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Chapter 156: Those Looked upon by the Battle God

Translator: WQL Editor: DarkGem
The criminals in floor 3 were showed a good performance for free this morning: soon after the guards came intending to take away Zhang Tie's corpse, they hurriedly rushed outside, faces pale...

Ten minutes after the guards hurried up to the outside, more people rushed down. This time, not only the guards, even the armored soldiers of the Norman Empire that resided in the prison arrived with long pikes in hands. They all looked pretty solemn. The booming tidy footsteps reverberating through the ground of the tunnel of floor 3 forced all the criminals to not even take a deeper breath. Everybody knew that a big event had happened in that 'club' where the most terrifying and perverted scumbags resided.

The warden who was appointed by the Norman Empire arrived to the floor 3, too. He was a captain of the Norman Empire with a rigid expression. Since taking over this prison, the warden had only been to floor 3 once. When he left here last time, he looked like so disgusted, like having stepped on a pile of bull's sh*t with his expensive crocodile-hide shoes. From then onward, he didn't come here again.

However, today, that warden came here.

Given the flustered guards who had hurriedly rushed upwards just now, the criminals knew something very severe had happened.

All the criminals in floor 3 then kept quiet with their heads stretched in the direction of the 'club'.

Zhang Tie just waited in the cell calmly, listening to the booming footsteps of soldiers, produced by the anti-riot fighting boots. Soon after, he saw a squad of soldiers of the Norman Empire in dark red military uniforms rushing inside, closely followed by the guards and the middle-aged man with the rank of captain of the Norman Empire whom he had met when he entered the prison.

Coming to the front of the iron gate outside the 'club', the captain of the Norman Empire ordered with a cold expression, "Open it!"

"Warden Quin, this person is very dangerous, you don't have to..."

The guards nearby wanted to persuade him not to enter the cell. Unexpectedly, this drove the warden even more infuriated.

"Open it..." The growl made the entire underground tunnel of floor 3 boom. "No soldier of the Norman Empire is afraid of death. This is my prison, my place. Nowhere will I dare not to enter!"

"Yes, sir!"

The guards were really shocked, and their faces turned pale. They hurriedly pulled out of the key to open the iron gate outside the 'club'.

At this time, the warden kept glancing at Zhang Tie while Zhang Tie was also glancing back at him. Zhang Tie looked very calm, instead of being irritable or arrogant.

When the door was opened, the warden entered with his head raised. He stood still before the second iron gate, closely followed by several soldiers who held up lamps for him.

When the lamps crowded in the partition between the two doors, the cell brightened up. Under the lamplight, everybody could see the scene in the 'club', which forced them to take a deep breath. Besides Zhang Tie, the entire cell was covered with corpses fallen in weird ways.

This scene was extremely shocking.

For guards who were familiar with what kind of people were put in here, what they saw was akin to an innocent lamb standing safe among a pile of dead wild wolves. It was really subversive.

When the second iron gate was opened, the warden entered, followed by more soldiers of the Norman Empire. They surrounded Zhang Tie with their weapons aimed at him. At this moment, nobody would care about the air quality anymore.

"What happened here last night?" the warden asked, looking Zhang Tie in the eyes.

"They discussed how to kill me, the process of which sounded very painful and disgraceful. I didn't want to die that way. So when they attacked me, in order to survive, I had to kill them all!"


The Warden looked more solemn.

"If you don't believe me, you can also think that they committed a suicide. No matter what, these guys were perverts and lunatics. I don't care about your opinion!" Zhang Tie stretched out his palms and shrugged. "I felt that as a good civilian who follows the laws of the Norman Empire, I don't have to tell a lie to the military officer!"

The Warden didn't speak anymore. Instead, he took a lamp from one soldier's hand and walked closer to Ma Long's corpse. Before him, the Warden squatted down and started to carefully check him.

Zhang Tie had kicked Ma long's crotch, breaking the latter's hipbone and pelvis into pieces. Besides that, Ma Long's head was also crushed into pieces. These wounds could easily be identified. After merely a simple look, the warden had understood how Ma Long was killed last night.

The youth really had an amazing strength. He could kick Ma Long and send him flying in the air, crashing his head into the concrete ceiling of the cell. What great strength would it take for him to complete this?

However, what caught the warden's attention was not the amazing strength but how Ma Long's guts were thrown into disarray by a terrifying hidden strength. There were some weird mulberry and chrysanthemum-like spirals on Ma Long's abdomen.

After taking notice of those spirals, the warden was stunned. He seemed to not believe it as he kept blinking in hopes to see something else when he opened his eyes next time. He even took off his pair of gloves and touched the skin of Ma Long's abdomen to ensure that it was not a tattoo or something else.

His face twisted, the warden picked himself up from the ground and quickly moved to another corpse with the lamp in hand. He took a careful look over the second corpse and found the same mulberry and chrysanthemum-like spirals on the neck, smaller than the ones on Ma Long's abdomen.

