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Chapter 504: A Dramatic Encounter
Translator: WQL Editor: KLKL

Even though Zhang Tie was wanted by the secret police of Norman Empire, his qualification as a military officer wasn't cancelled by Iron Horn Corps. The military party of Norman Empire didn't admit that Zhang Tie was wanted by their secret police. Even if Zhang Tie left the Norman Empire, he was still a military officer of Iron Horn Corps.

Franca's chase revealed a deep conflict between the North Border Military Region of Norman Empire and the North Border Order Review Committee of Norman Empire. Secret police had chased Zhang Tie while the military party of Norman Empire chased Major Franca. When the conflict broke out between the two parties, Zhang Tie and Major Franca became attractive chess pieces. As a result, few people paid attention to the truth behind the conflict between him and Major Franca.

'However, the event reversed itself in the end. When Huaiyuan Palace appeared suddenly, the secret police disappeared right away. Although the secret police have not revoked their order to have me captured, as long as I don't surrender myself to the headquarters of the secret police, I will be ignored by them.'

It was much safer for Zhang Tie on the side of the North Border Military Region of Norman Empire. If Iron Horn Corps admitted that Zhang Tie was a criminal, it was no different to slapping their own face, as it meant that they admitted they were beaten by the Order Review Committee. This event was related to the reputation of the military of Norman Empire.

Therefore, nobody would give Zhang Tie any trouble as long as he was a bit low-key. He didn't even need to hide himself or change his name.

The moment the soldier saw Zhang Tie's military officer certificate, he instantly turned solemn as he took it with his hands hurriedly. He skimmed it over before forcefully swallowing his saliva. Written on the certificate were Zhang Tie's job positions and rewards—

Second lieutenant of Iron-Blood Camp, division number 39...

Iron-Blood medal winner of Norman Empire...

Promoted to first lieutenant due to military exploits, dispatched to the number 9 Equipment Center at the same time, Comprehensive Logistics Relief Division of the Logistics Department, Iron Horn Corps director due to heavy wounds.

This was a military officer who had retired from the frontlines due to heavy wounds, and who had made great military exploits in Kalur theater.

Zhang Tie's military officer certificate was too heavy for the soldier. However, Zhang Tie's age seemed dubious. This common soldier had never had the chance to touch a true military officer certificate since entering the army and could not identify whether it was real or not. Therefore, he could only look at a second lieutenant stationed near a sentry post a few meters away and made a hand gesture silently towards him.

The second lieutenant noticed the situation unfolding and he came over with another two soldiers. The common soldier then passed Zhang Tie's military officer certificate to the second lieutenant.

After checking it for a few seconds, the second lieutenant confirmed that it was true. Closely after that, he stood at attention and gave a military salute towards Zhang Tie which made a "Pah" sound.

"Welcome back, sire. Are you going to Blapei? Do you need us to escort you there?" As the second lieutenant said this, he passed the military officer certificate back to Zhang Tie through the window in a very respectful way. In the army of Norman Empire, anyone who had been awarded with an iron-blood medal due to his military exploits on the battle field could enjoy some special treatment wherever they were in the country. If the rank of first lieutenant was not too eye-catching, the iron-blood medal made him utterly outstanding.

"No need, I will go back by taxi!"

"Fine, bon voyage!"

Seeing the military officer making a military salute towards the passenger, the other soldiers hurriedly raised the road bar, letting Zhang Tie's car pass through.


The second lieutenant, who was on duty at the sentry post, had just been dispatched to Iron Horn Corps after graduating from North Border Military Command College of Norman Empire at the beginning of this year. As the war between Iron Horn Corps and Brilliance Feathers had just come to an end, he didn't know Zhang Tie. Seeing the taxi disappearing in the distance, this second lieutenant frowned slightly.

He remembered that someone had mentioned the name "Zhang Tie" to him before. However, he could not connect the name with Zhang Tie's image. 'Such a young first lieutenant who had obtained an Iron-Blood Medal would be recognisable within the Iron Horn Corps. How come I can't recall him?

The young second lieutenant felt fretful. It wasn't until 20 minutes after Until Zhang Tie had left that the second lieutenant glanced at that wanted circular poster at the sentry post. He then quivered all over as he remembered where he'd heard this name.

