Castle of Black Iron
318 Free Will
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Castle of Black Iron
Author :Drunken Tiger
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318 Free Will

Chapter 318: Free Will

Translator: WQL Editor: EbonyFrost
Zhang Tie remembered that when he entered the Castle of Black Iron last time, he could still see a lot of fruits hanging from the tree, including 3 ripe Leakless Fruits which were used for spare blood, a Leakless Fruit which should have been ripe today, an Iron-Body Fruit which had been over 80% ripe, a raw huge wolf Seven-Strength Fruit, a raw Fruit of Redemption from golden uangs, a raw Fruit of Redemption from earthworms and those Fruits of Redemption from sand-scale fish that he had set free these days. However, at this moment, all of them had disappeared.

Watching the small tree, Zhang Tie rubbed his eyes. He moved around the small tree for a circle with disbelief. He could see nothing but tree leaves. "What's happening?"

Zhang Tie couldn't stand being vacant as he stretched his hand towards the small tree while a line of words appeared in front of him.

——The sacred free will is inviolable. It is the supreme law that all the living beings in this universe should follow. As Lord has violated someone's free will recently, the aura and energy of all the fruits on the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree would dissipate automatically. Besides, no other fruits would ripen on it in two weeks.

'Sacred free will is inviolable? When did I violate someone's free will?' Zhang Tie became dumbfounded as he tried to remember, 'Wait, is it because of what happened last'

When Zhang Tie became dumbfounded, Heller, the steward of Castle of Black Iron had already stood beside the stages below the small tree and watched Zhang Tie in a frustrated expression.

Zhang Tie then walked downwards the stages.

"Castle lord..." Heller bowed in front of Zhang Tie elegantly.

"Heller, what's wrong with this? Why are the fruits..."

"You should ask yourself, my lord. The Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree reflects the law of cause and effect. Your behavior will definitely cause the corresponding result! This is the price for you to violate other's free will..." Heller said calmly.

"Free will? Is it because of Lan Yunxi?"

"Right! You forcefully restricted the girl's freedom and movement before forcing her to call you husband; finally, you even kissed her. You had violated her free will!" Staring at Zhang Tie with endless interests, Heller added, "Were you really wanting to rape her at that moment? If so, you must have overridden her free will and you might suffer an even more serious consequence!"

Feeling extremely embarrassed, Zhang Tie scratched his head, "How come, I was just making a joke at the beginning. Although being a bit roguish in the later, I would never do that excessively..."

"But you've even taken off your trousers!" Heller answered with a wisp of smile.

"Um...I was too concentrated then. At the beginning when I forcefully kissed her, she was truly opposing; however, in the later, I didn't force her any more; instead, she started to hug me and kiss me. I thought she...she would like to do that with me. However, she was finally scared away!"

This was what Zhang Tie truly thought. For the girls whom Zhang Tie had encountered, he found that as long as they felt like kissing him in that way, they seemed to be not resistant to do that. That night, although it started with a forceful kiss, in the middle, they both indulged in doing that. Therefore, out of impulsion, Zhang Tie wanted to directly make love with her. However, it was out of his imagination that the moment he took off his trousers, he woke up her who then directly kicked off this awkward, lewd man.

After doing that, Zhang Tie made a conclusion. He also felt being a bit anxious to do that at that moment. The girls of Breaking-Heavens Department could never be matched by those in the Rose Association, let alone Lan Yunxi. If he only forcefully kissed her like an innocent boy and let her off, the result would be completely different from now.

Saying this, Zhang Tie suddenly remembered something. How could Heller know what happened last night so clearly? He had not imagined about this question before. He then instantly widened his eyes and gazed at Heller, "Does it mean that you know everything I did outside?"

"Never mind, castle lord, what I know is only about the affairs between you and the fruits of Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree. This is the meaning and reason for my existence!" Heller explained, "As for others unless you told me, I would never know!"

'Hush...' Zhang Tie finally let out a sign. 'It's good. If Heller knew everything about what I did outside, it would be too awkward. In the future, if I marry a wife and make love with her, Heller could even know when I take off my clothes and break a wind, that would be nothing but live performance.'

"And...if I make love with women, will it lead to any fruits?" Zhang Tie asked obscurely.

