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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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1125 Seal

In order to achieve Dao Fruit, he had to eliminate the Abominable Lord!

However, the Abominable Lord was a parasite of the world's Heavenly Dao, and doing so would naturally be a bit tricky.

Fang Yuan was very doubtful whether the Abominable Lord could erode the entire Heavenly Dao. It was basically impossible. In fact, the chances of him being assimilated were higher.

As a former Netherheaven Demon God who had reached the peak, the Abominable Lord probably knew this as well. Otherwise, he would not have focused on the punishment aspect of the Heavenly Dao and arranged a deathtrap for him.

"If the Abominable Lord had succeeded and I hadn't survived the lightning tribulation but instead turned to ashes, he would have obtained both of our accumulations and succeeded in achieving the Otherworldly Demon Dao Fruit, gaining a dramatic increase in power. Perhaps he could have even refined this world… But now, after his failure, he's probably wrecking his brain over how to escape!"

With his failure, he had exposed himself and became a target, making it very unbearable for him.

With the suppression from the Heavenly Dao, his progress was bound to be far inferior to Fang Yuan's, and he could only be a living target. Even with the Heavenly Dao protecting him, he could not guarantee that Fang Yuan would not devise some way to target him specifically.

"The Heavenly Dao restricts as much as it protects…" Fang Yuan looked at the sky and smiled coldly.

With the foundation of the Wasteland World, the Abominable Lord would have a very tough time freeing himself.

Furthermore, there was currently a demon disaster, and the Connate Great Daos of the Chaos Godfiends was the most potent poison to this world.

With the Heavenly Dao damaged, the parasitic Abominable Lord's condition was not much better either.

"But this is also his only chance!" Fang Yuan contemplated carefully and realized that this was the key to determining if the Abominable Lord could survive.

Normally, the Abominable Lord would have to first erode the majority of the Heavenly Dao before being able to use his Chaos Godfiend power to escape its restrictions, but this was fundamentally impossible.

The exception was when the Heavenly Dao was damaged, weakening its restrictive powers. With his accumulation and experience as a peak Netherheaven Demon God, he might be able to find a way to escape.

However, it was hard to say how much of his strength he could retain if he used such a method to escape.

"Maybe he would only have a strand of his True Spirit left and have to reincarnate again?" Fang Yuan sneered. "If he really chooses this way to escape, who knows how far behind me he'll become. With the universe coming to an end soon, he might not have enough time to improve slowly!"

However, this was not the final outcome he desired either. What Fang Yuan truly wished for was the Abominable Lord's divine spirit to dissipate entirely and have no further chance of coming back.

"Looks like… I'll still have to cultivate the Pantheon Summoning Technique and construct the eternal Otherworldly Demon Summoning Gate!" He made up his mind. "Once I complete the gate, I could summon at least a few more Chaos Godfiends. Perhaps even a clone that contains a shred of the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend would come! Then annihilating the Wasteland World would be a breeze!"

The Heavenly Dao would be annihilated together with the world, and if he could not free himself before that, the Abominable Lord's only outcome was death.

Of course, unless absolutely essential, Fang Yuan did not want to use this last resort. After all, this method would make him become the enemy of the entire world!

"In any case, I should first prepare the materials. I already have the million blood sacrifices for the initiation. The souls and bones of Grand Unity Immortals are easy to obtain… I won't mess with the Holy Lands for now, and I can obtain them from itinerant cultivators or demons!"

After deciding his course of action, Fang Yuan immediately disappeared.

Time flew.

One day, in a city of the Wasteland World.

Large amounts of otherworldly demons were killing and destroying all life, and a Primordial Godfiend was in the center of them.

Roar Roar!

Suddenly, something attracted the otherworldly demons, and their eyes turned blood-red. They abandoned the flesh in their hands and madly raced toward a certain place.

The attraction was so strong that even the Primordial Godfiend could not help itself as it transformed into light to track down the source.

If you looked from above, you would see countless otherworldly demons across the continent becoming attracted and rushing to somewhere in the Central Region.

In the blink of an eye, millions of demons appeared, filling the area completely.


Buzz buzz!

Suddenly, a black heavenly canopy rose from the ground, completely isolating this area from the world.

Countless Primordial Godfiends and otherworldly demons were roaring inside.

"This Demon Attraction Technique is quite something to behold!" Immortal Gui Zhuang exclaimed while looking at Heavenly Circuit.

"It also required all of your efforts… Otherwise, how could the sentient Primordial Godfiends have been captured so easily?" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit was very modest.

"This technique is really good. Although using the power of the Ghost Realm gave it an extra boost, it can attract all ordinary otherworldly demons to the same spot under normal circumstances as well. Without them as minions, Primordial Godfiends are only slightly more powerful demons that we can eradicate easily!" Patriarch Golden Soul highly praised this technique that came from another world.

"It's nothing. Are the other preparations ready?" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit did not dare to let his guard down. "With so many otherworldly demons captured, the big ones won't just sit back and watch!"

Roar Roar!

Ow Ow!

