Carefree Path of Dreams
1126 Destruction
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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1126 Destruction

"Have they started? That's quick!" In a hidden void, Fang Yuan stared at a giant gate in front of him.

He had naturally sensed it when the Grand Supreme Immortals activated the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Seal. After all, this array refined the world's void and was closely related to the Illusion Realm's nomological laws.

He had even seen a few top arrays similar to it when he was still in Da Qian, but this one was far more complex.

"However, no matter how much arrays differ, all of them can be traced to the same origin. Still, the speed at which it managed to seal that large number of otherworldly demons and the Chaos Godfiends exceeded my expectations. The effectiveness of Patriarch Heavenly Circuit's array is way too good. Are the methods that the other worlds use to deal with otherworldly demons this mature already?"

Fang Yuan had to admit that the defeat of all eight Chaos Godfiends was quite a blow to him.

After all, since he wished to destroy the Heavenly Dao, the more Chaos Godfiends there were, the better.

"Although I was already quite fast, I still couldn't compare to the joint forces of so many Grand Supreme Immortals!" Fang Yuan looked at the giant gate in front of him.

This gate towered hundreds of meters and was extremely impressive. A layer of blood-red flames enveloped its entire surface. Most importantly, it was not constructed out of precious metals or gemstones, but instead out of bones!

"If I could have just been slightly faster, I wouldn't have to take risks. What a pity!" He grinned. Suddenly, the powerful Illusion Realm's nomological laws enveloped the otherworldly demon gate.

"With blood as sacrifice, I summon the otherworldly demons from the natural source of destruction above the supreme heavens…" Fang Yuan chanted loudly. A small gap appeared on the bone gate, and horrifying otherworldly demon auras seeped out from it.

Buzz buzz!

White light flashed.

He and the Otherworldly Demon Summoning Gate teleported to the sky above the sealed lands of the Central Region.

The Grand Supreme Immortals had just finished sealing the eight Chaos Godfiends. Immortal Luan Xuan sensed something that made her cautious, and she saw the giant bone gate astonishingly appear above the seal.

Roar Roar!

Two demon claws covered in bone armor suddenly pushed against the frame of the gate, and the head of a Chaos Godfiend popped out. Roar Roar!

A mysterious black beam brimming with the power of destruction landed directly on the seal, and the six seal script characters started flashing.

"Not good!" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit was shocked. "The seal…"

The Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Seal only targeted the Godfiends contained within it. Its resistance against external attacks was not much to speak of.

One strike from a Chaos Godfiend was enough to send ripples across its surface.

"Hehe!" As though having sensed something, another head poked out from the bone gate. It had a strange smile as it spewed out a ray of white light.

"Demon heads!!!"

Although all six Grand Supreme Immortals had slight damage to their vitality, they could not care about it at this time. With a flicker, they reached the white bone gate.

"Fang Yuan! You actually dared to do such a thing! From this moment on, you are the archenemy of the entire Wasteland World!" Patriarch Golden Soul roared furiously.

Regretfully, what kind of existence was Fang Yuan? Right after moving the white bone gate here, he had entered the void, vanishing without a trace.


The next instant, like an eye of a storm that had been accumulating energy, the white bone gate vibrated violently and 'vomited' out a Chaos Godfiend.

It had three heads and six arms. Each face respectively had joy, rage, and fear. And each of the dark-green arms was covered with runes and wielding a different magic artifact.

The surroundings seemed to hum faintly with heavenly sounds after this Chaos Godfiend appeared.

The sound seemed to come from the Nether and carried the scent of the end of the world. Within the surrounding hundreds of kilometers, the Grand Unity Immortals began rotting, and wrinkles started to appear on their foreheads, showing the five signs of decay.

"A Lord of Destruction!"

The three-headed Chaos Godfiend roared, and its six arms simultaneously smashed down with their magic artifacts.

Bang Bang!

The air vibrated, and two figures were sent flying. They were Patriarch Golden Soul and Yuan Potian!

"What a powerful Chaos Godfiend!"

They were knocked fifty kilometers away before barely managing to come to a stop. They immediately sent a voice transmission. "Be careful! This Chaos Godfiend is strange!"

There were weak and strong Chaos Godfiends.

The weaker ones largely only had the Connate Destruction Great Dao. However, their horrifying bodies still gave them a clear edge over Grand Supreme Immortals.

However, those that mastered a few Connate Great Daos were terrifying, and they could even exchange a couple blows with Grand Primordium Immortals.

Naturally, these kinds of Chaos Godfiends were rare. The nine earlier were all normal.

"That Fang Yuan!" Immortal Luan Xuan almost crushed her teeth. "Truly… outrageous!"

Fang Yuan's actions had completely surpassed all of the Immortals' expectations.

They simply could not imagine how the destruction of the world would benefit Fang Yuan.

Roar Roar!


The next instant, numerous black dots poured out from the gate. Their bodies continued expanding into Primordial Godfiends with dominating auras.

There were even a few Chaos Godfiend in the mix.

The sky turned dark, and the many otherworldly demons fired a volley of beams of destruction.

