Castle of Black Iron
320 Enlightenmen
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Castle of Black Iron
Author :Drunken Tiger
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320 Enlightenmen

Chapter 320: Enlightenment

Translator: WQL Editor: EbonyFrost
Zhang Tie didn't know that the director of Long Wind Business Group intended to see him. Therefore, on the second day, Zhang Tie still did as usual. In the early morning, after breakfast, Zhang Tie had already arrived at the training field and started practicing fundamental movements.

Zhang Tie had been able to walk on the quincuncial piles as steadily as walking on the ground. He had been familiar with fundamental movements so well. Even if competing with his senior sisters on agility and speed, Zhang Tie could also easily stand several minutes.

After applying the five fundamental movements like bow step, sliding step, bumping step and the quick short step of Iron-Blood Fist into the movements on quincuncial piles, Zhang Tie felt that he had gained a new insight into the Iron-Blood Fist.

The five fundamental movements on the 30 positions of quincuncial piles could provide Zhang Tie with 150 kinds of movements. Being accompanied by the 36 styles of freehand movements of Iron-Blood Fist, Zhang Tie could apply 5400 fighting movements. This brought Zhang Tie a cool, limitless feeling like a bird flying into the sky after breaking out of its shell.

The daily training was not simply on fundamental movements, but on further improving his Iron-Blood Fist. Each move of Iron-Blood Fist was constantly absorbed by Zhang Tie and rearranged by Zhang Tie according to his own demand and will. Although being hard cultivation, Zhang Tie gradually felt free.

This was a pure cultivation experience which could not be described in words. Not until this moment did Zhang Tie feel that Iron-Blood Fist had gradually become an integral part of his body together with his blood, flesh, veins, and bones.

In such cultivation, especially today, Zhang Tie experienced no hardships anymore, but freedom; he could experience the vast, limitless freedom on the narrowed quincuncial piles.

It was like how a bird flew into the sky, a fish jumped into the sea and a wild wolf rushed onto the prairie. Zhang Tie was so excited that he almost wanted to exclaim. It was his first time to experience this pleasant freedom in Iron-Blood Fist.

By then, Zhang Tie had reached a new level; namely, each hand move or foot movement would bring him a scene in his mind. It felt so pleasant like enjoying the beautiful and unique scenery in a trip.

The scenery would wash off his fatigue and enable him to be vigorous because he knew that there was always unique scenery waiting for him in the next.

This morning, Zhang Tie senior sisters all arrived. After "guiding" Zhang Tie one by one for two hours, the girls all stood below the quincuncial piles and watched Zhang Tie practicing Iron-Blood Fist on the piles.

At the beginning, Zhang Tie moved regularly and slowly. He then moved faster and faster on the piles. Finally, he moved so fast that in a blink of an eye, he had already moved 6 steps on the piles. Accompanied by each step, Zhang Tie applied a different move of Iron-Blood Fist. the 6 quincuncial piles were like 6 Zhang Tie. Each of them was performing different moves each second.

Along with Zhang Tie's consistent moves were various sounds, like growls of tigers, the sound of breaking the air with a huge ax, the sound of saber and sword chopping off something. Finally, these sounds converged into one and started to reverberate in the room like dull thunder.

The girls were all dumbfounded as their faces turned pale. At this moment, Zhang Tie had entered a strange state. Standing on the piles, he became a plum blossom. The 6 shadows of Zhang Tie on the quincuncial piles were like flowers that were in full bloom. It was beautiful in a bizarre and brisk pattern.

The 6 hard and icy quincuncial piles came to life because of Zhang Tie.

The girls had not even heard about this before, let alone having seen it. Although many people were cultivating fundamental movements on the quincuncial piles in the Breaking-Heavens Department, nobody had ever heard about such a strange scene when in practice.

The girls knew or heard that some senior brothers or sisters on the Hidden Dragon Fighting Force List looked weird when they cultivated on the piles. They either moved as fast as lightning bolts or as stable as Mountain Tai; they also heard that a senior brother looked still when he moved on the piles; comparatively, the quincuncial piles under his feet seemed moving freely, which even brought people an illusion.

