Grand Supreme Immortals are free to deal with me!"

Fang Yuan took a deep breath, and his eyes gave off a decisive light. "I have to break through to Dao Fruit given the current circumstances!"

An ordinary Grand Unity Immortal talking about the Dao Fruit realm was simply a joke.

The distance between Grand Supreme and Grand Primordium might only have Grand Supreme in the middle, but every step was more difficult than the last. It was definitely harder than all the other realms he had broken through to before!

Nonetheless, it was different for Fang Yuan. He had been a Netherheaven Demon God, which was equivalent to the Grand Supreme realm, and he also had that bet. He could reach the heavens in one step as long as he destroyed the Abominable Lord!


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