'That was the most famous young military officer, who killed dozens of secret policemen and caused a mighty uproar and is wanted by the secret police? He's back?'

The second lieutenant forcefully smacked his head. Closely after that, he confided something to his assistant before jumping into a car which had already been started up beside the sentry post and sped up towards Blapei.


Although it was not hot in the car, the taxi driver still kept dripping with sweat. After discovering Zhang Tie's status, the driver remembered his conversation with Zhang Tie just now. Thinking especially how he'd sworn at Norman Empire army as "red-hide dogs" and "devils", his face turned blue with extreme fear.

'I'm done for.' Imagining the brutality of the Norman Empire army in the legend, the taxi driver felt like dropping into hell right away.

It grew gloomier inside the car. Realizing that the taxi driver was extremely frightened and closing his mouth tightly, Zhang Tie also kept silent. Leaning against the back seat, he kept his eyes closed and pretended to take a nap.

As it was snowing heavily, the vehicle drove at a slow speed. Although some roads had been cleaned, their accessibility had sharply declined. It took the driver over two hours to arrive at Blapei after a 100 kilometers of travel. They arrived at Blapei at six in the evening, when dusk had already fallen.

The taxi parked in a street. Before Zhang Tie opened the door, the driver had hurriedly gotten out of the vehicle and opened the door for Zhang Tie.

"Sir, it's great honor to serve you. You don't need to pay me. Please take...take your money back!"

Seeing the driver taking out that gold coin with a tense look, Zhang Tie revealed a smile. "I have poor hearing. I couldn't hear clearly what you said in the car. Therefore, you don't have to worry about that. Keep the tip. It's late. Your family members are still waiting for you at home. Blapei's bear and sausage are great. You can buy some for them. Drive slowly on the way home. See you..."

Zhang Tie waved his hand before leaving with his canvas backpack.

Watching Zhang Tie's shadow walk off, the driver stood still for quite a while with mixed feelings. Finally he decided he was sure that he'd met a good person just now and would not face any trouble. He then squeezed into his car. After that, he truly went and bought some beer and sausages before returning to Kalur...


There was also some snow piled up in the streets of Blapei. It was a bit slippery. Due to the cold weather, many roadside stores had already closed. Only a couple of people could be seen in streets wearing thick coats. Zhang Tie decided to find a place to take a rest.

He then turned into a street in downtown Blapei. When he caught sight of a female costume store, Zhang Tie became stunned at once as he remembered that he had been here before.

Compared to what he saw there last time, the clothes in the showcases facing the street had already become thick female clothes. The necks of the models in the showcases were circled with some furry scarfs. Additionally, there were high-heeled shoes, beautiful boots and shiny ornaments.

Under the light of the fluorescent lamps, the showcase was filled with a strong feminine quality and emotional appeal. Beside the door was a pile of snow which had been moved there by spade. In contrast, the lamplight in the store felt warm.

After rubbing his face and revealing a smile, Zhang Tie pushed open the door and entered.


After a crispy and sweet sounding bell ring, the man who was saying something over at the cashier desk turned around and caught sight of Zhang Tie. The three people were shocked at the same time. Zhang Tie had never imagined that he could encounter the same people in the same place and almost at the same time as before. The whole thing was like something from a drama.

"What a coincidence, Mr. Perth!" Zhang Tie grinned while revealing his white teeth.

At the sight of Zhang Tie, Perth's face turned pale as he quivered all over. In Perth's eyes, Zhang Tie's white teeth were as ferocious as an evil dragon when it was going to eat people. "Erm...erm...I just... was just passing by here...and buy something for my wife...this is the first time...really...I promise..."

"Have you bought your things?"

"Yes, I have...I continue, you continue..." Saying this, Mr. Perth hurriedly left with a paper bag without daring to glance at Zhang Tie again. When he passed by Zhang Tie, he even moved inch by inch along the wall while holding his breath. The moment Mr. Perth rushed out of the door, he had thrown himself onto the ground, face down. After climbing up, he instantly rolled away as he dared not even look back.

Then, there were only two people left in the store.

Zhang Tie exchanged glances with the female boss behind the cashier desk, who had beautiful, wavy hair. They smiled at each other at the same time...

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