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Chapter 281: A Discovery

Translator: WQL Editor: EbonyFrost
"Appointment? An appointment with Heller?" Zhang Tie racked his mind. After a short while, he patted his forehead and looked at Heller with a sorry expression, "I truly had forgotten about bringing basic energy into this space. But I didn't have a chance to bring things in. You know that once I'm found having such an ability, I might be abducted by others to be sliced up for tests. Therefore, I have to be careful about it."

"I know the environment you're in and your meticulous attitude. On increasing the basic energy storage of Castle of Black Iron, I have a suggestion."

"Just say it."

"I know that Castle Lord is here for the two new fruits on the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree.," Heller revealed a smile, "So we can talk about this after you've had the fruits!"

Zhang Tie hadn't imagined that Heller could be that "considerate". Hearing Heller's words and watching the small tree in front of him, Zhang Tie nodded, "Fine, we'll talk about it after I eat the fruits."

At this time, the Castle of Black Iron had already completely changed. Previously, Zhang Tie had no time to assemble the 2-story log cabin that covered 210 sq meters which he ordered from Blackhot City, but now, the house had already been erected in front of Zhang Tie. The assembled houses had been surrounded by one-person high wooden boards. The small tree was in the courtyard surrounded by a barrier and the assembled houses.

The topography of the courtyard seemed to have been renovated by Heller. The location of the small tree was obviously 2 m higher than its surroundings. It was on a huge and tidy mortar-like mound. The small tree was even surrounded by white stone stages.

Zhang Tie admitted that after Heller's renovation, everything truly made him feel more comfortable and at ease.

"From now on, except Castle Lord, no other living beings are allowed to get close to the stages heading to the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree!" Walking together with Zhang Tie, Heller stopped in front of it and explained as he stood aside.

Zhang Tie delightfully nodded as he walked upwards.

The small tree was still growing. This time, Zhang Tie felt it was more verdant than last time. Each time he came here, the moment he saw those raw and ripe fruits on the small tree, Zhang Tie would be in a very good mood.

One leakless fruit had already been ripe and hanging over the tree while the second one would be ripe within three days. After knowing that the leakless fruit could work as alternative blood bags and save his life in an emergency, Zhang Tie kept all the leakless fruits on the tree these days.

Besides leakless fruits, there was an Iron-Body Fruit, a Trouble-Reappearance Fruit and a Fruit of Redemption.

Zhang Tie firstly cast his look on the pitch black hexagonal Trouble-Reappearance Fruit.

——Trouble-Reappearance Fruit has become ripe. Usage: Pick and directly consume. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually fade.

After injecting his spiritual energy into the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit, Zhang Tie saw three sea serpents and the sea around Iron Ore Beach.

Zhang Tie then burst out loud laughing. After killing three sea serpents, he saw the scene using Trouble-Reappearance Fruit as expected. This time, Zhang Tie had a place to practice diving.

In the middle of the twigs was a Fruit of Redemption which contained the strength of golden uangs which was still raw. On the side of that fruit was another heart-shaped fruit.

——Fruit of Redemption——coming from the gratitude of the sand-scale fish. It has become ripe. Usage: Pick and directly consume. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually fade.

——With this fruit, Castle Lord could increase resistance against cold environments by 1% and increase sensitivity to water flow by 1%.

Because fish breathe with gills while people breathe using their lungs, this Fruit of Redemption didn't bring Zhang Tie an abnormal underwater breathing ability. Due to physical constraints, Zhang Tie could not be a weird animal with gills. However, the two abilities provided by this fruit truly shocked Zhang Tie.

Many fish in the water had a powerful resistance to cold. Zhang Tie had read in a book that some fish, after being frozen for many days, once thawed, could still happily swim in the water. Zhang Tie had not imagined that the sand-scale fish was a type of the cold-resistant fish.

When in water, besides being unable to breathe, people were also largely limited on time by the low temperature, which made people rapidly lose body heat in the sea and become stiff while shivering. Finally, they would lose their consciousness and suffer from cardiopulmonary failure, etc.

1 silver coin for a 1% increase of cold-resistance and 1% increase of increase in water flow sensitivity. Zhang Tie had truly gained quite a bit.

Life was priceless! This ability brought by saving lives was priceless!

In a sophisticated manner, Zhang Tie picked off this Fruit of Redemption and engulfed it. The moment he bit into the fruit, its juice had already flown into his stomach and created a warm sensation which spread across Zhang Tie's skin and subcutaneous tissues. In only several minutes, Zhang Tie had absorbed it all.

