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Chapter 708: The Battle of Knights

Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem
In the eyes of people below knights, the battle of knights was more like fierce collisions between two meteors. Actually, knights moved and attacked too fast to be captured by commoners' eyes. Therefore, many people thought that battle of knights was just constant collisions in the air. Whereas, in each split seconds, two knights had already moved and struck over 100 times.

After promoting to knights, movements and skills were abandoned first. In many battle skills, even if the cultivator had reached 15 LV, the movements and skills were still important in the battle. However, as long as the cultivator reached a knight, all the movements and skills would be nothing but laughingstocks.

When your opponent could smash you into bullsh*t from 100 m away, who cared about your movements and skills?

The battle of knights would return to the combat between the most basic battle elements, namely; strength, speed, defensive power, power of battle qi and off-hand striking distance, senses and the sensitive control of the relative relationship between space and time from knights' heart. Due to differences in such elements, knights' battle pattern and style were different. As a result, knights with different battle styles would lead to fiercer and more mystical collisions.

Knights didn't fight on the ground. Because knights thought that they could suppress the ground and gain faster speed and wider moving space from the air. When on the ground, they could only move horizontally or upwards. Additionally, there was a disadvantage on the ground. Even though others' battle qi could not hit them, the shattered gravels and broken objects might cause the secondary strike to them; therefore, knights only fought in the air.

Zhang Tie had never experienced such a battle or had such an enlightenment before. However, the moment he started the battle with this demon knight had he grasped the essentials of the battle of knights.

The demon knight who chased after Zhang Tie was definitely the top one among the demon knights under the hand of the Demon General, who had rich battle experiences. 15 days ago, when this demon knight hurt the human knight and started to chase after Zhang Tie, it had become the first powerful opponent, the best sharpener and teacher of Zhang Tie after he promoted to a knight.

If Zhang Tie had promoted to a knight just now, honestly, he might not be able to defeat this trump card demon knight. However, it had been 5 years since Zhang Tie promoted to a knight. After 5 years of assiduous cultivation, Zhang Tie had completely consolidated his knight's Chakra. Therefore, he displayed his super powerful and steady battle force in this battle and gradually dominated the battle.

Because each knight's protective battle qi was as resistant as a natural armor, the first step for Zhang Tie to pose an essential harm to the demon knight was to break its protective battle qi. Even if the protective battle qi was broken temporarily, it would be gradually fixed from the demon knight's body. That was to say, each knight had a super great ability to resist strike by constantly recovering their protective battle qi. This also interpreted the sheer terror of knights. In such a case, the battle of knights could not be easily solved within a short period if not exerting their utmost effort; instead, knights would always wrestle with each other for a long time.

They had to fight in close quarters when entering the fiercest state or at the risk of their lives.

Knights could release long-distance strikes; however the most effective way was to fight in close quarters, in which case, knights would strike each other with naked punches, weapons, and battle qi. Fighting in close quarters would be more destructive to knights' protective battle qi than pure long-distance strikes. Meanwhile, it posed a higher request to knights.

If knights were striking each other from a long distance, after one party's protective battle qi was broken, due to the long distance, the weaker party would have enough buffering time to recover his protective battle qi; however, when fighting in close quarters, if one party's protective battle qi was broken, the weaker party might face another dozens or hundreds of strikes on the same point before recovering his protective battle qi because of a transient negligence. The result would be very risky in a split second.

For knights, fighting in close quarters was like how commoners fought with bayonets.

The knight of Three-eye Association being killed by Zhang Tie outside Mocco City also defeated its opponent in close quarters.

After the battle really started, the battlefield of Zhang Tie and that demon knight soon moved to the woods from the tower of time. After destroying a wide area of forest, they flew over the mountain range and transferred to the underground ocean. Closely after that, they fought in close quarters.

The demon knight realized that Zhang Tie was learning to fight. As a knight, Zhang Tie's battle style was a bit immature at the beginning; however, Zhang Tie soon grew up in the battle. The demon knight clearly knew what did this mean.

"You're the one who entered the tower of time?" The demon knight immediately understood it while its eyes turned bloody.

However, there was one point that the demon knight had not thought through, 'How did he enter? Is there another gate of the tower of time?' However, no matter how it racked its mind, the demon knight never realized that Zhang Tie was that little black beetle who flew in the tower of time through the crack. Even though Zhang Tie was an animal controller and could control the little beetle to ruin its good plan, the demon knight didn't believe that Zhang Tie could incarnate into a beetle, who, although might be able to change his look. However, although Zhang Tie was a new knight, his performance was utterly different from a newbie who had just promoted to a knight from aspects such as strength, speed, response and knight's consciousness.

Zhang Tie just accelerated his movements silently while the leaking battle qi boiled the sea level within 400-500 m.

After 20 minutes, Zhang Tie roared as he broke the defense of the demon knight's hands and retreated quickly. Within 0.01 seconds, he broke its protective battle qi using 20 punches. When the demon knight launched the final counter-attack towards Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie just bore it frankly with his own protective battle qi. At the same time, he broke through the demon knight's chest with one punch, exposing his punch from its back.

The demon knight's body exploded into pieces while its fleshes fell into the ocean...

Zhang Tie instantly grabbed its storage bag in the air...

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