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Chapter 360: Secret of the Zhen Clan

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Kneeling down on the floor, Zhang Tie coughed out several mouths of blood and panted for about half a minute before picking himself up.

Although it was a short fight, it was the most dangerous among all the fights that Zhang Tie had experienced. Before breaking open the door of the conference room, he didn't know if there was a powerhouse above LV 10 in here. He didn't know the outcome of this battle until he finished the battle at the risk of his own life.

Fortunately, there were no powerhouses above LV 10 in the conference room. Those who could pose threats to him were two LV 8 powerhouses and one LV 9 powerhouse. It was already a high configuration with two LV 8 powerhouses and one LV 9 powerhouse in a clan mansion. In an army, only troops above regiments could enjoy such a high configuration.

Over the intense ten seconds, Zhang Tie had used all of his top fighting skills — rapid moving skill, binding skill, Iron-Blood Fist, precise throwing, space teleportation function of the Castle of Black Iron. Additionally, he had become very strike-resistant as he had eaten a lot of iron-body fruits; plus his fast recovery ability with the help of preliminary recovery body. Therefore, he was able to kill the two LV 8 guys and one LV 9 guy in a short period.

At this moment, although Zhang Tie won the fight, he had also suffered severe inner wounds as he had chosen to resist the LV 9 powerhouse's smack face to face despite the great number of iron-body fruits that he had eaten.

However, compared to the wounds that Zhang Tie had suffered, that LV 9 guy was much more miserable after being hit by Zhang Tie's unrivaled, ferocious Iron-Blood Battle Qi and Iron-Blood Fist. The fight had come to an end after Zhang Tie's fist smashed into that man's body. If that man knew that Zhang Tie was practicing Iron-Blood Fist and had already formed his Iron-Blood Battle Qi, he would have never allowed Zhang Tie's punch to touch him.

Due to his blind confidence and lack of intel on Zhang Tie, the LV 9 powerhouse lost the battle in the shortest period.

Wound for wound, life for life and gain the advantage by the terrifying power of his Iron-Blood Fist and his great strike-resistant body — that was the best way to kill that LV 9 powerhouse in the shortest period.

Zhang Tie finally succeeded.

Not until then did Zhang Tie pick up his sword and walk towards the remaining five people who were still bound.

Zhang Tie didn't explain anything; he directly ignored the shocking and fearful looks of the five people who didn't even know what had happened to their bodies. With one slash per person, Zhang Tie finished the final clean-up of the Zhen Clan Mansion in Heavens Cold City within several seconds just like killing chickens.

A dense, bloody smell drifted out of the conference room; nobody in the Zhen Clan Mansion of Heavens Cold City was left alive.

As Zhang Tie had become accustomed to collecting spoils of war since he was in the Iron-Blood Camp; of course, he planned to grab such a great chance.

Zhang Tie didn't know why these b*stards held a conference here at midnight. But, obviously, those present were the management of the Zhen Clan, at least with a high status. Because Zhen Clan Mansion was also a trade base, they were definitely rich guys.

After taking a round in the conference room for a circle leisurely, Zhang Tie had collected a lot of "spoils of war" — eight purses, six rings, various high-end wristwatches, and pocket watches, etc..

Although there were a few gold coins in the purses, there were a lot of papernotes, which were worth more than 30,000 gold coins in total. Five of the six finger rings were inlaid with valuable jewelries and diamonds, while the remaining one had an eccentric but simple shape.

The eccentric one was not made of gold, neither was it laid with glamorous jewelries. Besides, there were not too many grains on it. However, three pieces of a pale blue metal, the size of little finger, were inlaid in three places of the ring. They were on the same level with the ring on the surface. If one did not observe it carefully, one might not easily notice the metal inside.

Although it looked simple, when Zhang Tie held it, he felt weird.

This ring was from that LV 9 guy's finger. Given that guy's position in the conference room, he should be the master of this Mansion. Of course, his ring was not average.

Zhang Tie weighed that ring while the same familiar sense reappeared. It reminded Zhang Tie of that rune equipment that he had sold in the auction house of Kalur City — Ring of Vitality.

'What a great fortune!' Zhang Tie yelled inside as he injected his spiritual energy into the ring.

