Carefree Path of Dreams
1127 Dao Frui
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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1127 Dao Frui

Space and time suddenly came to a standstill.

In front of Fang Yuan, a blood-colored scale seemed to appear.

It spanned across the void and crossed through worlds. It shone with unparalleled brilliance and carried the binds of the supreme contract.

"This is the accumulation of the Abominable Lord and me. Together, they form the binding power of the contract… It's surely at the Dao Fruit level!"

Fang Yuan only had one look before he felt intense feedback.

As the Abominable Lord perished, one end of the blood-colored scale suddenly began rising.

On the other hand, the end that represented Fang Yuan lowered swiftly and continuously absorbed strands of blood-colored power with the tilting of the scale.

"Ah!" Fang Yuan suddenly grunted, feeling pain that was enough to tear his soul apart.

However, what came immediately afterward was a fulfilling and rich sense of power.

"My Netherheaven-level Creation Great Dao has returned!" He clenched his fist. "Along with my abilities, strength, and the most important… stats window!"

Facts had proven that even if he lost this cheat, he could still rise to prominence in a completely strange world through his own efforts.

However, the boost that the stats window gave him was absolutely not something that he could ignore.

In an instant, he broke through the bottleneck that countless Grand Unities could not all their lives and advanced to the Grand Supreme realm.

He even reached peak Grand Supreme in an instant.

If other Immortals were to witness this, their eyes would definitely pop out.

However, the changes of the scale did not stop.

"In the beginning, I bet my own Dao path and everything else as the wager for everything that belonged to the Abominable Lord… Now…"

Fang Yuan spread his hands and looked at the blood-red scale tip toward his end. One Great Dao after another submerged into his body.

Seven Emotions Great Dao, Six Desires Great Dao, Void Great Dao… and of course, the most important Dream Master Dao path!

The lifetime accumulations of the Abominable Lord was naturally extremely terrifying. Most importantly, the incomplete Dream Master Dao path and the piece of the Dao of Dream Master that Fang Yuan mastered fused together and immediately broke through its shackles, undergoing an astonishing qualitative transformation.

"Previously, although the Abominable Lord had deprived all of Da Qian's Dream Masters of their Dao paths, my stats window had managed to preserve a portion of it. With that portion as the foundation, I developed the Creation Great Dao. From then on, we began the fight over the Great Dao. Only through completely devouring the other would one of us be able to advance to the supreme Dao Fruit realm!"

After the Creation Great Dao devoured so many Dao paths, especially the Dream Master Dao path of the Abominable Lord, Fang Yuan felt a change within his body.

Each Dao path stretched out before shrinking again, seemingly returning to their source, returning to the origin 'point'!

Wasteland World.

Almost all the Grand Supreme Immortals and Chaos Godfiends stopped their movements and stared blankly at the sky.

The destruction of the world had stopped some time ago. From its cracks, resplendent lights suddenly appeared in the damaged chaos of the universe. A plethora of Great Daos emerged, and they converged like rivers into the sea.

However, they were flowing in a strange reverse direction.

Patriarch Heavenly Circuit rubbed his eyes and said in disbelief, "Chaos Tide, myriad Daos return to one?! This is the sign of advancing to Grand Primordium! Who is it?"

Grand Primordium Immortals represented the 'origin' of all things. Their powers were unfathomable.

Even the slightest bit of their auras made Chaos Godfiends shiver uncontrollably!

"Too powerful… Judging by the condition, this advancement isn't encountering any bottlenecks or slowdowns at all. It must be a peak Grand Supreme Immortal that has a rich accumulation!"

Golden Soul, Gui Zhuang, and the other Immortals looked on with envy and some doubts.

After all, they knew all of the Grand Supreme Immortals in the world, and there was no one they could think of that could achieve this.

"Like a dream, myriad creations…" Immortal Luan Xuan mumbled. "When someone becomes a Grand Primordium Immortal, their Great Dao is completely revealed and extremely beneficial to Grand Supreme Immortals… Unfortunately, they have already occupied this Dao path, and we can't use it to break through to Grand Primordium! "

Each Dao Fruit was unique. Once taken, no second person could break through to achieve the same Dao Fruit.

One could say that each Grand Primordium Immortal was a legend of the chaotic universes, an existence that was irreplicable.


With a chaotic howl, the dream-like Great Dao completely condensed into a Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit that had a spherical top half and cubic bottom half. It constantly changed without a fixed form, yet it was brimming with indescribable majesty and power.

This was a convergence of Great Daos into one, a Primordial Dao Fruit!

A trace of information was released, and the entire universe instantly understood what this Dao Fruit represented.

"Dream Dao Fruit?!"

Many Grand Supreme Immortals were shaken, and some were disappointed.

The appearance of another Grand Primordium Immortal signified that the Dream Dao path was thoroughly blocked!

As soon as the Dream Dao Fruit appeared, it continuously devoured Chaos Qi. The chaos around the world emptied in an instant.

Immediately afterward, the Dao Fruit condensed and transformed into a person. It was Fang Yuan, who had returned to his original appearance!

"It's him?" Immortals did not recognize each other by their appearances. The familiar aura of Fang Yuan's True Spirit instantly shocked Heavenly Circuit, Golden Soul, and the other Grand Supreme Immortals.

