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Chapter 214: Black Feathers Regiment

Translator: WQL Editor: DarkGem
Zhang Tie moved so fast that his following three javelins flew closely after the first one.

Because it was too urgent, even Zhang Tie had not noticed the shrill sonic booms until his javelins hit the targets.

At this time, he didn't have time to choose his targets at all. Soon after he pierced the front four people, the fifth person had already rushed in front of him like a ghost.

The enemy moved fast, very fast.

The shrill booms of javelins not only rose the whole Iron-Blood Camp, but also stimulated all the ghost-like figures to roll towards the encampment of the Iron-Blood Camp like wildfire in the darkness.

"Kill them all!"

After a loud scream, Zhang Tie gazed at that figure before him and slashed at it with his sword in his right hand. Noticing the attack, that person pulled out his weapon to block the sword. The moment Zhang Tie broke his opponent's weapon, he immediately slashed that person into two, causing a fresh blood to splash all over him.

At this time, another person rushed towards Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie then struck directly through his heart with his sword.

For an instant, Zhang Tie thought that person had been killed,however, he could have never imagined that the man would still rush towards him. Even though was pierced by Zhang Tie's sword, he still slashed towards Zhang Tie's head with his saber, his expression grim.

That person's whole head was covered by a skeleton-like helmet, only exposing a pair of bloody and crazy eyes.

If Zhang Tie had not experienced numerous deaths in trouble-reappearance situations, which had given him strong fighting skills and great mental capability, he might have died.

It was really Zhang Tie's first time seeing a guy who could continue slashing towards your head even when he had his heart pierced.

Seriously scared, Zhang Tie used a cannon kick, a movement from the Iron-Blood Fist skill, and kicked at that person's lower abdomen, sending him flying backward. As a result, several more people were knocked down, though at the same time, that saber went close past Zhang Tie's nose.

He immediately oozed cold sweat.

In a split second, Battalion Commander Reinhardt with his flaring battle-qi totem rushed over. Passing by, Reinhardt punched the front guys into pieces and they flew backwards.

"This is Black Feathers Regiment of the Brilliant Feathers Army. Take care. Only by chopping off their heads and destroying their central nerve system on their spines can we kill them..." Battalion Commander Reinhardt shouted loudly, his voice drifting through the whole battlefield.

Black Feathers Regiment? F*ck! Zhang Tie had also heard about these monsters of the Sun Dynasty. They were also the brand troop of Sun Dynasty. However, unlike the Iron-Blood Camp, they mainly cultivated themselves based on a secret medicine which could make them into killing machines which forgot pain and death. These people became very terrifying on the battlefield.

Zhang Tie had not imagined that the Brilliant Feathers Army would use Black Feathers Regiment to deal with the Iron-Blood Camp. He was also still confused about how these people had found the wolf den in the first place.

Seeing at least 3000 soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment rushing towards him from all directions, Zhang Tie felt somewhat hopeless inside. His enemies were war golems who only glared through the slits in their helmets with their bloody eyes and killed others quietly. Even if when they rushed forward many were killed, they would not make a sound.

The eyes of these soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment looked crazy. Additionally, their armor was also terrifying. Unlike common armor, theirs was totally skeleton-like, only protecting their heads, necks, spines and other major joints and bones, not caring about the rest of their bodies being exposed. They straight up ignored the penetrative and fragmentary harms which common soldiers were afraid of most.

The function of the skeletal armor was to protect the completeness of their physical structure and increase the difficulty in breaking their key joints and the central nervous system of their spines. For these soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment who didn't know what pain was, as long as their physical structures were complete, they could continue to kill people.

After Zhang Tie chopped off some more enemy heads, the other military officers of the Iron-Blood Camp finally arrived and held back those monsters who had almost broken into the encampment of the Iron-Blood Camp.

After that, the rest of the soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp arrived too. A raid then became a field operation under the stars' light.

It was at least twice more difficult to kill a soldier of Black Feathers Regiment than killing a common one. Thus, those solders of Black Feathers Regiment who didn't fear pain or death were even with the soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp.

The moment both parties clashed, the Iron-Blood Camp suffered casualties. Black Feathers Regiment was an existence which was not weaker than the Iron-Blood Camp, and even more terrifying than the latter on the battlefield. They didn't fear pain or death at all, and had no instinctive hesitation of killing enemies at the cost of their own lives. In the Iron-Blood Camp though, even the tough guys would hesitate at this critical moment.

This was the most brutal battle since Zhang Tie had joined the Iron-Blood Camp. He didn't even know how many people he had killed. He only knew that the soldiers in skeleton-like armor just endlessly poured in from all directions.

The easiest way to kill the monsters was to directly chop off their heads. However, after chopping their heads, Zhang Tie was covered all over with their blood like a blood man that was scooped out of the blood pond.

Zhang Tie had gained some non-lethal wounds and felt like he was in a mire composed of those terrifying soldiers.

Compared to Iron-Blood Camp, there were so many opponents...

