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Chapter 439: Being Bloody or Not
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

Hearing the sounds outside the door, Zhang Tie figured out 2 things right away. "Firstly, the news that I am in the grey eagle tribe had been spread; secondly, the other 2 seniors of the grey eagle tribe seem reluctant to let me survive here given that they want to ruin O'Laura's dignity or kill her possible helper in the future."

"Setton and O'Laura might not know what's happening here. These b*stards want to make it a vested fact before arguing it with O'laura. No matter what, I'm just a criminal, an outsider. O'Laura would not reach a deadlock with the other 2 seniors because of me. Therefore, they're not afraid of killing me first."

Hearing the sounds outside, an icy light flashed across Zhang Tie's eyes; for these b*stards who wanted to kill him, Zhang Tie didn't pity them at all.

"You're seeking for death!"

After the mutter, Zhang Tie bottomed up the remaining Buckthorn wine.

Only after a few seconds, the young man was down to the ground.

"Setton would not forgive you..." the young man still exclaimed.

"Clog his mouth!"


The moment the young man's voice disappeared, the door of the cabin boomed open by feet...

At the same time, Zhang Tie lifted the solid-wood table of over 200 kg in weight by the hands and threw it towards the door forcefully like patting a fly...

Being influenced by the restrictive rings, one could not run his Qi and blood rapidly or move quickly. Also being influenced by the bone-exploding needles, one could not run his battle Qi; if it was anyone else then after being influenced by the 2 restrictive weapons, they could only have 20% of their overall fighting strength left.

However, Zhang Tie was different. Even though he could not run iron-blood battle qi, he had eaten a lot of seven-strength fruits, which granted him with brutal strength. Although the running speed of Qi and blood in his body had slowed down, Zhang Tie could still keep running dozens of km like a wild wolf without affecting his heart rates. The strenuous exercises of commoners were as easy as taking a walk in the courtyard for Zhang Tie. He could still exert 60-70% of his overall brutal strength; therefore, Zhang Tie was not afraid of the coming battle at all.

Additionally, his battle awareness would not decline due to the existence of restrictive rings and the bone-exploding needles.

The one who broke in first was miserable at once.

Before that one saw clearly the inside of the room, he had been pounded by a table which was longer than 2 m and wider than 1 m. Hearing a wuthering sound, he intended to resist it by hand, then... came to an end...

With the terrifying sound of broken bones, the first one sprouted out fresh blood from his ears, eyes, nose and mouth like a tomato being struck by baseball. Meanwhile, he was sent flying back with a faster speed like a cannonball being launched.

A series of shrill cries sounded outside the door...

Zhang Tie patted his hands before moving the thick, heavy solid-wood table back to the original position. After that, he slowly walked out of the cabin and looked at what was going on outside.

7-8 people were lying on the ground in a row of over 20 m from the door to the outside, some of which had been unconscious while the rest were groaning on ground.

Additionally, 10 more people were scattering nearby with weapons in hands. They all looked flurried.

The young man's mouth was clogged by cloth; meanwhile, he had been bound by rope. Lying on the ground, he was staring at Zhang Tie with widening eyes like watching a monster.

At the sight of such a scene, Zhang Tie revealed a cold smile. Crossing his arms, he glanced over those men, "Who wanted to kill me just now?"

"Kill him!" a man holding a broad axe screamed with red eyes. Receiving this order, the other men roared and rushed towards Zhang Tie. Meanwhile, the man with the broad axe emitted a battle-Qi totem of huge-centipede and joined the battle.

At this moment, Zhang Tie charged out like a leopard and thrust into one's chest like how a bear hit a tree.

The opponent's chest sunk instantly as he was sent flying back in the air while spurting fresh blood.

At the same time, another one hacked his machete towards Zhang Tie. Seeing it, Zhang Tie slightly moved his body to dodge it away. After that, he stretched out his hand and gripped the man's wrist before waving that man for a circle like waving a straw...

As a result, 2 more people were sent flying backwards. At the same time, 5 more weapons fell on that poor man. The guy with the broad axe even directly chopped off one of that man's leg...

