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Chapter 461: A Trade
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

Seeing Zhang Tie leaving the camp, Nurdo, the cousin of O'Laura finally found a chance to talk with O'Laura in a quiet place.

O'Laura walked about 2 m ahead of Nurdo.

O'Laura's attitude towards Nurdo was always cold. Even now, she was still taking precautions against Nurdo.

"Right here. What do you want to say?" with her arms crossed, O'Laura looked around and said icily.

It was not far from the camp; additionally, O'Laura was very confident about her fighting strength as a LV 10 strong fighter. Therefore, she didn't fear that if Nurdo, a LV 9 fighter, played any tricks.

"Do you like Peter?" knowing her personalities, Nurdo put it straightforward.

"Mind your own business!" O'Laura sneered, "If you are here to talk about such a boring topic with me, I will go back right now!"

"Juventus is on my side. He has already told me everything about Peter in the tribe!" Nurdo said it with a calm look like saying something trivial.

Although Nurdo could not identify O'Laura's look under the mask in such a dark environment, he found that O'Laura's body quivered. Therefore, Nurdo revealed a wisp of smile at his mouth corners. Nurdo knew that he had to make her restless so as to reach his target.

"So what?" after a short while, O'Laura replied icily, "I don't care on which side is Juventus. As long as he's not on my side, his will in the grey eagle tribe has nothing to do with me. However, if he dares to betray the grey eagle tribe, the tribe won't mind chopping off a senior's head even at the risk of being split."

"I can make him support you so that you can take over the power of the grey eagle tribe as soon as possible. With his support, you can completely suppress Ollier and take over the power of the grey eagle tribe!"

O'Laura thought about Nurdo's words for a while. She knew that Nurdo's words were true. Based on the current situation in the grey eagle tribe, if she and senior Merkel could cooperate with Juventus, they would be able to suppress Ollier completely. The biggest trouble facing the grey eagle tribe was that the party of O'Laura and senior Merkel and the party of Ollier and Juventus were on even. Therefore, she did not dare to act rashly and blindly in the tribe. Additionally, her party was always restricted by the other party. If the alliance of Ollier and Juventus completely collapsed, the problem facing the grey eagle tribe would be solved. This was the perfect solution for the problem facing the grey eagle tribe...

After thinking for a short while, she finally agreed. She glanced at Nurdo. Although Nurdo was smiling, his slightly narrowed eyes were gleaming icily, making her heart race at once.

O'Laura knew that a grand didn't come for free.

"What's your condition?"

"It's very simple, marry me!" Nurdo revealed a wisp of smile at his mouth corners.

"No way!" O'Laura refused him immediately.

"Listen!" Nurdo looked confident, "I know you like that guy. But he cannot help you at all. He's just a high-level fighter. We also have fighters like him in our tribe. Additionally, the conflicts in the grey eagle tribe could not only be solved by fighting strength. I think you understand that!"

Seeing O'Laura becoming silent, Nurdo continued.

"Even if he accepted you, you have to understand that you are only one of his beloved women. Given the hot relationship between him and Sabrina at the present, how much more advantageous do you think you are than Sabrina. Additionally, don't forget who revoked the wanted circular this time. It's said that the enchanting fox in Ewentra Archipelago is also an amorous woman!"

"That's why you bring Elizabeth here!" O'Laura replied with a strong irony in her tone.

However, Nurdo maintained his face unchanged, "I admit that I intended to seduce him with Elizabeth. It would be enough if a woman could let a powerhouse like Peter give me a favor at a critical moment in the future!"

O'Laura instantly recalled something as her eyes turned solemn at once, "Your father has determined to let your elder brother Mirba succeed to the throne of the wind wolf tribe last year..."

"Even if a woman like you wants to rule a tribe, how could I succumb to Mirba, the idiot. Besides having an old bitch mom, who's better than mine, Mirba can never match me!" Nurdo raised his head while his eyes were filled with flames, "My father didn't make the final decision yet. He could at least rule the wind wolf tribe for 10 years. I still have a chance in the decade. I will gain the support of the two seniors of the wind wolf tribe and I could lead the wind wolf tribe to become a leopard tribe..."

O'Laura understood Nurdo instantly. As long as Nurdo married her, he would annex the grey eagle tribe sooner or later. Plus the population and power of the grey eagle tribe, the wind wolf tribe would gradually develop to be a leopard tribe.

The tribes were divided by Slavs into mouse tribe, eagle tribe, wolf tribe, leopard tribe, fox tribe and bear tribe according to their forces.

