Carefree Path of Dreams
1128 Secret News
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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1128 Secret News

"Name: Fang Yuan

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: Grand Primordium

Dao Fruit: Dream Dao Fruit (Creation, Impermanence, Devour, Seven Emotions, Six Desires, Void, Time, Undying…)

Technique: Undying Pangu Body, Creation Sword Array

Specialization: Heavenly Eye Seer Spell, Dream World, Super Dimensional Traversal"

"Cultivation is actually Grand Primordium… So is it really data based on my experience? And what are these two new specializations?"

Fang Yuan turned his attention to Dream World and immediately received a notice: "You are the master of the Dream World! You are the only one who has achieved the Dream Dao Fruit in all universes. You are able to use Dream World to replace the original world in any world! The power of your Dao Fruit will not be weakened by any universe!

"So it's equivalent to having a Dream World with me at all times, mixing reality and illusion?"

Immediately after was Super Dimensional Traversal. "After advancing to Dao Fruit, your Dream Master traversing ability has improved. You can now freely target different universes to traverse to!"

Ordinary Dao Fruit could only wander about, and finding a suitable universe was not easy. You could even spend your entire life roaming the chaos.

This Super Dimensional Traversal ability was an enhancement of the Dream Master's dream-traversing technique.


Fang Yuan's eyes filled with the blurry colors of dreams, and the stats window changed again.

At the Dao Fruit realm, he already had enough foundation to understand and investigate the stats window.

The stats window twisted and transformed, and it actually turned into an incomplete Dao Fruit!

Along with this change were coordinates and a message. "Traveler far from home… if you can read this, please return and help us!"

Fang Yuan pursed his lips. "No wonder the stats window was so powerful. It was part of a Dao Fruit… And these universe coordinates, is it my former homeland? And there's a disaster there?"

Although his homeland was in a world without demons, it might not necessarily be the case for that universe!

Perhaps it had encountered some disaster like the otherworldly demon disaster of this universe.

Even after the death of a Dao Fruit, the inheritance had turned into the stats window and searched across many universes for a transmigrator like him to help grow, hoping they would return to fight for them after becoming powerful enough!

"Everything is clear now…" Fang Yuan sighed. So this was the truth that he was searching so hard for.

He took a deep breath, immediately devoured the incomplete Dao Fruit, and began thoroughly refining it.

"Piercing Space Great Dao, Time Great Dao, Realm Shattering Great Dao, Eight Trigram Mystic Gate Great Dao… The incomplete Dao Fruit only had about half of the Great Daos. However, they're still very beneficial to me. Also, its name is… Heaven Rise Dao Fruit?"

Fang Yuan thought about it and then used the Time Great Dao in the Dao Fruit. He propelled it with the power of his own Dao Fruit and forcefully reached perfection in this universe's Time Great Dao.

"This universe's Void and Time Great Daos have reached perfection. Now, it will be very easy to either fuse them into the Space-Time Great Dao or advance each of them into Connate Great Daos!"

With joy, he descended into the world and landed in front of Patriarch Golden Soul and the other Immortals.

"Greetings, Grand Primordium Immortal!" Patriarch Golden Soul, Gui Zhuang, Luan Xuan, Black Mist, and Yuan Potian all greeted him apprehensively.

Only Patriarch Heavenly Circuit did not say anything and kept retreating, wanting to turn into black light to escape.

"With me here, where could you possibly escape to?"

Fang Yuan extended his right hand. Patriarch Heavenly Circuit, who was swiftly escaping, somehow returned to Fang Yuan's palm and became the size of an ant.

This ridiculous scene made even Patriarch Golden Soul's eyes pop out.

"You harbored ill intentions and wanted to kill me… Take my saber!"

Fang Yuan did not waste time and directly declared his crimes. Saber light fell.

The Blade of Universe Obliteration appeared. Although it was only a strand of Saber Qi, its power was unimaginably terrifying with two Great Daos supporting it, and it instantly severed Patriarch Heavenly Circuit in two.

Not only that, but the surrounding void shifted, and a light curtain emerged. Inside it was another Patriarch Heavenly Circuit, only slightly younger.

This was Patriarch Heavenly Circuit's clone, who had been discussing alliance matters in the outside world.

His face was now full of extreme fear.


In front of him, the void shattered, and Saber Qi appeared to end his life.

One strike each ended both the main body and clone, leaving no possibility of survival!

The Blade of Universe Obliteration had had the power of space-time since the beginning!

"This… isn't an illusion!" Immortal Luan Xuan's face turned pale. "Patriarch Heavenly Circuit… and even his clone died. Completely dead…"

She remembered her former actions, and her Dao Heart quivered intensely.

"Relax… I don't intend to kill you. Heavenly Circuit is enough!"

Fang Yuan did not even say anything about the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect.

From his perspective, it was inconsequential.

In addition, without a Grand Supreme to rally behind, this cultivation Holy Land would undoubtedly decline sooner or later.