Only after 20 minutes' fight, Zhang Tie's "Woman's Excellence" had become a corncob gnawed on by mice as a lot of scratches and nicks had already been made on it. This was because before he could chop off the heads, he had to break the skeletal helmet on the soldiers' heads that even covered their necks. Although "Woman's Excellence" was elegant, facing numerous face-to-face slashes, it finally revealed its fragile side.

Finally, after chopping off half of a soldier's neck, the "Woman's Excellence" broke into two and became useless.

With half of his neck still linked to his shoulder, that guy was slashed towards Zhang Tie with his saber.

Zhang Tie held it back using the remainder of his sword. After that, he grabbed that person's wrist. With a sound of 'kacha', he broke it, then grabbed hat man's head between his hands and forcefully twisted the rest half of the neck.

Other soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment darted towards Zhang Tie. At the same time, First Lieutenant Freo killed all the way and drew close to Zhang Tie. He swept his huge axe towards the soldiers. As a result, each soldier was slashed into two and sent flying backwards.

"Hahaha, your woman will not able to deal with these guys. Go bring your man here..."

'F*ck, what do you mean by my man?'

Although knowing that that bad, tough man was referring to "Man's Certificate", Zhang Tie still felt dejected. Seeing the bald tough man weave his huge axe, sweeping it past the most populated place of Black Feathers Regiment, Zhang Tie stomped and ran towards his own tent.

Only after ten more seconds, Zhang Tie, with "Man's Certificate" in his hand, killed his way back. The dejected mood inside him then turned into the howling killing intent of his sword.

To deal with these soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment in metal skeletal armor, "Man's Certificate" seemed to be the best weapon.

At this time, Battalion Commander Reinhardt had already broken through the encirclement of the soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment. Like a flaring lion's swipes, each of his moves would lead to flaming blood rain and fragmented corpses.

After glancing at Reinhardt who was deep in the mire, Zhang Tie gritted his teeth and immediately threw his remaining javelins in that direction, striking through the necks of some monsters surrounding Reinhardt. When the sharp heads of the javelins penetrated through their necks, they also broke a big hole in their cervical spines.

After clearing the javelins in the container, Zhang Tie took down the container. After discharging his load, he burst out into a tiger-like howl. Waving his huge sword with two hands, he killed all the way to the place with the most enemies where Battalion Commander Reinhardt was in.

The Ring of Energy on his finger had long played its role as Zhang Tie's physical strength was recovering faster than ever. Although the recovering speed only increased by 4%, on this battlefield, it could obviously improve Zhang Tie's strength.

With the two meter long "Man's Certificate", Zhang Tie weaved through the enemies and quickly cleared an empty land. This time, he didn't spare any effort. Elegance did not matter here, only by chopping them in two would he kill them. Without any calculations like before, Zhang Tie forcefully slashed with his huge sword everywhere. These surrounding dauntless guys were much easier than cunning wild wolves.

Holding the huge sword, Zhang Tie's lethality to those soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment was really unrivaled. With a casual sweep, he would immediately clear an area of 7-10 square meters, causing broken limbs to fly everywhere.

Zhang Tie then became the most terrifying flesh grinder on the battlefield.

Seeing their Second Lieutenant Mummy performing as bravely as before, the morale of the Iron-Blood Camp rose up again.

Zhang Tie killed on the way towards the guys that were surrounding Battalion Commander Reinhardt like a road roller.

Seeing Zhang Tie, Reinhardt burst out laughing loudly. Back to back, they heavily clashed against the soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment.

However, this time, many opponents rushed towards their encampment, the amount of which was 2-3 times greater than the manpower of the entire Iron-Blood Camp. Although Zhang Tie and Reinhardt could easily deal with those surrounding them, the common soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp would suffer a great difficulty dealing with them. And if the common soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp couldn't last, no matter how dauntless Reinhardt and Zhang Tie were, they would also finally be overrun by the countless soldiers of the Black Feathers Regiment who didn't fear pain and death at all.

"It seems that the marshals of the Brilliant Feathers hate us very much. They must have been outraged that we've quartered their bastard Muling. The Black Feathers Regiment rarely dispatches so many of theirs troops at once..."

As he constantly punched the monsters into pieces, Battalion Commander Reinhardt could even talk with Zhang Tie.

Sweat dripping down his forehead, Zhang Tie almost rolled up his eyes.

'No crap, judging from the number of opponents which is several times greater than that of Iron-Blood Camp's, you can clearly see that they're definitely determined to clear the Iron-Blood Camp this time, for Black Feathers troops are not as cheap as white cabbage which is always available. '

They could only blame Iron-Blood Camp for being too hateful.

Zhang Tie just slashed without saying anything.

Several seconds later, hearing no reply, Battalion Commander Reinhardt finally revealed his fox' tail [1]. "Look at your 7 o'clock, 150 m away, there are some people..."

After slashing some opponents into two, Zhang Tie hurriedly exchanged locations with Reinhardt. After that, he cast a glance at that place mentioned previously. Behind a great density of soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment, under the looming stars' light, Zhang Tie could faintly see some people in different clothes on a hillside. They seemed to be the military officers of Black Feathers Regiment. Among them was an old man in a weird robe whose hair had grizzled. He seemed to be blowing on a weird item in his mouth while watching over the battlefield.