"Isn't he merely at Grand Unity? How did he suddenly cross Grand Supreme and advance to Grand Primordium?" Immortal Luan Xuan's eyes were wide open with incomprehension.

"Mental Demon Dao Fruit, Grand Primordium realm?" Fang Yuan murmured. He suddenly waved his sleeve.


The illusory Dream Dao Fruit appeared and entered the Wasteland World.


Heaven and earth shook, and the half-shattered Heavenly Dao completely retreated in defeat. The misty image of the Dream Dao Fruit appeared in the sky of the entire world.

With a single thought, Fang Yuan completely took control of the shattered Wasteland World. This was the might of Dao Fruit!

"Even a peak Netherheaven Demon God could only invade a portion of a world and become the creator inside that region… However, at the Dao Fruit realm, you actually replace Heavenly Dao with your own Dao Fruit. This makes refining a world nothing special, for the entire world would be my personal territory!"

Fang Yuan seemed to comprehend something and pressed down with a palm.


In an instant, everyone in the world could see that the sky seemed to turn into an illusory hand. The five-finger mountain landed directly on the Chaos Godfiends!

Roar Roar!

Ow Ow!

The three-headed Chaos Godfiend leading the pack growled. It spewed out the power of destruction from all three of its faces, and all six arms struck at the sky.


The attacks landed on the large hand and vanished just like an illusion. The large hand descended unhindered and grabbed the Chaos Godfiend.

The next instant, it evaporated without a trace.

Even the joint force of a few Grand Supreme Immortals could not defeat this peak Chaos Godfiend, yet it was defeated just like that.

The other Chaos Godfiends suffered similar fates as well.

After wiping out all the otherworldly demons with a single move, Fang Yuan looked at the tattered world and made another move. "World… recover!"

The heavenly canopy resealed, the earth returned to peace, and the volcanos became dormant again… The Creation Great Dao emerged and created things out of thin air as it repaired everything that was damaged.

The apocalyptic scene just a moment ago returned to a peaceful and serene scene in an instant.

Everything and anything was like a dream. This was the power of the Dao Fruit!

"Destroying the world earlier was a desperate measure. Since I can save it without much trouble, then I'll save it!"

Fang Yuan could sense that doing this had not really cost him much.

With a wave of his hand, he could change the fate of an entire world.

Immediately, he refined many Godfiends and benefited slightly.

"My Dao Fruit is a Mental Demon Dao Fruit composed purely of Mental Demon Great Daos… If it were just Mental Demon Great Daos, they would be unusable across universes. But at the Dao Fruit realm, all of space-time exists eternally unrestrained, without the slightest bit of suppression, so there's no such problem!"

Fang Yuan carefully scrutinized his Dao Fruit.

It was the pinnacle of his Dao path, the source of everything.

Of course, its core was still the Dream Master Dao path. The layer outside the core was composed of the Great Daos that he and the Abominable Lord had obtained across many worlds.

As for the outermost layer, it was the Great Daos that he had obtained from this world.

"Although I have achieved Dao Fruit, this isn't the end…"

He could feel that his Dao Fruit had not reached complete perfection. There were some Dao paths that he had not thoroughly succeeded in.

"Not to mention, different universes have different Great Dao powers. Although a Dao Fruit is unique, the branches are different…"

The Abominable Lord had mastered the Void Great Dao as well. However, Fang Yuan found that his original Illusion Realm's nomological laws were more effective in this universe.

Of course, if he used his Dream Dao Fruit directly to move things along, there would be no problems at all.

"Everything in the Mental Demon Universe has been fused into the Dream Dao Fruit. However, this universe's Saber Great Dao, Void Great Dao, Time Great Dao, and Undying Great Dao still have room for improvement!"

With a thought, the Void Great Dao from the Abominable Lord appeared. After the transformation by the Dream Dao Fruit, it immediately became the Void Great Dao of this universe.

Instantly, he fused together all his knowledge of the Void Great Dao of this universe and attained perfection.

His Undying Great Dao had obtained the sacrificial refinement of many Chaos Godfiends and directly advanced to become the Connate Undying Great Dao!

"Hmm, in this universe, the Connate Undying Great Dao is equivalent to the combat strength of a Netherheaven Demon God… If I merge this universe's void and time into Space-Time Great Dao, it will be comparable to a Connate Great Dao, which is equivalent to another Netherheaven Demon God, and there's hope of it becoming the Space-Time Dao Fruit in the future…"

After advancing, Fang Yuan could fully sense that the Space-Time Dao Fruit had not yet condensed. Therefore, he still had a chance of attaining it.

"It's just… I already have possession of the Dream Dao Fruit and can't advance to the Dao Fruit realm again. However, I can use the Dream Dao Fruit to absorb the essence of space, time, and undying… These three Dao paths all have endless potential. If I hone them to the peak and fuse them together, they could very well be on the level of another Dao Fruit. By then, would my Dream Dao Fruit have the power of two ordinary Dao Fruits?"

Vaguely, Fang Yuan seemed to have found the method to improve his Dao Fruit.

He looked at his stats window again with joy.

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