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Chapter 327: Who Screws Whom?

Translator: WQL Editor: Millman97
After using a vial of night vision medicament, although the night vision effect in the cave could not match his vision during the day outside the cave, Zhang Tie was still startled by Liu Xiang's pitiful state.

With bloodstain on his clothes, Liu Xiang's face had turned pale as a sheet and he rushed towards Zhang Tie in a flurried way.

"What happened?" Zhang Tie furrowed his brows as he raced towards Liu Xiang.

The moment Liu Xiang arrived in front of Zhang Tie, he directly tilted his body and fell onto the ground. Zhang Tie hurriedly held Liu Xiang's hands. Liu Xiang then spat out a mouthful of blood in a pretty miserable way.

"We... were attacked. They might target at you...hur...hurry...go..."

"Where's Zhang Haichao?"

"He's blocking their attack!"

"Are you able to move now?"

"Yea, I can. I know a hidden place. They are too powerful and have blocked the passage to the exit. As long as we survive this period, Long Wind Business Group will definitely dispatch someone to pick us up!"

"Fine!" Zhang Tie frowned his forehead in anxiety as he helped Liu Xiang stand up, "Let's go there together!"


"Where's that place?"

"Right in front of us. You help me stand and I'll guide you there. Hurry up!" Liu Xiang looked very anxious, but when he said that, a shrewd light flashed across his eyes.

It seemed that Zhang Tie trusted Liu Xiang so much that he directly put one of his hands under the latter's shoulder to support him. Under the guidance of Liu Xiang, they ran towards an underground cave.

The world in the Dragon Cave was a sophisticated three-dimensional maze which was composed of caves, tunnels, and underground space of different sizes. Rugged, weird-looking stones, mountains, subterranean rivers and lakes, various underground plants, and dangerous living beings could be seen everywhere. Magma even flowed through some areas.

Zhang Tie and Liu Xiang kept moving at a fast pace through the underground area. Zhang Tie asked Liu Xiang who had raided them; but Liu Xiang could not explain it clearly. He only knew that those people attacked him and Zhang Haichao from behind and they used powerful crossbows. Some of them even seemed to be powerhouses.

When Liu Xiang replied, he silently observed Zhang Tie's response. Seeing that Zhang Tie was absent-minded, Liu Xiang finally recovered his composure.

After they'd run for over 10 minutes, they saw an intersection in front of them. On the left of the intersection was a cave while on its right was an underground karst cave.

"That cave in front of us, hurry in..." Liu Xiang said in a flurried way.

When they drew close to that cave, Zhang Tie slightly bent is body and prepared to enter. Meanwhile, in the darkness, with a single move, a weird black 12-cm long needle had appeared in Liu Xiang's hand silently. When Zhang Tie bent over his body, Liu Xiang had put one hand onto Zhang Tie's shoulder.

In a split second, a shrewd light flashed across Liu Xiang's eyes. The moment Liu Xiang prepared to pierce the long needle into Zhang Tie's brain, he suddenly felt cold and painful in his heart. Lowering his head, he saw Zhang Tie's hand which was once put under his armpit to support him had already held a dagger which was directly pierced into the place under his left armpit.

Like how he attacked Zhang Haichao just now. With one move, Zhang Tie had already destroyed his heart veins. With a dubious look, he gazed at Zhang Tie while not knowing how that dagger appeared in Zhang Tie's hand.

Zhang Tie turned back and stared at him with an icy ridicule.

Liu Xiang shouted loudly as he desperately pierced that weird, long needle towards Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie instantly grabbed his wrist while he pulled out of his dagger from Liu Xiang's body before stabbed it into other places on Liu Xiang. In under than a second, Zhang Tie had poked 8 times into Liu Xiang's chest and abdomen.

"You b*stard..." Zhang Tie stabbed him constantly as he swore with gritting teeth.

Even though it was a LV 9 powerhouse, he could still not believe that he was stabbed 9 times in a split second. Liu Xiang became extremely frightened.

In sharp pains and panic, Liu Xiang uttered weird voice as he punched towards Zhang Tie, seemingly wanting to shake out of Zhang Tie's powerful claws.

"Bang..." Liu Xiang smacked onto Zhang Tie's chest; however, Zhang Tie only made a voiceless harrumph and swayed his body a bit.

Heavily wounded and in a panic, Liu Xiang's attack was not even 40% of what it would be normally. Zhang Tie directly faced it while gritting his teeth with the help of the Iron-Body Fruits that he had eaten.

