Carefree Path of Dreams
1130 Holy Fiend
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Carefree Path of Dreams
Author :The Plagiarist
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1130 Holy Fiend

"Looking with my spiritual will through the Pantheon Summoning Technique is quite different from being here in person."

At this time, the Immortal army had already entered the core area of the otherworldly demons. Primordial Godfiends were everywhere, and Chaos Godfiends were not uncommon.

All kinds of confrontations did not stop for even a moment, and Grand Unity Immortals and Primordial Godfiends were dying at all times. Even Grand Supreme Immortals struggled to survive.

For some reason, Fang Yuan felt calm as he watched on, similar to how the universe was unconscious and regarded everything as insignificant.


The Chaos Godfiends became stronger the nearer they got to the core.

All of them looked strange, and they were at least at about the same level as the three-headed Chaos Godfiend with six arms, having mastered several Connate Great Daos.

A three-headed, dog-like Chaos Godfiend dog growled. Its three mouths bit and space broke, directly destroying an array.

"No!" At the heart of the array was Immortal Gui Zhuang. Screams rang out as the chaos three-headed dog swallowed him and dozens of Grand Unity Immortals.

"Grand Supreme Immortal Gui Zhuang…" Patriarch Golden Soul sweat profusely.

Although Gui Zhuang's Connate Great Dao was strange, it could only showcase its unparalleled power in a world that connected to the Ghost Realm.

It might be sharper than Great Daos in the chaos, but it paled in comparison to other Connate Great Daos, so he became the first Grand Supreme Immortal from the Wasteland World to die.

"Gui Zhuang!!!" Immortal Luan Xuan looked on with pity and soon followed behind the footsteps of Immortal Gui Zhuang.

Yuan Potian and Grand Supreme Black Mist shivered. Their situation was also precarious since they were close by and under the attacks of many Chaos Godfiends.

"Die!" Patriarch Golden Soul transformed into a golden giant, and a single punch sent a Chaos Godfiend flying away. His body was also riddled with a large number of wounds.

If his body had not already reached the sacred realm, he probably could not have survived the siege of the Chaos Godfiends.

Suddenly, another tragedy happened.

The chaos giant array finally shattered. After being subjected to countless attacks, it could no longer resist. As it shattered piece by piece, it revealed panicked Grand Supreme and Grand Unity Immortals.

"Fated ordeal!" Patriarch Xuan Qing looked at this scene with pity and brought a few people away immediately.

The remaining Immortals instantly turned into ashes in the battle with otherworldly demons.

So this is the so-called caring for the younger generation! The corner of Fang Yuan's eye twitched.

Patriarch Xuan Qing was unmoved as he watched the casualties of the people that he had brought increase until practically no one was left.

Ow Ow!

Several chaos monsters appeared. Their heads split open like flowers, and their sharp teeth gnawed at the extremities of the fierce beast Mie Qi.

It struggled continuously, and the immortals poured their magic power into it, but finally, the Mie Qi died.

A Chaos Godfiend attacked, and all the Immortals there were injured if not dead.

Fang Yuan's spiritual will spread and found that the damage to the Immortals had exceeded fifty percent.

Undoubtedly, this nest of otherworldly demons was a tiger's den. Most importantly, a demon disaster was currently happening, but they still had such strength even after many Chaos Godfiends had left for other worlds. They truly had the ability to annihilate the universe.

"Now's the time!" Patriarch Lei Jin nodded slightly. "Chaos ship, explode!"


Lightning exploded on the ship. Its entire hull swelled up as though it had absorbed all of it, and the Immortals above rushed to escape.

The next moment, the chaos ship exploded into gray lightning. Shaped like a sharp sword, it pierced straight ahead.

A Chaos Godfiend with its arm stretched out like a praying mantis bore the brunt of it. It turned into dust instantly, and even the Undying Great Dao was rendered useless.

Seeing this, Fang Yuan linked it to Patriarch Lei Jin's gray lightning.

Obviously, this huge war magic artifact had been arranged personally by the Grand Primordium Immortal. The power of the explosion was almost not inferior to that of a Dao Fruit.

After a long time, the lightning finally scattered.

A wide passage had opened on the battlefield of the Immortals.

In the passage, regardless if it was chaos turbulence or otherworldly demons, everything had turned into nothingness.

The end of the passage was dark and gloomy, seemingly pregnant with great terror.

"Finally arrived at the core of the domain of destruction!"

Fang Yuan knew very well that the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend inside was usually hibernating.

He even suspected that it might not have ever awakened before. The occasional trace of spiritual will might have followed the Pantheon Summoning Technique and possessed a few incarnations to roam around.

The end of the universe would commence once its true body awakened.

"So, do we strike first? The Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend might wake up at any time."

