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Chapter 294: Yaksha in the Sea

Translator: WQL Editor: Millman97
"You've already completed the first one-week task in the Elites Sacrifice Pavilion and gained 5 more clan contribution points, making it 55 points in total. Can I do anything else for you?" A beautiful young girl standing behind a service window in the task assignment hall on the second floor of the Middle Castle enthusiastically asked Zhang Tie.

"No, thanks. I'd like to look around!", as soon as he finished the mandatory LV 6 task, Zhang Tie suddenly felt as free as a bird in the sky and a fish in the ocean. From then on, he could freely manage his time before he reached LV 7. Zhang Tie really liked this feeling.

"Fine, the task board is over there, if you need any help, just come here and ask me!"

These young girls on the second floor were much better at talking compared to those stubborn scholars downstairs. Their words sounded much more comfortable. When he took his clan plate back, returned by that beautiful young girl behind the window from that machine's slot, Zhang Tie saw another cousin of Breaking Heaven Department walking out of a door on one side of the task hall.

"What's that small room for?" Zhang Tie casually asked.

"The clan's secret tasks are assigned there. They are not opened to the public. Only one person could enter at a time!"

'Secret task?' Zhang Tie was attracted, "Can I enter now?"

"You need to reach LV 7 at least. Additionally, you have to pass all the compulsory modules before taking on a secret task!"

"Okay, thanks!"

It wouldn't be difficult for Zhang Tie to reach LV 7. However, when he recalled the 6 compulsory courses — fundamental moves, fundamental swordsmanship, shield defense skill, preliminary archery, flying skills, and horsemanship — Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh. Based on his current conditions, he had enough gold to buy these compulsory courses; however, he had too few clan contribution points. It turned out that he had to spend a lot of time to gain more clan contribution points.

'I will have a look at the open task notice board to see whether I can do some tasks to gain clan contribution points!'

Thinking of this, Zhang Tie left the reception desk and moved to the the open task notice board to carefully read it.

— Island Patrol, 8 hours a day, 15 days for each task. 30 clan contribution points as a reward.


— Security officer around five towns. Be stationed in five towns; being responsible for maintaining order in towns by punishing trouble-makers. 7 days for each task. 50 clan contribution points as a reward. LV 7 and above is required.


— Scouts in Dragon Cave. Explore deep into the inside of Dragon Cave to pay close attention to any abnormal situations and relevant intelligence in the underground world. 7 days for each task. 70 clan contribution points and 7 gold coins as a reward. LV 8 and above is required.


Zhang Tie glanced over at the notice board one column after another. He started to frown as he didn't like most of those tasks or didn't meet the requirements of those he favored. All of a sudden, Zhang Tie noticed a task on the notice board.

——Yaksha in the sea, being responsible for patrolling in the sea near the pearl field of the Hidden Dragon Island by driving away sharks and other dangerous maritime living beings. When huge maritime creatures get too close to the pearl field, Yaksha should promptly send a warning. 7 days for each task. 60 clan contribution points as a reward. Note: task receivers should pass an on-site examination.

'Ha, that's it!' Zhang Tie became highly spirited. This was the ideal task in his mind. For Zhang Tie, with this task, he could both gain clan contribution points and continue to absorb sea water to increase basic energy storage in the Castle of Black Iron without having to be afraid of being noticed. Besides, he could also stimulate the growth of Iron-Body Fruit. It's really like killing three birds with one stone.

Zhang Tie then jubilantly ran towards the task handling counter and officially applied for the task to be a Yaksha.

"Although this task could also be done by LV 6 people, it requires excellent swimming skills. Even many LV 7 ones could not do it. Are you sure you want to apply for this task?" The young woman behind the counter kindly asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure!"

"Fine, you can have a test at the Long Wind Pearl Field to the east of the Hidden Dragon Island in the afternoon. If you are qualified, this task will begin tomorrow."

"Good, thanks!"

After completing his application, Zhang Tie turned around and left the task assignment hall on the second floor of Middle Castle. When he went downstairs, he encountered a familiar man.

"Zhang Tie..."At the sight of Zhang Tie, Liu Xi instantly showed a big smile, "I was completing tasks outside these past few days and was only just told that you had already entered the Breaking Heaven Department a week ago. I was thinking about inviting you for a dinner!"

Thinking of the meeting between him and Liu Xi when they met in the Black Dragon Town several days ago, Zhang Tie also smiled, "I thought senior brother Liu had already forgotten about it!"

"Haha, how could I forget about that! Are you free at the moment?"

Hearing Liu Xi's words, Zhang Tie realized that he wanted to make friends with him. As Liu Xi left a good impression on Zhang Tie, of course, Zhang Tie was willing to accept his invitation. "I've just finished the task in the Elites Sacrifice Pavilion, so I'm free for the next couple of days. I will be there whenever you call me!"

Seeing that Zhang Tie's attitude towards him was the same as the first time he met him even after miraculously forming Iron-Blood Battle Qi and shocking the entire Hidden Dragon Palace, Liu Xi started to respect Zhang Tie even more inside. Once Zhang Tie left Hidden Dragon Island, he would definitely be prominent and gain a high position in the Zhang clan.

"That's fine. How about having a gathering with some of my friends in the Ocean Hotel in White Dragon Town tomorrow night. We'll drink until dawn!" Liu Xi happily said.


"Oh, have you got a new task?"

"Yeah, I got one, Yaksha in the sea. I'm heading for the Long Wind Pearl Field to test my swimming skill!"

"Haha, brother, you really have a great talent. Few people across the Hidden Dragon Palace could do this task!" 

"I'm just going over to try the test. It depends whether I can pass it!" Zhang Tie modestly said.