After being smacked, Zhang Tie didn't even make a voice; instead, he stabbed another 7 or 8 times into Liu Xiang's body.

Liu Xiang then smacked for the second time; Zhang Tie just ignored his attack and kept stabbing another 7 or 8 times.

When Liu Xiang smacked Zhang Tie for the third time, it had been as weak as swatting mosquitoes.

Zhang Tie glared at him. While grabbing one of Liu Xiang's hand, he stabbed the latter another 7-8 times.

In the darkness, Liu Xiang spat out blood while glaring at Zhang Tie's fiery, firm eyes. He then lowered his head to look at his body which was like a broken bag being spoiled by dozens of mice. Moving his lips, he wanted to say something, yet finally uttered no voice but fell down.

Liu Xiang had not imagined that he could fight Zhang Tie like a duel between street rascals. With one hand being grabbed, he was forcefully stabbed to death. He didn't figure it out how Zhang Tie found that he was going to attack him and screwed him over first.

The whole process from Liu Xiang took out the weird black long needles to his death only lasted about 8 seconds.

In only 8 seconds, the battle had come to an end. As a result, a LV 9 powerhouse fell like this.

"Peh!" Zhang Tie spat on Liu Xiang's dead body whose eyes were still opening. Zhang Tie then squatted to search over Liu Xiang's body swiftly. Finally, he picked up a weird black long needle from Liu Xiang's hand. After carefully listening to the surroundings, Zhang Tie glanced at that huge underground karst cave before diving into it without any hesitation.

This was Zhang Tie's first time killing a LV 9 powerhouse, however, Zhang Tie was not very happy inside as he knew that there were still some with killing intent towards him underground. 'If the opponent could even buy a LV 9 powerhouse who was dispatched by Long Wind Business Group to protect me, it must be very powerful!' Given Liu Xiang's situation, Zhang Tie knew that Zhang Haichao had probably been killed.

Although he was furious, Zhang Tie did not panic. At the critical moment, Zhang Tie was pretty calm. In a split second, he had connected several clues he'd found.

'The most important thing at present is to figure out my enemy! Besides Liu Xiang, how many people else are waiting to attack me? As Long Wind Business Group's representative is Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace, if my enemy dares to do this, they must not be weaker than the Zhang Clan. They might even be more powerful.

Although Liu Xiang, whom I killed is a scumbag, the news that he told me before entering the Dragon Cave must be true — Lately, many alchemists have been assassinated on the mainland.

No matter whether this move is related to the power that assassinated the alchemists or not, there's one point that I can verify, the message that I can realize the mass production of all-purpose medicament must have been leaked. By now, few people in the Long Wind Business Group will know that I can do that; therefore, this message shouldn't have been leaked by Long Wind Business Group. That's what I'm concerned most.'

Even the bodyguard being dispatched by Long Wind Business Group to protect Zhang Tie could be bought, Zhang Tie was concerned how many people he could trust on the Hidden Dragon Island.

'I will depend on myself then!'

After leaving where he killed Liu Xiang, Zhang Tie didn't run far away; instead, he bravely lurked on a hill in the underground karst cave 50 m away. Lowering his body, he hid himself under a lot of umbrella-shaped underground rock mushroom. Staying at a higher location, he narrowed his eyes and silently fixed his eyes on the place where Liu Xiang's body lay.

'If only I had a telescope!' Zhang Tie mumbled. Thinking of his poor utilization of the space in his Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie decided that after this tricky event was solved, he would find a chance to improve the Castle of Black Iron.

After Zhang Tie lurked there in less than 5 minutes, with sounds of clothes flying in the air, a group of people had appeared in that place.

Although they wore different clothes and looked non-uniform, they moved in conformance; additionally, many people were holding crossbows. With only one glance, Zhang Tie had confirmed that these people were on Liu Xiang's side.

If they were not on Liu Xiang's side, they would not have followed his route there so fast. Additionally, they had a clear target. Although people entering Dragon Cave might have temporary combinations, they would not move in such a high level of synergy.

Stealthy movement with high conformance; a clear target; hiding their real status and number as well as the fact that they were in the same organization. Who would believe it if they told these people were nothing to do with Liu Xiang.

The head of the group of people was a guy in black clothes.

"Crap!" At the sight of Liu Xiang's body, the leader's face turned blue at once...

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