It was too weird. That person seemed to be blowing a musical instrument, yet making no sound. All the soldiers of Black Feather Regiment including that weird guy were so quiet, revealing their terrifying madness and weirdness.

"I see!"

Zhang Tie brandished his huge sword and slashed two monsters into pieces again.

"Can you f*ck that old man in the middle with your javelin?" Reinhardt asked.

"It's too far. If I was 50 m closer, it'd be possible!" Zhang Tie kept slashing as he exchanged opinions with Reinhardt. "In this case, I think we're unable to move 50 m closer in that direction."

After being quiet for a while, Reinhardt said, "What if I can send you 50 m away from here?"

"Then I can kill that old guy! But how would you send me there?"

"I'll throw you there! Though after throwing your javelin, you'll be surrounded by the common soldiers, and even some of the high-level fighters of the Black Feathers Regiment and might lose your life! So I won't force you to do that. You make the decision..."

Zhang Tie became quiet.

"Will the Black Feathers Regiment retreat after I kill that old guy?"

"They will. All the soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment are commanded by that man. The weird musical instrument that man is blowing is to command these soldiers. As it is of a very high frequency, we cannot hear it. However, these soldiers who had been changed by some secret medicine can hear it. They're fighting according to the sound from the musical instrument!"

"What if the soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment don't retreat tonight?"

"Then everybody in the Iron-Blood Camp will die here before dawn. They obviously outnumber us. Some brothers of the Iron-Blood Camp are barely holding on already. The Brilliant Feathers Army is determined to kill us all!"

They kept talking with each other in low voices while they fought.

Zhang Tie then struggled inside for as long as a minute. Being surrounded, they didn't exchanged any more words...

"I will do it!"

Zhang Tie was clear that after saying this, he had completely given up on his own life.

He had to do that.

The brothers of the Iron-Blood Camp once fought for him in the Blackhot City, therefore, he should not retreat now. If he retreated, nobody in the entire Iron-Blood Camp would survive. To kill that man was the only chance to help the Iron-Blood Camp survive this night.


"I've got many women in Blackhot City. If I die and the brothers of Iron-Blood Camp survive, tell them to protect my women when they return to the Blackhot City!"


Reinhardt said nothing but two "Fine".

After quickly telling his will, Zhang Tie didn't speak any more but gritted his teeth to fight... After ten more seconds, he grabbed a javelin that he had thrown out into a soldier of Black Feathers Regiment. After a horizontal sweep, he broke another soldier's body with his blade.

The moment he dropped his huge sword, Zhang Tie held the javelin in his right hand which he usually used for throwing. With a tiger-like howl, Reinhardt punched with a brilliant fighting move, cracking down a great amount of surrounding soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment. After that, he seized Zhang Tie's waist band and threw him out like throwing a javelin.

Nobody could imagine what trick the two surrounded by many soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment thought to play.

Zhang Tie was a javelin thrown out by Reinhardt while he himself also held a javelin. In a blink of an eye, he had already flown over 50 m while the guys in the distance were frozen from shock and amazement.

Zhang Tie locked that cone-shaped funnel onto the old guy in weird robe standing in the middle and threw his javelin while still in the air.

This time, the distance of over 100 m was like it didn't exist at all. The moment the javelin left Zhang Tie's hand, it had already penetrated that guy's chest, followed by a shrill sonic boom.

In disbelief, the old guy lowered his head to stare at that wide bloody hole in his chest. The flute-like thing dropped from his mouth. Soon after that, he fell to the ground...

Right then, all the soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment became still for a short while...

"Kill him!"

Some of the people standing on that hillside who had so far looked calm furiously growled, their voices drifting through the whole battlefield. The icy blue battle-qi totems on them immediately burst out...

Zhang Tie only had time to protect his head before smashing down against a great amount of soldiers with a loud boom. After rolling dozens of circles and striking down many people, he became dizzy.

At this moment, he remembered that feeling of when he had jumped into that bottomless cave of gold-eating boas...

The whole battlefield froze for a short while before heating up once again...

All the military officers of the Brilliant Feathers Army who had looked calm, all the surrounding soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp and Battalion Commander Reinhardt all surged towards Zhang Tie at the same time...


Zhang Tie realized that the real moment where his life would be on the line would soon arrive. Compared to the present, the bloody fight just now was totally a warm-up campaign...

At this time, lying on the ground, Zhang Tie had no other weapons except for a dagger. However, a dagger seemed useless when fighting the soldiers of Black Feathers Regiment.

At the sight of some ankles of some soldiers of the Black Feathers Regiment, Zhang Tie blindly captured two of them of two different people one in each hand. Not caring whether the two were dead or not, he just swung them like sticks, smashing the surrounding people away.

Zhang Tie's braveness shocked the entire battlefield once again...

At the same time, a formation of icy blue battle qi and more than ten weapons were thrusting towards him...

[1] In ancient Chinese fantasies, fox could turn into human beings except for its tail. The fox' tail here is used to depict that Battalion Commander Reinhardt is very smart, able to find the people behind this raid.

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