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Chapter 204: Agreement

Translator: WQL Editor: DarkGem
After leaving home, Zhang Tie went to the orphanage founded by Grandma Teresa. He donated 200 gold coins to the orphanage. This was the largest amount of donation that the orphanage had ever gained since it was founded. When Zhang Tie left, all the kids in the orphanage sang the hymn of the Guardian God School and saw Zhang Tie off, while Grandma Teresa kissed his forehead.

In the eyes of the kids of the orphanage, Zhang Tie was absolutely the only sage besides Grandma Teresa.

After this donation, Zhang Tie became penniless again with only several gold coins left.


Tonight, the eighty four girls in Blackhot City all received well-packaged exquisite gift boxes that Zhang Tie had the boutique stores send to them.

Each of them received a beautiful fresh flower, a set of Miss Diss' underclothes, and a set of jewelry from Milan Jewelry Store. On each greeting card, Zhang Tie wrote down a line of words.

"XXX, I will leave Blackhot City tomorrow, thanks for bringing me pleasure. I will remember you forever. Please forgive me for being not able to give you more——Zhang Tie!"

During this period, in the 7-8 days' edification and education by the beauties of the Rose Association, Zhang Tie finally became a half-fashionable man who started to know about various fashionable and interesting places in Blackhot City from a rustic who didn't know how to enjoy himself at all.

From those beauties, Zhang Tie learned the name of the best jewelry store in Blackhot City, the name of the best underclothes store, the location of the best coffee bar, the best tailor's store, the best hair salon, and the best hotel, as well as how to make the most delicious chocolate, etc..

The beauties in the Rose Association could easily tell the best places and the best items in Blackhot City as if they describing how much jewelry they had at home.

Many of these beautiful girls were from common families like Zhang Tie. A few of them had slightly better family conditions, none of which could match that of Benet's family. Because of differences in family statuses, it was not possible for each of these girls to have a set of Miss Diss's underclothes, neither was it possible for each of them to have a set of jewelry from Milan Jewelry Store.

To be able to wear a set of Miss Diss's underclothes and jewelry from Milan Jewelry Store while they were young and beautiful had become the dream of many girls of the Rose Association.

For many people, such a dream was over superficial and utilitarian, however, Zhang Tie didn't think so. He just felt lucky that before leaving Blackhot City, he could do one more thing to make the adorable girls happy.

This might be the last memory that he could leave them.


There were no greeting cards in the gift boxes that he gave to Pandora, Alice, and Beverly, because Zhang Tie had carved all the words that he wanted to say on their finger rings.

As nobody was at Alice's home, the gift carrier brought back the gift. If necessary, she would send it there again tomorrow.


After doing all of these things, Zhang Tie felt absolutely relaxed. Before leaving Blackhot City, he had exerted all his effort to do everything he could do. Even if he was killed on the battlefield, he would not feel sorry for them all.

He killed the one who deserved to be killed and appreciated the ones who deserved to be appreciated...

Zhang Tie felt that he had loaded off a heavy burden.


Under the dim roadside lamps, he walked through the streets, from the gate of Seventh National Male Middle School all the way to the station where he had watched Miss Daina many times from afar.

It was where Miss Daina always waited for the bus to go home everyday. Previously, Zhang Tie could only hide in the alley behind the station to peep at her beautiful figure; he had already stealthily enjoyed her figure near this station for three years. Tonight, Zhang Tie bravely walked onto the platform for the first time, silently standing on that place where the beautiful figure always stood.

It was already deep in the night, few pedestrians were on the streets. All the urban buses had stopped running. Nobody was in the station except for Zhang Tie. The dim road lamp near the station radiated a looming light in the dark, elongating Zhang Tie's shadow. It looked like a road that extended into the endless darkness.

Standing on the platform alone, Zhang Tie closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He seemed to smell a wisp of the familiar fragrance left here while that beautiful figure got on the bus and left.

Donder said that in this age, if a man wanted to be mature, he should have done four things - f*cked a prostitute, killed someone, was sent to prison, and became a soldier.

In the past couple of months, Zhang Tie had experienced all of the above four things that Donder had mentioned. He was mature then now. And so he understood that lie which had brought him endless hope.


"My greatest wish is that one of my students will become a powerful fighter or a powerful man who can safeguard human beings. Then, I will well dress myself to marry him...