Liu Xi revealed a smile, "Brother, based on your swimming skills when you were picking navy-blue iron ores from the deep oceanic trenches, I definitely believe that you will pass it!"

After chatting for a while, they agreed to meet to drink alcohol tomorrow night before going their separate ways.

After leaving the Middle Castle, Zhang Tie didn't immediately go to the Long Wind Pearl Field to test his swimming skill; instead, he first went to the Secret Knowledge Pavilion in the Hidden Dragon Palace.

"This brat again!" At the sight of Zhang Tie who was stealthily appearing outside the door of the Secret Knowledge Pavilion, the old man who was drinking tea in a green robe instantly widened his eyes and blew up his beard. Last time, this green-robe old man had said so many words, only to be treated as a no-paid teacher by Zhang Tie and choked by Zhang Tie's response. Therefore, the old man had a deep impression on Zhang Tie.

"Haha, you look good, old man!" Seeing his bad look, Zhang Tie hurriedly flattered him.

The old man lowered his head as he used a spoon to move the tea leaves in the cup and kept his mouth tightly closed.

Having not imagined that old man was that narrow-minded, Zhang Tie put it straight, "I want to learn medium-level fish-like diving skill!"

When he came here last time, Zhang Tie knew that medium-level fish-like diving skill required 50 clan contribution points. Unlike the preliminary level, the medium-level fish-like diving skill involved the application of battle qi under water. Therefore, only those who had reached LV 6 could learn it.

Now that he wanted to take the task, Zhang Tie felt that it was necessary for him to upgrade his diving skill in case others had doubts about him if he performed well as a person who had only just learned the preliminary fish-like diving skill.

This time, compared to the preliminary fish-like diving skill, Zhang Tie had a much easier time learning the medium-level fish-like diving skill. It only took him less than 40 minutes to master it. What he needed to do was only to practice it adroitly.

After learning the medium-level fish-like diving skill, Zhang Tie directly walked out of the Hidden Dragon Palace and arrived at the Long Wind Pearl Field which was over 10 km away from Hidden Dragon Palace.

A castle with a perimeter of more than 500 m was established on the hillside near the sea, which was over 30 m away from the corner of the wall of the castle.

There were some smaller buildings surrounding the castle. On some of the reefs below the castle, there was a place which was used to anchor boats. Zhang Tie also saw some boats on the sea a bit further away. The girls of the Zhixing Department were constantly jumping off and climbing onto the boats with something in their hands.

It was an extreme form of training and a test for girls to pick up pearls in the sea.

Looking at the several big words "Long Wind Pearl Field" above the coastal castle, Zhang Tie didn't hesitate to enter the castle. After clarifying his intention to the manager of the Long Wind Pearl Field, Zhang Tie was taken to start the test.

That person took Zhang Tie onto a boat below the castle. With a small triangle sail erected on the boat, they soon arrived at a place on the sea which was about 2 miles away from the castle.

"It's deeper than 100 m here. There's a tiny iron octopus at the bottom of the sea. It swims fast. If you can get one iron octopus in 2 hours, you will pass the test! Then, you can come here to officially join the team of Yakshas!"

"Erm, how many Yakshas do we have in this sea area? Only me?" Zhang Tie asked as he took off his clothes on the boat.

"We have four. This sea area requires at least four Yakshas to ensure the safety of those girls from Hidden Dragon Palace and the pearl picking girls in our pearl field. Three of them are from Hidden Dragon Palace, while the other is an old man in our pearl field. If you pass the test, our old man will retire. After all, he's too old and cannot match you young men!"

Zhang Tie nodded.

After taking off his clothes, that person gave Zhang Tie a mask that could cover the greater part of his face, "Here's the deep-sea diving goggles, once you take it, you will be able to dive as deep as 400 m. This pair of diving goggles might prevent your eyes from being hurt by the octopus' ink! If you can't complete the task, return as soon as possible. Don't force yourself. Do you need diving shoes..."

"No, thanks!" Zhang Tie shook his head while that person gave him a thumbs up.

After putting on the diving goggles, Zhang Tie adjusted them before diving into the water with a net in hand.

After anchoring the boat and lowering the sail, the man sat on the boat quietly. He then took out a stick of tobacco and watched the pearl picking boat in the distance while faintly narrowing his eyes. Iron octopuses liked to stay in the deep water zone. They responded so fast that as soon as any danger drew close to them, they would escape. They swam very quickly under water and could reach as fast as 35 km/h. If one wanted to be a Yaksha, he had to be able to catch iron octopus alive under water!

Yakshas catch iron octopuses — this was an old rule on selecting Yaksha that had been used for several hundred years. "Yaksha" was an honor for men with good swimming skills! The alleged water ghost [1] was nothing in front of a Yaksha in the sea!

'I really wonder how long could that young man stay under water! It will be a tough challenge for him to catch a live iron octopus in 2 hours!' Sitting on the boat, the uncle took a mouthful of tobacco as he waited for Zhang Tie to come out of the water to take another breath.

However, before he finished that stick of tobacco...

With a sound of "bada", the net that he had given Zhang Tie was thrown into the cabin of the boat. While the boat was slightly swaying, Zhang Tie popped his head out of the water while supporting himself on the side of the boat.

"These little things are really agile, I only got 3. Look, are these iron octopuses?" Zhang Tie revealed a big, innocent smile.

The uncle fixed his eyes on the 3 iron octopus with his mouth widely open while his tobacco dropped out of his hand...

[1] Water ghost is a kind of animal or ghost that lurks in water to hug swimmers or divers and drag them into the water to drown them. It's always mentioned by old men in China. However, few people has seen it.

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