"Ah..." the poor man uttered shrill cries. Zhang Tie then loosed his grip and sent him flying backwards at once. As a result, he hit another man before flying together with that man 10 m away after running down the wooden fence of the courtyard.

When the poor man flew away, his machete fell into Zhang Tie's hand. Almost at the same time, Zhang Tie raised his machete to crash the LV 7 fighter's broad axe. The moment the collision happened, the parts between the opponent's thumbs and index fingers had been split, causing fresh blood flowing out. He could not hold fast the 40-50 kg broad axe anymore; instead, the axe flew out of his hands. Meanwhile, he was quaked 2 m away by the huge strength from Zhang Tie's machete.

Another 2 swords and sabers carried towards Zhang Tie at the same time. With a sharp sweep, Zhang Tie directly broke the blades of the 2 weapons. With another sweep, he sent 2 heads flying in the air...


In the stony building on the soil platform in the central plaza of grey eagle tribe, O'Laura was communicating with the 3 seniors. At this moment, a person trotted in and whispered at O'Laura's ears before leaving quickly.

"Senior Ollier, why are you doing this?" the moment O'Laura heard the report, she had stood up and smacked onto the wooden table, breaking it at once. She was so furious that she even started to quiver, "I caught Peter. He's my captive and my personal property. How can you send your men to execute him without my consent?"

"Are your sure..." Ollier smirked. He directly ignored O'Laura's fury. He picked his ear with a finger before blowing off the earwax. After that he explained briefly, "Probably my men misunderstood my order. I was told that Peter was a wanted criminal. He's very dangerous. I'm afraid that if he escapes, he might bring dangers to the tribe; therefore, I let Coca to take some men to assist the guard. I will punish Coca when he comes back. How silly he is!"

After saying this, Ollier glanced at the other senior at the table.

"I was told that Peter's head was worth 5000 gold coins. Although this was a misunderstanding, it's not bad to kill him. I suggest to punish him to guard the pasture for 1 month. With 5000 gold coins, our grey eagle tribe could easily tide over this winter! We can store a lot of things!" Another old guy narrowed his eyes, "O'Laura, I've not imagined that you could lose your temper towards the senior of our tribe for an outsider. Do you think that the murderer being wanted by Eschyle City is more important than the well-being of tens of thousands people in the grey eagle tribe? How do you think, senior Merkel?"

Holding a walking stick, senior Merkel was expressionless, "As we are in grey eagle tribe, of course, the well-being of our clansmen counts the most. As the only successor of grey eagle tribe, the whole tribe is O'Laura's home. I think O'Laura knows it clearly without having to be warned by senior Juventus. I think that all the clansmen know clearly what O'Laura has done for the tribe over these years. Nobody would doubt about O'Laura's affection for the grey eagle tribe!"

Listening to senior Merkel's words, Juventus smirked. After glancing at Ollier, he also became quiet.

After glancing at Juventus and Ollier, O'Laura turned around and left the room immediately.

"Let's take a look over there. If O'Laura becomes too impulsive that she punishes Coca for a criminal, it would be bad..." Ollier stood up and followed O'Laura out of the room. He knew that Coca's group could not defeat O'Laura. As O'Laura is furious at the moment, he had to help Coca, "heh heh heh..."

After exchanging glances with each other, Juventus and Ollier also followed O'Laura out of the room.


In less than 3 minutes, Zhang Tie had almost killed all the opponents outside the cabin. The courtyard was covered with blood, broken limbs and heads. Over 10 people's corpses were scattering everywhere.

The LV 7 fighter was lying on the ground. With pale face, he looked pretty embarrassed. His clothes was covered with blood stains while his right hand was lost. Stepping on his chest, Zhang Tie was going to chop off his head...

"Stop..." a furious voice drifted over there. Zhang Tie then stopped his movement. After raising his head, Zhang Tie saw a lot of people trotting towards him.

Those in the middle of them were O'Laura and the 3 seniors of grey eagle tribe. At the sight of the current scene, besides O'Laura whose look was hidden behind the mask, all the others were shocked.

