Carefree Path of Dreams
1129 Tribulation
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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1129 Tribulation

"The Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend is the true body of the natural source of destruction. If we can eliminate it, we will certainly receive the blessing of the universe, greatly improving our cultivation, and push back the destruction of this universe immensely…" Patriarch Lei Jin continued explaining.

The benefits would double with this exchange, so it was no surprise that some Grand Primordium Immortals were tempted.

However, Fang Yuan knew that only some of the patriarchs were the risk-taking type. The remaining ones were those that did not want their worlds, disciples, and relatives to perish.

"How could I refuse such an attractive proposal?" Fang Yuan gave an affirmative reply thinking about it.

He had to do so. Otherwise, he would be besieged by other Grand Primordium Immortals and forced to leave this universe.

Speaking of which, even if he left now, he had already earned a fortune with the completion of his Dream Dao Fruit. However, Fang Yuan was still very interested in the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend and wanted to stay to see how things would unfold.

Only Grand Primordiums were qualified and had the confidence to do so. The likes of Grand Supremes could only struggle to survive.

"May I know how many other Fellow Daoists are involved and who the leader is?" Fang Yuan actually wanted to ask about the detailed combat information of each Grand Primordium Immortal. However, Patriarch Lei Jin would obviously not tell him such information even if he knew.

"With you, there are five! There is no leader!" Patriarch Lei Jin answered frankly.

From this point, Fang Yuan knew that these Grand Primordium Immortals should have similar strengths.

If someone had been clearly more powerful than the rest, they would have naturally become the leader.

With that thought, he agreed to the alliance. "It's settled then!"

To Grand Primordium Immortals, having the universe's Heavenly Dao be a witness was useless. Their word was enough.

As for credibility issues? When the time came, all the Grand Primordium involved would be present, and they would naturally monitor each other.

Even if someone did not show up, they would not be able to sabotage the others, or rather, could not be bothered to sabotage.

After understanding this, Fang Yuan had to admit that the outlook of Grand Primordium Immortals was on a totally different level compared to that of Grand Supreme Immortals.

The day of the expedition soon arrived.

Fang Yuan led a force of Golden Soul and the other four Grand Supreme Immortals, as well as a few hundred Grand Unity Immortals. He opened the world and arrived at a certain location in the chaos.

The chaos turbulence in the surroundings had already been emptied, replaced by a few majestic and imposing war machines. There were four forces.

One was aboard a large ship that had faint lightning refining the void. It was the force belonging to Patriarch Lei Jin.

Another team gathered inside a large array. The array was extremely agile and had formed a chaos giant.

The third rode on a chaos fierce beast named Mie Qi. Its body was like a giant island with four legs, the head of a dragon, the tail of a phoenix, and eight muscular arms protruding from its back.

The last force was similar to Fang Yuan's. They were not controlling any war machines in the chaos, but had great numbers, feeling somewhat like a ragtag army.

"Of the four forces, only two have a Grand Primordium Immortal. Are the remaining two itinerant cultivators like me?"

While Fang Yuan was thinking, he sensed Patriarch Lei Jin calling him and immediately went forward.

Above the five forces, a few Grand Primordium emerged. Each of them had a boundless, dignified aura, containing mysticalness that was hard to describe.

"Lei Jin, Tong Ming, Tian Hai, Xuan Qing…"

The aura of four Dao Fruits seeped out with their respective information, and Fang Yuan immediately understood everything.

At the same time, the misty Dream Dao Fruit also emerged from his body, letting the four Grand Primordium Immortals also know him. "Dream Dao Fruit, Grand Primordium Immortal Fang Yuan, welcome!" Grand Primordium Immortal Xuan Qing was the first to speak.

He looked no different from an ordinary person. He wore a robe, looked thin and scholarly, and had three green scales that looked like petals on his forehead. Fang Yuan did not know what his race was.

Tian Hai was a monster composed of countless bones, and gold flames burned in his hollow pupils.

Tong Ming was a phantom. His body was hidden in a black mist and had the atmosphere of an unparalleled fierce beast. Even Fang Yuan could only vaguely see a pair of huge eyes full of ferocity.

Comparatively, Patriarch Lei Jin, whom he had communicated with, was relatively normal.

Those who had their own forces were naturally Patriarchs Lei Jin and Xuan Qing. As for the force that controlled the fierce beast 'Mie Qi', it was a very united group of great world forces. Although they were not a match for Dao Fruit, they could do as they pleased among Grand Supreme Immortals.

"All right, everyone has gathered. Is anyone sure of the location of the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend?"

Although he had the Pantheon Summoning Technique in his hands and could directly locate it, Fang Yuan was not planning to tell them.

"It's in the depths of chaos! Tong Ming has already determined its location!" Grand Primordium Immortal Xuan Qing said calmly. "Although most of the Chaos Godfiends have left, some still remain. The Grand Supreme and Grand Unity Immortals below might be able to clear a path! I happen to have an array here that they can operate!"