He looked at the other four Grand Primordium Immortals.

"No need! We'll attack if it really wakes up!" Immortal Xuan Qing shook his head. The five Grand Primordium Immortals floated in the chaos and stepped into the darkness.

Buzz buzz!

In an instant, Fang Yuan felt as though he had come to another domain.

It was an endless stream of chaos as far as the eye could see. In the center of it all was a strange sleeping Godfiend that was exuding a holy aura!

Right! Holy aura!

This Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend had definitely reached the realm where things reverted to their opposites at the extreme, raising the Dao of Destruction to an incredible level.

"My Dream Dao Fruit is giving off an alarm?" Fang Yuan seemed to tremble from pure instinct. "The combat power of this Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend is greater than two Dao Fruits!"

"Life and destruction are interchanging…" Tian Hai watched quietly. "This milky white egg with the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend sleeping within it… will be the end of the universe, the end of everything…"

The Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend was undoubtedly at the Dao Fruit realm. Moreover, the power it possessed was terrifying.

Its form seemed to be quietly sending information about the Dao of Destruction and Dao of Annihilation.

Talented Immortals might even directly comprehend the Destruction Great Dao from this information.

On the other hand, 99.99% of mortals would die immediately. The rest would mutate into monsters that knew only destruction.

"It… seems to be waking up…" Immortal Tong Ming said lightly.

At this time, the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend still had a human shape. It was curled up like a baby, but its face was completely unlike that of a human, with its four terrible eyes.

Due to the constant deaths and injuries of the otherworldly demons outside, it seemed to be slightly wriggling, as if it was about to wake up.

"We have to attack together to destroy this origin of destruction!" Patriarch Lei Jin said decisively with cold murderous intent.

"That's right!"

Seeing this, Fang Yuan and the rest did not hesitate to mobilize the power of their Dao Fruits.

"Annihilation Thunder Dao Fruit!"

"Phantom Dao Fruit!"

"Tian Hai Dao Fruit!"

"Xuan Qing Dao Fruit!"

"Dream Dao Fruit!"

Five extraordinary Dao Fruits appeared. With great force, they suppressed the chaos of the universe and smashed toward the center of the giant egg.

This attack was beyond the universe, causing the void of the entire universe to tremble.

The universe had yet to undergo such an extremity thus far.

The complete prowess of the five Dao Fruits launched together, and even the Grand Primordium Immortals had to escape!

At that moment, the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend in the milky white egg seemed to sense danger, and its eyes sprang open!

"Live! We have to live!" Outside, Patriarch Golden Soul's eyes were bloodshot as he roared with anger.

His cultivation might be profound and had even reached the peak of the Nine Transference Undying Method, making his body now sacred and comparable to that of a Chaos Godfiend.

However, this was far from enough if he wanted to survive this dangerous battle.

Like how Immortal Gui Zhuang and Immortal Luan Xuan had died without any warning earlier.

He was still alive only because of luck.

"The Grand Primordium Immortals have reached the core. Our mission is over!"

Patriarch Golden Soul decided to retreat quickly upon seeing Fang Yuan and the rest of the Grand Primordiums make it to the core.

The other Immortals were not fools either. They scattered as otherworldly demons chased after them.

Just as Patriarch Golden Soul reached the edge of the core area, a horrific explosion occurred behind him.

Even the universe seemed to be shattering under this might.

"Have they started?"

The thought was still lingering in his mind when Patriarch Golden Soul saw a bright wave sweeping toward him.

"Ahh!" As he screamed, the flesh and blood from his body disappeared, leaving behind only his golden skeleton.

Even this golden skeleton continued to disintegrate under the pressure and finally, only his skull remained.

Fortunately, the shockwave finally passed. Flesh grew out from his skull and eventually transformed into human form.

"What a close call… I wouldn't have survived if I were any closer!" Patriarch Golden Soul looked around after counting his lucky stars.

Immortals and Chaos Godfiends alike had suffered disastrous casualties. He was the only Grand Supreme Immortal from the Wasteland World still alive! Yuan Potian and Black Mist had perished in that sudden blast!

"Leave now!" He did not dare to stay and retreated at full speed.

The aftershock from that attack had nearly killed him. How would he dare to continue fighting with this danger?

"That Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend has awakened!"

At the core, the five Grand Primordium Immortals looked on solemnly at the now awake fiend.

It seemed to have flesh and blood armor with many symbols of destruction. A pair of eyes turned rapidly as it sized up the intruders.

The aura of terror continued to expand.

"It has strength equivalent to the joint forces of two newly-advanced Dao Fruits… Is this the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend? It seems weaker than I expected…"

Fang Yuan took a closer look, and his attention was drawn immediately to two eyes that were still closed. "A total of… four eyes?"

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