"So, can we perform the seal again?" Patriarch Black Mist was entirely shrouded in a black mist. He and Immortal Gui Zhuang both looked at Patriarch Heavenly Circuit.

"Do you think it's easy to arrange such a big array?" Patriarch Heavenly Circuit said in exasperation. "We consumed a large amount of our accumulated resources to prepare this seal. The most important part is the power of the world! It's absolutely impossible to use it again within a short time! Damn it…"

As they looked on resignedly, the three-headed Godfiend attacked once again. Its six arms loomed over heaven and earth as they ruthlessly smashed onto the seal.



The six seal script characters instantly shattered and dissipated.

At the same time, the ground that sealed the demons cracked, and eight terrifying demon howls resounded.

The Chaos Godfiends' power of destruction converged together and set off a horrifying chain reaction. The entire world fell into darkness.

"It's starting!"

Fang Yuan stood in the void along the edges of the world and watched everything unfold in silence.

In fact, if he had other options, he did not want to do this either.

But since he had made up his mind, he had no hesitation in carrying out his plan.

As a former Netherheaven Demon God and a Dream Master who crossed through many worlds, the birth and death of a world were as mundane as the rising and setting of the sun.

He seemed to hear the furious roars and sorrowful cries of many Immortals.

Of course, most conspicuous was the devastation wrought by the Connate Destruction Great Daos.

Under the combined forces of many Chaos Godfiends, a giant black beam tore a crack in the sky like a world-splitting divine ax.

Seeing it from outside the world, you would see that the world membrane of the Wasteland World was riddled with holes, as though punctured by a black blade.

"The Connate Destruction Great Dao is indeed the nemesis of a world…" Fang Yuan sighed softly, and his spiritual will dispersed.

Perhaps the high-end combat power of this world could cope with nine Chaos Godfiends, but with the addition of the Godfiends that he had summoned, the Godfiends held an overwhelming advantage!

Even to the extent that the Godfiends' Destruction Great Daos had already caused irreversible damage to the world!

Throughout the Wasteland World, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, earthquakes… natural disasters became more and more severe, forming an apocalyptic scene.

A shining light appeared from the heavens that were splitting apart. It looked like some sort of translucent crystalline material, and it began to split apart, turning into specks of light and disappearing.

"The natural source of the Heavenly Dao…"

Seeing this, Fang Yuan immediately started to pay utmost attention.

As expected, as the Chaos Godfiends and the Grand Supreme Immortals roared, a large piece of the heavens crumbled, and a fifth of the world shattered.

At the same time, a small portion of the crystal wall in the sky also shattered.

A pitch-black shadow gradually emerged. It seemed to have fused with the crystal wall and was continuously losing parts of itself as the crystalline material fragmented.

It was struggling violently.

"Abominable Lord, as expected, you've appeared!" Fang Yuan's eyes burned intensely.

Under normal circumstances, the Abominable Lord had no chance of breaking free from the Heavenly Dao, and his only option would be to achieve the Otherworldly Demon Dao Fruit.

However, the Heavenly Dao had shattered, and although it had also caused great damage to him, an opportunity for escape appeared as well.

With his experience as a pinnacle Netherheaven, he would definitely seize this opportunity! Fang Yuan was absolutely sure of this!

"Most importantly, you can't choose to reincarnate with your True Spirit…"

The Heavenly Dao's reincarnation was limited to this world. Doing so now was tantamount to digging your own grave.

If he had chosen to reincarnate, he would have had to survive the end of the world as an infant. Even Fang Yuan could not accomplish that!

Therefore, the Abominable Lord only had one option left!


With another explosion, large parts of the crystal wall shattered.

The black shadow growled furiously and suddenly chose to cut off a large portion of himself to escape from the crystal wall.

After escaping the Heavenly Dao, this broken shadow quickly agglomerated to form a tangible human figure.

His entire body, including his skin, was pitch black, and only his eyes had a hint of life.

As soon as he appeared, his aura rose tremendously.

From mortal to cultivator, then to Golden Core, Nascent Soul, and finally Immortal!

Unfortunately, his aura abruptly stopped rising.

Without saying a word, the dark shadow directly flew toward the battlefield of the Grand Supreme Immortals and Chaos Godfiends.

"Abominable Lord, you've only recovered this much? What a disappointment!"

The next instant, Fang Yuan teleported, blocked his path, and completely solidified the surrounding air. "Still want to win and seek a way out? Dream on!"

As he used his spiritual will to intimidate, he struck with his saber, not giving the black shadow any chance. "Nine Star Pearl! Universe Obliteration!!!"

"I hate!!!" An intense grievance erupted from the black shadow. "If the Heavenly Dao hadn't limited me, how could my accomplishments be lower than yours?"

Unfortunately, as soon as he sent out his spiritual will, he was struck by the Blade of Universe Obliteration!

Under one strike, all chances at life were severed!

"Blood Refine!"

Blood flames emerged from Fang Yuan, cutting off any chances for the Abominable Lord.

Whoo! Whoo!

The flames refined the black Qi that appeared, not leaving a single trace.

As the last of the black Qi turned into nothingness, a mysterious change occurred!


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