As soon as he finished speaking, eight dominating auras suddenly closed in.

"The eight Chaos Godfiends?!" Immortal Luan Xuan's expression changed. "Patriarch Heavenly Circuit!"

These eight Chaos Godfiend were clearly attracted here by the aura or illusions. They must have detected the anomaly and joined forces in response, and they appeared very cautious.

In fact, their decision could not be counted as a mistake. Previously, in this world, nothing could threaten the joint force of eight Chaos Godfiends.

However, they had forgotten that Immortals would also become stronger, particularly those that had obtained powerful inheritances from the chaos!

"Ha! Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Seal!" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit shouted.

Around him, a hundred looming figures emerged, each with cultivation at least at Grand Unity.

At the same time, the illusion of a few array flags appeared behind him. Lights flashed, and the void vibrated. With a glance, you could tell that they were rare treasures of the Illusion Realm's nomological laws.

They immediately affected the entire world's void.

"Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Seal was originally a terrifying array used to refine worlds… Of course, with only a few immortal artifacts as the array eye, it can only refine the void in most areas. However, it's enough!"

Heavenly Circuit shouted, "All Immortals, heed my call. Give it your all and seal!"

Roar Roar!

He pointed at the sky, and an auspicious aura descended, turning into six big bright stars with a few hundred smaller stars following them. They melded into the void, and a tremendous force suddenly appeared, forcing the eight Chaos Godfiends into the area that sealed the otherworldly demons.


The Chaos Godfiends growled again and again, furious at eating a loss due to carelessness. As they growled, destructive Great Daos spread to the surroundings.

Rocks, soil, and even normal otherworldly demons turned to ash under the might of the Connate Great Daos.


The jet-black ripples finally ran into the barrier, and the entire world shook.

The six big stars dimmed temporarily, and a dozen or so of the small stars instantly died out.

These were Grand Unity Immortals who could not withstand the impact of the aftershocks of the Connate Destruction Great Daos. They immediately died, turning into dust.

"Heaven and earth aid us, together we will succeed!" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit shouted once again.


Dark clouds churned, and bolts of lightning burst into the world, forming a forbidden zone around the area that contained the otherworldly demons.

Heaven and earth sensed what was happening and greatly enhanced the array.

"Strike!" Seeing this, Patriarch Golden Soul and other Grand Supreme Immortals bit their tongues and expended a bit of their vitality. Six blood pillars sprayed onto the barrier.

"Demon power to combat demons. Nine Heavens Perilous Land, Grand Supreme Dao, Seal!"

His words seemed to trigger the technique. Six Connate Great Daos appeared and immediately stabilized the blood-colored barrier, and six simple seal script characters appeared on the barrier.

At the same, numerous otherworldly demons were roaring and growling within the barrier. An invisible force connected them together, forming a chain, landing on the eight Chaos Godfiends.

Roar Roar!

The eight Chaos Godfiends roared continuously, but they were unable to escape the seal. Eventually, they turned into statues and sunk into the ground.

"Phew… Success!" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit heaved a deep breath. "This seal can last at least a hundred years!"

This was the most optimal choice they could have made. Otherwise, if they had fought with the eight Chaos Godfiends, they would have suffered heavy losses even if they succeeded. Then, they could forget about assisting the subsequent battle against the natural source of destruction.

"We have to thank Patriarch Golden Soul for being so decisive. A third of the Central Region's land, as well as the original Chaos Godfiend captive, he gave them up without hesitation!" Yuan Potian looked at Patriarch Golden Soul with admiration.

"The demon disaster has already made the Central Region a living hell, so it wasn't a tough decision!"

Patriarch Golden Soul appeared dazed, as though he was seeing the complete sealed off area that stood in the Central Region like a giant inkblot.

"It's a pity that they aren't gone for good!"

"If the six of us refined them at the cost of our vitality, it would be possible to completely eradicate these Chaos Godfiends after a million years. However, if the universe were destroyed, even if we protected the world, what would be the use? As for asking a Grand Primordium to lend a hand. Haha… These aloof existences are not from this world. The cost to ask for help might not be that much less than what we just paid." Patriarch Heavenly Circuit shook his head.

A trace of worry appeared on his face. "It's just I didn't imagine that… even after setting up the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Seal Array, we couldn't find traces of Fang Yuan. Could he have already left this world for the chaos?"

"Impossible!" Patriarch Black Mist refuted immediately. "Whenever a Grand Unity Immortal leaves this world, we would detect the fluctuations. Moreover, their speed in the chaos is definitely slower than ours. Otherwise, why didn't these Grand Unity Immortals escape?"

Although Grand Unity Immortals could barely manage to move in the chaos, they certainly could not do so as well as Grand Supreme Immortals.

In particular, those that wanted to avoid the war and escape into the chaos would surely be chased down and killed. Immortals would not choose this option if they could help it.

"Speaking of which…" Immortal Luan Xuan was suddenly alarmed. "There seems to be fewer Grand Unity Immortals here than during that gathering in the Ghost Realm. They haven't left this world either. Could all of them have died?"


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