However, Zhang Tie's hand moves and foot movements on the quincuncial piles at this moment looked "alive". Zhang Tie was like a plum blossom with 6 petals which could change its shape at any time. Each second, he would present a new scene to the onlookers. To reach this effect, Zhang Tie had to move fast, stable and realize the essence of foot movements or hand moves.

"I will have a try!" Looking at Zhang Tie's performance, one of Zhang Tie's senior sisters became jealous as she wanted to jump onto the piles.

However, when she was 1 m away from the pile, the wind and qi of Zhang Tie's movements on the piles had forced this girl to fall back onto the ground. She was even forced to move back two steps awkwardly.

After exchanging glances with each other, the other girls jumped up at the same time as they all wanted to try Zhang Tie's fighting force; however, like 6 Zhang Tie on the piles, each girl was forced back by the wind and qi of Zhang Tie's punches.

One girl felt envious of him. When she punched against the wind and qi of Zhang Tie's punches, she instantly felt that the power of the opponent surged 10 more times; as a result, with a sound of "bang", she was blown 3 m away, raising the girls' exclamations.

The girl blown off by Zhang Tie's qi was Gu Caidie. Being unable to exert strength in the air, she shifted into a colorful butterfly and elegantly made some nice backward rolls in the air. By touching the wall of the training room slightly, she had steadily fallen onto the ground.

Although she had landed stably, her face turned faintly pale. Right now, with the collision, Gu Caidie's qi and blood started to roll up faintly. Not until gasping heavily several times did she recovered composure.

"Caidie, are you okay?" Some girls immediately surrounded her.

"I'm okay!" Gu Caidie slightly shook her head.

"Zhang Tie, you are too excessive, how could you do that?"

Gu Caidie became faintly perplexed as she looked at Zhang Tie on the quincuncial piles in the far, "He didn't mean it. Right now, I found he was closing his eyes. He was counterattacking me in terms of qi. I feel that Zhang Tie immersed in a special condition...he seems...seems to have become enlightened."

"What?" The other girls became startled at the same time. Enlightenment could not be encountered easily. Some cultivators might experience it once or twice by chance in their whole lives while others might not even experience it once.

The alleged enlightenment referred to a break-through in mental state after a deep and sudden realization of some advanced fighting skills and battle qis. If the influence of the higher levels and daily cultivation on advanced fighting skills and battle qis were taken as quantitative change, enlightenment was a qualitative change. The first was similar to slowly erecting ladders against the wall in the courtyard or boring a hole on the wall to borrow light from the neighbor while the latter was similar to directly pushing open the door and passing through the hall into the inner chamber.

"This girl is right. That boy is being enlightened!" Nobody knew that a 50-odd-year-old white, graceful man had stood among them.

Although Gu Caidie and the other girls didn't know who he was, they were familiar with the girl beside him. She was the idol of all the girls in Hidden Dragon Palace, Lan Yunxi, who had ranked top in the Hidden Dragon Fighting Force List and the Hidden Dragon Clan Contribution List.

"Argh, senior sister Xi!" At the sight of Lan Yunxi, the other girls hurriedly bowed to her.

"Take it easy, junior sisters." Lan Yunxi greeted them with a smile as she stared at a douchebag who was being enlightened on the quincuncial piles.

Thinking of what the asshole did to her last night, Lan Yunxi gritted her teeth became furious.

"Occupy the shortcut towards your heart"——Lan Yunxi finally knew the origin of this sentence these days. It was a female scholar before the Catastrophe, which meant that "The shortcut towards woman's heart is her vagina". She had not imagined that some b*stard applied this line onto her. The moment Lan Yunxi thought about this, she would feel a fever on her face and grit teeth out of fury.

Lan Yunxi had imagined many scenes on the third encounter with Zhang Tie; however, she had not thought that could come so abruptly. She had not imagined that her 4th uncle could come to Hidden Dragon Palace so suddenly. After encountering her 4th uncle and chatting with him for a short while, her 4th uncle had requested to see Zhang Tie; therefore, she brought him here.

As she had to be polite to her 4th uncle and didn't want to reveal the "special thing" between her and Zhang Tie, Lan Yunxi had to grit her teeth and led him here.

Out of her imagination, that b*stard was undergoing enlightenment at this moment...
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