It could be said that each Slav tribe's ruler had the mission and honor to develop the population and force of their tribe to the scale of bear tribes. In order to reach this target, the rulers of all the Slav tribe would strive endlessly generation after generation. However, besides the natural growth in population and force of tribes, some powerful tribes also chose to expand their tribes by inter-marriage or wars.

The population base of the wind wolf tribe had already reached 350,000. If the population base of the grey eagle tribe was included, the whole population of the wind wolf might surpass 400,000, which just reached the minimum standard of leopard tribe.

"As long as you help me take the throne of the wind wolf tribe, I will let you rule the entire grey eagle tribe. It's a win-win situation!" Nurdo said full of ambition.

"Can a wolf spit out the flesh from his stomach?" O'Laura didn't believe in Nurdo's words at all.

"I don't want to restrict your freedom. I don't even care about whom you love and want to stay with. I only need a nominal marriage and the obedience of the grey eagle tribe. After taking the throne of the wind wolf tribe, I will not interfere with the affairs of the grey eagle tribe. You will still be the ruler of the grey eagle tribe. I feel this method is beneficial to both of us! What you need to pay is just some time and a nominal marriage!"

"Why are you telling me this? If you've long made this plan, I don't believe that you could wait until now!" O'Laura was still rational even Nurdo's words were alluring.

"I admit that this plan was a bit different than that I made before. In my earlier plan, I wanted to force you to marry me, by forcing instead of cooperating with you. Right because of this, you should believe in my sincerity!"

"Because of Peter?"

"A guy who could kill a LV 10 strong fighter with a javelin in a blink of eye is only a powerful guarantee for the grey eagle tribe, nothing else!" Nurdo revealed a wisp of smile——sneer, "Do you know what is the most powerful in this world? It's money. If you accepted the 500,000 gold coins from Bluesea Castle Business Group, we would not stand here. If you did that, you would have taken control of the grey eagle tribe. You're too arrogant, O'Laura, you're beaten by your own arrogance!"

O'Laura replied with a cold harrumph as she raised her face.

"What's especially hilarious is that Peter also refused the assistance from Bluesea Castle Business Group. Although he knew that you needed money, he still refused the enchanting fox's money. Aren't you clear about your position in his heart? Perhaps he felt that you didn't worth him to do that. No matter what, it's 500,000 gold coins. Don't tell me that he could afford that amount of money himself. I know that his purse had been taken away by you and Setton when he was caught. He's now a poor guy..." Nurdo showed discord.

"If he gave her money to me, wound't he be taken as a toy boy? At least, Peter came down together with me. I believe that we will have a big harvest!" O'Laura urged.

"Don't comfort yourself anymore. Even if all the population of your tribe came down, how much could you gain in this action, 50,000 or 100,000 gold coins? Actually, you cannot completely depress Juventus and Ollier without at least 350,000 gold coins. Additionally, it's the wild bear tribe which hosts this action, how much do you think you could take away from here? That guy just accompanies Sabrina down here for exploration and travel; perhaps, he even wants to make some money. However, you only have one chance."

"Isn't the attraction of relics featured by the uncertainty of benefits. Why are you so sure that Peter and I cannot find enough wealth down there?"

"Do you really think that powerful ones are doomed to have good luck and become millionaires. Don't be naive. O'Laura, you've already passed the age of being naive. You'd better consider about my suggestion. Finally, I want to tell you, no matter which way do you choose, it won't influence this cooperation. The former appointment between us still works."

"No need to consider anymore. No way! No matter what, I have to take over the grey eagle tribe. Nobody could take it away from me!" O'Laura replied firmly.

"Good luck to you! I hope that the talk between you and me is not exposed to anyone else!"


Knowing that he could not persuade O'Laura temporarily, Nurdo didn't continue as he knew that something would sprout sooner or later as long as it was sowed in her mind.

"A woman who gives up 500,000 gold coins for the illusory love and self-esteem of a toy boy wants to take over a tribe. Does she think it's a playing house?" Nurdo sneered inside. After glancing at O'Laura, he turned around and left.

This talk ended in discord.

Seeing Nurdo disappearing in the distance, O'Laura tightened her fist...


When O'Laura was separated from Nurdo, Zhang Tie, Sam and Gerri just came out of the entrance of the ruins.

At this moment, at least hundreds of people were surrounding the entrance. Those greedy pioneers who were curious about the items inside the entrance didn't leave; instead, they were just staying outside the entrance with glittering eyes. But nobody dared to go inside.