"The Void Great Dao and Time Great Dao can combine to form the Space-Time Great Dao, which is the essence of the Space-Time Dao Fruit… As for Connate Undying Great Dao, although it has already improved my body, there might still be room for improvement!"

Fang Yuan looked at the five trembling Grand Supreme Immortals and sank into thought.

His Dao Fruit was based entirely on his accumulation as a Mental Demon. In this universe, he only counted as a newly-advanced Dao Fruit, and his foundation was still very weak compared to other Grand Primordium Immortals.

However, this was no longer the case with the addition of his accumulation in this world.

If he could merge the Connate Undying Great Dao, Time Great Dao, and Void Great Dao, it would not be inferior to a normal Dao Fruit. If he added the stats window that he had refined on top of that, it would give Fang Yuan the advantage when he faced most Grand Primordium Immortals.


He suddenly sensed something and looked beyond the world.

A gray-robed Immortal had appeared and was looking at him silently.

"Grand Primordium Immortal?!" Fang Yuan's eyebrows twitched, and he approached him. "Who are you?"

"A new Dao Fruit?" The gray-robed Immortal looked slightly surprised. As he moved forward, traces of gray lightning automatically refined the surrounding void, instantly spreading millions of kilometers.

After reaching the Wasteland World, he was stopped by a layer of hazy energy and could not press forward in the slightest.

"Impossible!" The gray-robed Immortal appeared surprised. "Such power, and it can block my lightning. Isn't this close to the power of two Dao Fruits? Why does a newly-advanced Grand Primordium have this much power?"

He had sensed Fang Yuan's aura and was eager to test his power, so he had probed.

However, he had not imagined that he would be weaker!

Fang Yuan smiled and asked again, "May I know who you are?"

"I am Lei Jin!" The gray-robed Patriarch Lei Jin remained in the chaos, not daring to enter the Wasteland World that was under Fang Yuan's control. "I've come representing the other worlds to form an alliance. Unexpectedly, I encountered Fellow Daoist's advancement. It's truly a delight!"

"My name is Fang Yuan. Greetings, Fellow Daoist!" Fang Yuan smiled. He knew that his name as the Dao Ancestor of Dreams would spread in the many worlds of this universe from this day onward.

"Since Fellow Daoist is the master of this world, what is your view regarding our alliance to join forces against the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend?" Patriarch Lei Jin asked the question he was most concerned about right away. He did not even bother paying attention to Golden Soul and the rest.

After all, to Grand Primordium Immortals, only existences at the same level were worth conversing with. The likes of Grand Supreme and Grand Unity were all juniors. If they showed any disobedience, they could be eliminated with ease.

Seeming to have sensed this contempt, the other Grand Supreme Immortals all lowered their heads respectfully, except for Patriarch Golden Soul, who clenched his fist discreetly. They had no objections about becoming Fang Yuan's subordinates and had seemingly forgotten about trying to kill him earlier.

This was the helplessness of reality.

In fact, their joy currently outweighed their apprehension.

In any case, with a Grand Primordium Immortal acting as their backbone, they no longer needed to fear being directly treated as cannon fodder when facing the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend.

"Attacking the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend?"

Fang Yuan was hesitant. With a wave of his hand, a blurry Illusion Realm separated the other Immortals.


It was Patriarch Golden Soul and the other's turn to fret now.

If the universe were destroyed, Grand Primordium Immortals could still try to endure or simply leave. However, the Grand Supreme Immortals would definitely die.

One group had ample wiggle room, and the other had no way out. No wonder they were so anxious.

After finishing his arrangement, Fang Yuan looked at him with a contemplative smile. "Fellow Daoist Lei Jin, why do you have to attack the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend? Do you mind telling me the reason?"

As previously mentioned, it was understandable for Grand Unity and Grand Supreme Immortals to risk their lives when forced into a corner. However, he was slightly puzzled about why Grand Primordium Immortals would be so active when they had means of escape.

Although there were surely some 'saints' that did not want their worlds, relatives, and disciples to perish completely, they might not have been able to gather such a big force.

"If a Grand Supreme had asked me, I wouldn't utter a single word. However, since Fellow Daoist is asking, I will tell you everything!" Patriarch Lei Jin said. "If we Grand Primordium Immortals endure the destruction of the universe and survive until the source universe reactivates, there would naturally be great benefits… We are attacking the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend for the same reason!"

"The destruction of the universe and the rebirth of the source universe?" Fang Yuan listened full of interest.

"Worlds have a lifespan of fifty thousand eras. How long is the lifespan of a universe? Five trillion?" Patriarch Lei Jin had hopelessness in his voice. "We Grand Primordium Immortals have endless lifespans. If we are able to endure the destruction and rebirth of a universe, then our cultivations would greatly improve. It is equivalent to adding the power of another Dao Fruit! Of course, those who escape wouldn't be able to enjoy this… However, new Grand Primordium Immortals have a fifty percent chance of dying when the universe is destroyed. The choice is up to us!"

"There's actually such a benefit to surviving the destruction of a universe?!" Fang Yuan nodded.


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