The other Grand Primordium Patriarchs had no objections, and even Fang Yuan did not care much about the lives and deaths of a bunch of subordinates.

In fact, if any one of the Grand Primordium Immortals were to do it, it would not even expend much of their Qi to clear the path.

However, the lofty Grand Primordium Immortals had to be stingy about the tiniest bit of Qi. After all, they were going to face the most terrifying Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend afterward, and they could not allow their strength to weaken even slightly.

From the looks of it, Patriarch Lei Jin and Patriarch Xuan Qing are the ones who don't want the universe to be destroyed? While Tong Ming and Tian Hai want to kill the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend and reap the rewards…

Although he did not know how to further his progress at the Dao Fruit realm, Fang Yuan had some general speculations.

At the very least, it would not be wrong to increase the power of his Dao Fruit.

"Set off!"

A moment later, under Patriarch Lei Jin's command, the chaos ship led the charge and smashed into the chaos. Endless lightning exploded from the ship, refining the void.

The array giant and fierce beast Mie Qi followed after.

As for the remaining ragtag army, Grand Supreme Immortals acted as leaders and formed their own arrays.

Judging by the aura, they were infinitely approaching the power of the three-headed Chaos Godfiend from earlier.

"A universal-scale war… and the fight between Dao Fruits."

Fang Yuan swept around with his spiritual will, slightly excited.

He had mostly remained to watch this show and wanted to familiarize himself with how Dao Fruits fought.

As for the disaster in his homeland universe, he would naturally have to help if he had the power to do so.

However, this had to be based on absolute strength.

If his strength was insufficient, or if the circumstances were unclear, he would not rush back to die.

"Fortunately, Super Dimensional Traversal isn't simple and has to go through a transfer. I can use this opportunity to investigate things and have a short rest…"

Although the Heaven Rise Dao Fruit contained the universe coordinates, it was obviously extremely far away.

Traversing such a great distance in one go was somewhat beyond his power.

Fang Yuan touched his forehead and thought of something else. "Since that universe is suffering a disaster, the subordinate world I lived in is also bound to face imminent catastrophe. Did that cause my transmigration?"

This triggered another problem of scale. Originally, he was merely an ordinary person, and traversing universes back then would naturally cost very little.

Moreover, it was not even his actual body that had crossed over, but only his True Spirit, or rather, spiritual information.

However, for a Dao Fruit to return physically, it would naturally be much more complicated.

You could say that if he had not advanced to Dao Fruit, he should not even think about returning even if he was still a Dream Master Netherheaven Demon God. Chance encounters would be the only possibilities.

As he was contemplating, lightning danced wildly and cleaved an area of chaos. It seemed that they had arrived in the darkest part of the universe.

The void around them wriggled, as though it had a life of its own, and devoured all surrounding light.

"We're here! Where the otherworldly demons are!"

Every Immortals' heart quivered.

They could vaguely see large amounts of black dots crashing into the chaos ship and instantly disintegrating. These were otherworldly demons by the tens of thousands.

As the group continued deeper into the chaos, more and more otherworldly demons converged, and Primordial Godfiends started appearing one after another.

Eventually, with a terrifying howl, the first Chaos Godfiend appeared.

It seemed to be a commander. With its howl, the hesitating otherworldly demon army immediately launched an attack.

Countless black beams of destruction bombarded the chaos ship from all directions.


The movement of the ship stagnated for the first time, and it revealed a slightly battered hull.

Behind it, the Mie Qi growled, and the giant roared. Many Grand Unity Immortals were soaked in cold sweat as they desperately struggled to maintain their arrays.

Although there were no casualties yet, any opening in the arrays would inevitably cause disastrous losses.

The core of the team, Grand Primordium Immortal Xuan Qing, said calmly but decisively, "We must kill the natural source of destruction, and we can't let off these forces of destruction either!"

This was indeed the case. However, the elimination of these underlings was bound to have many Grand Supreme and Grand Unity Immortal sacrificed.


With this command, many Grand Supreme Immortals took the initiative to eliminate the Godfiends. The Chaos Godfiend did not even enjoy its moment for long before being surrounded and gravely injured. Finally, the Mie Qie devoured it.

As they continued pushing forward, the resistance they faced gradually increased.

When they reached the periphery of the core region, tens of Chaos Godfiends appeared simultaneously and attacked brutally.

Connate Destruction Great Daos pelted down, and a few arrays immediately encountered difficulties, breaking with an explosion. All the Immortals inside, no matter if they were Grand Supreme or Grand Unity, turned into dust instantly.

"Press on!" The Grand Primordium Immortals were indifferent to the casualties of the Immortal army.

"In fact, this also lightens the burden on the universe. Grand Unity and Grand Supreme Immortals have occupied too many resources in their respective worlds… In addition, the concept of life and death has to be balanced. Since so many otherworldly demons have been eliminated, the number of Immortals should decrease correspondingly. Is this the true intent of the tribulation?" Fang Yuan understood some things as he looked on at this scene.

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