"No!" Heller answered.

Zhang Tie finally became reassured. However, looking at the fruitless small tree, Zhang Tie felt painful once again, 'My Leakless Fruits! It's really a great loss this time. Besides those fruits that have disappeared, the small tree would even stop bearing any fruit in 2 weeks. It seems to be a protest about what I've done last night.'

'No way, I was just forcefully kissing her. I've not even done anything excessively. If some girl forcefully kiss me, I will definitely not protest at all.' Zhang Tie complained inside.

"Oh, what do you mean by free will? If someone wants to set me up, will I violate their free will by beating them?"

"You could counterattack your enemies for free. This would not bring you any punishment!" Heller stared at Zhang Tie, "Free will is the most fundamental right of all the living beings. It is the meaning and foundation for living beings to exist and the right of free choice that every living being own to experience their independent lives and value of existence. The more senior and intelligent the living beings and social existences were, the more they would respect the free will of all the rest living beings. By comparison, the lower, corrupted and darker the living beings and social existences were, the more they would destroy and trample on others' free will!"

"Like Sun Dynasty?" Zhang Tie asked.

"Yes, Sun Dynasty is that extremely corrupted and dark social existence. It tramples on everybody's free will in the name of supreme gods. This is the largest blasphemy to all living beings!"

"Are there truly gods?" Zhang Tie rolled his eyes as he asked instantly.

Heller immediately saw through Zhang Tie's trick as he answered wisely and obscurely, "I've told you that I didn't know about the answer of this question; perhaps, from the perspective of free will, you can call those who own the most unlimited and powerful abilities to completely carry out their own free will as gods."

"You mean, those deities are always happy. Because a person or living being who could perform his free will to the utmost would never be irritated and frustrated. Neither would he have any negative mood!" A thought flashed across Zhang Tie's mind. Heller's answer immediately reminded Zhang Tie of this question, If so, why are many deities in the legends are very narrow-minded? Why do they have various negative moods like fury, jealousy and always punish others?"

"They're just tricks used by those scoundrels, they put their own desires and fears onto real deities and create fake deities to frighten people. In their words, deities are all-mighty. They create everything; however, deities could not control the living beings that they created. They might even create something that they dislike, which make them tired and troubled with mixed moods. This is a self-contradiction. Because there isn't a deity who's both all-mighty and incompetent in the universe. This violates the fundamental rule of the universe."

"What's the fundamental rule of the universe?" Zhang Tie's curiosity was arisen once again.

Heller cast a deep glance at Zhang Tie and put it straightly, "Everything runs as it should be."

"Everything runs as it should be." This answer was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination. It sounded very simple, yet contained many secrets. Zhang Tie mumbled it twice. Although a thought flashed across his mind, he still couldn't understand it. After thinking twice, Zhang Tie still couldn't understand anything not catch anything. Zhang Tie then didn't think about it anymore as what he usually did. He was not that stubborn.

"You say you know everything about the fruits on the small tree?"

"Hmm, right..." Zhang Tie changed his focus so fast that even Heller was startled about that. How could a guy who was interested in the fundamental rule of the universe suddenly asked about fruits on the small tree?

"You must know the causes about those disappeared fruits, right?" Zhang Tie revealed a bit wretched which even Heller could not stand.


"Then, I want to know that...that...whether that is Lan Yunxi's first kiss?"

Looking at the wicked guy, Heller became wordless.

"I refuse to answer you about that question!" Heller remained his principle.

Zhang Tie then crossed his arms like a rogue, "As long as you told me, I will instantly increase 100,000 of basic energy storage units for Castle of Black Iron!"

"I have my principle, please don't insult me, castle lord!" Heller looked very righteous.


"You think I'm that person?"


"As Castle of Black Iron is yours, do you think its useful to lure me with your belongings?"


"It's not a kind way to talk about a girl's privacy!"


"That's not good!"

"600,000..." Zhang Tie gritted his teeth as it would take him several days to increase so many basic energy storage for Castle of Black Iron.

Heller still didn't say anything. Zhang Tie then turned around and intended to leave while Heller hurriedly stopped him by pulling his arm, "Yes, that was her first kiss!"

Zhang Tie then burst out a big laughter. He suddenly felt that the lost fruits were worthwhile...
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