— Ring of Land Protection. With this ring, the wearer can survive greater attacks and possess greater strength. The attributes of this rune equipment were as follows:

— Reduce physical harm by 6%.

— Increase physical explosive power by 145 kg.

— Made by Zhang Dingfang, the rune manufacturer of Huaiyuan Palace.

'Hahaha, good item!' Taking off his mask, Zhang Tie grinned. As this item could not be exposed to the public, he directly threw this ring and the other "spoils" into the Castle of Black Iron.

For Zhang Tie, the gold coins and papernotes worth more than 30,000 gold coins really helped Zhang Tie a lot at a moment when his disposable income was running low.

Several days ago, Zhang Tie bought slaves and made preparations for this action; later on, he added some necessary items for his castle on Yunju Mountain. As a result, he'd almost used up all the money from selling all-purpose medicament.

Those vials of all-purpose medicament that Zhang Tie moved out of the Castle of Black Iron had almost all been sold out. Therefore, he could only sell a very limited number of vials each day. However, the latest all-purpose medicament had not been well-fermented yet; therefore, he'd lacked money recently. He had to wait at least twenty days before he turned the latest all-purpose medicament into gold coins, namely, late July or early August.

What was more, Zhang Tie still owed 460,000 gold coins to Long Wind Business Group for building the castle. Although the 30,000-odd gold coins were not too much for Zhang Tie, it could still relieve Zhang Tie's current problem. Actually, for more than 99% of people, they might not be able to make 30,000 gold coins over their whole lives.

After gaining more than 30,000 gold coins and a rune equipment, Zhang Tie became excited once again; even his wounds were not that painful anymore.

After circling around the conference room, Zhang Tie collected all the valuable items; he then left.

There was a door inside the conference room. Being driven by curiosity, Zhang Tie opened that door and found it led to a study room.

When he remembered that woman downstairs said that there was a hidden room in the study room, Zhang Tie started to look for it carefully in the study room.

Except for Zhang Tie, nobody else was alive in the whole building; additionally, it was midnight. Zhang Tie didn't worry about making noises at all; therefore, he started to search the room incautiously.

Taking apart the sofa, moving away the desk, pushing away the furniture in the study, and pushing off all the books on the bookcase one row by another. When Zhang Tie pushed off the book from the bookcase next to one wall of the study room and was going to push down the bookcase, he finally saw a handle-like switch on the wall behind the books.

Zhang Tie lightly pulled the handle. As a result, the whole bookcase slid away, exposing a narrow entrance. A sword in hand and an armor-breaking bolt in another hand, Zhang Tie carefully walked in that entrance...

There was a same narrow and dim passageway inside the entrance which only allowed one person in. It felt like that in the apartment left by Donder to him. On both sides of the passageway were the walls of the building. Hidden between those walls, this passageway was really secret.

The passageway was paved with a thick carpet. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't make any sound as he walked on it. Green flourite lamps were hanging on the walls every several meters which made the whole passageway extremely gloomy.

Without encountering any attack, Zhang Tie walked dozens of meters and made two turns before entering a hidden room.

The area of this hidden room was less than twenty square meters. The moment Zhang Tie entered this hidden room, he had glanced at the statue on the sacrificial altar of the hidden room.

The major part of that status was a monster covered with crocodile-like scales with a unicorn on its head and a tail. In the middle of its forehead was a slim eye.

The monster was standing like a person while hugging a naked woman with miserable look; additionally, it entwined that woman tightly using its tail with its huge genital into the vagina of the woman.

This statue was pretty weird, evil, lascivious, and dark.

Staring at that statue, Zhang Tie was shocked both physically and mentally. He didn't understand its meaning, but the unicorn, the tail, and the three eyes indicated its status instantly — demon! Only evil demons looked like that!

A faint bloody smell drifted from the sacrificial altar under the statue. Smelling it, Zhang Tie then glanced at the shape of the altar and the brown stains on the altar; he instantly imagined how a live person was killed in the dark manner in front of that statue—

Zhen Clan truly colluded with demons!

Besides this sacrificial altar and this statue, there was a cabinet beside the altar. After glancing at that statue, Zhang Tie directly walked in front of the cabinet and opened it.

At the sight of the items in the cabinet, Zhang Tie's heart started to pound ferociously at once...

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