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Chapter 401: Good News

Translator: WQL Editor: EbonyFrost
In Eschyle, buildings that were made of rocks or cut into mountains existed everywhere. This city was built on the mountain. As a result, the most common bluish white dolerites became the primary raw material of all the buildings here. Many people even directly chose to build buildings on huge dolerites.

Those buildings ranged from small roadside stores with a size of 10m high to skyscrapers 100 m in height which rested between the mountain bodies.

Being different from those made of reinforced bars and cement, these buildings cut from rocks maintained the exterior lines of rocks or mountains. If not for the doors and windows, people would barely be able to distinguish them from common rocks or mountain bodies.

With these buildings, this city was filled with a wild and exotic ambiance.

Corresponding to this exotic motif, there was a wild feeling to the heavy business atmosphere and barbaric civilization. On the roadsides, people could see brands of firms and commercial organizations everywhere. Even though it was raining heavily, people carrying various weapons could still be seen all over the streets. Most of the men on the streets would carry a very remarkable weapon. Even women and kids were carrying sabers and swords. It was really Zhang Tie's first time seeing such a city.

In the heavy rain, Zhang Tie flashed through the relatively quieter alleys and streets. Being covered by the sound of raindrops, he didn't catch anyone's attention. It was too common for a traveler to move hurriedly in the rain to seek shelter in Eschyle City.

Knowing that he had been tracked by people from Magical Snake Island, of course, Zhang Tie would not simply wander around without any target. Instead, he needed to find a place to change his appearance.

In about 10 minutes, Zhang Tie had already found a barber shop in a relatively quieter and narrow street.

Because of the heavy rain, there were few people on the street. As no guest was in the barber shop, the 40-odd-year old year barber was sitting inside the store lazily and watching the lines of raindrops flowing down the eaves with a glass window in front of him.

When Zhang Tie came to the door of the barber shop, he shook off raindrops from his waterproof raincoat before walked inside.

"Do you want to take shelter from the rain? Take a seat at your will. If you want to read a newspaper, take it from the table. But be warned, its three days old." At the sight of Zhang Tie coming in, the barber told him casually.

Zhang Tie replied with a smile as he undid his raincoat and his luggage before putting them behind the door, "I need a haircut!"

"You need a haircut?" After glancing at Zhang Tie, the barber immediately became spirited. He then asked Zhang Tie to sit in front of the mirror as he covered a cloth over Zhang Tie.

"Which hairstyle do you want?"

"Just make it look common. But it should be remarkably different than my current look. I like new things!" Zhang Tie replied casually.


Under the barber's flying scissors, Zhang Tie's hair became much shorter than before. Now, Zhang Tie looked much more energetic.

After looking in the mirror, Zhang Tie nodded then asked, "Can you dye hair?"

"Yes, I can!"

"Dye my hair then!"

"But your blonde hair looks nice!"

"Hmm, I want a new fresh color." Zhang Tie scratched his head as he explained. People from Magical Snake Island might not have his photo. Additionally, fewer people knew him here. Therefore, it would be very difficult for people from Magical Snake Island to find him based on his look or hairstyle. According to his rich experience, after slightly changing a part of his look, he would easily avoid their spying.

"You young people really like being distinctive. Tell me, which color do you want? My dye is made of the juice of special colorful peals and rootstocks from the Ice and Snow Wildness. It'll cost 4 silver coins. Plus the hairdressing fee, you need to pay me 4 silver coins and 50 copper coins!"

"No problem."

"Which color do you want? Any color is available here!"

Zhang Tie remembered that many people had beige hair. Therefore, he answered, "Beige!"

"It might require 2 hours to dye your hair!"

"No problem. I have enough time." Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he picked up a newspaper in front of the mirror. At the same time, the barber started to make dye for him.

When the barber started to dye Zhang Tie's hair, Zhang Tie saw an alarming title on the 4th page of the newspaper "Eschyle Daily"——

——Animal Tide Threatened the Rhizotomists on Grey Hill, Felt Mongers Rubbed their Palms

It had been a long time since the animal tide broke out last time. Packs of iron-teeth Hyenas also started to wander around the Grey Hill. In the latest 2 weeks, Adelais Business Group which owned the most of the medicine business of Grey Hill had lost 40 more rhizotomists because of the attack of iron-teeth hyenas. Some rhizotomists of other business groups on Grey Plain are also missing. According to the witnesses, people have found the tracks of the iron-teeth hyenas in the regions where those rhizotomists went missing. Some rhizotomists who survived claimed that they had been attacked or followed by iron-teeth hyenas. At the same time, it was also heard that some villages near the Grey Hill also have missing people and domestic animals.

Because of the animal tide on Grey Hill, the prices of snow ginseng, golden knotweed, red grass, cinnabar and bloody caltrop started to rise in different degrees this week in Eschyle Herbs Trading Center. According to an insider of Eschyle Herbs Trading Center. Because of the changing continental situation recently, herbs trading grew hot in the Ice and Snow Wildness as the demands of various medicines started to increase greatly. If the animal tide on Grey Hill was not curbed, many business groups would suffer losses.

However, when many people in the Eschyle Herbs Trading Center were worried about the animal tide, the felt mongers became excited. Because the fur of iron-teeth hyenas was always the best raw material of quality leather-armor and lining of senior helmets. In this month, the supply of its fur also surpassed its demand.

Adelais Business Group was reaching an agreement with the Eschyle Herbs Trading Center and some felt mongers to recruit pioneers and free warriors to deal with the animal tide on Grey Hill. After killing an iron-teeth hyena, a pioneer or a free warrior could not only sell its fur to felt monger but also gained extra 6 silver coins from Eschyle Herbs Trading Center.

The only condition was above LV 3.

Those who'd like to apply for it could inquire it from Adelais Business Group on Iron Bear Avenue. The first batch of applicants would set off from Eschyle on August 13th.


Zhang Tie skimmed over the news. Even the barber behind him had not noticed that Zhang Tie was reading the newspaper. After reading it, Zhang Tie looked unchanged yet his heart raced. 'Hah, good news from a good place! I'm craving the taste of Iron-teeth hyena seven-strength fruits. Animal tide! Heihei, I love it...'


Two hours later, the rain stopped. With a new colorful hairstyle, Zhang Tie dropped 5 silver coins before left the barbershop. When he reached a hidden place, he put his water-proof raincoat, package and sleeping bag into Castle of Black Iron before he took out a common long sword and carried it.

The status as a pioneer was just a nominal cover for him in the Ice and Snow Wildness. Now that this cover had been identified, if he remained a pioneer, he would put himself in a greater danger. Therefore, Zhang Tie had to change his mind.

After doing this, Zhang Tie was only carrying a common long sword around his waist and looked like a young free warrior. After asking for the whereabouts of Iron Bear Avenue, he started to walk towards where the Adelais Business Group was located.

Actually, it was very necessary for Zhang Tie to cover his status in these 2 hours. He had not noticed that it was 2 people who were tracing him, instead of 1. It was safer and more skilled to trace a person by 2 people. One was responsible for gazing at the target while the other was responsible for gazing at his partner. In this way, even if one was exposed, the other one could pass the news.

After knowing that Zhang Tie had killed 2 LV 9 roundtable warriors of Magical Snake Island, the 2 spy who received the order to trace Zhang Tie chose this safer and more skilled way.

After the second spy realized that he had lost the target, he became very flurried. Thinking of Magical Snake Island's punishment to those who failed their tasks, he gritted his teeth and set Zhang Tie into a greater trouble...

When the rain stopped, a team of policemen of Eschyle Police Office had arrived at the location in the alley where the guy was killed...

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