The one who stopped Zhang Tie looked especially bad. It looked like that he wanted to eat Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie remembered this long-face old guy as it was the very guy who glanced at him many more times when he left the fleet.

"Old man, who are you?" Zhang Tie squinted at that man.

"Audacious, I'm Ollier, the senior of grey eagle dare you kill people in the grey eagle tribe. Let him go right now!" The old man pointed at Zhang Tie with quivering fingers.

"Ollier, who's Ollier?" Under the gaze of those people, Zhang Tie's voice was so loud that it could even be heard by people hundreds meters away. Zhang Tie pretended to rack his mind before finally waving his head, "I've stayed so long in Ice and Snow Wildness, but I've not heard about you at all. Are you a fake senior of the grey eagle tribe?"

"Audacious, this is the senior of our tribe!" hearing Zhang Tie's doubt, another one beside Ollier stood out and screamed right away.

"No way. I've only heard about a senior called Juventus in the grey eagle tribe in Eschyle City. He's well-known. I've not heard anyone called Ollier at all!" Zhang Tie replied loudly.

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Juventus became a bit amazed as he peeped at Ollier who was so furious that even his face had turned purple. Juventus then asked Zhang Tie, "You've heard about me?"

"Are you senior Juventus of the grey eagle tribe?"

"Yup!" Juventus became a bit satisfied. He had not imagined that Zhang Tie knew about his name.

"No way!" Zhang Tie waved his head, "How come you're senior Juventus..."

"B*stard, I'm the real senior Juventus!"

"Even a barber in Eschyle City knows that the richest man in the south of Ice and Snow Wildness is senior Juventus of the grey eagle tribe. I was told that Juventus was very good at putting the tribe's wealth into his own pocket. His bank account in Eschyle had millions of gold coins. As a senior guest of bank, how come you look so poor. You're even less valuable than 1 gold coin!"

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Juventus' face turned red at once. He pointed at Zhang Tie with one finger, " are talking nonsense!"

"Easy, I've not finished that. Don't be that flurried. Of course, senior Juventus' wealth is far more than that. I was told that he had many valuable mansions in Eschyle City. You have a lot of mistresses over there. They've delivered a lot of babies for you. You even have secret shares in some business groups in Eschyle City. They say that those business groups monopolize almost all the businesses of the grey eagle tribe. As the richest man in the south of Ice and Snow Wildness based on a small grey eagle tribe, senior Juventus is really the idol of many people!"

Zhang Tie's words were too lethal that even a greater part of people in the grey eagle tribe had heard about that.

"Who incites you to slander me?" listening to the whispers and feeling the weird eyes, Juventus asked loudly. He wanted to save his image as fast as possible by transferring others attraction.

Pitifully, he encountered Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie's words were more terrifying than his fighting strength when in need.

"Incite?" Zhang Tie's voice was full of amazement, "Last year, senior Juventus' love child in Eschyle City was abducted by those in demon snake island. Those people in demon snake island blackmailed him 300,000 gold coins. Juventus instantly drew 300,000 gold coins out of the bank. Finally, this event was spread to Ewentra Archipelago. In some circle of Eschyle City, everybody knew it. It was round-table warrior Dawson who abducted his son. That guy even declared everywhere that it was too easy to rob senior Juventus of the grey eagle tribe. If you don't believe in me, you can ask Dawson, the round-table warrior of demon snake island. If I was telling a lie, I swear to be chased by demon snake island such as Dawson..."

Seeing Ollier glanced curiously, Juventus almost spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Zhang Tie's story was really attractive. Even though the audience didn't believe in it, they would doubt Juventus at least. Zhang Tie was sure that the guy who monopolized the fiscal affairs of grey eagle tribe for dozens of years must have dirty points. If this old guy was innocent, he should have supported O'Laura to take the power; instead of holding her back. He didn't care how much did this old guy have. He only needed to cloud the water.