Based on the freak's strength, the first guy entering the hole would probably lose his life, not to mention finding something. Therefore, nobody would like to be that idiot.

When Zhang Tie, Sam and Gerri exited, they were stripped to the waists. They only wore pants. All the rest clothes had been tightly packed and carried on their back. Nobody could see what was inside. 

Sam and Gerri both looked pale. Careful pioneers found that their legs were shaky while their hands on the package were trembling. Only the freak man looked unchanged.

"Is that okay?" Sam asked nervously.

"No problem, you two don't say a thing. Relax yourselves. I will deal with the rest!" Zhang Tie replied.

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Sam forcefully swallowed his saliva as he nodded with a solemn look.

When they came out of the hole, those pioneers outside the hole moved one step forward. After being glanced by Zhang Tie's lightning-bolt eyes, everybody else stopped.

"What's inside?" Someone asked.

Zhang Tie only replied with a cold harrumph. After that, he took up that flange beam and walked aside. Under the gazes of everybody else, he immediately moved some 7-10 tons of blocks to the original places and blocked the hole.

At the sight of this, all the other pioneers started to swear inside. However, many people's eyes also brightened up. According to the rules of pioneers, as long as the discoverer left, the items inside the hole would have nothing to do with the discoverer anymore, irrespective of what it was. However, Zhang Tie's action remarkably reminded many people that something valuable was still buried inside.

Seeing Zhang Tie's movement, those who kept gazing at their package also moved their gleaming eyes on the architectural wastes which were used to block the hole. Even if someone among them wanted to rob their package, after measuring Zhang Tie's strength and those architectural wastes, they changed their decisions.

The moment the three people left, many pioneers instantly swarmed up. Someone instantly found the flange beam and started to move that block on road with other people.

The spot became chaotic at once.


Seeing that they were not followed up, Sam and Gerri both let out a sigh, so did Zhang Tie.

"Peter, why did you block the hole once again?"

"Nothing. I just didn't want to kill anyone over there!" Zhang Tie said casually, "It's better to bring them hope than to kill them!"

Sam and Gerri exchanged glances with each other as if they didn't know Zhang Tie before.


As they had to move steadily, their speed was slower compared to when they came here. Even though, they still returned to their camp after about an hour.

What a coincidence, the moment they came back, they saw O'Laura walking towards here from afar.

Seeing their weird looks, O'Laura became stunned, "Where have you been?"

"We went for wealth!" Zhang Tie replied with a relaxed look while Sam and Gerri both looked very nervous at this moment. If not Zhang Tie who found these items, Sam and Gerri would never dare to return here anymore.

O'Laura glanced at Zhang Tie with a gloomy look. She ignored his joke.

"Go to the tent, and when you come back to camp. I have something to tell you."

"What a coincidence, I've also got something to tell you!"


"Let's talk about it later, it's just a few steps back!"

O'Laura nodded.

When they came back to the tent, they saw Sabrina and Nurdo who were still staying with some guests.

Those guests were dispatched by Golden Roc Bank and some heads of the wild bear tribe. As they came down here consecutively with a time interval of a few hours, it's normal for them to encounter each other here if they intended to.

Hearing Zhang Tie's arrival, they instantly turned around and became curious about Zhang Tie's weird look.

"Ha...ha..." Nurdo burst out into laughter first, "What? Have you already gone to discover relics after coming down here for a few hours? Look at you! You must have a big harvest!"

Although Nurdo's tone was not ironical but it was jeering. Indeed, nobody belived that Zhang Tie and his friends could find anything valuable in only a few hours.

However, at the sight of the staff from Golden Roc Bank, Zhang Tie let out a sigh as he knew that he didn't need to worry about these items anymore...

Zhang Tie fumbled in his trousers pockets and took out a thumb-sized item. He then flipped it towards a staff from Golden Roc Bank. That staff instantly grabbed it.

"Send your men down, we want to preserve a batch of relics!"

"Mr. Peter, our lowest limit of amount for entrustment service is..." before he finished his words, he seemed being choked by something while he looked around that item carefully with widely opened eyes at once.

"We have 1674 pieces in total!" Zhang Tie told him a figure. Nobody else understood what did Zhang Tie mean. However, at the sight of Zhang Tie and his friends three package, the staff of Golden Roc Bank instantly took out a metal cylinder and triggered it towards the sky...

With a shrill soar, a huge symbol of Golden Roc Bank appeared in the sky which could be seen clearly by people within dozens of miles.

In a split second, various battle Qi's shined in the distance while many light spots started to fly towards here...

Nobody knew what was happening!

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