On the third corpse, the humpbacked man, the warden found the same weird spirals on the chest.

After that, he didn't continue since his heart was full of fury. Not at Zhang Tie but the Military Administration of the Blackhot City. He was furious at the bastards of the Military Administration for having sent a person who was gazed at and had received a potential favor from the Battle God, forming hidden strength into the prison.

Any person who had gained the attention of the Battle God should not suffer from such a mistreatment. This kind of mistreatment was definitely profaning the glory of the Battle God and challenging the authority of the imperial household of the Norman Empire.

The emperor was also the pope of the Battle God Cult which was the national religion of the Norman Empire and the only belief of its army.

In the Norman Empire, those who could catch the attention of the Battle God should not be tried in the secular courts but in the judging palace of the Battle God Cult of the Norman Empire. Even in war time, judgment on this kind of person could also only be dealt by the judging priests in the judging palace.

In the entire Blackhot City now, there wasn't a single judging priest from the judging palace. There were only five of them in entirety. Of course, they would not casually appear in poor cities like Blackhot City.

The hidden strength of Iron-Blood Fist skill was very ferocious and aggressive so when it hit a person, it could almost force the Qi and blood out in some parts and small areas of their body, leaving such weird mulberry and chrysanthemum-like spirals. This was why it was the symbol of the hidden strength. Those spirals could never be imitated as they formed from inside to outside.

When the Battle God caught sight of someone, he would present the 'bloody chrysanthemum' to that person. This was the doctrine of the Battle God Cult.

Realizing that he had almost made a big mistake, the warden also felt very terrified. Even if Zhang Tie could not threaten him with his current power, his real force represented the deep-rooted traditions and systems of the entire Norman Empire and the Battle God Cult, which was most respected.

Under the amazed gazes of the pile of soldiers and guards, the warden, who was checking the dead bodies, suddenly knelt down and pulled out his emblem of the Battle God on a necklace and kissed it. After that, he put his palms together devoutly and started to mumble.

"Almighty Battle God, please forgive me for my careless mistake. I have thrown a person under your gaze into such a dirty place. The only thing that made me lucky was that your glory had prevented even such a dirty place from being profaned by those dirty bastards--Abhibhavana!"

Although the guards didn't know captain Quin's intention by praying, the moment the soldiers of the Norman Empire heard it, their faces immediately turned pale. At the same time, they all moved one step backs and cast curious eyes to Zhang Tie.

Not until then did Zhang Tie understand that no matter how paramount he had considered the position of the Iron-Blood Fist skill in the Norman Empire, his thoughts were still not great enough.

Captain Kerlin had told him that Iron-Blood Fist was called Battle God's Fist in the army of the Norman Empire and any one who could master it would be powerful and rich, gaining everyone's respect. It seemed that what Captain Kerlin had told him was true.

The warden who had intended to throw Zhang Tie into the pile of perverts and corpse maniacs with an icy expression last night had completely changed his attitude now.

"According to the laws of the Norman Empire, any citizen who cand form hidden strength of the Battle God's Fist cannot be judged by the secular courts anymore. So please forgive me for my rudeness yesterday. You are not suitable to stay here anymore.

However, it was the Military Administration of Blackhot City which sent your here. It means that you have committed a severe crime. So I can only hand you over to colonel Leibniz, the supreme commander of Uni-Horn Army in Blackhot City. He will determine your destiny!" the warden Quin explained to Zhang Tie before ordering his soldiers to put away their weapons.

"I warn you, although the Norman Empire grants some privileges to those who have mastered the Battle God's Fist, if you want to escape, I won't mind showing you some bitterness!"

"I am an innocent citizen of the Norman Empire, the first able youth who practiced and embraced the barbarous survival training system of the Norman Empire, ending up set up. Of course I won't escape!" After saying that, Zhang Tie revealed a smile and two rows of glittering white teeth. " Then, can we go out of here now? It really smells bad here!"

Zhang Tie walked onto the tunnel in floor 3 once again. The other criminals on both sides of the tunnel became really dumbfounded as if having seen a ghost as they saw Zhang Tie walk out of the 'club' where he had stayed the night without even losing a hair.

"What had happened? Did those scumbags become innocent or what?"

Several minutes after Zhang Tie had left the underground floor 3, the guards started to take the corpses out of the 'club' using barrows, one after another. Everybody then knew what had happened.

Magic beast Ma Long's corpse was on the barrow...

Crazy dog's corpse was on the barrow...

Humpback's corpse was on the barrow...

Vampire Jack's corpse was on the barrow...


All the corpses were carried out of the 'club' by a barrow. Thinking of that youth who had not even lost one hair, all the other criminals started to feel chilly.

Undoubtedly, the one who could turn these scumbags into corpses was greater than them. Many had even thought of this youth as a defenseless fatty yesterday. They would have never imagined that he was a human-sized magic beast who could engulf humans without even spitting out their bones...

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