O'Laura stared at Zhang Tie with gleaming eyes. Perhaps only she could identify whether Zhang Tie was talking the truth or not. Although she knew that Zhang Tie was fabricating a lie, O'Laura felt that he was talking the truth. Additionally, seeing Juventus' bad-look face, O'Laura felt carefree inside...

"Senior Juventus, is he telling true?" O'Laura asked icily in front of the public.

"He's definitely talking nonsense!" Remarkably Juventus became completely flurried at this moment. He lost all of his majesty. He was glaring at Zhang Tie, "This person is a wanted criminal, how can you believe in his words?"

"It's very easy to test whether I'm telling true or not. As long as senior Juventus writes a letter, attaches your personal seal on it, has people carry it to the banks of Eschyle City and bring back the printed list of your account items, everything will be clear. Dare you do that, senior Juventus? Won't you tell us that you've not deposited a cent outside?"

"B*stard, it's not a criminal's turn to talk rubbish here!" senior Juventus was so furious that he almost could not utter a word.

"Of course, it's not an outsider's turn to talk rubbish about the grey eagle tribe. Because the affairs in grey eagle tribe have long been controlled by you, senior Juventus!" Zhang Tie continued, "I also heard that since the abduction event, senior Juventus had established a relationship with demon snake island and became their friend. Many outsiders said that senior Juventus wanted to purchase demon snake island's trust so as to clean off his obstacles in the grey eagle tribe based on the power of demon snake island. I was told that even your youngest love son had turned 13 years old. It seems that he will get married in a couple of years..."

"It's enough!" O'Laura stopped Zhang Tie in time, "Senior Juventus is not that kind of a person. Don't disturb our judgment by what you heard outside..." after saying this, O'Laura stared at Ollier who was thinking deeply with twinkling eyes, "Senior Ollier, you said it was a misunderstanding; but it's aroused by your men, will we just call it an end?"

If it was not told by Zhang Tie, it might not have such a remarkable effect. However, as O'Laura's captive, he didn't even have freedom of action. Being opposite to O'Laura, he was an objective "third party". Therefore, his words were more confusing. Additionally, this scene was not arranged by O'Laura; it was absolute an "accident". Furthermore, Zhang Tie's contents were too reasonable; at least nobody could find any loophole from it.

After glancing over Zhang Tie, O'Laura, senior Merkel, Juventus and Ollier finally moved away his eyes, "Hmm...alright!"

Receiving Ollier's reply, Zhang Tie smirked as he dropped off his machete and walked towards O'Laura. Before moving his feet away from that man's chest, Zhang Tie slightly increased his strength on feet and sunk that man's chest.

At the sight of Ollier and his followers' furious eyes, Zhang Tie smirked, "I'm sorry. I've not imagined that this guy was so weak. With restrictive rings, I could not control my strength well. Therefore, I stamped him to death, hope you don't mind!"

Not until then did everybody recall that Zhang Tie was still wearing restrictive rings. He has such a great fighting strength with restrictive rings. What if he didn't wear them? Watching the corpses all over the ground, many people felt shivers inside. This was a squad led by a LV 7 bear-killing fighter, 4 of which were fighters above LV 6. However, he killed them all in a few minutes. What a freak...

At this moment, they seemed having no desire to communicate any more. After exchanging glances with each other, they all left, leaving someone cleaning up the battle field...

Among them, only senior Juventus seemingly wanted to tear Zhang Tie into pieces.

Although it seemed coming to an end, everybody knew that it was just a beginning.


As the door of the cabin had been broken, it was messy all over there. Zhang Tie could not stay there any more. Therefore, Zhang Tie followed O'Laura to a new place.

Although the new place was still a cabin, it was much more beautiful and spacious than the previous one. Some female servants were serving in the new room.

O'Laura waved her hands to let those female servants leave.

Zhang Tie looked around here before staring at O'Laura who was silent and sighed, "It seems that you're really difficult here. According to your words, I'm your personal property at least. But others wanted to kill me without even your consent. They were evidently showing off their force to you. Even I could not stand it anymore. Don't stay still, open those rings over my wrists and neck. Do you still think that these things could bring you safety?"

