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Chapter 674: Benefits
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

Zhang Tie had only implemented soul-based incarnation method a few times. In the posthumous paper, Cloud Crane once warned that soul-based incarnation method required a bit source of spirit and soul of its user. It was the biggest shortcoming of soul-based incarnation method. Therefore, cultivators of Great Wilderness Sutra could never constantly apply the soul-based animal controlling skill. With one more incarnation, the source of spirit and soul of one's original body would decline a bit. Zhang Tie was afraid of having some sequelae after applying soul-based animal controlling skill previously. However, after eating the fruit of source, Zhang Tie finally understood that he didn't need to think too much. Because the strength gifted by the fruit of source was the very wisp of strength that had escaped from his body when he fixed his incarnations.

From the beginning, Zhang Tie totally had three incarnations, namely a rat, a thunder hawk and a black beetle. It would always consume his original body's some source energy when he fixed the 3 incarnations. However, compared to the energy that he gained through the fruit of source, this bit of energy escaping from his body was trivial. If the source energy gained through the fruit of source was compared to a vat of water, the source energy that he lost when he fixed the three incarnations was only equal to the bit of water on the tip of the writing brush.

Of course, the source energy contained in the fruit of source of 360 wing demons at and above LV 9 was thousands of times greater than that required by fixing a rat, an insect or a thunder hawk.

In the former Great Wilderness School, the apprentices used numerous secret tonics to mend up the escaping source energy when they cultivated soul-based incarnation skill; although Zhang Tie had not taken numerous secret tonics, a fruit of source was enough to mend up all the source energy that had escaped from his original body. After fixing the only shortcoming of the secret method of "Great Wilderness Sutra", Zhang Tie didn't have to worry about potential harms.

The teleportation ability of Castle of Black Iron, the fruit of source and the "Great Wilderness Sutra", what a perfect combination.

After taking this fruit of source, although Zhang Tie didn't light any more surging point, he felt as powerful as lighting over 10 more surging points. At this moment, the flames around the 125 surging points that had been lit had faintly expanded and grown brighter. Zhang Tie's overall strength had hit a new high from aspects such as strength, speed, reaction capability and senses.

It was just a beginning. Later on, with one more surging point being lit, Zhang Tie would gain 1/12 more ability than those people who lit the same number of surging points. The later it was, the more effective the fruit of source would be.

With a laughter, Zhang Tie started to run about wildly on the top of the mountain so as to sense the changing physical conditions more precisely. He flashed as fast as a lightning bolt. After activating Kuafu Bloodline, he arrived at the foot of the mountain in only a couple of steps. With another stride forward, Zhang Tie returned to the top of the mountain. After activating a senior rapidly moving rune, Zhang Tie moved so fast that he almost turned into an extremely virtual shadow which circled around the immortal mountain.

At this moment, Zhang Tie started to feel that this area was too small that it was even inconvenient for him to move.

Heller watched Zhang Tie running about madly out of excitement with a smile. Heller had a great sense of achievement and satisfaction about Zhang Tie's excitement and success——because this was the feature of his achievement-type personality.

After running around the top of the mountain for a few circles in an extremely virtual shadow, Zhang Tie came to the front of Heller with a fresh wind. After standing still, Zhang Tie showed his figure and look clearly.

Zhang Tie neither blushed nor panted.

"Heller, can you expand the immortal mountain? After moving so many people inside, I feel inconvenient to do many things."

"As you wish, Castle Lord. As long as you stay in Castle of Black Iron for a few more days, I promise to show you a satisfactory space and topographical renovation!"


Later on, Zhang Tie ate that fruit of judgment which contained the "preliminary tracing skill", some trouble-reappearance fruits and that fruit of brilliance. The effect of each rune of preliminary tracing skill could last 10 days with a remote-sensing distance of 600 km. If Zhang Tie stuck his tracing tentacles to objects, it would hardly be found by people. If Zhang Tie stuck tracing tentacles to people, nobody below knights could notice such a mysterious rune effect on himself. 'As to knights, heh, heh. Don't knights wear clothes or shoes? As long as knights don't find the tracing tentacles on their belongings temporarily, the rune would take effect as well.'

As a very practical and useful skill, it could be used to trace someone and send an early warning to him. It could also remind Zhang Tie of the location of someone. Additionally, if he was chased after by someone, Zhang Tie, with this skill, would be able to master the trace of the opponent; as a result, he could escape easily.

After taking that fruit, Zhang Tie had one more golden secret rune that represented preliminary tracing skill in his mind. After being injected with spiritual energy, the rune shocked while a faintly agile stick of tracing feather in the shape of dandelion's seed appeared in Zhang Tie's mind sea and started to float in his mind sea.

After taking the fruit of brilliance which contained the spiritual energy of the 4 young elites of Elvis Clan, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy sea had expanded a lot. Commoners could never accumulate so much spiritual energy in their whole lives. However, Zhang Tie could gain them only by eating a fruit.

It took Zhang Tie almost one day to digest all of these fruits. Zhang Tie didn't continue his cultivation; instead, he adjusted his rhythm by eating food and sleeping...

On the next day, Zhang Tie took the 5 leakless fruits while two more golden bird-shaped flames circled around that stick of spiritual feather in his Shrine.

After sacrificing himself 891 times in the whole day, Zhang Tie finally found the next 2 surging points in Castle of Black Iron. Closely after that, he lit the 2 surging points under the small tree once again.

Since then, he only needed to light 17 more surging points before promoting to LV 12 great battle master.

Would he just stay there to wait for the next leakless fruits to become ripe so as to light other surging points?

Of course not. Zhang Tie had started to sit under the small tree with crossed legs and polish that stick of spiritual feather in his Shrine using his spiritual energy like how a commoner cultivated "King Roc Sutra" since the next day after he lit the two surging points.

'Others could light their surging points in this method, so could I. It's not acceptable that I could not use the most rudimentary cultivation skill without leakless fruits.' Zhang Tie thought. Additionally, he faintly felt that he had not fully exerted the effect of his powerful spiritual energy and knight's consciousness.

Zhang Tie was right.

Soon after he calmed down and started to cultivate based on his own ability had he sensed the high efficiency of cultivation benefited from his Knight-level consciousness. Only in about 11 hours had the color of that stick of spiritual feather in his Shrine surging point turned from orange to yellow...

It was like breaking 1 of 7 barriers of a surging point in one day. Zhang Tie could never imagine about this before.

Zhang Tie finally understood the benefit of a powerful spiritual energy.

"You're polishing surging points as fast as a knight!" Heller concluded, "This is the benefit for you to have the knight's spiritual energy. Castle Lord, do you want to challenge more difficult cultivation?"

"Of course, what's that?" Zhang Tie's curiosity was aroused.

"When you polish that stick of spiritual feather in the Shrine, you can gain some iron-body fruits at the same time so as to be stronger!" Heller replied like a senior adviser while his words were full of temptations.

"Is that real?"

"It's impossible in other places at any time. However, it's indeed possible in this environment!" Heller said as he pointed at the firm water wall which was falling into the Abyss of Chaos constantly, "When you start your cultivation, I can divert a water flow onto your body. As long as you can bear it, you will have your body exercised when you polish the stick of spiritual feather, one stone for two birds!"

"Do you mean that the water flow could cut through granite. I'm afraid that I could not bear such a high speed at this moment!"

"Of course the water flow that I divert on you will not have such a high speed. Its effect is like the impulse that you could bear under a waterfall as high as 1,000 m. Under such a great impulse, your majesty could stand 12 hours per day at most!"

Zhang Tie gritted his teeth as he said, "Fine!"


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