"The appointment between me and all of you is that when you are powerful enough to protect me, let me marry you, okay?"


"Would you like to make this kind of agreement with me?"


The beautiful voice of yesterday's classroom was still drifting in Zhang Tie's ears, the agreement which had thrilled him so much. Not until this moment did he understand that it was the most beautiful lie that he had ever heard.

Miss Daina was his teacher, the best teacher in his heart. She had her own life and would never belong to him. Neither would she marry him. Before Miss Daina, Zhang Tie was forever a student who could only silently follow her and hide in an alley beside the station to kiss her in his mind with his humble eyes.

In this small station, that poor, small figure was sacrificed and buried forever.


Zhang Tie didn't know how long he stood in that station. He did his best to recall everything he could about Miss Daina. Actually, he was so scared that after he left Blackhot City tomorrow, this would became his eternal farewell. He was afraid that one day he won't be able remember that beautiful figure anymore. He was afraid that one day he would forget her looks.

Maybe, on the day he left school, he should have collected his courage to take a photo with Miss Daina.

Zhang Tie became a bit regretful inside.

He wasn't certain from when there was already nobody on the streets...

He wasn't certain from when the fine rain had become so heavy...

He wasn't certain from when he was no longer alone in this station as Pandora was standing in front of him.

Looking at her weak body and pale face that had been wetted by heavy rain, Zhang Tie felt pained. He then embraced her while taking off his military jacket. After cleaning the water off Pandora's head, he hurriedly put his jacket over her head before taking her icy hands and forcefully rubbing them.

"How did you know I'm here?" he asked.

Looking at Zhang Tie's nervous expression, Pandora chuckled. "You told me about what you always did previously, I guess you'd be here tonight. So here I am!"

Zhang Tie was slightly abashed, feeling like a kid who had been caught while stealing candy bars in a relative's home. He then pretended to glare at Pandora as he lifted her. "What about you, why are you here alone then, it's so late!"

Revealing a smile to him, Pandora lifted her hand and took out that box which contained the ring. Although she had gotten soaked by the heavy rain, that box was still dry with not even a water drop on it.

"I've just received your gift, learning that you'll need to leave Blackhot City tomorrow, so I want you to put this ring on for me !"

For some reason, at the sight of Pandora' smile, Zhang Tie felt like crying. He didn't say anything but instantly caught that box and took out that black ring. After that, he took hold of Pandora's hand that she stretched out before him.

Pandora's right hand was tender and elegant. When she opened her palm, Zhang Tie wanted to put the ring onto her right hand's middle finger, but the moment he moved to do so, he saw Pandora shaking her head and stretching out her fourth finger. After that, she looked at Zhang Tie full of expectations, her eyes seeming to contain endless words.

There was a great difference in meanings depending on which woman's finger the man put the ring on.

Zhang Tie and Pandora gazed at each other, the whole world quieting down around them.

Seeing Pandora's open snow white fingers in front of him, Zhang Tie felt as if seeing Pandora lying on the bed and showing her open snow white legs, waiting for him to crash inside.

Identical to that day, at this moment, Pandora didn't say anything more, instead, she just looked at Zhang Tie with a pair of shiny eyes which contained all words: both of encouragement and expectation.

Whether Pandora opened her legs or palm in front of him, Zhang Tie felt that she was especially beautiful, which made his heart pound.

"I will die!" Zhang Tie solemnly promised Pandora.

"I know!" Pandora watched Zhang Tie with tears flowing out of her tears. "One day, I will die too. I just want to make an agreement with you while I'm still alive. When I'm as beautiful as Miss Daina, if you're still alive, can I take her place and marry you?"

Zhang Tie immediately burst into tears.

He pulled Pandora's hand toward himself and kissed it. After that, he put that ring onto fourth finger with great seriousness.

Both of them then smiled. After that, they embraced tightly and began to crazily kiss each other in this silent station, trying to lick all the tears off the other's face.


It kept raining for the first half of the night, and Zhang Tie hugged Pandora as they sat on the platform of the station. He told Miss Daina's story to her. Pandora also hugged Zhang Tie as she leaned against his chest with her head, listening seriously.

At the second half of the night, the rain stopped. Zhang Tie then lifted Pandora up and brought her to his apartment. After that, they started to crazily make love without a stop.

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