Although O'Laura's look was still hidden behind the mask, after hesitating for a few seconds, she finally took out the key and opened the restrictive rings for Zhang Tie.

With those rings, he felt very inconvenient and uncomfortable. By contrast, after taking them off, Zhang Tie rubbed his wrists and neck as he felt free now, he became freer in fighting others.

"Perhaps we need to talk about the cooperation carefully."

"What can you give me?" O'Laura's voice had become a bit hoarse.

"What do you need most?" Zhang Tie asked.

"Money!" O'Laura answered straightforwardly.

Zhang Tie knew that she was talking true. With money, O'Laura could raise and enlarge her army and establish relationships with others so as to weaken the control of Juventus and Ollier and gain a greater right of speech. Finally, she could take back the power of grey eagle tribe. In this age, unless one's personal fighting strength was able to crack down everything, one needed money.

"I have a lot of money, given my belongings, you know that I don't lack money!" Zhang Tie put it straightforwardly, "However, my money doesn't come out of the air. I can provide you with money, but you have to show me your value!"

"Value? Isn't it enough to keep you alive?" O'Laura threatened.

"O'Laura, honestly, if I truly died in the grey eagle tribe, I'm sure that the whole tribe will be swept for my death. Soon, your tribe will be cleaned overnight. Nobody will survive, even a chick or dog! Do you really treat me as a monkey coming out of the stone? Do you really think that I have no friends and relatives?" staring at O'Laura, Zhang Tie replied. He was not threatening O'Laura; he meant it. Although it was only a short contact between him and his master, Zhang Tie knew it clearly that based on the personality of his Zhao Yuan, his master, if he sensed that his only apprentice was killed by the grey eagle tribe in Ice and Snow Wildness, he would definitely destroy the grey eagle tribe. This time, O'Laura took away his soul crystal through which Zhao Yuan could sense Zhang Tie's location. If Zhao Yuan wanted to revenge, he only needed to find the soul crystal. No matter being involved could escape.

O'Laura became silent. She truly wouldn't believe it if Zhang Tie told her that he had no background, he studied the fighting skills himself while all the valuable items were picked in the wild.

"What's your opinion about value?"

"I don't need any privilege of your tribe or need you to do anything that you think unacceptable. You only need to take my money as a commercial investment or loan for pure economic benefits!" Zhang Tie replied.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you only need me to believe in that you can pay me my cost and interests!"

"That's it?" O'Laura winked.

"Hmm, that's it!"

"What about you? What do you want to do?"

"What I want to do might be very strange in your eyes."

"What's that?"

"To maintain the balance of the mother nature!" a solemn expression appeared on Zhang Tie's face. Zhang Tie raised his head, "I forgot to tell you that I'm actually a devoted follower of school of patron! I can sacrifice everything for my dream..."

O'Laura watched Zhang Tie carefully as she wanted to know whether Zhang Tie was joking or not. She wanted to know whether Zhang Tie was a hidden lunatic...


In the midnight, senior Juventus left Ollier's home with some followers after a half hour's talk. Juventus sensed something special in Ollier's eyes although the latter swore that he wouldn't believe in a criminal's gibberish.

When he left Ollier's home, senior Juventus was filled with bitterness. Because Ollier treated him much kinder tonight than usual, Juventus felt being estranged to a certain degree.

Sometimes, it was not always good for familiar people to be polite to each other suddenly.

On the way back, noticing that some clansmen were peeping at him with weird eyes, senior Juventus held fast his fists.

After returning to his residence, senior Juventus let everybody leave. He then came to his prayer room. After opening a hidden shelf on the wall of the prayer room, senior Juventus took out of his writing instrument and started to write a letter rapidly...


10 minutes later, an owl flapped its wings from Juventus's home and disappeared in the nightscape rapidly...


"Senior, soon after Juventus returned home, he had sent his owl flying out. The owl flew very fast. As it was near Juventus' home, we didn't shoot it off..." a man reported to Ollier.

"As I've imagined, there are truly some problems with the old guy. I was almost cheated by him. How he has pretended to be docile before..." Ollier sneered...

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