After eating the Fruit of Redemption, Zhang Tie picked the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit and ate it. Closing his eyes, Zhang Tie then felt one more six-pointed star on the marvelous arch door in his mind. This six-pointed star was already activated, which indicated that Zhang Tie could enter the Trouble-Reappearance Situation at any time.

Because Heller was still waiting to talk with him, Zhang Tie didn't go inside the Trouble-Reappearance Situation. After all, he had a lot of free time in the future.

When Zhang Tie was going to leave the small tree, he saw the Iron-Body Fruit on the small tree. However, this time, Zhang Tie felt the color of the Iron-Body Fruit became different from that last time. Therefore, Zhang Tie stretched out his hand to check.

"Yi? That's so strange!" Zhang Tie remembered that when he came here last time, this Iron-Body Fruit was only one-third ripe, how could it be almost half ripe this time?

"Did I make a mistake? It shouldn't be that ripe." Since his spiritual energy surged, Zhang Tie's memory had grown increasingly better. He didn't think that he would make any mistake remembering things. "I haven't been practicing the Bear-Shoulder Iron-Body Skill these days, neither have I been beaten up by others. How could this Iron-Body Fruit be developing further?"

"I will ask Heller."


Heller was still waiting for Zhang Tie outside the stone stage under the small tree.

"Heller, what's your suggestion for increasing basic energy storage of the Castle of Black Iron?" Zhang Tie asked bluntly.

"I suggest Castle Lord seize the opportunities right around you. You could have seized many chances to increase the basic energy storage of Castle of Black Iron, but I haven't seen you taking any action!"

"You mean those iron ores in the sea? I'm practicing my diving skills. After a couple of days, when I can dive deeper, I will take action." After thinking for awhile, Zhang Tie had understood Heller's meaning. It was truly a nice environmental condition in the sea just like that in the mine. If he chose a place with few people and act in a secret way, he could bring something into the Castle of Black Iron using the direct-transportation function that he had just mastered without being noticed by others.

"I'm happy that Castle Lord could consider moving the iron ores in the sea. But I didn't mean that..."

"What is it then?"

"Have you thought about it, Castle Lord?" Heller became quite thrilled as he continued, "When you swim in the sea, you are surrounded by seawater, once you use the direct-transportation function that you have mastered and steadily open the space channels on your two hands, won't the seawater constantly be absorbed into the Pool of Chaos in the Castle of Black Iron? Is there any other easier method that could be used to increase the basic energy storage of Castle of Black Iron?"

Zhang Tie became stunned as he felt an explosion go off in his mind. "That's it, how could I have not have thought about that. Once I dive in the sea, who could notice that the seawater is decreasing? Additionally, now that I could use the direct-transportation function of Castle of Black Iron to absorb seawater into the Castle of Black Iron, won't I be able to transport air from the Castle of Black Iron to the outside through the arch door in my mind?"

"Of course you can. Castle Lord has tried to move water from the Castle of Black Iron into the cup outside. Once you lock any space in the Castle of Black Iron, you can move the air in that space! If you are in the water, once you try several times, you will be able to freely breathe underwater."

Zhang Tie covered his mouth using one hand as he asked in a low voice,"You mean that as long as I do this in the water, I can directly move the air from the Castle of Black onto my hand and freely breathe through by hand?"

"It looks like you get it!" Heller nodded, "But this is one of the direct-transportation functions of Castle of Black Iron, there's a simpler method. If you want to take a breath in the water, you can try to directly send the air from the Castle of Black Iron into your mouth through the arch door in your mind!"

The moment he heard the words, Zhang Tie almost sprung up. "That direct-transportation function is simply marvelous. It's definitely a portable oxygen tank. However, compared to an oxygen tank, Castle of Black Iron is invisible. Additionally, the air in Castle of Black Iron is definitely much fresher than that in an oxygen tank.

Zhang Tie was so excited that he almost wanted to rush into the sea and have a try now. However, before he left, he had another question, "I've got another question. I remember that Iron-Body Fruit was only one-third ripe, how could it grow these days without being stimulated?"

"Castle Lord, when you are diving in the sea, the constantly changing water pressure would impose itself upon you. During this process, it was akin to be beaten or hit with something hard. The only difference between the two is that the force that you sustain in water is constant, which could be adjusted by the diving depth. As long as the force on you constantly changes, it will stimulate the Iron-Body Fruit to ripen. During this process, you could treat the sea as a still iron hammer, while you are..."

Before Heller finished, Zhang Tie had already disappeared...

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